What Discount Do Interior Designers Get at Americasmart in Atlanta?


Good question. And I’m going to give you the honest answer.

It varies. It varies WIDELY.

And that is all I’m going to say about that, because I wouldn’t be honoring my profession and it’s the truth. Why doesn’t anyone ask what kind of discounts do stores get at Americasmart in Atlanta? Interior designers ARE stores too, even if we don’t have a physical shop. Hopefully, more and more people are beginning to understand this.

To be fair, that is not really the main topic here, but if I had entitled this, “more wonderful pieces of home furnishings at Americasmart, you’re going to just effing hit delete which I don’t blame you. So, sorry for the teaser, but I promise that you are not going to be disappointed.

In case, you don’t know what I’m talking about, these are all from the trade show, Americasmart in Atlanta. Right now, it is nearly midnight on the 12th which was Day 2 of trudging through 10’s of thousands of feet of gorgeous showroom after showroom. I saw many old favorites and even more items that are new to me. Tomorrow, I’m going back to NY and I won’t be able to finish this post until tomorrow evening, but I wanted to get started on it.


It’s “tomorrow” [and now, the day after that!] and I’m back home! Oh man, do I have so, so many photos and I could’ve taken just as many again, but I only had two full days. I’m  going to be sending these out in at least two posts.

I am absolutely more than overjoyed for y’all to post them on your own blogs as I did for the High Point 2014 Post, your pinterest boards, Flikr, Facebook, Houzz, Twitter… But, all I’m asking in return is a LINK BACK TO the page from whence they came! [or at least, my website.]  Thank you so much!

Like the High Point Market, Spring 2014, I saw two overwhelming trends. I saw a continuation of the tone on tone, greige, monochromatic look AND also, saturated, even INTENSELY saturated COLOR! And sometimes in the same showroom. For this first post, I am going to begin with well… pretty. I mean, it’s ALL pretty! I went to dozens of showrooms and this is not in order. Some showrooms I visited two and three times. Quite frankly, I could’ve hung out there for an entire week…

If only I had a rickshaw. :]


It doesn’t get any prettier than Tritter-Feefer, my oft-blogged about wonderful family owned vendor. Although I have seen [and ordered] their beautiful furniture in New York, for years, it has been in about 1/4 the amount of space. That was also the theme of this show. More about that later.

tritter-feefer-dining tableOh my, oh my— and what fresh lovely is this from Tritter-Feefer? A brand new table that is another magnificent winner! Mary Louise, [aka ML] and Bob Altman go to Europe and collect these incredible antique pieces and then they copy ’em. And oh-so-well too!

tritter-feefer-atlanta-dining-tableA close-up of the gorgeous detailing. I ADORE this table!

surya-1Switching gears for a sec, two wonderful hand-knotted rugs from Surya.


On day one, I had my very own showing AND lunch in the Surya showroom with my wonderful rep, the effervescent Russ Jones. They fed the entire show practically. Although, many showrooms served fabulous snacks AND full meals–GRATIS. And it was nothing like the 12-dollar craptastic stale, cold, soggy sandwiches we are subjected to in NY, [at the “NY Now” Show] but a gourmet buffet! Oh, and tables and chairs– to SIT IN. In NY, they’ve pared things down so much that it’s sit on the floor or stand while you consume your soggy rip-off sandwich. There will be more discussion on the parteee atmosphere and food [and champagne (!)] that was abundant and incredibly delicious at Americasmart in Atlanta! Sorry, to go off on a tangent. But… shopping consumes a lot of calories and these smart vendors know that if only, they can keep our bellies full of food, we’ll hang around and keep on shoppin’!

Surya has quickly become one of my favorite vendors. First of all, they have a huge selection in ALL different price-levels from purty durn cheap, to not-at-all-cheap, but exquisitely fine rugs. And then there’s the killer-awesome customer service. However, what really sets them apart is that they offer samples for EACH AND  EVERY RUG. So smart. Nobody else does that on such a tremendously large line. Nobody. Love them! And they are ever-expanding into other home furnishings areas. Did you know that the rug in my home page photo is  a Surya flatweave? I took great pleasure in whipping out my cell phone to show-off my Greek Key Surya rug to all the reps.

aidan-gray-showroomMoving along to Aidan Gray. Hands down, probably one of the top 10 most beautiful showrooms in the entire show. Extremely well-thought out, layered, beautifully styled AND lit. This is a fabulous line of furnishings spanning a range from casual French to a softened mid-century modern. What is also cool is that it ALL looks great together. Their logo is a warm orange-red and it gives a refreshing pop of color amongst all of the various shades of beige and gray and metals. It’s a fabulous line. You may notice that most of these photos don’t have a lot of people in them. Oh, they were there, I just waited until they cleared out of the way for the most part.


 Before I go on, the chairs in the Bronxville dining room are from Aidan Gray. We had them reupholstered in the Quadrille Veneto fabric

aidan-gray-seeded-glass-chandelier-2Love this seeded glass chandelier at Aidan Gray. It absolutely looks like an antique. Very, very well-done!

aidan-gray-atlanta-showroom-coffee-tableAnother thing I love about Aidan Gray is that the line has a wonderful mix of more masculine pieces as well as more feminine ones like this charming coffee table. And yes, that is a marble top.

legend-of-asia-orangeI realize that this is a bit random, since it’s not from Aidan Gray. It is from another favorite vendor, Legend of Asia who has THE coolest Chinoiserie porcelains and repro Chinese antiques. I put it here because of the color more than anything else. However, as you can see, it mixes beautifully with the Aidan Gray pieces as well.


 Back to Aidan Gray. This loveseat is actually curved a bit, but difficult to see in the photo.


One of the best pieces of furniture in the entire show. This tufted wing chair is small-in scale and HUGE in style and comfort. I mean… really, really comfortable. In fact, the showroom rep told me that a customer was so relaxed in it, that she had fallen asleep a few days earlier.

Well, that’s all for now. At the rate I’m going, this is going to be ten posts. But I’ll step it up for the next one. Most of the vendors will only have one or two pieces, but Aidan Gray is so special and their showroom so beautiful, that I wanted to do more.



  • Carla Aston - July 19, 2014 - 10:00 PM

    Beautiful showroom. They have a new one in Dallas, opened last Jan. It was gorgeous and so nice to see their products in person. Looks like you had fun!!ReplyCancel

  • Tone on Tone Loi Thai - July 16, 2014 - 10:35 AM

    Fabulous food and shopping? Sounds perfect!! Love those rugs from Surya. I wonder who reps them in the DC area? And I wish Aidan Gray would open a showroom in our area. They have such beautiful pieces. CheersReplyCancel