The 20 Best Laurel Home Blog Posts 2020 – 2021

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Hi Everyone,

Well, here it is. This is the last Laurel Home Blog post for this year. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to do a roundup of the 20 best laurel home blog posts 2020 – 2021.

However, before I continue, thank you so much for all of your darling comments from Sunday’s post, where I shared many holiday images from my newly adopted city of Boston.


In other news, my son Cale has surprised me with a five-day visit!



The last time I did the best round-up was in 2019.

And, before that, it was 2014.

In 2019, I included the years 2015-2019.

So, for this post, I will do 2020 – 2021.


The 2019 posts went in terms of popularity. Or, rather, page views. But, does that mean it’s a great post? Well, usually, but not always.



This time, the 20 best laurel home blog posts 2020 – 2021 have been selected based on what I deem to be the most useful and interesting content.


These are difficult decisions to make because there are over 200 blog posts during this time.

In addition, the majority of this time, we have been under the influence of the Covid-10 pandemic.

While most laurel home blog posts in the past two years have been designed as learning experiences (for me too), several posts have also been designed to entertain and/or provide comfort to get us through these difficult months.

The 20 best laurel home blog posts 2020 – 2021 are as follows and go from the most recent to the oldest.


November 14, 2021

12 Common and Hideous Decorating Mistakes!

This post is definitely in the top three posts of all time. In fact, the original post was from 2014, I believe. Then, I redid it a few years later and then again, last month. It’s full of some of my best advice and is also a fun read.




September 26, 2021

Wallpaper – The Complete Guide to Avoid Screwing It Up!


Butler's Pantry Sandberg Raphael wallpaper - 20 best laurel home blog posts 2020 - 2021

Many of you asked for a complete guide to wallpaper. Well, here it is! By the way, Mary’s kitchen should’ve been on this list! 

+ the source list.




September 19, 2021

Bookshelf Styling – The Ultimate Guide with Templates
August 15, 2021

bookshelf styling template 3 shelves - 20 best laurel home blog posts 2020 - 2021

Oh, man. This was a post I had wanted to do for quite some time. I knew it would be a challenge; however, it was tremendous. However, I’m quite proud of it!




Throw Pillows – Everything You Need to Know

Stacie Flinner - via StuckonHue - throw pillows - Nobilis Tiger fabric - 20 best laurel home blog posts 2020 - 2021

photo: Stacie Flinner – via StuckonHue – throw pillows – Nobilis Tiger fabric

It is common practice to make fun of the “lowly” throw-pillow and the derogatory use of the term “pillow fluffer.” Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Throw pillows can either make or totally destroy an otherwise good design. They are a lot more complicated than they first appear. This post breaks it down and reveals some of my favorite and affordable sources!




From June 29, 2021

The Ultimate Window Treatment Guide

cool draperies - Greek Key trim - Kelly Wearstler - Viceroy Hotel Palm Springs image - ish and chi - blog

Fabulous interior by Kelly Wearstler. You can find a template for the trim here.

This is a post of many posts that talk about window treatments. It’s definitely in my top 20 posts – period.




From June 27, 2021

The One White Trim and Wall Color That Works Every Time

Is there really only ONE white paint color that works every time? Well, you’ll have to read the post to find out the answer.




May 9, 2021

The 9 Most Beautiful Blog Posts on Laurel Home

A_River_Landscape_with_a_Figure,_by_Marco_Ricci,_1710s,_oil_on_canvas_-_Blanton_Museum_of_Art_-_Austin,_Texas - 20 best laurel home blog posts 2020 - 2021

A River Landscape with a Figure by Marco Ricci 1710s

This post will most likely have many things to delight from some of my favorite Instagram accounts to beautiful classical art and interiors.




From April 25, 2021

Steve Cordony Style and How to Get It – High/Low

Best neutral color scheme - white walls - Steve Cordony - Rosedale Farm Living room - blooming branches - white linen draperies


via @SteveCordony on Instagram

There is an older post on this list also devoted to Steve. That’s just how brilliant I think he is. Anything he’s selling, I’m buying!




From February 7, 2021

Brown Furniture – How to Make It Look Classic and Fresh

This is one of my favorite posts on the entire blog. Numerous examples convey how to use brown furniture to look vibrant, not tired, and dated.




February 3, 2021

Performance Fabrics for Upholstery – The Ultimate Guide

@jamestfarmer on instagram - persimmon sofa

@jamestfarmer on Instagram

photo: Emily Followill

Quality, new furniture is expensive. And, nobody wants theirs to get wrecked. Performance fabrics have come a long way since the early days of Sunbrella.




December 19, 2020

50 Living Room Decorating Rules You Need to Know

This is a snippet of what’s inside my guide 333 Difficult to Find Decorating Rules & Tips You Need to Know.




If you scroll down, you’ll find out how to get this 150+ page guide for free. However, that’s ending on December 30, 2021!


From August 19, 2020

The 21 Funniest Laurel Home Blog Posts

cows at Heckfield Place - 20 best laurel home blog posts 2020 - 2021

Hey, stop looking at me like that!




August 11, 2020

14 Common Home Painting Mistakes You Might Be Making

This post isn’t quite as dull or punitive as it sounds.




July 5, 2020

The Number One Decorating Mistake and How to Avoid It

Great interior design and decorating takes a lot of knowledge and discipline. The post goes over the number one mistake. Oh, we all have made it.




From June 28, 2020

My 20 All-Time Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Colors


top 20 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - 20 best laurel home blog posts 2020 - 2021




June 11, 2020

The Best Neutral Color Scheme and How to Get It Right


Steve Cordony - neutral color scheme Rosedale Farm - 20 best laurel home blog posts 2020 - 2021

Steve Cordony’s exquisite living room at Rosedale Farm

Beige has gotten such a bad rap in recent years. And yes, most beige rooms are dreadful. However, Steve Cordony shows us the trick to decorating with beige and having it look sensational.




May 13, 2020

12 No-Fail Classic Kitchen Cabinet Colors

deVOL-Bloomsbury-Kitchen - 20 best laurel home blog posts 2020 - 2021

DeVOL Kitchens

Kitchen design has evolved rapidly in the last decade. Or, maybe I should say, devolved. That’s because my favorite kitchens are lovely but without a lot of fuss. This post features some of the best whites – very dark shades and some in the middle.




From May 5, 2020

20 Favorite Exterior Paint Colors + Doors & Trim

Henry Sprott Long & Associates - photo Hector Manuel Sanchez

Henry Sprott Long & Associates – photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez

I guess the headline is self-explanatory. This was also a favorite post amongst many readers. Picking interior paint colors is difficult. And, it’s equally tricky picking colors for exteriors, but for different reasons.




April 1, 2020

The Best Builder Upgrades You May Not Have Considered


via 913interiors - Chinese Chippendale Stair railing and grille cover - builder home upgrades-20 best laurel home blog posts 2021

913 interiors

These days, not all but many builders cut corners by putting up homes with the standard, generic features and little if any adornment. Over the years, when I was taking clients, I worked on dozens of these homes, and we added to or changed what the builder did with terrific results. This posts shares some I’ve done and some I’ve seen and love.


And, the final, but not least of the 20 best laurel home blog posts 2021 – 2020


January 19, 2020
Deconstructing Mark D. Sikes Brilliant Interior Designs

Final Selects of Hollye Jacobs Residence in Santa Barbara, CA for Santa Barbara Magazine-20 best laurel home blog posts 2021

Mark D. Sikes is a designer. I’d hand over the keys to do my home. That is if I had a million-dollar, plus, budget. But, I don’t, and the majority of you don’t either. Still, there’s no reason that if we can’t afford the real thing, we can’t recreate the look for a lot less money.

Please note: If you can afford Mark D. Sikes, please hire him! I am not suggesting that this is a substitute for his expertise and discerning eye for beauty.

I also recommend Mark D. Sikes’ books and dozens of others in this newly updated book list.



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333 decorating rules and tips you need to know

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best of etsy 2nd edition 2022


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Well, guys, that’s a wrap for 2021. I hope you enjoyed the 20 best laurel home blog posts from 2020 – 2021.


Here’s wishing all of us a safe, HEALTHY, and prosperous year in 2022, full of love from family and friends.



PS: If you are not interested or already have the guides, please be sure to check out the HOT SALES. This is one of the best sales periods of the year, and the widgets have all been updated, as has the main HOT SALES page, which announces some of my favorite sales in home furnishings.


10 Responses

  1. In regards to bookshelf styling blog, wow!! I love the two white bookshelves and how you styled them. I have to admit that doing books in color schemes looks beautiful, but the prices for a grouping of like-colored books from Wayfair gave me price shock! And many of the links to the lovely oil paintings you featured were to Chairish, a sight I adore for nabbing vintage originals, but again, prepare to pay top prices! I figure if you have pretty collections that are harmonious in color/style and lots of old books with lovely spines, you are for sure ahead of the game in achieving the properly curated bookshelf.

    1. Hi Beth,

      I’ve bought numerous items from Chairish and don’t feel their prices to be out of line. In addition, you can negotiate the price. They have thousands of items that are difficult or next to impossible to find without spending a lot of time seeking them out. Plus, they take care of all of the shipping. I’ve always received items quickly, no hassle, or issues whatsoever.

      I am not saying you can’t find the same or similar items for less, but time is also money. Plus, I feel good knowing there is a company to back me up, just in case something goes horribly wrong. It’s just that I got burned once thinking I could get away with spending less by going direct. You can read about it here.

  2. You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    I love your blog and look forward to reading it every week.
    Thank you for all the great advice. I’ve learned alt from you thru the years.
    Happy New Year Laurel!

  3. Pamela nailed it! “Your posts are gifts in my inbox.” I love that quote! Some texts and emails are full of woe, but yours are witty, bright and sparkling. Thank you, Laurel! Almost better than dark chocolate ( can that be possible??!!) Happy New Year!

  4. You are generous, and your posts are interesting and informative. I thank you for your great blog that doesn’t try to sell stuff constantly, but instead, shares valuable info. Your style is beautiful. Happy 2022. Mahalo Nui Loa, Amy

  5. Happy New Year everyone!! I scoured through my condo to take a few more sacks full of things to the thrift store so I’m ready for 2022. Still on my wish list: new kitchen countertop and undermounted sink. Considering Silestone “Cala Blue.”

  6. Laurel, I’m not usually one to comment however, I must let you know how very inspiring your blog is. This “best of” post really sums it up. I moved into my dream home, a yummy 1920’s Tudor Revival, and am working with a very sweet young decorator who is really trying to help me “freshen up my style”! Uggg. I should have just trusted my own instincts and your blog! You have never suggested one thing that I wouldn’t have made my own. I know it’s a ton of work but your posts are gifts in my inbox.
    Happy New Year!

  7. Well, this is an awesome list of blog posts that I have loved and will enjoy revisiting! I just wanted to thank you for continuing to provide valuable information (and in such an entertaining way) :] Because of you and your blog, I have become an interior design enthusiast and am enjoying helping my son furnish and decorate his new apartment in NYC. Happy New Year, Laurel!

  8. Laurel, I’ve been reading your blog for years and love it. I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful pics of YOU and reading about your years as a dancer. Happy new year! Joan

  9. I’ve been lazy at following this year, so this helped me catch up on some great posts. Also, I have to say, as much as I love that light blue sofa, those pillows really made the room. Oh. We thought we were going to do a blue sofa to add color to the room? BAM.

    My favorite rooms are the ones that can make the busy oriental rug into a neutral. What a winner. <3

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