Hanukkah Decor and More For The Festival Of Lights


Let’s not get into the “it’s not our holidayHanukkah decor nonsense.


Hanukkah Decor


It’s enough now. If you don’t feel that it’s enough now, that’s fine.

Please let me have my joy in peace. Thank you.

My philosophy is that life is to be enjoyed and if having a tree makes you happy,

then please do so.

And you can make it any color you like.

However, the colors of Hanukkah decor are blue and white.

But, I’m going to vary the shades of blue and add in both silver and gold, a little black

And a LOT of white.

I hope that you’ll enjoy my more modern take on Hanukkah decor

I love the branch trees.


country a by lakeitha Hanukkah decor or blue and white christmas decor

original source unknown


Hanukkah decor possibly

Zinnia Cottage on Flickr



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