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  • Get Two Products – $358.00 – $388.00 save $40.00  
  • Get All Three Products – $547.00 save  $80.00

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To Purchase One Product, click the links below


Laurel’s Rolodex  $229.00 


The Laurel Home Ultimate Paint and Palette Collection  $199.00  


Six Figure Income Blogger  $199.00  


333 Decorating Rules & Tips You Need to Know  $49.00 




To Purchase One Bundle of Any Two Products and save $40.00 (plus 20% off)- click the links below


Laurel’s Rolodex/Paint-Palette Collection  $388.00


Laurel’s Rolodex/Six Figure Income Blogger  $388.00  


Paint-Palette Collection/Six Figure Income Blogger  $358.00  



To Purchase A Bundle of All Three Products and save$80.00 (plus 20% off) – click the link below


Laurel’s Rolodex/Paint-Palette Collection/Six Figure Income Blogger  $547.00



Get the new rules guide by itself! Or, add it to your cart with any of the other products.


333 decorating rules you need to know   333 Decorating Rules & Tips You Need to Know  $49.00