Making an Entrance Decorating Ideas

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Tonight I’m going to talk a bit less. (or at least try to). And I’m not going back to my tastemaker room, just yet, because aren’t we sick and tired of listening to me carry on? Tastemakers just are. They don’t have to try to be one. Amen.

Entrance Decorating Ideas

What I’d like to do now, is over time, discuss every aspect of putting together, a beautiful home. And what better place to begin than with the entrance. I am not going to discuss, the outside entrance, although I do feel that it should also connect to the rest of the home; very much so! However,  the second one steps inside the front door, that first envelope of shelter, is where the tone for the entire home should be set and yet, how many of us actually consider it?  Before I begin, I’ll never forget some years ago, when I was working for someone else, we went into a home for the first time and were hit in the face by electric blue walls… and a LOT of them, in one of those mega post-modern entries from the 90’s. The living room on the other side was in pastel colors featuring pink. The DR, was in red and green. My boss and I just looked each other, trying very hard to keep a straight face. We couldn’t stop talking about how hideous it was… for days! What was even more hideous was that she spent a lot of money on that paint job, because not only was there a lot of it, it was one of those ubiquitous faux finishes of the 90’s. If only…

And no, it was nothing like that rich blue beauty at the start of this post.

I will begin by posting an entrance and then a living room that feels as if it belongs in the same home.

Here’s a living room that could go with the entry above.


Here’s another stunning entry done by Erika Powell (who has a wonderful blog if you don’t already know it)

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And here’s a living room that could go with this entry

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Below is a more traditional entry with a vintage bench


and here’s a living room that could go with this entry

windsor-smithvia House Beautiful and Windsor Smith

Can you guess which of the three pairs came from the same home? Because the other two did not. This was fun. I think I’ll do this again!

Happy Weekend all!

Best Wishes,



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  • Loi Thai - July 24, 2012 - 7:40 PM

    You talk as much as you want, Laurel! It’s your blog, and we like reading what you have to say / write 😉
    Love those photos. Beautiful entries / foyers.

    • Laurel-Home - July 24, 2012 - 10:56 PM

      hey, wait until I bring out the ballerinas!!! thank you for your wonderful comments!ReplyCancel