Breathtakingly Beautiful Classic Kitchens That Are Not White

Dear Laurel,

I’m sorry. I love you. I love your blog. But, I really, really do not want a white kitchen. Or let’s say that it’s just not right for my home. It’s a rustic contemporary in the woods. It won’t work.

But… most of the other homes around here are traditional.


So, are there any classic kitchens that aren’t white? Please say yes!


Okay. YES!

Yes, absolutely yes!

And this is something that came up on the design panel at KBIS. Something I said and I think it might’ve flew up over the radar. But I feel quite strongly that the wave of the future are the amazing kitchens that are coming out of England right now.

To me, they are like a latter-day Downton Abbey kitchen. Most of them are “unfitted” or the term I coined “unkitchen.” They are simple and feature, old-style hardware and natural materials for counter tops like marble, stone or wood or a quartz composite

And the backsplash if there’s tile, is almost always a white or off-white subway tile, even if the cabinets are not white. Or else it’s a marble slab or wood. Pretty simple. huh?

Many of these classic  kitchens are a beautiful monotone in an earthy-type color.

Remember this handsome thing? I wrote about him in graphic lol detail here.

The company is DeVOL Kitchens and I adore everything they do. What I love most is that these kitchens can go just about anywhere. I could definitely see them in a rustic contemporary home, a ranch, a split-level. But they could also work in every style of the 18th or 19th century, unless a super-formal home. But that’s not the way most of us live these days.

I found some other DeVOL classic kitchens for you as well.


This DeVOL Kitchen won an award last year. For a shopping list click here!

I love the mix of materials and how it doesn’t feel like the cabinetry is taking over the space.

A free-standing glass front cabinet from DeVOL is a refreshing change from all of the built-ins. And I love the tongue and groove inside painted in a pretty blue.

The contrast of the white against the dark gray is so handsome and striking. Metals look wonderful too.


There it is. Pick one. Or better yet. Pick two different counter tops.

One for the counters and one for the island if there’s one.

Have always loved glass fronted cabinets. Always, have and always will.

But somebody. Please explain. Any Brits in the room?

What IS that thing hanging from the ceiling holding the shmatas? (def here of shmata)

Forgive me. I get it. The rags get a chance to dry out, but I know that most of my fellow Americans are not going to want to have their skivvy dish towels hanging from the ceiling. Just sayin’…

For classic kitchens – one needs classic hardware and DeVOL has it!

Not white, but a beautiful classic cream with a French Green island. Love the limestone floor.

So, so pretty!

more cream in a light airy kitchen with a marble counter and antique brass fittings.

DeVOL’s favorite faucet from partner – Perrin and Rowe. Me like.

Oh, BTW, I saw TONS of brass at KBIS.


Not sure about the dual faucets though. But otherwise, very handsome little sink area.


DeVOL also makes fitted cabinetry. This is pretty perfect, IMO. What’s for dinner?

I would probably always need to leave the door open, but that’s just me.

I know that it would drive some people crazy. But with an interior that pretty, how could one resist?

de vol cabinet hardware classic kitchens

For your pinning pleasure. Love it all!

A soft not-quite-mint-not-quite-robins-egg blue is refreshing in this classic kitchen

with white subway tile and wooden counters.

The DeVOL cabinet colors. Alas, all Bespoke and they ain’t giving up the formulas. I suppose y’all want me to figure out the equivalents in Benjamin Moore? No promises, but I’ll try.


Another English company that makes Classic Kitchens is Plain English Designs.


With Plain English Design, the concept is very similar. I do see a raised panel door which I don’t think that DeVOL has. And I have no idea if there’s a difference in price.

Same kitchen, but a different view. More brass! Fabulous color and I love how they just ran with it and painted everything the one color.

Recessed cabinet. How fabulous is that? Wonderful little lip of marble for the backsplash. I love this. How many loves have there been so far?

The English call this a scullery. I thought that was the laundry, but maybe it’s also a mudroom or butler’s pantry? I know somebody will be able to help me out here.

But whatever it’s called, have to say I love these small areas in the kitchen and this is a fabulous place to use a deep rich color like this. And uhmmm… more shmatas to add a soupcon of style? lol No judgment intended. You should see my kitchen. I just find it curious, that’s all.

Oh stop. This is so pretty, it hurts. But it doesn’t hurt so badly, that I wouldn’t seriously consider sleeping on the floor.

Love the detail in the corner cabinet and beautiful cool gray cabinet color.

And I know, you would never have the glasses and mugs like that, nor would there be so little. But it’s just so artfully done. So, let’s allow for a little artistic license. Okay?

The English companies also show a lot of these interior windows and dividing doors which I love, love, love! You can see another one in this post on kitchen trends. It’s such a stylish way to create some division while keeping in the light and airiness of the room.

Above and below. Lovely detailing in a kitchen by Plain English Design for Peony Lim.

More brass!

Is it here to stay?

Well, in a classic kitchen like this with elements of rusticity, I say yes. But it needs to be an unlacquered brass just like they had a couple hundred years ago. Well, almost. You had to go outside of course, to get the water.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one. I guess by now, it’s pretty clear that I LOVE these kitchens!

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Oh, some news! Tomorrow night, I am attending the Young Collectors Night event and the Winter Antiques Show, in New York City.

And you’ll never guess who else is going to be there.


I signed up for the committee several months ago. I had no idea!

Also, just so you know. “Young” means that you still have a pulse.



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