Lovely Living Room Colors in Connecticut

Well, here’s a first; two posts in one day!

Today, I drove out to a client in Connecticut. I live in South Eastern NY, and while most of my clients are in NY, because I’m so close, occasionally I get some jobs in Connecticut too. I started this job right after Thanksgiving and at that time, the client an adorable young woman informed me that she was pregnant with identical twins! (her first children!). Now, she is in her 36th week, God bless her! What a trooper!

This is a smallish room and so I knew that I wanted the living room colors to be soft and monochromatic.





When we started this job, all that was in the room were the fireplace tools, sconces and the drapes, left from the previous owner.


No problem. They work! Otherwise, it was a blank slate. I also am in the process of doing her dining room. We are awaiting the most gorgeous breakfront evah! No really, wait until you see it! I’m plotzing just thinking about it!

Today’s visit was to bring over a couple of accessories and to take some photos. You may recall an earlier post where I posted some of the accessories we were going to buy.


In the end, we nixed the foo dogs and the cute little gold yoga frog, turned out to be about twice as big as I thought it was, and instead of cute, it was SCAREEEEEEEE, so we nixed that one too. Then, the bird box was a no go because there was a minimum order I could not meet… And the blue and white vase her mother-in-law bought her.

But anyway, I brought my camera and set up my tripod and took a zillion shots. Here are some that I liked. Taking good photos is difficult because there’s always some detail that’s missed or a chair should’ve been placed further back or a lamp shade is crooked. Also, these are taken with a little Nikon… I’ll shut up now.

lovely living room colors

living room colors

The ginger jar from Emmisary was waiting on the doorstep when I arrived! The chairs are from a company called Noir and I had them reupholstered in a synthetic silk. (the original was burlap. burlap? what’s that all about?)


One of my fave settees from TCS Designs– a trade upholstery company. Don’t try to find them. They don’t advertise and they don’t have a web site and they have told me that they never will! Ya know, I kinda respect that. (yes, I know, I posted the same photo twice.)

JessicaLR 013

The rug is a custom-made rug from Nourison which was fabricated by my lovely workroom, Creative Flooring in Mount Kisco, NY. They are amazing!

Check out the lotus votives from Vagabond Vintage. Now, I love Vagabond but sorry, have to say that their lotus votives suck. yes, really. But, what are you talking about Laurel? They look beautiful! Yes, thank you; I spent two hour repainting them!

JessicaLR 025

The custom giclee botanicals are from Wendover Art. I had them custom-sized about 10% smaller just because I felt that they would fit better in the space. I think that was a good move!  The pretty lamp is from Currey and Co. They have a very eclectic, interesting line of lighting and accent furnishings.

JessicaLR 006

The gold and glass table is from World’s Away. I love the simple lines and the way it is there without calling a lot of attention to itself!

JessicaLR 058

Another close up of the settee with an Aidan Gray Nemur Fragment lamp and side tables from Accents Beyond. The console table under the botanicals is also from AB. The mirror was custom-made by Museum Facsimiles.

The photo does not even come close to doing that frame justice. It is just beautiful and I think that their pieces look a lot more expensive than they are. Reflected in the mirror is another print on canvas that I got somewhere, but I don’t remember. I had to paint that frame a bit too!

Oh, and the pillow. I ordered the silk fabric from Jamie Young and had those beauties made by my workroom. And finally– the fabric on the settee is— get this— Indoor/Outdoor fabric from Kravet. So good-looking and practically indestructible. And well, with two little babies running around, I think that’s going to be a very good idea!

All photos: via Laurel Bern Interiors, Inc.  (its okay to reprint/publish them, as long as you give me credit)

You might be interested to read how much it costs to furnish a living room.

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