Blue and White Bash at the Pink Pagoda Blog


I’m super-duper excited to be participating in Jennifer’s Blue and White Bash over at the Pink Pagoda Blog. She hosts her Blue and White Bash on the first Monday of every month, so that is tomorrow, April 7th, 2014. I wanted to attend last month, but I was at the Design Blogger’s conference.  As a sneak peek, I’m going to expand on my present theme of Hollywood Regency decorating. The images will each carry huge doses of both blue and white. Some will incorporate other  colors as well and every hue of blue. And of course, every image will be in keeping with the Hollywood Regency style of decorating.

I’ve mentioned Jennifer’s blog recently as she is an amazingly talented graphic designer and artist. I love her blog and shop on Etsy. Please also follow her on Polyvore.

Here is an example of Jennifer’s lovely work.

Blue and White Bash Invitation April

Here’s a preview of one of my favorite images from tomorrow’s post.

Corredor lateral do Quitandinha

Palácio Quitandinha

This is the lobby of the Palacio Quitandinha which was originally decorated by Dorothy Draper  whose work influenced Hollywood Regency. The off shoot of that style is one that Dorothy became known for which is a modern baroque style. This style was flamboyant and full of color. The overlap is the prevalence of eastern themes, or Chinoiserie. These styles have recently come into vogue again and are often interchangeable. (maybe not on HGTV, however. But they always lag behind, IMO). Hollywood Regency, however is a broader style, because it can be colorful or not.

There’s a lot more for tomorrow’s post. (some 30+ images!) So, please come back and also to take a look at the other people’s posts— especially if ya love blue and white! I never realized that I did until recently! The challenge for this post was to come up with images that I haven’t seen a zillion times before. A few, I have and will be familiar to those of you who are active on pinterest and/or read a lot of interior design blogs; however I think that I’ve managed to come up with some that hopefully, you’ve never seen before.



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