50 of the Best Etsy Home Furnishings for 2023

Hi Everyone,

The Best of Etsy Home Furnishings is one of my favorite posts that I’ve been updating every year. It’s where I highlight some of the best sources on the massive Etsy website. Of course, there are some perennial favorites.

However, every year, numerous shops have quit or are taking a break. Those are all eliminated. Then, throughout the year, whenever I discover a fantastic new source, I save it. Then, I go back and pick out the best of the best.

Please note: This post is NOT my 150 Best Shops on Etsy for Home Furnishings.


The third edition of the Best of Etsy (about 150 sources) will be released this coming Wednesday, November 30th, along with the new edition of Laurel’s Rolodex.


*Rolodex owners will get an update notification. However, this year, I am not able to give away free Etsy guides.

This post is only about a quarter of what’s in the guide. However, I’ve included many of the new sources. Not all, of course.


The Etsy Guide, with dozens of amazing sources with great deals, is only $49.00, and the price is going up in January. In fact, all of my fantastic interior design guides are going up in price come January.

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Before I go on, I shouldn’t presume that everyone knows what Etsy is.


If you don’t already know, Etsy is an online market of items emphasizing hand-crafted, vintage, and antique. However, these days, they have just about everything.


Okay, time to focus on the 50 BEST ETSY Home Furnishings Shops for 2023!


I’m saying 50 Vendors, but it might be more than that. Some of the vendors are represented with a link. But, some are only represented in the upcoming widget.


The categories that you’ll find in the big guide run the gamut even further in home furnishings.


I’m continuously finding vendors who carry items I’d never expect to see on Etsy. I’ve even found some fantastic sources that carry Zellige tiles. Etsy’s come a very long way from primarily selling items like rag dolls, costume jewelry, and pillow covers. Although, there are still plenty of the latter.


Here are some of the main categories in the new Best of Etsy Home Furnishings Guide that will still contain at least 150 great sources. However, it’ll probably be more than that.


  • custom pillows, custom window treatments, custom slipcovers
  • fabrics and wall coverings
  • decorative hardware of all kinds
  • art – this category has expanded a lot
  • home decor, both vintage and new.
  • new furniture
  • vintage and antique furniture
  • lighting both new and vintage
  • handmade rugs


Do you know how many Etsy shops there are?




Therefore, a guide (that doesn’t take six months) to put together the 50 best Etsy home furnishings shops is probably a little crazy.


Okay, it’s a lot crazy.

But when did that ever stop me? haha.

Before I go on, I need you to know that every link here is an affiliate link. And if it’s not, it’s an oversight. :]

Speaking of affiliate links, have you seen the latest BLACK WEEKEND pages, AKA as HOT SALES? This is where you’ll find beautiful home furnishings– on sale EVERY weekend!

That means, if you buy something (And, by all means, it’s absolutely fine if you don’t.) I most likely will make a little commission at no extra charge to you.


However, if you never order any of my guides or use the affiliate links, I want you to know that I love you just the same.


pinocchio - me 11.22



Okaaaaay, almost the same. ;]


Seriously now. I’ve been combing Etsy for years now and have discovered some of the most awesome Etsy shops for home furnishings.


Please note that some sources are not listed below but are in the widget.

So, let’s dig into the best new sources for 2023 and begin with the following:

Let’s start with a new category for the latest Best of Etsy home furnishings for 2023

That is:


Hardware, Metalware, and Tile


CUSTOM COPPER HOODS – I know! Copper hoods on Etsy? These look to be very high quality. And yes, they are expensive, but they are less than half the price of the hood I did ten years ago in Bronxville.


INSID EAST – Oh my. They have a fantastic collection of handmade faucets for kitchen and bath, plus hardware. It’s gorgeous and surprisingly inexpensive. Plus, the reviews are just as excellent.


The Best Etsy Home Furnishings Shops 2023 for ART


There are many excellent sources for new and vintage art; much is original art. And I’m always finding new and beautiful sources.


@m.o.endres on instagram -

m.o.endres on Instagram


You might recall a post three years ago where I attempted to kill myself by virtually recreating Maura Endres’ incredible art wall.


And, there are many new and beautiful sources in this section:


BRUNO MONTEIRO– He does these small, charming paintings. But I think he’ll do something larger for you if you ask.


studio155 best of etsy - my little original painting


STUDIO 155 – Lovely source of small original landscapes and seascapes. I bought one three years ago!

RENDERED IMPRESSIONS – These are beautiful original oil on canvas. Most have a Matisse-like quality.


tlgvintageart best of Etsy home furnishings 2023


TLG VINTAGE ART – Has a gorgeous collection of vintage original art and collectibles of all kinds.

Please check out Chinoiserie Wall panels for an updated list for these gorgeous pieces. 


Best Etsy Shops for Collectibles, Vintage Pieces, and Antiques


BJD73 – Elegant collection of glassware at very affordable prices. Great for unique gifts that look like they’re more expensive than they are!

AMAZING SILVER – An extensive line of vintage and antique silver pieces. I featured some lovelies in this post about lovely Sarah McGee a while back.

CHANTE DUC – French antique and vintage collectibles and home furnishings. Gorgeous creamware, transferware, and the like.

CHASE VINTAGE – They carry gorgeous vintage and antique everything from France, purchased on buying trips and sold from San Clemente, CA. Definitely, a must-see. It’s a beautiful source for gifts.


Mark_D_Sikes_Hollywood_Hills_2 - chinoiserie - gracie wallpaper - blue and white chinosierie porcelain - black lacquer chest - Chinoiserie wallpaper panels

Mark D Sikes – gorgeous vignette featuring Chinoiserie furnishings and porcelains


GOLDEN LOTUS ANTIQUES – They have exquisite porcelains, beautiful Chinoiserie furniture, and more!




THE IRONSTONE COTTAGE – Guess what they carry? And it’s all fabulous!

MAY LOUISE INTERIORS – Some decorative items for the home, but go here for a fantastic and reasonably priced collection of beautiful milk paint— including water-based spray paints!

919 CREATE DESIGN – Fantastic source for porcelains and ceramics of all kinds. I put a great idea that will take care of eight gifts. Maybe for teachers or people who don’t know each other. It’s the eight blue and white jars. They also come in sets of 2, 4, 16, and, I believe, 32!

ONE DAY IN FRANCE – Fantastic collection – ironstone

PARIS TRESORS BOUTIQUE  Charming, vintage lighting, copper and silver pieces. Great place for gifts.

PLAIR  beautifully stylish vintage and antiques, ironstone, art, etc.

THE EVERLASTING GARDEN – Glass, glass, glass, and more glass. All vintage and some really cool pieces at great prices, too.

TWO BE CONTINUED – Fantastic glass huge  collection gorgeous milk glass


Here is another post from a while back that featured many of Etsy’s beautiful collectibles.

Best Etsy Shops for FURNITURE



Best Etsy Shops - Bucks County Estate traders Greek Key Mirror



CHATSWORTH ANTIQUES – This is an old (when I lived in Westchester County, NY) source in Mamaroneck, NY, that I have been to several times. They always have beautiful vintage and antique furnishings at excellent prices.

DIANE MARIES HOME – Another place that takes vintage furniture pieces and fixes them up.

THE CRAFT OF INDIAN ART– carries beautiful bone furniture.

LIBERTY & 33RD– They always have some of the best pieces.

VINTAGE REFINED DECOR – Beautiful vintage pieces which they will gladly make even more beautiful with paint. They can be customized in any painted finish you like or, if stained, can remain that way too. Great prices!


custom grasscloth console tables - Liven Up Design -one of the best Etsy shops

LIVEN UP DESIGN– They make these incredible custom-made benches out of gorgeous fabrics. And, also grass-cloth-covered tables of all kinds and more. Above are two small navy grass-cloth-covered consoles. However, they make all kinds of tables, beds, and other pieces. It’s a very cool source.

SILLA LTD – Exquisite collection of high-end antiques and art. It’s a must-see.

STENELLA ANTIQUES – One of my favorite sources for fantastic traditional vintage furniture and antiques.


Best Etsy Shops for LIGHTING


While there’s a lot of lighting on Etsy, it’s a bit spotty for shops that focus only on excellent lighting. However, some new sources have cropped up in the last year or so. Or, they have come to my attention.

BIRCHARD HAYES– While they have an extensive collection of furniture and art, they have an extensive collection of vintage lighting.

CRISTALLERIA MURANO– Gorgeous Murano glass chandeliers. There is one in the widget below.

UPGRADE LIGHTS – This shop should really be named Upgrade Shades. For, that is primarily what they sell; hundreds of ‘em in a wide variety of fabrics, shapes, and attachment variations. Some of the silk shades look quite expensive, but they’re not.  Plus, they have thousands of fantastic reviews.


Best Etsy Shops for PILLOWS – Fabrics and Window Treatments


If I don’t comment, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t as good. They’re all wonderful! However, my eyes are turning into squares. haha

Well, I guess we all know that if you want to find cool pillow covers, Etsy is a terrific resource.

And, if you want to learn ALL about throw pillows, click here. They’re more complicated than some think!



ELEGANT FABRICS – 100s of gorgeous high-end fabrics from Lee Jofa, Scalamandre, and many others. I gather that these pieces are remnants. But the prices are fantastic! Oh, and it’s based in Canada.

BY HARRINGTON, IS on Etsy and an excellent source for window treatments. She does offer 15% off on Etsy.

However, she has given me a promo code to give you guys to get 20% off on their website.   Use code: SECRETSALE


By Harrington 20% off any custom Roman shade

Click here to go to the By Harrington Website.


JLL Home Store - Best Etsy Shops - Beautiful Draperies and Pillows

JLL HOME STORE – Gorgeous window treatments and pillows. (See above) The drapery fabric is by John Robshaw for Duralee. We did it for Roman shades for a job a few years ago. You can see it here. There are two blue colorways, and I believe that ours is the lighter one.


Lynn Chalk one of the best Etsy shops - beautiful draperies and custom throw pillows - designer fabrics

LYNN CHALK – pillows and gorgeous custom window treatments. Her pillows are more expensive, and I’m not positive, but I think she includes the down and feather inserts.

If you’re looking for pillow inserts, here’s a whole bunch. Please remember that if the pillow is 16″ on any side, the insert needs to be two inches larger. Smaller than 16″, one inch is fine.

MOTIF PILLOWS – Many beautiful designer fabrics featuring some of the more obscure fabric designers such as Peter Dunham, Robert Kime, and Schuyler Samperton






Many of these companies feature in the Laurel Home Essential Paint Color and Palette Collection’s palette portion. And a lot of these sources are in Laurel’s Rolodex as well.


Etsy shops for RUGS


The source below has hundreds of fine rugs.


khotan rug from Old New House One of the Best Etsy

OLD NEW HOUSE – has thousands of rugs of all shapes and sizes. Most are vintage and antique. I don’t recognize their names, but they are part of the Dilmaghani family, a well-known, respected source for fine Oriental rugs in Westchester County.

ORIENTAL LOOMS  – High-Quality Handmade Rugs at Wholesale Import Prices.

CARPETS BIZARRE This is a beautiful collection of affordable hand-knotted rugs featuring an extensive collection of colorful Oushak rugs.

As I always say: “Heavens to Etsy!!!” :]


And, below is my super-widget with some things you may have seen before but at least half that you haven’t.


Please enjoy and click on any image for more information!


please pin this image below, to your Pinterest boards for reference

50 best home furnishings sources on Etsy for 2023


I can’t wait to share the new guide with you!


There are so many fantastic sources. And, many are sources I’ve never shared before. So, please get ready for the 30th of November when it will be out.



PS: Please check out the newly updated HOT SALES

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21 Responses

  1. What is your Etsy source for decorative air vents, I read a blog about different designs, but I didn’t save the information. Thanks for your help, I enjoy your blog!

  2. I LOVE you for this fantastic list. I have spent hours browsing and selecting as we prepare to renovate our homes.

  3. Loved this – now I want even more milk glass! Just thought that I would add that The Old Above has gorgeous light fixtures and excellent service. I bought several pieces from him for a new construction house and they are beyond lovely, packed carefully and shipped promptly. Highly recommend if you are in the market for vintage light fixtures.

  4. Laurel, please tell me why when I click on your Etsy link it does not go directly to that particular vendor. My screen comes up with the notification that it’s better in the app (which I do have) and when I go to the app ( still through your link, or so I thought) it doesn’t pull up the shop I wanted to visit. This is frustrating as I am interested in your selections.
    If I do purchase from one of your recommendations I don’t believe you will get any compensation. You have worked long and hard to produce this list and I would like for you to be compensated even if it is as you say, a small amount. Thank you.

    1. Hi Paula,

      I very much appreciate that. It’s the bloody cell phones. They are a thorn in my paw for sure, for several reasons. Yet, it’s a miracle we can do anything on them at all.
      I just tried on my phone. And I also got the “better in the app.” But, if you wait 10 seconds it will open up the item you saw. OR, you can click “open web” and the same will happen. So, it’s fine to ignore their better in the app; it’s not better. At least not for us.

      To get back to the post, it should be in your browser waiting for you to go back to it.

  5. What fun perusing just a few of the sources above you have provided. Thank you Laurel! Looking forward to browsing more, and to the updated new guide.

    Also have been hoping if you host another holiday gathering that you’ll share the planning and the event with us. Last year I purchased a gorgeous table runner you had purchased for your party. You were the hostess with the most-ess!

  6. This was a great post! I love it. Thanks for putting it together. Also, I have been trying to locate a chandelier that you have featured in the past that was one of your favorites and very reasonably priced. Any chance that it is still available? I think it was empire style? Thanks for everything you do!

  7. Laurel, Good thing it is a rainy day today….since I will be spending the next few hours perusing all these wonderful Etsy sites!! 😉

  8. Hi Laurel! I am interested in purchasing the Rolodex, the only thing stopping me is that I am Canadian. I am curious as to whether the sources listed in the Rolodex will service/ship to Canadian customers? It would be disappointing to have it if I can’t use it. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Bee,

      I’ve been asked this before, and I’m not sure of the answer. I do know many Canadian designers who order from American companies for their clients. I don’t know how they have stuff shipped, however. This is the other thing. Many of the vendors are to the trade. They don’t actually ship anything. They’ll get it ready to get picked up.

      With furniture, it usually meant two companies. Or, at the least two parts. The first is picking up and taking to a central warehouse. For me, that was usually in New Jersey. From there, the local delivery is arranged. I’m getting PTSD thinking about it. lol

      For small items, it shouldn’t be a problem shipping FedEx or UPS.

      The Rolodex also has many familiar brands. There are well over 500 – total. Some obscure, and some not at all.

  9. Hi Laurel,
    I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
    I had big ambitions of bringing up all of my Christmas bins from the basement on this rainy Sunday. But now I’d rather spend the day checking out all of these Etsy sites.
    Thanks for doing all the “legwork” on these shops.

    1. Hi Mary,

      I could do it all day, every day! Although, it’s much more fun looking than cataloging all of it in alphabetical order with links. The problem is that there are so many amazing shops with stellar reviews. I do not put any shops in the guide that don’t have five-stars. Most are super sellers.

  10. I bought an ottoman from Old New House about 2 years ago, they were lovely to deal with, the ottoman is beautiful and came promptly!

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