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Laurel Home Interior Design Guides 2023

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  • Get Everything!!! (Best Deal)$499.00 (yes, all five guides.  Scroll down please to order)


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Laurel’s Rolodex $199.00 – You will get an annual lifetime update in November.



The Laurel Home Ultimate Paint and Palette Collection $179.00



Six Figure Income Blogger $179.00 

 Newly updated December 2022!


333 Decorating Rules & Tips You Need to Know  $69.00 (Yes, there should be another zero for this one!)



The new Etsy guide, November 2022 for only  $49.00





Purchase a bundle below for additional savings!


 The Etsy Guide and 333 Rules & Tips  $95.00  




Laurel’s Rolodex + Etsy + Rules & Tips  $279.00




Paint and Palette Collection + Etsy + Rules & Tips   $267.00  




Website/Blogging Guide + Etsy + Rules & Tips  $267.00



Laurel’s Rolodex/Paint-Palette Collection  $345.00 



Laurel’s Rolodex/Six Figure Income Blogger  $345.00 



Paint-Palette Collection/Six Figure Income Blogger $322.00 



To Purchase A Bundle of All Five Products, Laurel’s Rolodex, Paint and Palette, and Six Figure Income Blogger. They are discounted and I’m throwing in the Etsy guide and Rules and Tips Guide for FREE!


Laurel’s Rolodex/Paint-Palette Collection/Six Figure Income Blogger $499.000 


Sold individually, these five guides would be $675.00!


Note: When you put it into your cart, it might only say the three products, but you will receive all five.

You can also purchase all of the interior design guides minus the blogging guide  


This is also a great deal @ only $399.00 for four fantastic guides!
But, sold individually, these four guides would be: $496.00

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Laurel Home Interior Design Guides 2023
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