The Living Room Design Is Finally Coming Together!

Hi Everyone,

This is such a strange time for me.

One. I’m still sick.


Aren’t you any better, Laurel?


Define better.

No, I still have the same symptoms except for the initial sore throat. But, the most prevalent, chest congestion, has not diminished one iota, not even half an iota.*


Laurel, can’t you just give yourself a break and rest?


Well, I have been resting. A lot. In fact, I’m getting restless being cooped up inside.

However, not producing a post is very much like any business that’s not open.  When there’s new content, the shop is open. Well, it’s always open. It’s just the difference between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning.


Okay, it is now going on 10:00 PM and in a sec I will show you what I’ve been doing all day while I’m resting.


Earlier this evening, my son Cale called. I spoke to him last Thursday evening, croaking my way through our conversation with intermittent coughing fits.

He said, “You sound like death, Mom.”

Geeezzz, I don’t feel that bad.

Anyway, tonight, he said, “You sound a LOT better, Mom. I can tell you’re better.”

*I think he’s right. I am coughing less. So, I guess I am an iota better.


Okay, remember the other day when I said, “I have it all figured out?” (In terms of the entry mural,  art pieces, and living room design.)


Well, that’s what I was working on—a new rendering of the living room design. However, I’m only showing a portion of the fireplace wall instead of the entire wall. In real life, it’s impossible to take it all in, as I’ve shown.


32 inch high wainscoting and panel moulding living room - renovation 2024

That goes for the staircase side of the room, too. Therefore, I think it’s better to show closer to what the eye can take in in one gulp.

Someone asked me in the comments the other day, “How many murals are you using?”

The answer is none. While the three wallcoverings can be used as a mural, I am only using the individual pieces as panels.


kitchen render my new kitchen perspective - Plantasia House of Hackney wallpaper


While I love the Plantasia, it doesn’t go as well with what I plan to do, flanking the fireplace mantel. In addition, while not terrible, the Plantasia is not the best with my antique Zuber screen. (below)


my antique zuber screen


The best mural is The View from Rome by Papier de Paris. It’s not too matchy, but it feels like it’s from the same village, at least.


kitchen perspective milk glass pendant 2 Katie sconces -papiers de paris mural


So, what will you use for flanking the fireplace, Laurel?
Don’t tell me you’re going to do some Gracie panels.


Okay, I’m going to take a nap now. You guys know me so well, you can write the blog for me. lol

Oh, wait. Reality check. When I’m me, I’m me, and when I’m “you,” I’m also me, thinking I’m you. haha

However, the other day, I think one of you did guess it or came quite close.

In the past year or so, Gracie revamped their website. One thing they’ve done is they’ve put some bloody prices on some of their “stock” items. There are about half a dozen papers that they stock in their New York warehouse.

The popular Hampton Garden mural is one of them. It’s always been one of my favorites. They have it listed for $1,590 retail for one panel. Well, they are hand-painted. But, but, but… I have a trade account with them. I will have to inquire (not enquire because I’m in the US.) I have no idea what the discount is. I know what it normally is with other companies, and if it’s the same, then the price isn’t too outlandish. And, I only need four panels.


So, imagine walking out of the bathroom and straight ahead at 12 o’clock is this:



Or, something similar.  By the way, that is two panels above.

Laurel, why don’t you have Chinoiserie Home Deco paint it for you for much less than your net price?


While I like their work and recommend it in my widgets, but, it’s not the same design-wise. The Gracie panels have more leaves and detail and a design height of 90″. Gracie pieces together and antiques their panels, too. Plus, with Gracie, I know exactly what I will be getting.


What about the bedroom? Isn’t doing Chinoiserie upstairs and again in your bedroom too much?


It isn’t for me. Plus, they are nowhere near each other. We will have the Zuber screen as we descend the steps. Then, we will also have other artwork as palette cleansers of sorts.


Ananbo India mural
The India Mural from Ananbo.


I plan on using it to make a piece of artwork, not just paste it onto the wall.


Entrance door casings embrasure door

If you missed why, it’s because of the electrical panel.

Then, our embrasure doors, and then the bedroom where we won’t have any huge swathes of wallpaper unbroken, like in the living room.

(Oh, sorry to interrupt, but the rest of the doors were delivered last Thursday!)


Plus, the bedroom paper, Solitude, from the Mural Source is quite different from the Gracie Chinoiserie Murals.


Solitude does have a Gustavian Swedish feel, and I love that!


Okay, you haven’t seen the rendering of the living room design.


I decided to do the dining side. Unfortunately, all I had to work with was this mess.


new panel moulding living room


There is no way you’ll be able to make all of that disappear, Laurel. Yeesh!


Yeesh, yourself, and I hope you like your crow well done. hehehehe ;]

Please, get ready…


My virtual living room May 2024



Yes, that’s a mirror with the screen reflected in it. I adore these colors, and how the artwork feels so harmonious.

If things on the mantel and table look familiar, they are. I had Steve Cordony virtually style the room for me. ;] ;] ;] Thank you, Steve!

Please note: no animals or trees were hurt in the making of this blog post.

For the next post, I’ll explain more about the mirror and some other things.


Wait, Laurel! I’m so sorry! I should’ve known you’d make it all disappear, but how?


It’s layer upon layer of images used to make the final rendering.


Did you make a fire for your fireplace?


No, that’s another image. lol

I’ll try to find out more about the Gracie paper for the next post.



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