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Here you will find products that are the culmination of 30 years of interior design experience

+ hundreds of hours of research and development.

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Laurel’s Rolodex


5th edition rolodex-post-graphic - November 2018 - A unique shopping guide with hundreds of sources created by Laurel Bern

Laurel’s Rolodex is a 450 page shopping guide in its fifth edition as of November 8, 2018.

It features hundreds of sources, with direct links to make sourcing a breeze.

Each source is in an alphabetical list as well as a category list with a write-up about each source,

price point and whether it is retail, to the trade (or both) has a physical or online shop or showroom.

For trade folks, there are over 175 “designer friendly sources”

where one can purchase directly from the vendor.


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The Laurel Home Paint Color – Paint Palette

and Home Furnishings Collection


paint-collections-paint-palette-collection-bundle - help for your home

Are you struggling with paint colors or have 50 samples (or more) on the wall? Going nuts? Have you already made an expensive mistake? Take heart; we all do. But that’s how we learn. What I’ve done is take 144 beautiful Benjamin Moore Colors– whites, neutrals, colors, darks and put them in a collection.  Included are the best trim colors and much more. Part II is 40 amazing palettes which come with design boards, palette families. What goes with what. No guess-work, but tons of options!

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333 decorating rules you need to know


And, introducing the brand new 333 Decorating Rules and Tips You need to Know.

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