My gorgeous painted breakfront

Breakfront created for Laurel Bern Interiors By English Classics


Alright, Even though I did a totally sucky job of photo shopping out the crap in the background, I couldn’t wait to show y’all this beauty, I designed and had custom built in England. I absolutely love designing furniture and wish I could do more of it. Maybe one day.

I finally found someone really wonderful (after a very lengthy search) to make this piece for my client’s dining room. Finally, after waiting over five months, I got this email along with the photo:

Dear Laurel,

The bookcase arrived from England today.  Here is an image so you can see how it looks.  There is a problem though, the painted breakfront was made 3″ less deep than specified on your drawing.  This was a matter of the cabinet maker not reading the notes on the drawing carefully. 

I’ve spoken to the maker in England who said he will halt all other projects and remake this bookcase to the proper size.  I also called in a favor to someone who is shipping a container from England next week and he will allow me to put the new bookcase on that container which would get it here in about 3.5 weeks. 

I am very sorry about this situation and we are doing our best to remedy it as quickly as possible.  Please let me know if you have any questions or if anything you see on the picture of the bookcase that needs adjusting.

Thank you,


Oh dear… and this was before I had, had coffee mind you and my husband had just opened up some lamps for me which were sent in the wrong color. (also not my mistake) It was one of those days.

I am just thanking God that this is not my boo boo, at least not this time! Fortunately, my client of the “taste maker” living room, who just had identical twins, (!) was totally cool. Its funny, how one’s perspective about what were once EXTREMELY IMPORTANT matters, changes drastically, when one has not one, but suddenly two infants to care for round the clock. haha! But no matter, she’s a doll anyway! phew!

It’s so amazing to see one’s vision and drawing come to life! If you are interested, as shown, it is only $6,800. (retail)

Ever try to find one of these babies that is hand painted, good quality and doesn’t cost a zillion bucks? Believe me, I have combed the market place!

I worked with a company for years who did make this type of thing for me but recently they are now making everything out of MDF board (wtf?) and everything came in DAMAGED—AND not made to spec and they wouldn’t make good on THEIR mistakes. What nonsense! Obviously, I’m done with them!

One of my bosses early in my career used to say this, all the time:

“This business is not for the faint of heart.”

Boy, she is just not kidding!

Best Wishes,

PS: gotta go and “warm up” the TV–lol. I absolutely adore watching the Olympics!

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