Finding The Elusive, (Way Cool) Bathroom Console Vanity

Hi Everyone,

In recent days, some of you have kindly pointed out how patient I am.

Please forgive me, but I need to have a little rant.


If you’d rather not read my vent-fest, please skip ahead to here.***


While I’m glad you’re getting that impression, please understand I’m exceedingly impatient and frustrated. That doesn’t mean I’m yelling at anyone. That never accomplishes anything. Well, anything good.

My worst is when I’m told so and so is coming on Tuesday, and Tuesday arrives, and so and so doesn’t show up. If they’re not coming, please let me know. That’s okay! Just not showing up with no explanation is rude. Last week, I had one builder for three days, but one day, all he did was mark out where the panels were going. The next two days, he did 16 little panels. If two guys had been there, they could’ve knocked out the markings and 16 panels in two days. If you missed seeing the little panels, please check them out, here.


In addition, my contractor is on vacation this week.


You know, I don’t recall giving him permission to go away. ;]

Oh, I could keep going, but you get it. It’s just that I haven’t seen my darling son since December 10th.


Cale December 2023


The other comment I’m reading about is my attention to detail.

Please aunderstand that I am not getting everything I asked for or want.


However, aside from being unable to have people over, there is weekly progress. I have estimated that the builders will have roughly 17 more days of construction. That’s if there are two of them each of those days. But, with an average of 3 days a week, that means roughly six more weeks of construction at a minimum.


There are still many mouldings to be installed, but installing the 13 doors will take the most time.


I estimate it will take 4-5 days to make all the little custom cabinets for the bathroom and under-the-stairs area.

Those little custom-hidden cabinets have been an incredible thorn in my paw.

We talk about it, and I supply drawings, but nothing happens. This has been going on for weeks. Then, I remind them, so we revisit it with another drawing, and then nothing happens, or they claim they didn’t know they were responsible when we’ve had two meetings to discuss it. grrrr…

Aside from the building, there are still weeks of paint prep/repairs, painting, floor finishing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work. The latter should’ve been finished months ago. However, the HVAC guy is coming back on the 23rd. The warning about what would happen if it gets hot and Laurel doesn’t have AC did the trick.

Okay, end of rant.




Okay, as promised, I am sharing my primary bathroom console vanity story.


It began last summer. I didn’t know the contractor would take so long to do my bathroom, so I ordered an Edwardian-style console vanity that arrived last July. I got it on an open box sale at Wayfair and felt it would go with pretty much anything I wanted to do in there, which is true.


However, I didn’t have a clear image of the lower level regarding finishes, colors, and decor. Now, I do.

Now, I would’ve kept that vanity, except, as I mentioned a week or so ago, it was shipped without its legs, which we just discovered. Getting nice legs separately costs more than I paid for this vanity, so I decided to get a new console vanity with new legs.

I knew I wanted something like the Kohler Kathryn console vanity (below) I discovered on Jean Stoffer’s Instagram.


Jeanstofferdesign on instagram


However, I found this incredible beauty (below) before I found Jean’s post and purchased console vanity #1.


Burlington washbasin 47.25 console sink UK

Okay, there are two problems.

It’s from a company called Burlington, in the UK, and thus would be prohibitively expensive to get it here.

However, the biggest problem is that it’s 120 centimeters wide, which is 47-1/4″. My space is 48″. Ideally, there needs to be at least two inches of breathing space on each side. A 42″ piece like this would be perfect.

To cause even further frustration, there IS a console vanity sold in numerous places in the USA like this, but it only comes in two sizes, 25″ and 31″ approximately.  31″ is too small. My perfect size is 38″ – 42″. However, 36″ would be okay.

(Note: On closer inspection, I just found out the 47″ vanity has been discontinued!)


It’s frustrating. Most of the cool console vanities are in the UK.


Remember the time I got to go to the exquisite Drummonds showroom in NYC?




But then I found this one. The legs aren’t my favorite, but they’ll be fine in polished nickel. I’ve seen it sold for different prices, but it usually retails for around $3,500. But, but, but, but, but… for bloody chrome! It also comes in gold, but I can’t do gold or chrome. My new Watermark faucet is polished nickel.


So, I kept searching and finally came across another UK company, Crosswater—[bloody] LONDON. They were selling a piece I loved with THE best legs ever, and it’s on sale!

It doesn’t have the angular, canted corners I love, but the lines are no less beautiful.


Waldorf 39 Console set - closeout Crosswater London

Plus, I adore the integrated backsplash.

But wait. It’s the same top as the console sink with the chrome legs. But this one is in [bloody] England!

Oh, hold on! I looked up the contact info.

For further information, contact Crosswater London, 393 Fortune Blvd, Milford, MA 01757. Toll-free number: 844-XWATER-1 (866-478-9052) tel: 508-381-0433



Do you mean that whole Boston Tea Party thing was just a myth? ;] I was incredibly confused, but seeing a local address and phone number gave me hope.

Oh, no…. WHAT???

The legs are only available in CHROME?

Oh, please, this is ridiculous.

Yes, folks, this is how I spend my leisure time instead of watching Netflix or looking for an emotionally unavailable boyfriend.


Still, there’s more. Of course, you know there’s more!


On the same page, I see another phase-out product that’s “awaiting image.” They better not wait too long! ;]


polished nickel 39 console

What the hay? Now, let me get this straight. They’re selling the legs in nickel, but there’s no sink? Isn’t that like selling a Mercedes wheel chassis without the dashboard?


Oh wow, these legs do come in nickel in the 39″ size.

This discovery was nearly as good as a slice of banana cream pie. So, I looked up the company to “enquire,” as the British are fond of saying.


Okay, they have a showroom in the Boston Design Center.

I go to the web page and see it’s permanently closed. However, there’s a retail showroom in Natick, MA. Natick, for non-natives, is a suburb of Boston a short drive away.

WaterSpot Ardente Supply
575 Worcester St.
Natick, MA 01760
(508) 651-2200 ext #136
(508) 315-5636 direct line


I didn’t even bother to call. I made an appointment online to go the next day, and then when they responded, I replied with what I was looking for.


The next day, I ubered over to the WaterSpot showroom in Natick, MA, and Linda, my salesperson, was waiting for me in the back of the large store. She had already been investigating, but her boss said he didn’t think the legs were available.


Truth be told. ALL I needed from them were the bloody legs in bloody NICKEL, not chrome.

Waldorf wallmount sink 39.25

The sink is also available as a legless wallmount. Of course, you can add the legs.

Linda told me that she couldn’t get through to the main office to see if they still carried the legs in nickel. But, minutes later, she did get through to her contact, who said, YES, they have them. Six units.

But, then, there was some question about the veracity of this information.


Within minutes, however, my mind was put to rest when we found out that, indeed, the company still possesses six sets of legs.


I bought them on the spot, and then when I returned home, I purchased the wall-mounted sink on Perigold. If any of you are interested, you could do the same thing. Or, if you’re happy with chrome

I just checked on the sink order:

Preparing for Shipping


Estimated Delivery:


Between April 20 and April 22

Waldorf 39.4” Wall Mount Bathroom

Sink by Massimiliano Cicconi

Waldorf 39.4” Wall Mount Bathroom Sink by Massimiliano Cicconi

By WS Bath Collections

Faucet Mount: Three Faucet Holes

Quantity: 1


I am also expecting the sink legs to arrive next week. Isn’t this fabulous?


Okay, now you can say I’m patient and tenacious. However, it’s in brief spurts.

Below is a widget of console sinks in various sizes and finishes. Most of them come in additional sizes and finishes from what’s shown.



I’m working on a rendering of the bathroom using a photo I took of it as a base.


Wait until you see the shower curtain!


In closing, a few minutes ago, I went downstairs to fetch a lamp as there’s an outlet near the door now. But, before I went back up the stairs, I looked around. I mean, I really looked. I went into the dark bedroom, but there was enough light to see the details. Even in its still rough, dusty state, it is already so beautiful.



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I very much appreciate your help and support!

30 Responses

  1. The reason Stone Forest consoles are above average in cost is because they are sculpted from a single block of Italian Carrara Marble.

  2. Forgot to mention vanity/console legs are manufactured by Palmer Industries. They also do Custom Architectural Metalwork in just about any finish.

  3. I know you have already found your perfect vanity. My favorite, if cost was no object, is the Stone Forest Bayonne Console Top C96-47 CA marble vanity, 47″ wide with polished nickel legs. Or the Renaissance Console Top C9242CA , 42″ wide with polished nickel legs.

  4. You sound exactly like me…I will search endlessly for exactly what I want. Isn’t it the best feeling when you finally find what you are searching for?

  5. Cynthia Blaylock, at the risk of also sounding sexist, construction workers do not seem to like taking instructions from women. Well that has been my experience. It is as if they think you don’t know what you are doing. You would not believe (or maybe you would lol) the struggle it was to install my curtain rods. They could not for the life of them figure out why they weren’t going right on top of the windows. And they still didn’t put them exactly where I wanted them!
    Laurel, your tenacity is impressive. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  6. I have the WS Bath sink with the chrome legs in the 39 size in my hall bath – though mine also has a shelf. It’s a gorgeous sink. It has a decent sized edge useful for resting stuff on though the bowl itself is definitely large. I think you will love it. I would caution you to have your contractors evaluate the measurements closely. The installation guide really only had pictures and the legs were the slightest bit short after the sink was installed onto the wall at the measurements specified which left us w two choices – lower the sink or put something in to hold the leg.

  7. What a story! I’m glad that you persevered and ended up finding a beautiful sink :] I can’t wait to see the renderings and the shower curtain!

  8. Please, please tell me where you found the 31” console that you mentioned: “there IS a console vanity sold in numerous places in the USA like this, but it only comes in two sizes, 25″ and 31″ approximately. 31″ is too small.”

    I have been looking for literally years for one with an integrated backsplash. Please share!

    On the contractor delays, I’ve done 6 remodels and this is the problem every time. It’s as if they simply don’t want to finish! Truth be told, you’re being strung along because they’ve taken other jobs where they have to show up to get progress payments. I feel your pain. I have never found a solution but I HAVE figured out that being super nice so they’ll show up at your project does not work:((. All I can say is hang in there, at some point they’ll really want that final payment.

    P.S. You’re doing a fabulous job!

    1. Hi Linda,

      The sources are in the widget with the images, and I believe also linked to in the post. If you click on the one you like, it will take you to where you can buy it.

  9. The Pelham from Waterworks may have been worth consideration. Ya, it’s pricey. Think of it like your fireplace mantle, only for the bathroom,…without the hassle.

    Shower curtain? Please tell us glass is on your Christmas list, maybe for 2025. A girl can dream, you know?

  10. Dear Laurel
    You are a winner at surmounting the unexpected and unanticipated .
    How exquisite the result will be…
    Two suggestions: can a video of the completed project be a part of your blog? Or a link to one?
    why not start planning your future vacation – to think about relaxing and enjoying
    So glad to be along for your glorious ‘adventure’…

  11. Laurel, you certainly are tenacious and you will have a drop-dead gorgeous reno to prove it. As we have gone through the last three years of designing and building a home (move-in MAY be in four to six weeks), my husband has repeatedly asked me why I am on the computer so much. Well dear, it’s researching, searching, trying to find the best price, looking for alternatives because of discontinued items, blah-blah, on and on. And Celestial’s comment is so true – no one told me that these sub-contractors come in and work a few hours a few days a week because they are juggling other jobs. I too assumed eight hour days, five days a week. Silly, uninformed me! And wouldn’t you assume when you ordered all black door hardware that the door hinges would be black as well? Yes, I know what they say about assumptions – silly me again. Well, the trim carpenters installed black hinges on some doors and chrome hinges on other doors, and then looked at me like I was just a little crazy when I told them they had to rehang the offending doors with black hinges. And the little shaving niche I specified and DREW A LAYOUT for in the primary shower? Not there and I didn’t discover it until days later – too late to make them tear out the wall and install the niche. I don’t want to sound sexist but I do have to point out that all these subs are MEN and I truly think they do not listen well to women. Just sayin!!

  12. Curious to hear your thoughts about the absence of storage space with a console vanity. We like the look and are planning to put one in our half bath. But can’t help wondering if we’re placing aesthetics ahead of practicality.

    1. Hi Joe,

      There is a ton of storage in the bathroom. There are two side cabinets flanking the vanity, and then a big cabinet right behind me in three sections.

  13. You are amazing. Tracking down the details of console and legs to Natick showroom— you can’t make this stuff up! ( I mean, you could live anywhere in the US…. and it turns out Natick is your answer ☺️.) Point two: possibly could one take chrome or iron legs ( from salvage stores) and get them electroplated to nickel finish? Point 3: I’m reminded of Peter Mayle/ Year in Provence– they threw a party and invited all the worker’s families in the village…. and the workers got it done before the party 😂. Wouldn’t work over here…. but this is what we did — we needed to move back into our place after squatting in our basement with 2 infants and toddler for 7 months😳…. We told them the Pottery Barn furniture delivery guys were coming on X date, and work had to be done before the furniture arrived. That did the trick, and got the last bit done 👍 before the date.

  14. Here in Montana “missing” workers were due to hunting season – which of course led right into “the holidays”. A frustrating time of year for getting a house built! It took much longer to get it done than I anticipated but I survived the wait and you will to. You will get so much satisfaction when you can look around at it all and marvel at what you accomplished.

  15. Hi Laurel! I certainly understand your frustration with your renovation – we are still completing one started in 2022. It seems my home will never be free of workers. What we found is no matter what, sometimes you just have to do it yourself. So tie a bandanna on your hair, get into some crappy clothes and start priming your walls yourself. Ask your contractor or his team to check your work. Not only will you save $$$, but lots of frustration about it not getting done – its a job where you cant do much harm. Although I know it is late in the game, forget your custom little cabinets and get a vanity with some storage instead. I know it is a big compromise, but do you want these people in your home for the next year while they are finishing up custom work? Sometimes, function and practicality has to prevail over looks. I am sure as a designer it is hard to do that. Good luck! It will be beautiful either way.

    1. Hi Gerri,

      I guess you don’t realize that it’s way too late to make a major change like that. The cabinets flanking the vanity are already built. If you go to the last entry in the renovation news post, you can see it. They just need to put the doors on, and the little magnet thingy. They will do it.

      As for doing any of the physical work, myself. haha. I can come up with at least a dozen compelling reasons why that isn’t even remotely possible.

      No. I am paying to have it done. They will do it. Brendan was here today and got a lot accomplished. We just need the damned doors to come in. I have no idea why it was so difficult. The painter is probably going to do some prep work while we’re waiting.

  16. The sink will be perfect!!! It looks so much like a console sink I bought, for my master bath, 33 years ago…. I might have misled my husband on the price- however, to my chagrin, the packing slip- WITH the price was in the box…. Well I almost didn’t have a master in my master bath after he found out the actual cost!! Years later I replaced it ( lack of storage for wrinkle creams and concealers) but I saved the sink and we installed it in the powder room of our current home!!! Your new home is going to be amazing!!

  17. Laurel, You are tenacious (remember the staircase!)- and your place is going to be unbelievably gorgeous!!
    I always think that the finish work, mouldings and such, take FOREVER, and at the end of the day there is not a lot of change so it seems as if not much is getting done. All of your hard work is going to pay off–don’t give up hope –you are almost at the end!

  18. Dec 10th? Yes, that’s a long time to not see Cale. I’m very fortunate that my daughter lives a couple of blocks away & within walking distance.
    Congratulations on finally finding a vanity & legs. But what a story of what you went through. Yikes!
    I remember being so irritated with my contractors when nothing was getting done. And they wouldn’t show up for days/weeks at a time. I was reminded that I wasn’t their only customer. I’ll never understand why they do that. They take more customers but none of them are happy because work is only getting done occasionally at each of them.
    Hang in there.

  19. Ok, so maybe not patient, but you still get #1 prize for Tenacity (my mom calls it the Winston Churchill speeh “Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never give up.” So maybe that’s why we all think you are patient 😉

    We just had a similar issue with Wayfaire…the vanity we ordered, specifically bc it came with a backsplash (others didn’t) was delivered, and once unpacked – no backsplash! So my sister contacted Wayfaire…where’s the backsplash? “Oh, it isn’t included. That’s just for the photos.” What?? Why include a backsplash that actually appears integrated with the beautiful top? I thought that was false advertising, but we ordered a non-matching backsplash, bc we are trying to finish the bathroom for our mother, who is waiting patiently for the work to be done so she can move back home (she’s been staying with us). So we aren’t patient or tenacious! (and I won’t send you any pictures – so you won’t be horrified!) Truly, sometimes you just have to do what is expedient, and I would have preferred doing a “Laurel” job – but not everyone cares about classical, beautiful style. So I just come back to look at your progress, and remember that when I re-do my bathroom, I’ll have all your posts to reference. I am so looking forward to seeing your new doors!

  20. We have been restoring a 1914 farmhouse for 34 years, one bit/room at a time because we have to live here as well. I have no idea how you deal with a whole house reno, especially for 6 months plus, especially with complex construction details, especially with Bostonian building codes, and especially without large quantities of cannibis. I’m sure much of what you request seems strange to workers because they are used to simpler constructions. You are right about the not-showing-up. I initially thought that workers just came in, worked 8 hours/day until it was finished. HA! I didn’t know about multiple job sites simultaneously being completed, worker absences, material delays, and breakage issues. You have my complete sympathy and empathy.

    Keep thinking of how wonderful it will be when it is done, when all your incredibly hard work will shine before all. Remind yourself of all the designs, redesigns, looking up specs, comparisons, and options you considered and know that it will be finished. You can do this, Laurel!

  21. Laurel, not that you need it now, but maybe for your resource database and as you traveled to Natick – there is a wonderful bath, plumbing, etc show room in Newton: Called Splash Spritzo. Splash is their gorgeous new Newton showroom and Spritzo is their Worcester showroom and where the heavy duty plumbing supply is located.; Newton showroom is located in: Home Design Place, Address: 244 Needham St #4, Newton, MA 02464, Phone: (617) 332-6662. 😊

  22. I am so happy for you….proof that even brief but perhaps many spurts of tenacity pay off, along with your sense of humour. Well done!

    1. Hi Nelle,

      The hair dryer will have its choice of four cabinets in the bathroom.;] However, it only gets used a handful of times a year. I get my hair professionally washed and blown dry once a week.

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