Work Around If Your OKL Promo Code Doesn’t work Because You’ve Already Used It


Here are some things to try.

* This might be all you need to do. because someone recently wrote me:

* I changed to another email address (but with same credit card / shipping address / billing address / phone number), and it went through fine

Otherwise, here are some additional things you can try if that doesn’t work.

* Try using a different browser and check out as if you are a guest.
* For instance, if you usually use Chrome, you can try Firefox or Safari.

* You might need to click on the link(s) again because the new browser won’t know you.
* You can also use a different device, if you or someone you’re living with has one.
* Or, if you normally use a desktop/laptop, you might try using your phone or I-pad.
* Just as long as you appear to their program to be a “new” customer.

Hope that helps!