Hot sales


This page is here to announce current fabulous hot sales from

some of my favorite home furnishings and gift retailers.


page edited 6.19.2018



Awesome sale at Wisteria!


Wisteria summer sale up to 35% off

Wisteria is having one of the best sales I’ve seen in a long time.

Huge discounts on some of my favorite pieces.


Lots of great outdoor furniture on sale.



Williams Sonoma Home is always worth checking out


Up to 30% off of W-S Home outdoor furniture collection,

and check out the other W-S brands while there.


You can either head straight over or go to the bed and bath page

to see the updated bed and bath sale widget with a few of my favorites



Below is this week’s eclectic and updated HOT SALES widget

with lots of new sale items from a variety of brands.



The clothes and everything else are up-to-date as of June 15, 2018


Click here to see the hot clothes-lots of beautiful new things for spring and summer!

 Please enjoy the bed and bath page which you can see here.

To see the page with all of the gorgeous new rugs click here.

And if you haven’t seen enough,

Please don’t forget to check out the regularly priced favorites here.


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I take great pride in everything I’m linking too and spend numerous hours

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My criteria are: Is this something I want to have for myself and/or would specify for a client?

If yes, then it goes into the short list and then maybe onto the page.

If no. Then you won’t see it on this page. :]

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