The Ultimate Guide To Decorating With Plates On the Wall

Hi Guys! Hope y’all are enjoying the respite from the bitter cold.

No Dear Laurel today.

This idea just popped into my head.

I have no idea why, but I love to mix things around and I believe that some of you have requested this topic.


Today’s post focuses on decorating with plates on the wall.


Now, I have to make a confession which may come as a huge surprise.

I know bupkis about decorating with plates. lol

I mean, I have NEVER specified a plate for a wall, nor recommended it to a client.

And, most of my plates came from Pottery Barn.

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think that decorating with plates on the wall is a bad idea. I don’t.


If it’s done right.

But, if it’s done wrong, it’s pretty icky poo.

Well, what’s the wrong way to hang the plates, Laurel?


You know, it depends.

Oh, stop rolling your eyes at me! It does depend! And, one reason is that what would be glorious for some of you, would feel busy (aka: cluttered) and crazy-making for others.


For instance. This asymmetrical design, IMO, is not working in this traditional Tudor style home. They look like they’re trying to escape. Could be. ;]


In fact, I have never seen an asymmetrical pattern with plates that I thought looked terrific.


The exception might be if incorporated with a somewhat asymmetrical art wall. But even there, I prefer things to be more balanced.

I’m a classical girl.


Next specimen.

While the basic idea of this is fine, I think it’s too crowded. Plus, there are too many elements on the table. I love the oyster plates, just not on this wall.

I’m not going to put in any more don’ts because I live in fear these days that I’m going to insult someone I know like I did in this post.

The photo came down shortly after the post went up. I was mortified!

However I came across this article on Remodelista and surprisingly almost every one is a don’t. Please know that I am not dissing this blog. As a matter of fact, I link to it at least once or twice a month. I love it, normally, but this is an old post and it might explain why this one is not up to snuff. It is not nearly up to the high level they currently share. But then, many of my old posts aren’t either.


So, let’s get into some great ideas for decorating with plates.


I am trying to include something for everyone. So, even for the folks who break out in hives if there’s too much going on, I think that you’ll find some images you’ll like.

Okay, just a little warning: The clutterphobes might need to look away for a spell.

However, if you’re into a little Boho/funky, chic, cooler than cool when it comes to decorating with plates, well there’s no better example than John Derian.


Yes, yes I know, I know! Now, please settle back into your seats. We have a lot to cover.


John Derian and Astier DeVillatte_decorating with platesJohn Derian and Astier De Villatte at his New York shop


Well, one of his shops. I really should make a field trip one of these days

John Derian - whimsical wallplates - Astier De Villatte

More Astier De Villatte from John Derian’s instagram


For more of John Derian, click here.


John Derian - summer themed decorating with wall plates

One more fun composition by John Derian. Some of you may recall that I went to Provincetown on Cape Cod last summer. And damn. I had no idea that John has a shop there. Oh well. Next time, for sure!

Greg Irvine - original the design files - decorating with plates
Greg Irvine found via the Style Files, found on Design Sponge

haha! I definitely do my research!

Greg Irvine is an Aussie chap and you must check out his instagram.


Please check out this short video about him.

I insist.

Don’t worry. I won’t move on until you come back. :]

Wasn’t that fun?


“If I lived in ugly surroundings, I’d just curl up and die.” ~ Greg Irvine


Switching gears completely. And clutter haters, it’s safe to stop wincing now. At least, for the time being.


James Farmer - gorgeously styled kitchen - blue and white platter

Above is the lovely, lovely work of one of my favorite designers James Farmer. These are via his instagram

I’ve not met James, but I sure do hope to one day. Not only is he incredibly talented, but I daresay that he’s THE happiest human being on the planet.


James T Farmer - on instagram with puppy


I mean, not only is he smiling in EVERY photograph, he seems to be laughing, in every shot.

James T Farmer - gardening on instagram

See what I mean?


A Place to Call Home by James T Farmer

James has written a highly acclaimed book – A Place to Call Home


A Place to Call Home by Gil Schafer

This is not to be confused with a book with the same title by another favorite designer and architect, Gil Schafer

In case you don’t know, titles of any kind are not copyrightable. Both are terrific books!  If you are interested in more terrific design books, click here.


The next three images are by James Farmer and each represents a beautiful use of decorating with plates

All photos by Emily Followill

Decorating with plates and art - design - James Farmer - photo Emily Followill

Love the composition and colors mixed in with the artwork. Perfect


Fabulous kitchen - Decorating with plates -design - James Farmer - photo - Emily Followill

And this kitchen! Sublime!


Decorating with plates and art -design - James Farmer - photo Emily FollowillA formal, but not stuffy dining room.


Traditional Home Decorating with plates and art - photo Emily Followill

Traditional Home – photo Emily Followill


maggie_griffin_Ballard Designs - decorating with plates

Maggie Griffin via Ballard Designs

Love these Majolica oyster dishes. And I do spy Barbara Barry’s Indo Day fabric that is also on my kitchen Roman Shade.


Charles Faudree - Majolica wall plates - decorating with plates

This is the work of the late Charles Faudree whose work seems to have taken on an almost cult following. And for good reason. It’s beautiful.


Some of my favorite walls that use plates for decorating also include artwork, corbels and sometimes lighting.


Furlow Gatewood - photo by Rod Collins - decorating with plates

And no one combines all of that together better than Furlow Gatewood. Every room of Furlow’s is like a master class of decorating.

For more of Furlow Gatewood’s beautiful work, click here.


The Peak of Chic blog - Furlow Gatewood - Decorating with plates

Another wall designed by Furlow Gatewood. Image from the Peak of Chic


 littleaugury.blogspot - decorating with platesLittle Augury


An amazing dining room by Anouska Hempel


laurendeloach - decorating with wall plates

Lauren DeLoach Interiors – via Instagram

I love this tone on tone with creamware and Majolica plates, it looks like


vibekedesign - decorating with plates

Vibeke Design


Another tone on tone beauty!


Laurel. Where are all of the blue and white plates?


You want blue and white plates?


Here ya go!


transferware - decorating with plates - Victoria Mag

Victoria mag

The only thing bugging me a little (aside from the freckled countertops) is that the shelf is off-center and then the symmetry is broken on the right, but since I can’t see the entire room, I will reserve [too much] judgment. The rest is lovely, I think. Love those Staffordshire Dogs. If you love them too, you can see some that are available for sale.


Traditional Home blue and white decorating with plates - photo Werner StraubeTraditional Home blue and white  – photo Werner Straube

If you’ve got it… Right?

Rodolphebeduchaud on instagram - wall plates

 stunning room by Rodolphe Beduchaud on instagram

If interested, I believe he has more images of this amazing room on his insta linked above.

Suzanne Kasler and Les Cole - Coastal home - decorating with plates - Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

No one does classically inspired compositions better than Suzanne Kasler. This gorgeous home,  designed in collaboration with Les Cole.


Kathryn Greeley designs - Thanksgiving platter
Kathryn Greeley Designs


Lovely display of lovely blue and white plates with a giant turkey platter!


Below, are two images from a magnificent project by Cathy Kincaid


Veranda designer Cathy Kincaid-decorating with plates -Spanish-style home - photo-James Merrell

Veranda –  interior design – Cathy Kincaid-decorating with plates – photo-James Merrell


Veranda designer Cathy Kincaid-decorating with plates - photo-James Merrell

Here, we can see the opposite side of the same dining room. It is quite apparent that this is a designer who puts her ALL into her work.


Mark D Sikes - greystone-show-house-2015/

Mark D. Sikes from the Greystone Showhouse a few years ago.


If you’d like to get look of Mark D Sikes for less money, click here.


Otherwise, if you’d like to get Mark, click the top link. :]

Well, there it is. I hope that you enjoyed all of these fine examples of decorating with plates.


Oh, and if you’re interested in learning how to put the plates up, please check out this fabulous post in Driven By Decor.


You can also do a wall elevation with your graph paper and map out your arrangement of wall plates ahead of time.



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