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Welcome to the Blue and White Shop! Please click on the images for more information.


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    1. Hi Pamela,

      They do have a nice line but BM is firmly ingrained in my area that it would be difficult to switch over. But it’s always good to know in case someone is interested in using that brand of paint.

    2. I detest PPG…we were forced to use it by our builder, and their color selections all lean toward yellow. It’s crappy quality, too. I would like to know what color Pamela’s so in love with. After at least 5 tries, I don’t have anymore room for anymore sample quarts!

  1. Laurel, thank you for the gorgeous photos in the un-kitchen post.

    There was a reference to a post on undecorated houses, but I can’t find it. Please help!


  2. Hi, Laurel.

    Lovely collection! Thank you. Sadly the 3 things I clicked on to purchase were sold out. (sad face)


  3. Laurel,
    I am so excited about your new shop. I love all of your pics. Can you do one on tables- coffee, side, etc? Looking forward to more! Thanks, Laura

  4. Where there’s a will- there’s a way, so I’ll still be able to access everything you have on your site, though it will take me a bit longer..of course, no way to tell what else I might find as I search through the links .In the meantime, to enable you to slurp another drinky-poo, I’ll enjoy looking through all the goodies!
    My husband is ‘The One’ who installed all the computer safety devices, so too bad for me!

  5. What a beautiful collection of blue and white must haves 🙂
    And- those are my colors!
    My computer is in fiscal nanny mode as I am NOT allowed to enter any of the sites through the links- but I will get here some other way then .Thank you, Laurel!

    1. Hi Dolores,

      I think Shakespeare call that “hoist by your own pitard.” lol, but I remember those days all too well. I did have my own puter which was password protected so that they wouldn’t jump on and look at stuff they aren’t supposed to. Ahhh… it’s a new woild!

      You can also access the page through the menu, but everything has links. Maybe there’s a way to change your puter settings so you can have access?

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