Laurel Bern | Westchester County NY Interior Designer

By Laurel Bern


Hi, I’m Laurel Bern ~ I’m a Westchester County NY Interior designer. (I also work in Fairfield County, Connecticut and in New York City.) I am wishing you a warm welcome to my interior design and interior decorating website if this is where you have landed. Here you will find my portfolio, blog, and tons of inspiration. This is a constantly changing website. (sometimes it has changed a bit too much, due to forces beyond my control, haha, but that is another story!) I have been a residential interior designer and decorator since 1988 and I still love it just as much today as I did then! Okay, more about me…  After a short career as a dancer, etc, I went back to college for an interior design degree. I have always been a passionate admirer of all of the arts and think that any attempt to make this world a more beautiful place is a good idea. Somewhere in there I got married and had our first son. Then we moved out of Manhattan up here to the Northern Westchester “ruburbs.” After a year of being completely Mommy and Me’d out, I took a job at a local decorating store. That is where I really got my feet wet because it was just the two of us. However, after son #2 was born, I realized that I wanted to have more flexibility and took the leap and that was when Laurel Bern Interiors came into being. That was in 1996 and ever since I’ve enjoyed helping hundreds of clients all over Westchester and a few in Connecticut and New York City furnish and decorate their homes.

So, what’s my style? That is a very good question! In general, I would say that my style is definitely steeped in history and tradition, but at the same time, I love to keep it new and fresh and ever-evolving. I love timeless rooms that one can’t really tell exactly when they were done, however, sometimes to keep things interesting, we add a bit of the unexpected. It’s the subtle complexities which make a room rich. If you’ve ever noticed, historically— architecture, interiors, fashion, music and art are always tied together stylistically which is quite cool, I think. It has been immensely satisfying to  help my clients create spaces that are personal and unique to their lifestyle and tastes. My number one priority is to always be mindful that the home I’m helping to create is not mine. Its your home.  I think I’m known for being one of those decorators who listens, believes in collaboration and doesn’t try to strong-arm her clients. My work has been published in Better Homes and Gardens and Westchester Home and Garden Magazine, where I am also a frequent contributor.

When I’m not interior designing, blogging, pinteresting, houzzing, polyvoring, googling, twittering, facebooking and back linking like mad. (if you don’t know what that means, consider yourself blessed), like just about everyone else, I watch HGTV (its pure entertainment, but you do know that, right?) and the Food Network. (I love “chopped”)!  I will always  have a great love for the exquisite art of classical ballet and still take classes whenever I can manage it, for fun and exercise. I also enjoy baking, entertaining and looking at other people’s gorgeous gardens. 😉

I absolutely love my job and my clients and we actually have a lot of fun! Really! Decorating your home, should be a fun process! It also doesn’t need to break the bank! Of course it can, but these days, it’s quite possible to work with a designer and not spend any more than if you did it yourself.

If you still want to know more about my past – click here.

My best,