How To Get The Cool-High-End Bathroom For A Lot Less

Recently, we did a post about the new “un-bathrooms.” And I featured a lot of English bathrooms, because they have it just right, I think.

Well, if you saw yesterday, I went to a fabulous new showroom in Manhattan in the Architect and Design Building. It’s the new showroom for Drummonds.


Drummonds is an English company that makes EVERYTHING gorgeous, gorgeous and hand-made for a high-end bathroom.


Absolutely exquisite.

Here, let’s take a look.

high-end bathroom Drummonds showroom in NYC

These are a few images I took of the new Drummonds Showroom in the A&D Building in NYC the other evening.

If that paper looks familiar, it’s because it’s also in this post. I do love it!


Drummonds High-end bathrooms - showroom gorgeous showerhead

Now THAT is some shower head!


And some images I found on the Drummonds high-end bathroom website


Everything is hand-made and it shows.


There are those Georgian windows that I adore!

Drummonds High-End Bathroom

Damn, that’s exquisite!


Pretty freaking awesome aren’t they?



I don’t know about you, but I will be lucky if I can so much as afford one of their cup holders one day! And I’m not saying that the price isn’t worth it. It definitely is… IF you have the funds (without swindling anyone…hmmm).

If so, then please head over to Drummonds or get your decorator to head over there and create some magic for yourself.

For the rest of the 99% of us… I want to create the look and tell y’all about some of my favorite bathroom sources for fixtures and the like.

Some of you have been wanting to know.

Most of it is not terribly surprising. But maybe one or two surprises.

Let’s dive in.


You really cannot go wrong with Kohler.


It’s a family-owned business from Wisconsin. And Wisconsin-ites are good people. I know this for a fact because I lived in that state for five years and have visited frequently, all of the other years. I have also been to the Kohler factory in uhhh… Kohler, Wisconsin. It was a while ago, but it was pretty awesome.


This is one version of the Memoirs Console sink by Kohler.

(please note that the link is for the base only)

You can see the sink here.


This is another beauty. The Kathryn Sink with porcelain legs.

There are metal versions of these legs as well.

One of my favorite bathroom faucets from Kohler


My photo from KBIS 2017


Another favorite is Rohl and its subdivision Perrin & Rowe.


And a line that might be a surprise is Rejuvenation. (image above)


This is part of the Williams-Sonoma family of companies.


And while Pottery Barn also some has nice things, Rejuvenation is on another level. I love their entire line.

One thing that I know that you guys are thinking. (well, some of you) is that you’ll look at the console sinks and wonder where you’re to put everything.

A closet. The English have closets in their bathrooms, or just outside. ;]

Or a chest is very nice in a bathroom too.

And below, please enjoy a widget filled with some of my favorite fixtures and I also added in a few other things just to break it up. I can’t control the order things appear in. If you’re interested in finding out more about anything, please click on the individual images.


Wish I could say “Happy Eastern Standard Time.” But I can’t. I’m not a morning person. The sun can rise at 10:00 AM, for all I care. I wouldn’t notice the difference. haha. But, I sure do in the evening. Oh well, the extra hour of sleep is appreciated.




PS: Please don’t forget that if you are interested in purchasing a rolodex and/or paint/palette collection bundle, that the price is going up on November 13th.

And also please check out the hot sales pages. So many beautiful things on sale this weekend.


28 Responses

  1. Very informative, Laurel. Having recently updated four of my bathrooms, I’m encouraged that one of your favourite finishes is that of ‘polished nickel”. That said; re the 4th photo down (of the shower component); its style reminds me of what one might refer to as ‘steampunk’ though in this case very stylish and gorgeous … ☺. (A blend of Victorian and Industrial elements?) -Brenda-

  2. First I want to thank you for all the wonderful information. I find I refer to your blog regularly!!
    I am wondering about the gorgeous blue and white chinoiserie you recently purchased. Absolutely beautiful! I want to start a collection but have noticed prices all over the board. As long as it appeals to me (and I can afford it 😉) the price isn’t that important BUT how can you tell if the piece is worth the asking price? Thanks for any feedback!
    Tricia Madinger

    1. That is a superb question, Tricia. I did a post 2.5 years ago that nobody read, lol. Hang on.

      Obviously, in this, the porcelain is very old and exceedingly rare. But the new stuff doesn’t look much different.

      If something is hand-glazed/painted, you can usually tell because it’s not absolutely perfect. That would make it more expensive.

      If it’s old– even vintage and a unique design, that can also increase value. Also, the type of ceramic. Is it porcelain or some other type of clay? Although I’m not an expert on that because I believe that there are old, very expensive pieces that are not porcelain.

      Size of course, plays a part. And even the shape of the vessel.

      Then, is the piece signed? That can also add value. If anyone reads this and can add to this, that would be helpful.

  3. Hi Laurel,
    LOVE those Drummonds products–WOW!
    I like Kohler too–so do plumbers, they do not appreciate any imported fixtures or fittings 🙁 Their Bancroft line is very nice too for a vintage look. Also Toto toilets are wonderful–check out the Carlyle and the Promenade for an old English-style look. They work really well too!

  4. I’m so glad you mentioned Kohler! I am such a fan of their products for high-end look and affordable prices. I am almost done with my kids’ bathroom using their Devonshire line (similar to Memoirs). I cannot believe how gorgeous my toilet kids call it the pretty potty….I used polished nickel fixtures and lighting and painted everything in colors from your collection, even the ugly vanity (Silver Half Dollar). I tried painting the vanity mirror frame, too, but it was hopeless. Amazingly, Kohler’s mirrors and wall cabinets are really affordable, too, so I ordered one of those. We couldn’t afford to replace the bisque tub/shower unit or vanity top, so I decided to blend it instead…the walls are Ballet White.. and Kohler makes a lovely color called Biscuit that is not too yellow and definitely not almond, just a lovely ivory. We replaced the old bright white toilet with the Kohler Devonshire in biscuit. Thank you for all that you do! You (unknowingly) have had a hand in all of our home improvements!

    1. Thank you so much Eleanor! The pretty potty! haha! Thanks for making my day with another lovely comment! I had a similar almond/bisque situation in my old kitchen, but by doing what you did, mixing in a bunch of different whites, it made the almond formica counters be okay. At least I got rid of the Almond cabinets by having them painted a creamy white!

  5. Such beautiful fixtures! Did you notice that in Britain there are no electrical outlets in the bathrooms? Most women have vanity tables in their bedrooms for doing their hair and makeup. I lived in Scotland for three years and got used to operating that way, but running back and forth to the sink to rinse off my hands got old! Turns out, I really like bathroom vanities, at least in the master.

    I’m really shocked by how much the price of wallpaper has risen since the last time I decorated. I thought robots would have made at least some of it cheaper. (Not the hand painted stuff, obviously.) Have you tried the Anthropologie wallpaper murals? I wonder how they turn out once they are up?

    Thanks for so many good ideas! I am loving my new Rolodex and Paint Palettes. They are really helpful.

    1. Hi Tsippi,

      YES! I sure bloody well noticed! LOL I washed my hair two times while I was there and only realized after my hair was dripping wet that there was no plug in the loo. That wasn’t a problem. The problem was that there was also no mirror in the bedroom. I definitely need a mirror to blow dry my hair. So, I had to run back and forth to make sure it was looking okay.

      And so glad that you’re enjoying the rolodex and paint collection/palettes!

  6. The wallpaper in the first pic of the Drummonds Show Room? Any idea the name? Probably hand painted and not available like all the gorgeous ones.

  7. Hello Laurel

    Always find your blog sooooo funny !! And and so good ,
    Have you heard of Catchpole & Rye for high end bathrooms we rate them a lot over here in the UK
    Thanks again for your blog Hazel ( Manchester Uk )

  8. PS. Had to smile when you showed the Kohler Memoirs sink as a favourite. I have the memoirs pedestal in the power room and have ordered the Tresham, another favourite, for the dresser vanity. Wayfair has great prices on Kohler – at least in Canada. They beat my husband’s contractor rate at the plumbing supplier.

  9. Hi Laurel,
    It’s been some time since I checked in – busy with work and renos. Congrats on your wonderful trip and thanks, as always, for sharing. Congrats too on winning Design Hounds!
    I can’t tell you how timely these recent bathroom posts have been. The day of the “unbathroom” post, I had spent an uninspired afternoon schlepping from one tile showroom to the next. I arrived home with a bunch of samples I couldn’t afford and didn’t even like! Laurel to the rescue. There were the incredible unbathrooms. I have since chosen subway with a black pencil line and white chair rail for the bath/shower and white ceramic hex with a black accent for the floor. I found a lovely, cheap antique dresser to make a vanity. It’s a diamond in the ROUGH for sure. I spent today uncovering the gorgeous brass hardware from under 5 layers of paint and I was squealing with delight they are so pretty. I’ve got antique brass sconces and a pan fixture (my house is 1911). I’m also using all of your paint advice (we finally have drywall upstairs after 2 years!). My house reno would not be the same without you. You’ve turned the overwhelm into excitement and I can’t thank you enough.

  10. Like these pictures. Do you have any recommendations for a rounded sink where a square edge would be clipped by an inward opening door? My situation. I know there are pedestal sinks but are there any demilune versions or a new style out there that you’ve run across at a reasonable price? Thsnk you.

    1. @Ginger: What about a wall hung basin fitted with lavatory legs? (Web search: Bathroom Machineries who have a great selection of the latter and presumably could tell you if your choice of sink would be compatible.) Or, if preferring a demilune version; in all probability a good carpenter should be able to build the cabinet to meet your specs at a reasonable price.

  11. Today we went to the Mercedes Benz store for our MB Sprinter based motor home oil change. The restroom doesn’t have sinks!!! It has a flat black marble slab with “pour offs” on the back edge with 2 water spouts installed in the wall. I don’t know what to call this style but it was quite disorienting. At first I thought the restroom was out of order and instead of throwing plywood across the sinks they put black marble. Anyway, it was very cool, I would love to do this for a powder room.

    I like satin fixtures but yours are all polished??

    1. Yeah… I love either shiny nickel (or chrome) or genuinely antique with patina. Brushed isn’t my thing but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t right for you and others.

  12. I just wanted to thank you for writing this post. Very informative – and I’ll add Drummonds to my list of dream one-day-maybe suppliers.

    As always, love your blog!

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