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Laurel’s Rolodex (the 10th edition for 2024 is out!)
Laurel Home Paint & Pallette Collection (two-part guide)
Six-Figure Income Blogger
333 Decorating Rules & Tips You Need to Know
The Best of Etsy 4th Edition for 2024 is out!


Laurel Home Interior Design Guides 2024




I, Laurel Bern, authored these guides, culminating in 35 years of interior design experience.

+ hundreds of hours of research and development. Most of the information in the guides, I never learned in interior design school. Oh, how I wish I had! I would’ve struggled far less and been far more successful financially.

kitchen mock-up with furniture - Late August, 2022 soapstone counter.



Below is a very brief intro to each product.


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Laurel’s Rolodex


laurels-rolodex-final-book-cover-master 9th edition 22-23

Laurel’s Rolodex is a 450+ page shopping guide in its tenth edition as of November 2023.

It features hundreds of sources, with direct links to make sourcing a breeze.

Each source is in an alphabetical list as well as a category list with a write-up about each source,

price point, and whether it is retail, to the trade (or both), or has a physical or online shop or showroom.

For trade folks, there are over 180 “designer-friendly sources.”

where one can purchase directly from the vendor.

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The Laurel Home Paint Color – Paint Palette

and Home Furnishings Collection


paint-collections-paint-palette-collection-bundle - help for your home

Are you struggling with paint colors, or have 50 samples (or more) on the wall? Going nuts? Have you already made an expensive mistake? Take heart; we all do. But that’s how we learn. I’ve put 144 beautiful Benjamin Moore Colors– whites, neutrals, colors, and darks in a collection.  Included are the best trim colors and much more. Part II is the amazing 40 palettes with design boards and palette families. What goes with what. No guesswork, but tons of options!

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More info about the Paint Palette Collection

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Do you have a website or an online business? If so, the following guide is for you. In it, I share everything I’ve done to get to where I am. Plus, it’s fun to read.


six figure income blogger cover

For more info about this guide that tells you how to start and have a profitable website.

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333 decorating rules you need to know


And, the indispensable guide – 333 Decorating Rules and Tips You need to Know.


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Welcome To Laurel Home!


Hi, I’m Laurel, and Laurel Home is the website and blog for Laurel Bern Interiors.
I’ve been creating new-traditional interiors since 1988. The blog is where I share all.

New Edition, November 2023! Get The Indispensable Guide For 100s of Home Furnishings And Interior Design Sources That Everyone Is Raving About

laurels-rolodex-final-book-cover-master 10th edition 23-24

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Laurel Home Interior Design Guides 2024
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