The 21 Funniest Laurel Home Blog Posts

Hey Everyone,

First of all, thank you all so much for your wonderful words of advice regarding the update of my search for a new home.

Alas, today is one of those days. I allowed myself to sleep in and then it was numerous issues and interruptions. Well, one of them was of my own doing. You see, it included the discovery of a gorgeous “two-bedroom” apartment close to the Public Garden in Backbay, Boston.


I mean, check out these windows! And, the fireplace, too. Plus, it’s a real working fireplace!

But, on the other side of the fireplace instead of matching bookcases, lives the kitchen.

dum dum duuuuuuuum


fugly oak kitchen

What the freakin’ fugly fork? They can’t be serious. You can’t even see how elegant the rest of the room is.

And, what IS behind that door? I bet it’s the skeleton of the contractor.

The kitchen shockeroo came after my initial excitement at finding this gem. After inquiring, the agent sent me this and some other images. And, then I also found out that it’s a one-bedroom even though the listing says two bedrooms.


I need at least two bedrooms for when y’all come and visit me. haha


Ya know, I think I’m getting past the stage in life when I expect visitors to be happy sleeping on the living room sofa.

But then, I spoke to my fabulous financial advisor, Gene Lonergan, and he thinks that it would be more prudent to buy rather than rent. That is, from a financial standpoint. Of course, I would need to check out the places in person.

Now, I know that I don’t HAVE to do two blog posts every week. However, there are so many old ones that need updating. So, that’s what we’re doing for this post.

And, one of my favorites is the 20 Funniest Laurel Home Blog Posts.


What’s REALLY funny is that I wrote the original post on August 17, 2016. So, almost four years to the day.

Over the last half dozen years (since people started reading the laurel home blog posts), the most frequent comment/observation by far is:



And, I love your sense of humor!



Gosh, thanks, Guys!

It’s a gift for which I’m grateful; it comes naturally. However, EVERYONE in my family is funny. So, I guess it’s genetic.

However, now comes the arduous task of sifting through some 700 blog posts, to select the 20 funniest Laurel Home Blog posts.

I’ll be right back. Well, not right back; but, soon. :]


Okay, now we’re ready, so please enjoy what I consider to be the funniest posts from the last seven or eight years.


21 interior design mistakes you need to stop making now

21 Interior Design Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Oh, we all make them, but please try not to.



Famous Interior Designers Who Got Arrested

Yes, indeed, and this one caused a bit of a stir too! You’ll see why when you get into it.


ugliest stone fireplace

Help for an Ugly Stone Fireplace.

Or, Close Encounters of the Worst Kind.


endora-bewitched-tv-show - - Funniest Laurel Home Blog Posts


My Interior Designer Just Fired Me! It’s not personal. (usually) But, there are some things that one needs to know if hiring one of us decorators. There are also some links to related posts on this topic of client/designer relationships.


home staging blog post

Home Staging Ideas You Won’t Hear About on HGTV – Pretty self-explanatory.


Rudolph Nuryev with Edra Toth, Anamarie Sarazin and me underneath the great N's armpit - funny blog posts

12 things you don’t know about me – A sweet autobiography hi-lighting my early days in Indiana and my career as a ballerina (sorta), and beyond. It’s pretty hilarious.



Your Home Office Could Be Dangerous To Your Health

My absolute favorite post and by a wide margin-still, even five years later.



Three Decorating Trends You Need To Be Warned About – They’re out there.


Don't Lose Your Head! - Funniest Laurel Home Blog Posts

Interior Decorating Trends You Might Regret Later – Don’t lose your head, but there are a lot of them!


early-20th-century-kitchen - - Funniest Laurel Home Blog Posts

The One Kitchen Trend That Should Never Leave – How DID our ancestors ever survive with NO CABINETS?




Here’s Why Buying Furniture Online is a Bad Idea – This one is a must-read.


superman-crypton - funny blog posts

I Dare You To Spill Red Wine On This Fabric – Cute.


Funniest Laurel Home Blog Posts - home renovation gone wrong - funny blog posts (or a little sad sometimes)

That Really Bad Apartment Renovation – Update. The apartment sold early January 2020!


bathroom renovation mistake - funny blog posts

A Disturbing Bathroom Renovation Trend – Ever have a colonoscopy?


Is it Classic Furniture or a Trend I Will Tire Of? 

This one is a must-read!


1950s family - Funniest Laurel Home Blog Posts

And, does your living room furniture need to go on a diet?



horrible over-the-top-ersatz-meaning-fake-french-country-kitchen

A reader chastised me because he loves these so-called “French” kitchens. He says it’s just a matter of “taste.”

I beg to differ.


Granny Decor Mistakes - Funniest Laurel Home Blog Posts

The Granny Decor Mistakes You Might Be Making


dr pozi poser black leather sofa - Funniest Laurel Home Blog Posts

Mistakes Guys Make When Decorating to Impress Women

A parody regarding online dating in 2019.


me with mask April 2020 - Funniest Laurel Home Blog Posts

Covid-19, What the experts might not be telling you.

Well, of course, the topic isn’t very funny. But, there are some good sight gags here—just my attempt at distracting us from our troubles.


Farmhouse Freak via mcmansion hell - really bad architecture - Wisconsinimage via McMansion Hell


And, let’s end here with one of my favorite funny posts from 2019 about architectural nightmares.

I hope you guys enjoyed 21 of the funniest Laurel Home blog posts.





PS: Please check out the newly updated HOT SALES.

It’s still early access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Full access begins on August 19th, in the morning.


19 Responses

  1. The lower cabinets are not flush with the floor. At least that’s how they appear to me. They sit on the floor like a piece of furniture would. There is no kick plate.

  2. Hi Laurel,

    I hate it when the RE listings are not correct or deceiving. I remember the “junior” bedrooms from my NYC period~closets!
    I wrote last week, and can only reiterate that Boston is just a wonderful place to live. The photo of the ugly kitchen next to those exquisite windows and millwork reminded me of the design posts on Domino that I keep seeing for for stick on tiles to cover up uglies in rentals. I have no idea if they really work. I would be happy to pass along the contact info for a dear friend who is a top RE agent in the Boston area. She would put you in touch with someone great who specializes in Boston(not her market). Top agents often know of apartments about to come on the market. If you want to follow up, just email me. I am not attempting to push my best buddy here, just someone who would give you guidance and expect nothing in return.

  3. Hi Laurel. I was re-reading your post on “Un-Kitchens”, (one of my favorites), and I can’t help but comment on the space between the lower cabinets, or the oven/stove appliances, and the floor. I believe that is part of the charm, or appeal, of this style, but cleaning this space must be a bear. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  4. Laurel, I can’t wait for you to find the perfect place at Back Bay in Boston. Our daughter went to Berklee College of Music (graduated 2018). We live in San Diego, and took every opportunity when we visited her to explore the Northeast and enjoy the beautiful Back Bay and surrounding areas. Stayed in many Airbnb’s and of course had to select an apartment for her. She actually lived right on Commonwealth Avenue one year (Lucky girl), but we also loved the ST. Botolph area (south of the Prudential). Miss those days of visiting, due to Covid and otherwise, but wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect place! I am from NYC originally, but if I was to have a second home in an urban environment, it would definitely be Boston!

  5. laurel you should check out Bay Village right next to back bay. used to be called or nicknames ‘gay village’ but as back bay, the hill got really expensive other people moved in it’s a friendly little place, a friend of mine lived there for years and i got to know her neighbors etc, i was sad when she moved to maine. it is so small. well think of it in the shape of a sq. a main street bisects it and side streets run off it. try map quest. we’d love to have you in boston.

  6. Love the windows and the fireplace. Demo the nightmare kitchen, you are so good and will make it awesome. The $’s you are saving by only being a 1 bedroom put in the hotel fund for guests. You will be glad to have the place to yourself after a day with family/friends…and you get to enjoy those windows.

  7. Wow how things have changed since I first took my design classes. I started out in the 80’s.
    I have remodeled about 7 homes all lived in at one time or another. My first approach is always with respect to architecture even if the house is barely recognizable as such. I’m big on research! Anyway, I think this “open concept” trend was popularized by “Fixer Upper” which while I do admire Joanna’s taste at times other times it’s sort of questionable. I admit that we did take down a couple of awkward walls when we moved into our current house. Our little cabin was already sort of open plan based on some kind of crudely done additions. We had to take one wall out because they had boxed in a little area of the kitchen for a sort of pantry which included the frig. It was in fact so small we could not remove the old frig and put ours into the kitchen. Thanks for the entertainment. I love bad remodel stories and interiors with questionable taste.

  8. Love these posts, Laurel. They are funny.

    Shame about the kitchen in that apartment – looks like a Home Depot special. Those golden oak cabinets give me the horrors.

    Please do move to Boston! If Governor Baker ever lets things open up again, the South End has fabulous restaurants. Parking is a big issue in the city; parking spaces cost as much as a condo. But it’s beautiful, and walkable, with history at every turn. And less snow than Northampton!

  9. Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous! The first picture of that apartment for rent had me swooning. The second one just made me angry. How could anyone do such a thing? Even if the kitchen has to be where it is, surely there is a way to blend it into the other side of the room. Come on Laurel, are you up for the challenge? I think it would make a delightful blog post. Or, throw it out there to your readers to come up with something better. That could be a fun post too.

  10. Oh,man, I have read all these posts and love them all! I’m looking forward to revisiting them. And yes, Laurel, your sense of humor is one of the many things that makes this my favorite blog 🙂

  11. Learning through humor is just the very best! It sticks with me. I find myself myself hearing your words as I shop. That’s a great thing!

  12. Learning through humor is just the very best! It sticks with me. I find myself myself hearing your words as I shop. That’s a great thing!

  13. Love it!! I needed the laughs this morning. But hey…don’t offer that 2nd bedroom to us in Boston…cuz I’m coming to visit then!! hehe

  14. Oh my God were these blogs ever funny. I spewed coffee several times as I reacted to certain photos and your hilarious comments. Thanks for getting my day off to a brilliant start.

  15. Hi Laurel, Thanks for the reminders–some of these I had missed. Instead of “Interior Designers Who Got Arrested,” “Designers Who Should Be Arrested” might be even funnier, but by the end of it you might yourself have joined the list!

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