12 Classic Dining Tables You’re Going to Love

Hi Everyone,

Before I get into the 12 classic dining tables and chair combos…

I’m beginning this post on December 2nd and am still upstate. Actually, we are just about 50 miles away from the worst of the snow storm, just to the south, but still have had about 7 or 8 inches.

However, hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll be on my way back to Bronxville after 16 days up in the Adirondacks!

Hope everyone is fairing well with the weather. But, we’ve had some bad travel days, for sure!



I took this when we went for a walk during a lull in the storm yesterday afternoon.

In addition to regular blogging, I’m working on the dining room and bedroom rules.


That is Part II of the new rules guide that just came out.


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Actually, I said that part II is coming out December 12th. However, I believe it will have to be on the 14th.


Back to the topic at hand:

While working on the dining room section, it occurred to me that I’ve never actually done a post where I pair classic dining tables with chairs that I think they’d look good with.

In so doing these classic dining table and chair combos, I’ll go over some things to look for in terms of proportion, as well as some of the rules of dining tables.


Well, it’s Tuesday and I’m back in Bronxville!


Fortunately, the New York Thruway was all clear and it was a good ride.

And, I’ve now collected a lot of classic dining tables and chairs.

So, it’s time to put them together.


Ummm… no. This is the new Laurel.


The new Laurel is not going to stay up until 2:00AM putting together a dozen dining room tables with two dozen chairs.

The new Laurel is going to show you first the 12 dining room tables. Classic dining room tables, that is.


Then, for Sunday, I will do another post and put these tables together with numerous chair combinations. And, many tables will have two different chairs.


How does that sound?

In the meantime, some of the tables and chairs, you’ll be able to find on my casually elegant dining room page. This is not part of the Hot Sales. Although, some of the furniture IS on sale, but not necessarily.


And, BTW, just to annoyingly interrupt myself, a short announcement.


The Serena and Lily 25% off sale is ending at midnight Pacific Time. However, since it’s Cyber week, who knows? They don’t tell me, so I don’t know. Other sales are continuing through the week. So, please check out the newly updated Hot Sales pages for the latest info we have.


I have tried to put together a wide variety of classic dining tables from casual to modern.


Some of the tables are new and some are vintage or antique. As of this writing, all are available for sale and linked to their source.

Our first classic dining table is a mid-century beauty I found on Etsy.


mixedmodern1 on Etsy - Edward Wormley for Dunbar Walnut Dining Table

mixedmodern1 on Etsy – Edward Wormley for Dunbar Walnut Dining Table


This is a classic 1950s dining table. Just a little preview, but at least some of the chairs will be from Anthropologie. They have some very pretty chairs with retro styling.


Hewitt Extension Dining Room Table, Natural Gray - on One Kings Lane

Hewitt Extension Dining Table, Natural Gray – on One Kings Lane


Saltcreekfarmhouse on Etsy - Distressed Reclaimed Farmhouse Dining TableSaltCreekFarmhouse on Etsy


I found this source on Etsy that makes custom dining tables. This one is a classic Farmhouse table. They make numerous sizes and finishes. And the prices are very reasonable.


Reese dining table - from Serena and Lily - classic Ming style casual dining table

I have frequently posted this classic Ming Style Reese dining table from Serena and Lily


All of their furnishings definitely work for beach, lake, country and coastal styles. I’m going to have fun putting chairs with this table.


Balboa Dining table from Serena and Lily

Of course, many of the cool dining chairs at Serena & Lily look great with this table such as the breezy balboa dining chairs in mist.


Traverse Extension Dining Table, White on sale at One Kings Lane

Traverse Extension Dining Room Table, White on sale at One Kings Lane is a similar table but you can change the size with the leaf. It goes from 80″ to 104″ so can comfortably seat 8-10.


Ralph Lauren Home Large Circular Table on One Kings Lane

Ralph Lauren Home Circular Dining Table on One Kings Lane

This very large round table is not inexpensive, but it is 30% off at the moment. And, they are currently offering an additional 10% off. I adore round tables and this one at 86.5″ in diameter is large enough to seat 10. However, you’ll need a dining room that’s at least 13 feet wide. And, that would be if there was no other furniture on either side wall.


Wisteria Farmhouse extension table


FullBloomCottage on Etsy - vintage 44"Vintage White Painted Round Dining or Entry Table

This charming vintage table I found on Etsy could be used in a kitchen or small country dining area. Or, it could even be used as a center hall table or living room dividing table. Ala Frank Babb Randolph and Albert Hadley. It’s 44″ in diameter which seats four. However, there’s an 18″ leaf and then you can get two more people at this lovely table.

One thing to note is that this table has a fairly deep apron. We’ll be going over that in the rules guide. And, we’ll discuss what happens if you have an arm chair, etc.


vineyard-rectangular-extension-dining-table-Williams-Sonoma Home

The Vineyard Rectangular table from Williams-Sonoma Home is immensely versatile and a classic farmhouse style with straight tapered legs. It extends from 72″ – 94″ and so can seat from 6- 10.


vineyard-rectangular-dining room table - Williams Sonoma Home

Here’s one idea from the W-S Home website. I don’t believe they sell the wicker chair any longer.  I’ll try to find a substitute because I love this look.


This is an antique gateleg table I found on Chairish.

It’s actually not perfectly round, but almost at 73″ x 71″. This table will comfortably seat 8 or 9.

And, below are three more formal classic dining tables


Antique English Georgian Mahogany, Satinwood & Ebony Inlaid Round Extendable ‘D’ Dining Table Seats 10 Persons (Circa 1800)Antique English Georgian Mahogany, Satinwood & Ebony Inlaid Round Extendable ‘D’ Dining Table Seats 10 Persons (Circa 1800)

This table is interesting to me because usually, I see these tables painted in the Gustavian Swedish style


Antique English Georgian Mahogany, Satinwood & Ebony Inlaid Round Extendable Dining Room Table - closed (Circa 1800)

Here’s how the table looks when it’s closed

FittedFab on Etsy - Thomasville Fruitwood Dining Table 112"L X45"WX30"H

FittedFab on Etsy – Thomasville Fruitwood Dining Table

This is a classic Georgian style table. It’s not super formal but not totally casual either. 112″L X45″WX30″H


SchearBrothers on Etsy 12' Crotch Mahogany Duncan Phyfe Dining Table Sheraton Birdcage Colonial Style


And, the last of the classic dining tables is a classic birdcage base – very large 12 foot long table. A table this size with a pedestal can easily seat up to 14 people.


Of course, there are dozens of other classic dining room tables.


However, many are simply variations of the ones above. So, if yours is similar, that’s all that matters.

You might also enjoy this post about a husband who’s insisting on a matched set of dining furniture.


And, this is a good post about how to mix dining chairs.


Plus, another post I like asking is it true that dining rooms are out?


Get ready for the chair combos for these tables on Sunday.




Please check out the newly update Hot Sales Pages and Holiday Shop!


15 Responses

  1. I was excited to see this post! I’m looking for a giant dining table and chairs to replace my existing giant dining table. We regularly have 12+ people seated there, and I want a rectangle instead of an oval to squeeze a couple more in. The current table is just fugly and on its last legs anyway. I appreciate that some of these are not so precious I would be loath to seat a bunch of toddlers there. A few of them came up in my own searching! But it’s just so hard to decide online. At least for me… I appreciate the validation of my taste!

    For the chair post, I hope you include some non-upholstered options. Because toddlers. But toddlers who appreciate beauty and good design nonetheless. Thanks, I enjoy your blog very much! It’s a little shot of prettiness every time.

  2. I love “the new Laurel.” Great to see you taking care of yourself and having some fun! I have a trestle table from Drexel made in 1966. It’s a copy of an 18 century Spanish refectory table with wrought iron bracing beneath. What I love is how it looks from my living room. I only put chairs on the sides, so rather than looking at the back of a chair from the living room, I look at the beautiful trestle. It was $150 used too and it’s solid oak with 2 leaves.

  3. Keep looking on Craigslist-it’s worth it! I found my beautiful Ethan Allen farmhouse table on Craigslist. In perfect condition, it is 72″; it opens to 108″. Asking price $100. When we got it home and tried to open the jammed door we found the sales slip wedged in the back; they paid $1,500 only a year before. SCORE!

  4. Love these tables! I keep being tempted to save up for/invest in a beautiful new dining table but I think I need to wait a few years until the kids are out of the graham cracker crumbs and crayons phase because boy are they wreaking havoc on the current table!

    For what it’s worth, I have seen some very nice tables, similar to several in this post, on Craigslist over the years, often for a really affordable price. If someone’s on a tight budget and willing to put in the time and effort, they might be able to find a great deal.

  5. I was wondering this same thing. I ,too, have an older Nichols and Stone table that I want to use in our new condo. It is darkish walnut (I think) and the dining area has an unusual but beautiful hand hewn low pine ceiling. I was thinking of painting the table or stripping it and glazing it a light blue grey. I’ll be interested in what you end up doing, Ashley.

  6. I love this post! I never think about going on Etsy, and I love to learn from you. My favorite is the Saltcreek farmhouse table. I can’t wait to see your chairs post. Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving.

  7. Very helpful post! Thank you. What considerations should be taken regarding the material of the table when there are other wood pieces in the room? For example, we have a large pine hutch.

  8. Beautiful tables. One practical consideration with dining room tables, especially when extending them during holiday dinners, is the legs. And how they’ll work with the additional chairs. You know, the old leg between your legs routine.
    Other thing…last Thanksgiving I gave thought to where I would seat the elderly, overweight gentleman who might possibly leverage himself while rising by placing his hands and weight on the table. I put him in the center, which had more support, rather than at the head of the (extended)table, where he would normally have been.
    Laurel, I love your blog and wonderful posts and can’t wait for the chairs post! Thank you!

  9. I have the fruitwood dining table! It was my parents and we are including it in our first floor remodel. We have opened up the dining room into the kitchen, so it will be used daily. I can’t wait to see what style chairs you pair with it.
    Also have you ever done any posts about how to arrange dishes in a china cabinet so it does not look too staged?

  10. Good morning, Laurel

    I have a version of table #3 by Nichols and Stone. It is about 40 years old and it isn’t going anyplace. “They don’t make them like they used to.”

    Can’t wait to see chair options.

  11. Great post! I hope you can locate some of those bentwood chairs because I need some. They are small enough to fit under my small dining table in my small apartment. My current bentwoods are falling apart and I don’t think they can be repaired. And these seem to be cat-proof . . . . thank you!

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