I’m Dreaming Of Blue and White Christmas Decor

Dear Laurel,

I really don’t know what I’m going to do. Every year I put up the same old tired red and green boring decorations.

Same old tree. Same old ornaments. I’m so sick of it all, I can’t bear to even decorate any more.

Thanks to your blue and white Christmas Decor page I’ve gotten a few ideas for interjecting blue and white into my Christmas Decorations.


However, it would be really cool if you could do a post with more inspiring examples of blue and white Christmas Decor.


Or, blue and gold, blue and orange; or even red, green and blue Christmas Decor.

Not to make you work too hard, but if possible, please include mantels, doors, trees and other decor.

Thank you,

Beulah Blue


Dear Beulah,

I’m with you on the hackneyed red and green Christmas decor. And, while I don’t dislike red and green, I find that it is better if red and green is done favoring either red or green; not, an equal amount of each. And, it is also wonderful when adding blue and white, as well as other colors.

However, here’s a page with red and green decor that I like. (I guess I should. I put it together. haha)


Blue and white Christmas decor can also be done without red or green, but usually, I love it best when it’s mixed with green and usually some orange and/or gold as well.


Please enjoy the following roundup which features the best images and ideas I could find incorporating beautiful blue and white Christmas decor and mixed with the colors mentioned above as well as silver and gold.


Enchanted Home - Chinoiserie Christmas decorations

Enchanted Home with a Chinoiserie flavor

Every year, Tina puts out the most sumptuous Christmas decorations. And, since her decorating naturally features blues and greens, it’s a natural for her.  Please also check out her fabulous instagram account here.


Neiman Marcus blue and gold Christmas Decor

Neiman Marcus blue and gold Christmas Decor

How elegant this room is! That link will actually take you to the gold nutcracker which kind of blends in. They’re having a cool sale right now. And, if you’d like to see more of my home furnishings favorite brands, please check out the Hot Sales Page.


Most of you probably know that black Friday is not only one day. It extends for at least another week.

At least. haha.


Pinecone wreath on blue door via Larissa Another Day blog

Pinecone wreath on blue door via Larissa Another Day blog


I know that somebody is going to comment about the threads. So, let me save you the trouble. Actually, I fully appreciate that life’s too short to worry about threads sticking out. ;]


Debbie Probst Home Blue and White Christmas

Debbie Propst, president of One Kings Lane, lovely Connecticut home decorated for the holidays.

For much more of her home, not decorated for the holidays, click here.

Also please check out this post about my trip last year to the SoHo One King’s Lane shop all decorated for Christmas.

And, for one of the best deals on the internet, this holiday season, go to One Kings Lane where you’ll find thousands of home furnishings, Christmas decor and wonderful gifts on sale at 30% off.


***Also, if you use promo code: OKL20CARD you’ll get an additional 20% off.***


If you have already used your promo code and want a work around to get it to work again, click here.


via @verandahhouse on instagram - blue & white table cloth - table scape with small wreath

via @verandahhouse on instagram

Pretty blue & white table cloth – How charming is this holiday tablescape with a small wreath at each place setting. This is one of my favorite insta accounts. And, I adore the work of this mother/daughter team from Australia.


@lisa_hilderbrand on instagram - blue and white tabletop with oranges and greenery - featured in Cottages & Gardens

@lisa_hilderbrand on instagram

Classic blue and white transferware looks so fresh on this Christmas tabletop with oranges – featured in Cottages & Gardens. Also, please check out Lisa’s insta account as she is one of the best. Love Lisa’s work!


via sophisticated style blog -

Soph-isticated Style blog

I adore how fresh this blue and white Christmas decor tempered with lots of greens looks against the pine millwork.


guildstore - blue and green Christmas decor

Roman and Williams Guild – blue and green Christmas decor

This and the next two images are from this interesting 7,000 square foot store in New York City, Roman and Williams Guild.  This, their flagship store is part furniture shop; and, part a chic Parisian-inspired café, La Mercerie.


Guildstore - blue and green decor - inside

Chic as hell, this is!


Guildstore - blue and green chic Christmas decor restaurant

I’d love to check this place out sometime!


Serena & Lily Pinecone Wreath - with blue velvet ribbon on green door

Serena & Lily Pinecone Wreath is new this year.

It is possible that it is sold out, already. But, if interested, keep checking back. Maybe they’ll get more in?


House Beautiful blue and white porcelainNicolette Horn


This isn’t obviously Christmas decor, but I do love the Chinoiserie Porcelains that are in many of these holiday vignettes.


This is a great time to get them at some of my favorite sources for the best possible prices.

Those sources are: Wisteria, Williams Sonoma Home and One Kings Lane. (many items that are already on sale can be further reduced by using promo code: OKL20CARD)


via - Celebrating Everyday Life - How-to-Make-Unique-Blue and White-Chinoiserie-Ornaments-tutorial

Celebrating Everyday Life

She shares a cool tutorial for how to create these wonderful blue and white-Chinoiserie-ornaments. They are plain white ornaments which aren’t very expensive with a blue sharpie!


You can get 12 of these white glass ornaments for $21. These are 2.75″ in diameter, but they have other sizes. So, you can make these for under two bucks a piece. I’ve seen these types of hand-painted ornaments for a lot more. Of course, they aren’t using a Sharpie, but from a distance, they probably don’t look that different.


via monicawantsit.com Blue-White-Chinoiserie-DIY-Christmas-Ornaments


These Blue and White Chinoiserie DIY Christmas ornaments are made with plain ornaments and blue and white cocktail napkins! How clever is that!


Michel Design Works blue and white cocktail napkinMichel Design Works blue and white cocktail napkin


This is a completely different technique, but they’re so pretty and Monica said that she was able to make 40 of them for under 12 dollars! Wow!


Parker Kennedy Living - table top blue, green, orange, and yellow Christmas holiday tabletop

Parker Kennedy Living

They did this way cool blue, white and orange tablescape a few years ago. But, it’s an enduring classic. I think that the old silver pieces are what make this tablescape especially wonderful.


Orange-Christmas-via domicile.37.com - orange with yellow blues and greens holiday tabletop

Domicile 37

Lots of great ideas in this cool holiday Chinoiserie inspired dining room.


foo dogs and crystal table setting via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles - Chinoiserie ChristmasAtlanta Homes and Lifestyles


More Chinoiserie that could work for any holiday, I think.


Blue and White Chinoiserie ornaments tutorial- via shadesofblueinteriors.com

Shades of Blue Interiors – lots more gorgeous photos from this room including the tree.

It’s not easy to find the tutorial, but I’ve linked to it here. It’s a little like the sharpie ornaments further up the page, but there’s more to it.


 Casa Watkins Living - @casawatkinsblog via instagram blue and white Christmas

Casa Watkins Living – @casawatkinsblog via instagram

There are more photos of this fresh new-trad holiday tablescape on instagram, but you have to scroll way down as it’s from a few seasons ago.


Holiday decor tabletop - Alex-Papachristidis-and-David-Monn-Marco_Ricca

via Sarah Baynes

Alex Papachristidis and David Monn

photo: Marco Ricca

This isn’t specifically Christmas, but why not? Maybe add a sprig of holly and some other greens.


via @jamestfarmer on instagram Christmas - tablescape featuring red roses

via @jamestfarmer on instagram  with gorgeous red roses and stemware on this chic holiday tablescape. In this case, the blue comes from the classic blue velvet dining chairs


m.o.endres on instagram wonderful Christmas decor

m.o.endres on instagram wonderful Christmas decor


@m.o.endres via instagram blue and white Christmas decor

@m.o.endres via instagram


For more of my favorite Maura Endres images please check out this post.

And, this one too.


david-nettoDavid Netto


IMO, Christmas decorations don’t have to scream out CHRISTMAS! If you’d like hydrangeas instead of poinsettias or paper whites; why not?


Christmas in Connecticut - Quintessence blog - fabulous brass greek key fireplace fender

Christmas in Connecticut – Quintessence blog

Fabulous brass Greek Key fireplace fender


If you would like to see some more traditional-type Christmas decorations and Christmas trees please click here.

And Here


Also, please check out the holiday shop for more Christmas and Hanukkah Decor and gifts.


Hope that gave y’all some great alternatives to the standard red and green for your holiday decorating. Adding even small amounts of blue, I find quite refreshing.





PS: Please check out the hot sales pages for wonderful items on super discount. And the holiday shop for decorating and gift ideas, and the terrific sales.


30 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas Laurel! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas you have taught me. I enjoy reading your post because you always add remarks that put a smile on my face. You are a great teacher, writer, & encourager. God blessed you with a great talent. Thanks for sharing!
    Donna ( from Mississippi)

  2. Laurel, This is one of my favorite posts ever. So many wonderful ideas and beautiful pictures. We recently moved to the beach and I needed inspiration to decorate my home this year. Everything I had done in the past just wasn’t working. Your post gave me inspiration and motivation! Thanks!

  3. Hi Laurel….such beautiful images of a blue Christmas! I am happy that you selected this topic. I am loving the Neiman Marcus photo…especially those delicious agate looking blue and gold table lamps. Been searching to see where I can source them. If anyone reading this knows the source, Id’ love to know. Working on a blue velvet room for a client and these would be lovely. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration – such beautiful pictures! I’m grateful for the link to Celebrating Everyday Life. I am totally going to make some of those ornaments using the blue Sharpie!

  5. I’ve had white, blue, and teal ornaments with gold and copper bits as my holiday focus for a while. It’s such a soothing combo and helps make up for the 80-degree weather we often have right up to Christmas.

  6. Love the pineapples on a stand with the bowl of lemons in front. Now what a clever idea. So very elegant! My landscape friend always tells me to use what is around in your yard. Who knew the produce section would be just as great.

  7. My kingdom for a blue and white chinoiserie planter with saucer that I can pop an amarylis into! Evidently they are as rare as a round table with leaves!

  8. Hi, Laurel! I’m generally a red and green traditionalist, but these photos were incredibly lovely and inspiring. After thirty years with the same color palette, we’ve been thinking of changing the living and dining rooms to a blue and white color scheme. Those photos of Roman and Williams Guild were just gorgeous! And that Sharpie ornament tutorial was genius. Thanks for all the links!

  9. Hi Laurel,
    Thank you for the lovely post. Some great ideas too!
    Sometimes I take the branches of real bittersweet after Thanksgiving and spray paint the berries gold. Mixed in with greens, they look wonderful(and are free!)
    Also, I find limey green ornaments brighten up greens on the mantel.
    Best, Pam

  10. Loved this post so much! I gravitate to the Blues, Greens and Whites for Christmas. Also love using some orange in the DR with the Blues and Whites! I do not find that Red looks that great in my home. I like the whitish Poinsettias too. I put out less each year, but you would know it was Christmas Season!!
    Thank you such a beautiful post as I sip coffee and look at the weather outside!!

  11. Good morning Laurel,
    I have the house to myself today. I was planning on being a slug by staying in my PJ’s & reading all day. But now I’m motivated to go up to the attic & bring down all my Christmas bins & get to decorating.
    I don’t bring in any red or green for Christmas. I do navy, teal, white & silver. My husband is in charge of the tree. I do the rest.
    I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. Thanks for getting me up off my ass today.😘

  12. I hope you can find those Neiman Marcus pillows. I am now obsessed with the pillows shown from Enchanted Home. Where can one find pillows with that lovely looped fringe in greenish blue? Or even just the fringe – I can make my own pillow! Anyone know?

  13. Gorgeous! It makes me want to dump all my furniture – or at least have it reupholstered – so that I can have blue and white. For now, I wonder if our HOA will let me paint my door blue. Thanks for the lovely pictures – I’m in love with all of them!

  14. How timely for me, Laurel, as I just finished my blue, white, and silver Christmas tree last night. I try to decorate my tree slightly different each year-last year was totally tartan with navy and touches of gold, maybe next year will be navy and green as you’ve suggested!
    Just a note – thank you for the many hours of enjoyment I receive from this blog. I don’t know if I’ve ever posted here before, but I read regularly and have incorporated much of your advice in my own home (have recently decided to paint my north facing living area “cotton balls” per your suggestion. It’s perfect.)
    I do have a question for you, or maybe a topic for a post…do you think chinoiserie and/or blue & white will ever go out of style? I’ve been decorating with blue and white for many years – longer than it’s been the thing to do, and the past few years have discovered a love for all things chinoiserie. While I have no large investments in the style, I don’t wish it to be on the wane considering how much I enjoy it. Your thoughts?
    Thank you again, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  15. Hi Laurel:

    Another scrumptious post! And while we’re on the topic of blue and white…thanks to your inspiration (I trust your color sense much more than my own), I just painted a bedroom Benjamin Moore Buckland Blue, and I LOVE it!! I don’t think I would have had the intuitive sense to select that color if I hadn’t read your endorsements of it. We created a chair rail effect, with the bottom portion and moldings painted in BM Cotton Balls – it looks terrific. Thank you again, and hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  16. What beautiful ideas Laurel! I love them. I have recently warmed up to blue a lot and there is so much wonderful inspiration here. The blue mixed in with gold, green and white is really lovely. Just omitting the red in holiday decorating is so fresh I think. Thank you for this post !

  17. I love this post. I too am sick of my red and green decor, so when our basement is finished next year, it is going downstairs.
    Do you happen to know the fabric/source for those gorgeous cream, blue and tiger pillows shown in the Neiman Marcus pic? I have seen those on the web a couple times but could not find on the Neiman site. They are perfect for my living room.

  18. PS: Laurel, I thought it would be clear that my reply was to A Slan, but it does not show up that way. If you end up deleting his comment, go ahead and delete mine. Thank you for the lovely blog today, and don’t let jerks get to you. I will try to do the same.

  19. This comment is cruel, rude, and completely out of keeping with the spirit of the season. Why in the world would you write something like this anywhere, let alone on a home decor blog? And no one, anywhere, has ever bashed Christmas. Indeed, today’s blog did a lot to make me excited about the holidays — until I read your nasty nonsense.

  20. My Christmas theme this year is “vintage glass ornaments.” My tabletop tree in the living room has vintage ornaments, emphasizing the colors magenta and blue. Many have hand-painted designs.

  21. Please dont call tradition hackneyed. Christmas is bashed enough. Nothing wrong with tradition and green and red have deep meaning for many. Thank you.

  22. Great post, Laurel! Very helpful, as always. I’m going with green, gold and shades of blue this year. I think.

    Thanks for the OKL20card code! I got an 8 x 10 seagrass rug for under $170.00. Unheard of!!

  23. Laurel, Thanks for another great post. I had the same feelings about my Christmas decor a couple years ago and decided to change things up to coordinate better with my decor. Check out the pictures of the Holiday House in Atlanta for some beautiful Holiday decorating. Thanks again.

  24. So much inspiration here Laurel! I think the last shot is my favorite of all. Maybe I should add a green skirt to my Christmas list.

    Thanks for including my humble home!

    Merry Christmas.

  25. Hi Laurel , been reading your blog for years. This post is very timely… Thought you might like the wreaths i created for a pop up shop I’m doing at Halcyon House Antiques Maryland. I can’t figure out how to include photos in my comment…the wreaths feature small blue willow plates. I have them on my Instagram. Andreastieff
    Happy holidays!

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