The Top Ten Laurel Home Blog Posts for 2019

Hi Guys,

In case you missed my note, the reason this is late is because I was very ill yesterday. And, I spent several hours in the hospital. But, I’m taking an antibiotic and am a LOT better today.


First a little business to take care before we get into the top ten Laurel Home blog posts for 2019


I don’t do this every year. But, this is going to be a list of the most read posts this year. I was going to do a list of top 10 posts that were ONLY published this year. However, out of the top 10 posts only ONE was from this year. The rest are from 2015-2018.

Six out of ten posts are about paint colors. And, three of those are about white paint.


And now, The Top Ten Laurel Home Blog Posts for 2019 (in reverse order)


dream house - Parisian bathroom

A disturbing Bathroom Renovation Trend to Avoid  – 10

This is a humorous post from 2016 is about people who have their water closet in spaces that don’t afford any privacy. The image above is not the trend. That is an elegant bathroom; although, I realize too cluttered for some. It was from this post about my dream Parisian Apartment.


wagner-chair-cotton-balls-oc-122-benjamin-moore-paint - Top Ten Laurel Home Blog Posts for 2019

The One White Paint Color that Works Every Time – 9

I wrote this in 2015! And, yes, that’s from my living room in Bronxville, NY.


Top Ten Laurel Home Blog Posts for 2019 - Restoration Hardware

The Shocking Truth About Restoration Hardware – 8

Also from 2016. And, one of the top page earners of all time! In fact, it’s in 6th place.


deVOL-kitchens no backsplash-WilmingtonSquare-Top Ten Laurel Home Blog Posts for 2019

12 of the Hottest Kitchen Trends – Yes or No – 7

I wrote this in 2016 and it’s still very popular and relevant. This handsome kitchen that everyone loves is from DeVOL.


Kitchen by Lewis Alderson - Top Ten Laurel Home Blog Posts for 2019

12 Farrow & Ball Paint Colors for the Perfect English Kitchen  – 6

This post from 2017 shares a lot of gorgeous English kitchens. Kitchen above by Lewis Alderson


Atelier-Chesterfield sofa Anthropologie -

The Stained Wood Stays – 16 Great Paint Colors to Go With It 5

This 2018 post is one that a lot of us need.


simply white ode to albert hadley living room - best shades of white paint

My Top 20 Shades of White Paint – 4

This is the only post on this list from 2019. However, it was rewrite of a post from early 2015. It was the number one post for a long time. And actually, if I add in the old post, it is still the number one post of all time! The original post no longer exists but if you’re bored, you can read the comments here. There were so many, I saved them to a page here.


That board above is from the Laurel Home Paint and Palette Collection.


It’s a two-part PDF guide featuring 144 of the best Benjamin Moore paint colors, along with the best trim colors to go with each one and much more. Part II are the paint colors put into palettes of 12 colors – 40 of them and they all come with a board like the one above.


lockers - home in Kentucky - we did Benjamin Moore Ivory White 925 Best Shades of White Paint

The Only Six White Trim Colors You’ll Ever Need – 3

Pretty self-explanatory and written in 2015. Actually, not just paint colors for white trim, but paint colors – period. The lovely mud room above is painted Benjamin Moore Ivory White – 925 (also known as Acadia White – ac 41.) If you’d like to see more of this gorgeous home we worked a few years ago, click here.


interior design mistakes -

21 Interior Design Mistakes You Need to Stop Making – 2

Oh yeah… One of my favorite posts – ever from 2018!




warm gray paint colors

Nine Fabulous Warm Gray Paint Colors – 1

This is another post from 2015 and the second most popular post of all-time, but only by about 70,000 page views. To date this post has received 1,138,183 page views!


Why do the paint posts do so well?



Really, Laurel?


Yes, really. These days this blog gets about 5,000 people a day on average from Pinterest.

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Even if you are only looking for local business, the blogging guide has essential information you will not find anywhere else.


Well, that’s it for tonight.

I’ll see you New Year’s Eve for one final post of the year 2019.




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8 Responses

  1. Hello Laurel, I hope that you are recuperated by now. Leafing through these photos, I see one great room after another, but each unique in style. I understand why some older posts remain popular. In fields like decoration, there are key topics such as paint color that must repeat, albeit sometimes with updates and variations. However, when you attack a topic, your initial posts tend to be sturdy and thorough–instant classics.

    It must be enraging to pay for exclusive design and then see it retailed at a discount, but in a way that shows your good taste as the harbinger, since copying is the sincerest form of flattery. It does bring to mind your advice always to include some custom work, which doesn’t have to be that expensive, and which will guarantee a unique result that is unlikely to be exploited in the next catalog that comes out.

  2. So glad that you are feeling better. Love the blog (yes I did find you on Pinterest and was immediately hooked)! Great help with colors, sources (especially vintage), RULES (love the rules – keeps the excess under control). Here’s to another wonderful year of blogging !!

  3. Just a quick comment related to the RH / Chinese stuff… As someone in the technical professions I am really alarmed by how much uncertified electrical stuff is coming into US/ Canada via platforms like Amazon. It’s illegal to sell anything in North America that plugs into an outlet or is wired into a receptacle that doesn’t meet proper certification. There has to be a marking on it that’s one of the accepted markings, please verify that according to your state/province. It’s reached the point at work where we don’t dare order anything electrical online because we keep receiving uncertified garbage. It’s illegal, it’s a potential fire hazard, and it opens you up to liability. When you see a cheap light fixture online that’s substantially cheaper than the local store one, it is almost surely uncertified. Buyer beware! This is a separate issue from price gouging by RH but is becoming so prevalent now I wanted to warn people. Especially on a DIY, since you won’t be looking for the same things an electrician would know to look for.

  4. loving all of these and a good read with a glass of wine, and a roaring fire. I did hit the RH post as I have had a bone of contention with them and their dirty tactics.
    that wine barrel chandelier was ordered for a client, installed and the following week found it in the RH catalogue & was so angry. I went to the designers/manufacturers; BOBO intriguing objects. they apologized, for “selling our soul”. RH came to the gift show, told them they wanted to carry it. they were to sell it to them for a greatly reduced price and if they would not, they would copy it and sell it much cheaper.
    they did start out as barrel staves, now they are seen everywhere but their strong arming was disgusting
    thanks for calling a spade a spade!

    1. grrrrrr…But thanks for sharing your experience Debra. I deplore bullies!!! And, believe me, I’ve heard from a great number of heads of some well-known brands who didn’t sell their soul. And/Or whose designs were ripped off. One company that shares part of their product line did work out a deal with them after RH had stolen their lighting designs. I’m sure many have gone that route, as well. I’m not judging the companies who did sell out. Hey, they have mouths to feed and kids to put through college too. Sometimes, you have to take the low road, just to get by.

      I say: “Stay in your own lane.” But, bullies don’t do that.

      What’s REALLY hilarious is that when I wrote the post, their stock had recently tanked. But shortly thereafter began to rally and it just recently soared to be worth over six times what it was back in August 2016! Crazy pants! Just goes to show the truth that any publicity is better than no publicity!

      Over 400,000 people have read that post. And, I imagine that some of them shared the information verbally with people they know. Still, I don’t think that’s enough to bring a company down. But good on them that whatever they’re doing is working for their bottom line. I just wish that other good people were not hurt in the process. That’s all.

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