20 Bargain Chandeliers That Look Super Expensive

Hey Everyone,

Before I begin the post about bargain chandeliers that look a lot more expensive than they are, I have to thank you so much for the flood of notes I received after my tribute to the beautiful Eileen Lonergan who passed away last week. It means more to me than I can possibly express.

But, Eileen will always be inside my head guiding and reminding me to go grab another cup of coffee. :] (and a lot of other things, too)


And boy did Eileen love a great bargain. Well, who doesn’t?


Last week when we did this post about lighting, some of you expressed a keen interest in a high-low lighting post.

Here’s the thing. While I very much enjoy doing this, it takes me FOREVER! Therefore, what I think I’m going to do is this. I will break these posts down into groups.


I figure with the holidays coming, that bargain chandeliers are a great place to begin.


After-all, great lighting is important for every room. And with company coming, of course, we want the house to look as good as possible.

Most of these bargain chandeliers are classic styles. Some of you may know when I say “classic” it is instead of “traditional.” That’s because traditional is often a misnomer. That’s why I’ll sometimes say “trad” to signify that it’s not Grandma’s traditional.


Okay, I’m super excited to jump in because I found some amazing deals. Some do have super high-end twins and some do not.


First I’ve made a widget, but I need to explain what’s going on or you will really think I’ve gone off the deep-end.

The items in the widget move around; I can’t control that. In fact, they move every time you refresh the page. The beauty is that I can add and take things away and link easily to the item that you’re looking at, if you click on it.


So, this is what I did, to compensate for images moving to other locations from where they are meant to be.


The fixtures that have numbers go together. For example, all of the number ones go together and all of the number twos… etc. Each number has at least one high-end version and at least one inexpensive version. But sometimes there’s more than one.


In some cases, the chandelier isn’t inherently inexpensive, but it’s on sale at a ridiculously reduced price. One of the chandeliers is 85% off!!!

Then, there are a bunch of bargain chandeliers that don’t have expensive counterparts. Those have the label, LEBIN. That means Looks Expensive But It’s Not.


Okay, here’s the widget with all of the expensive and bargain chandeliers. In almost every case, it is impossible to tell which one is expensive and which one is not.


Here’s what I’m thinking of doing.

I’m thinking of adding to this post instead of making a bunch of new posts and then I’ll send you back to this one from time to time. In addition, I’ll be able to update the individual widgets. So, if I find a wonderful new chandelier, I can add it in. Some of these will go on the Hot Sales pages as well.


Which ones if any of the bargain chandeliers are your favorites?


I think that my favorite is #SEVEN the stunning (IMO) French chandelier for only $573.00! I would’ve said at least three or four times that price. In second place are the #ONE inexpensive chandeliers. In the meantime, I created a little reference graphic for you to pin to one of your pinterest boards.


And Below are some of the Bargain Chandeliers in Situ. I think that it helps so much to see furnishings in context, but lighting, especially.


via @katesingerhome on instagram - Paladino chandelier

The first is via @katesingerhome on instagram from a gorgeous room she did at the Hampton Designer Showhouse. Actually, I believe that this is the expensive Visual Comfort chandelier. But it’s gorgeous and designed by Suzanne Kasler.

Gracie Oaks Wayfair - two sizes $146-Seneca+6-Light+Chandelier

Seneca six-light Chandelier


Laurel Foundry - Jaune+4-Light+Shaded+ChandelierJaune Four-light shaded chandelier


House of Hampton - Wayfair - $589 - Hepler+6-Light+Crystal+Chandelier detail

Detail of the Hepler six-light chandelier


Gabby Bailey+6-Light+Chandelier - Wayfair

The Gabby Bailey chandelier. I would put it in a room larger than this, but it definitely needs a high ceiling.

Three Posts on Wayfair $216 - Sarah+5-Light+Chandelier

I think that this Sarah Chandelier is lovely for a simple piece over a casual dining area or in a family room.


bargain chandeliers that look expensive

Please pin to pinterest


Can you believe. I think the most expensive one up there is about $700 but there’s one in the widget that’s only $100 and the average price is about $500.

In other news. The Rolodex Update is supposed to come out tomorrow. Or rather today, as this will publish on the seventh. However, I need one more day due to the circumstances of this past week. So, those that own the rolodex can expect to receive it the evening of November 8th. and I am also extending the deadline to purchase at the current price through the 20th of November.


I’m very excited about the new update. There are over seventy new sources for vintage, antique and hand-made products.


IMPORTANT***If you don’t receive your updated Rolodex, please first look in your spam folder. If it’s not there, then it probably went to a different email address.***


Oh, and the holiday shop is fully open. Melissa of the gorgeous home renovation, has been helping me with that and has done a bang-up job clearing out what’s no longer applicable and adding dozens of new items in Holiday Decor and Gifts.



54 Responses

  1. What a lovely post!

    I happen to have 7.5 feet high ceilings :/ so I think I’m looking for teeny tiny pendants or semi-flush mounts.

    I think I found one that fits in with this post, but I haven’t seen anything like it elsewhere. It’s an alabaster pendant by Jamie Young. There are several shapes so I was thinking about mixing them up in the living room. I’m really enjoying reading through your blog and you are having a large impact on me and informing my design choices. The pendant linked below would replace a ‘boob light’, and get hung with about 4 inches of chain so people can walk under it.


    I hope you think this is an appropriate comment even though it’s a blatant effort to get your opinion. The room is going to be white on white with the color coming from art, table lamps, and throw pillows.

    1. Hi Amy,

      I wouldn’t hang anything from the ceiling in the living room. Sometimes people put in a chandelier(s) if they have a high ceiling, but I’m afraid with the 90″ ceiling that anything hanging is only go to draw attention to the fact that it’s low. I do recommend painting it a pale warmish blue. Oh gosh. I’d go and look for the post, but I’m fried right now. It was in the fall of 2015. Hold on, it’s one of my Laurel Home paint colors, but I can’t even remember what I selected. lol Hold on…Opal Essence 680. It’s gorgeous on the ceiling. Luminous and will subtely give an illusion that the ceiling is floating. Guarantee. And I would do a crown moulding of about 3.5″ That will help too. I would illuminate the room with table and/or floor lamps and sconces. Be sure the light the corners.

      1. Thanks! You’ve probably talked about it a few times, I’ve read this https://laurelberninteriors.com/georgeous-ceiling-paint-colors-and-one-thats-often-not/ post a few times and I debated making the ceiling a light pale blue but was probably going to chicken out. I’ll get samples 🙂

        Opal Essence 680 and Quiet Moments

        No pendant will be nice on the budget, but now to figure out what to do with that boob light. Maybe I’ll turn the electric circuit into sconces, and remove it.

  2. Hi Laurel, I bought the deco star months ago. I love it…..I was excited to see it in the line up…. yay, I will know what to pair with it in the living room. But it has no matching number:( I could pretend this means it goes with everything:) It is very tempting, I’ll be a pioneer, I’ll go rogue and hang whatever…..Nah, better check with Laurel. I feel disaster looming as both will be in an open concept room and I am prone to poor decorating decisions. I’m wondering if I just need to stick to that pendant style vs chandelier style?

    1. Hi Teresa,

      The high and low in the case of the deco star is itself. I would probably not do another hanging fixture with that one in an open concept room, or maybe just one other if it’s for the kitchen. There is a pendant that I think looks nice with it, on the hot sales page. Oh my, in fact, the deco star is there and there’s a sconce too. I think that they all look very nice together.

      And, I agree, I don’t think a typical chandelier would coordinate well with the deco star.

      1. Thanks so much Laurel, to the office it goes 🙁 I am so impulsive in this way. I love something and bam, button pushed. I bought an Oly Astro side table in gold just like that. I saw that thing and it was love a first sight. Quirky yet sleek. Had to have it. Had to. It is my modern touch in an otherwise rather classic group of furniture. I really thought that deco light would look good with it. Neither is my prominent style, but I get pulled in:) Furniture is a box of chocolates, haha. Speaking of furniture, I followed your advice about Lee Industry and boy, my swivel chairs are not only pretty (roll arm) but so so comfortable. I’m not mad at that Lee roll arm sofa either. So comfortable.

  3. Hello Laurel!
    How I wish I was living in the US so as to be able of getting just one of those beautiful chandeliers. Here in Argentina we can find some old stuff, but must be recycled; that’s fun too!

    I once bought a HUGE Chinese imitation of a crystal chandelier, 12 lights!!! About 3 feet wide! For our double height living room which is quite big but now I realize it is way too big for the space, this was back in time before I knew YOU…so please understand my big mistake!

    I am thinking of painting it… Just because I happen to have a smaller chandelier in the dining room (keeping the space open) which is a real antique and it doesn’t look good to have both but I cannot take down the big one. It was very hard work to put it up there and I don’t dare mention that it should come down.

    Well, sorry for the long intro, may I paint it? Have you ever painted glass???
    Thank you!!!!

    1. Hi Carolina,

      How darling you are. I gather that there’s a husband involved who struggled for a week putting it up? Something like that? And if you tell him that you want to take it down, he will explode? This is reminding me of War of the Roses, if you ever saw that movie with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas.

      You know the expression putting good money after bad? Well, this sounds like a prime example of that.

      First of all, painting on glass IS possible, but, but, but… the ONLY way you could possibly paint this thing is to take it down. It would need to be primed and that means a spray. Is it possible to spray without getting the paint everywhere you don’t want it to be with the chandelier in place? I wouldn’t. I mean, please don’t even try.

      This is what I recommend. I want you to go to this page and then go to the grocery store and buy all of the ingredients. Come back and follow the recipe.

      For best results, leave the frosted cake in a covered cake platter.

      Hide the cake.

      The next evening, make his favorite dinner but tell him to leave room for desert.

      Dessert time. I recommend a little vanilla ice cream, but it’s not necessary.

      After dinner, tell him, to relax– you’ll wash up. ;]

      If all goes well, he’ll be back later for a second piece.

      This is when you go in for the “kill.” ;]

      I would just say matter of factly, that the chandelier needs to go away. You’re donating it to charity.

      In it’s place, he can install the appropriate fixture. I don’t know what that is. But if you have a chandelier that you want to hi-light, nearby, then I probably wouldn’t do another chandelier, unless it’s a simple pendant with a drum shade. Something like that. But a semi-flushmount might be good. Again, I can’t see your home.

      OR, you could also put up an attractive ceiling fan. (Not one with lights!) Maybe the need for a fan might do the trick.

      But make him the chocolate cake first.

      Good luck!

  4. I love the Sarah Chandelier. Perfect replacement for my casual studio apartment dining living area. Could this work if hung so total maximum length is 24″? I think a small chandelier is so much more attractive than the current flush mount or even a semi-flush mount. (I’d have to swag it over to have it centered over the table and that just isn’t done in Laurel Bern Interiors. Gotta remove that popcorn and orange peel first though :/ No reflective surfaces yet, except the accent walls painted white gloss orange peel 🙁

  5. Wonderful post Laurel! We so appreciate you sharing your design savvy with us. I love the J Roselli knock off. Would it work in a 10’ ceiling living room? It’s time for the ceiling fan to come down!

  6. When the middle room of three has a beautiful old chandelier, what ideas do you have for overhead lighting in the other two that plays nicely with the chandelier? One of the two would be a kitchen. All the rooms are in a straight line.

  7. What a great collection, Laurel! Your impeccable taste shines through again! I knew some of these and others were new to me like that deco star one. Thanks again for all this…I know it takes FOREVER to produce these.

  8. Hi Laurel. I’ve bought seven chandeliers in the last year (I think I need rehab), so this post is right up my alley. I’m fighting the urge to buy that Mariam star shaped bowl beauty!

    I know you of course know this, but one thing I learned in my adventure is that some manufacturers offer multiple tiers of crystal quality on identical frames. Unfortunately, some online merchants aren’t clear about which level of crystals are used on specific fixtures. Sometimes when you see two different sites offering what appear to be identical fixtures for dramatically different prices, part of the difference may be different tiers of crystal quality. It’s always good to ensure you’re comparing apples to apples.

    Thanks again for putting so much time into this post!

    1. Hi Tsippi,

      I’m pretty sure that’s the same chandelier. I don’t believe that Visual Comfort has different levels of crystals in addition to all of their other options. That would be incredibly confusing, but certainly good point, if applicable.

  9. I love the star shaped one. Also 3, 4 & 6. I had such a good laugh today. You are the queen of style. Occasionally, though, while I’m scrolling through your lovely photos, the most hideous ads show up. Things that you would hate! Today it was patio furniture made of stumps. Like actual stumps with the bark on that looked as though they’ve been hacked into bucket chair shapes with a chainsaw and a table like a giant toad stool. The abominable set was sandwiched between two Crystal chandeliers and I could just see them coordinated in some nightmarish faux castle dungeon room. Lol!!

    1. Hi Gail,

      If you are seeing ads like that, it’s probably because you’ve been looking at a lot of posts and are getting the dregs. I wish I could control that, but they also try to show you ads they think that you’ll be interested in. Sometimes it has to do with your browsing history, but sometimes not at all.

      1. Hi Laurel. Didn’t mean for this to sound like a complaint. I know it’s the googlebots that control the ads -not you. Honestly, it was a very funny picture and I thought I could pass on the laugh. Of course, without the visual it fell flat. Thank you for all that you share. I am constantly telling friends and family that I’d be lost without your blog.

        1. Hi Gail,

          You’re a doll, but thanks for clarifying. I didn’t see it as a complaint, so much. If so, I wouldn’t have published it.

          Occasionally, someone does complain. But it comes out as “Get those damned ads off of the blog!”

          Yes, someone actually wrote me that and then wrote it again a couple of weeks later.

          (how I wordlessly solve the problem) Sure thing. I just deleted your blog subscription. Now you don’t have to look at the ads.


  10. Love this post! The star lantern is a FAV and I’ve been eying it for my entry for months. I have always been afraid to choose such sparkly and delicately lined light fixtures as the ones you posted, fearing they would look too frilly, feminine, glam. I seem to always default to more geometric pieces. I have a hard time understanding how to achieve the visual balance required for such a light, without having to “match” the glam factor in all the furnishings. And likewise choosing the wooden beaded ones without everything needing to match its beachy or boho factor. I guess I’ll just have to keep pouring over every image you’ve ever posted and I’ll eventually glean what I need! Speaking of gorgeous images, have you seen the new @theoldhousebeautiful account on instagram?! 🤩

  11. Hello. Okay, I am going to admit upfront to being technically challenged! For some reason I thought I read in your blog that you were going to update the paint color rolodex. And that it would happen automatically for those who purchased this in the past. I have looked everywhere for it and did not find it in my email or spam. Am I confused? More than normal I mean. I would assume the update would come in an email?. I joined earlier this year. Thanks …love your blog Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,

      There are two products. Laurel’s Rolodex which is a shopping guide and which gets updated once a year. And then, there is the two-part essential paint/palette collection which never gets updated. If you have a rolodex, I am hoping that we can get it out tomorrow, but it’s been a very rough week. Thank you for your understanding.

  12. Question on sconces…
    If they match is that a big no no? I have an 8 arm very similar to the Seneca chandelier. The sconces are 2 arm on either side of a window. Same style and mfr.
    Also what about lampshades? I was never a fan and did not use them.

    1. Hi Merri,

      Lampshades are optional and some pieces just don’t look right with them. Frosted bulbs do help some with the glare and I would put everything on a dimmer. As for matching, I can’t say without seeing what else is going on. But… You could always paint one or the other. I’ve done that. In fact, I once took some unlacquered BRASS sconces and turned them into a deep, rich bronze. It was for a client, too. Now THAT, is trust!

  13. Dear Laurel ,

    What a treat to see all of this beauty! We were fortunate to end up with a chandelier from my in-laws’ house similar to seven-high, although ours has 11 bulbs, 6 hidden underneath all of the crystal. It hung for years in my in laws’ dining room, and we’ve moved it twice. It’s beautiful but also has so much sentimental value that it was worth hiring electricians 4 times to take it down twice and install it twice. If we didn’t have it, I’d pick one from your examples. These are lovely.

    Have a wonderful day!

  14. Hi Laurel,
    Just wanted to thank you for this and all your posts. I’ve learned so so much from you. And you make me — and I bet I’m not alone — want to “hang out” with you because you convey so much fun, knowledge, passion and no B.S.!
    Cheers from Manhattan!

    1. Hi Ellen,

      When I look through it, it doesn’t seem like it would take that long. But I have to sift through thousands of fixtures to find just the right ones. AND, on top of it, something I didn’t say, but I think that about 90% of the chandeliers out there are icky poo; not a matter of taste. It’s a matter of shape and proportion, materials and finishes. I like many different styles, even though these are all pretty trad, but I can’t even put that into my search criteria because, as I said, the terms are misunderstood and then, it has to be put into the program and if the vendor doesn’t put in that info or puts it in the wrong category, the item won’t show up in my search.

      And then, I had to try and find pieces that have twins. But, in so doing, I found a lot of great pieces that are very reasonably priced for what they are.

  15. Dear Laurel,
    I love this post! I am about to redo a house that was built in the 80’s and has absolutely no charm. I’m hoping that careful details like these will make it a home. I’ve literally been reading your stuff out loud to my (long suffering) husband.

    1. Oh, your poor husband! Although, in my analytics, I can see that a fair number of men read my blog or are at least landing on my website. You know, I was curious, so I just checked google analytics and it says that males are at 18.5% for the last year and that adds up to over 550,000 dudes. I had no idea! That kind of makes me dizzy.

  16. My favourite is the first one in the 2nd row! (The one that is 65% off) I love love love that Art Deco look. I will have to check my Canadian Wayfair site and see if they even offer it. But yes, that was a great deal!

  17. Great post, it would be also good if you could add those rules about room sizes, room height and table widths that apply to chandy selection.

    1. Hi Deb,

      It would be good and hopefully, I linked to the post that gives out some of that information. The problem is… it’s not just room size. It’s the ceiling height and table size, plus other furniture/elements in the room to take into consideration. And then, there’s the shape and configuration of the chandelier, itself. I wish it was as easy as adding up two perpendicular sides of the room for the diameter of the chandelier, but it’s not. My rule with chandeliers is, when in doubt go down a size, unless the gap is very large. If so, then maybe choose something else. OR, get a piece that can be returned, if you get and hold it up and find that it’s just not working.

  18. Hello Laurel, Chandeliers can be tricky. Many of them are “grand” or feminine, and so not to my personal taste (for my own house). I do like the geometric/erector set/atomic ones, but I am starting to see too many of them. In terms of looks, I like the ones with the intertwining metal leaves, but again those are mostly on the feminine side.

    P.S. By the way, I have noticed that some blogs have a Pinterest flag that doesn’t “gray out” the image when you hover over it. Since I like to use the mouse pointer to closely examine interesting photos, such as the room with the Bailey fixture, perhaps there is some setting you can use to control this. I also like to keep the pointer in the center as I scroll down, and it is disconcerting to see the images flash in and out of the “grayed” mode.

    1. Oh, Jim. I’m so sorry and you know, that has always annoyed me too and it didn’t occur to me that I could make it go away. So, I put on my geek glasses and by golly, I fixed it! Hooray! I was going to put in some more contemporary fixtures, but it wasn’t possible, but I will work them in to a different post and/or add a contemporary section to this one.

      And I hear you on the too many geometric ones. And for that matter, the beaded ones I put in are beginning to get on my nerves too, even though I still like many of them. Some of them out there, however, look they were strung up by 5-yr-olds. hmmm… Let’s not go there.

  19. My first comment ever! Just to say how timely this post is (I’m about to sink a crapton of $ into lighting for a major renovation – and VisCom aint cheap. How grateful I am to have you for advice!

    Ok, while I’m here, dear Laurel, I read your post on door hardware but am still perturbed about which brand to put in my 100+ year old late Victorian. I love brass and more specifically the idea of unlacquered brass in egg knobs for my interior doors, and federal style levers for my french doors; BUT I’m worried about the lead content. Lacquered finishes reduce the risk, but the nicest looking ‘antiqued’ finishes that are then lacquered are prohibitively expensive (Classic Brass, Water Street, etc.). Most of the Baldwins, Emtek and other slightly more affordable brands are silent on the topic. Would you have any pearls of wisdom or advice to share?

    Ever your supporter
    Tam Truman

    1. Hi Tamara,

      Oh, lead in doorknobs is not something I’m qualified to give an opinion about. But I imagine that as long as you’re not going about licking them all day long, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, I would speak to the manufacturer of the doorknobs about your concerns. If they are silent on the topic, then it most likely means that there’s nothing to talk about. But again, I really don’t know. I did look it up and it seems the only place this is a concern is in California. But, that might not be right either.

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