20 Interior Designers I Would Hire {part I}


Have you lost your marbles?

Why yes, quite a while back… but how can I help you? :]

Well, you’re going to give us a list of interior designers YOU would hire? Aren’t they your competition? And aren’t you an interior designer?

In reverse order:

  • Yes, I am and I have certainly done interior design on myself, but the reality is… sometimes, I wish someone else would give me their objective opinion.
  • I think it’s very difficult to do for oneself.
  • The designers I’m going to mention are not my competition because most of my clients can’t afford them!

I thought this would be a fun exercise and it’s my little Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice presie to y’all for taking the time to check out the posts and for all of your wonderful support.

Please bear in mind that if I were to hire any of these fabulous designers, that money is no object. Therefore, I would be able to live in the home of my dreams.

A Federal style home. This has and always will be my favorite, favorite style.

with insanely high ceilings and humongous windows with deep, deep, paneled interior shutters. Furlow Gatewood’s home would do nicely. And oh crap, he should be on the list, but we’ll just sneak him in here, because his work is absolutely beyond amazing!

Here plus Furlow are the first ten interior designers I would hire.


Alexa Hampton


Alexa Hampton if you don’t already know is the daughter of the legendary interior designer, Mark Hampton. Sadly, he passed away several years ago, way too soon and Alexa followed in his footsteps. Quite frankly, as incredible as her father was and I really enjoyed his fabulous renderings:

have to say that I think that Alexa has possibly surpassed his brilliance in her use of color and form to express her art. The top photo is from her magnificent living room at the Kip’s Bay Showhouse 2014.

And she is equally adept at the pale and lovely.



Ashley Whittaker

Sorry, due to copyright trolls and other slimebags, I cannot post any of her images. However, Google is allowed to, so please just do a search and you’ll see plenty of her gorgeous work.


Bunny Williams

Probably half the posts on here have at least one room done by this brilliant designer. Her work is traditional, yet modern, timeless, yet incredibly fresh and oozing with high, brilliant style.


and she lives in paradise with her husband, the equally talented John Rosselli.

Charles Spada

I’ve been following Charles Spada ever since I was a student at the New York School of Interior Design back in the late 80’s. [that’s 1980’s lol] As a matter of fact, I modeled at least one project on his amazing work. Everything he does is classic and very elegant.

Daniel Romualdez

Daniel is the interior designer for Tory Burch. You can see more of his astonishing work here in Tory’s Southhampton home. This room above is also attributed to the decorator Eve Hood who is an old college chum of Tory’s

Darryl Carter

Can you believe that Darryl started out his adult life as a lawyer? Thank God he realized his true calling was in interior design. I imagine there isn’t a person alive who wouldn’t feel absolutely wonderful living in one of his rooms. Sublime.



Frank Babb Randolph

Have to include Mr. Randolph, the designer of THE prettiest room God ever created through Frank. And with antiques by my dear friend Loi Thai of Tone on Tone. Who BTW should be on this list too! However, I don’t like to work with family and as many of you know… Loi and I were separated at birth. ;]


Jeffrey Bilhuber

Jeffrey is like the Mozart of the interior design world. He’s brilliant, takes enormous chances and with a big pay off. I will admit that this amount of color might be a bit much for me, but that’s alright, because Jeffrey does different design styles like Meryl Streep does accents.



Mariette Himes Gomez

I have adored Mariette’s work since the late 80’s. 10-15 years later, I used to go into her shop and salivate all over the wildly expensive furniture. Her rooms always look fresh and serene.


Mark D. Sikes

Mark is a designer that I discovered on the internet and just before his career has taken off like wild-fire! BTW, if you don’t know his blog— it is definitely in the top ten of everyone’s blog list! However, his own work is absolutely amazing! I would definitely hire him!


Links to all the designers:

Alexa Hampton

Ashley Whittaker

Bunny Williams

Charles Spada

Daniel Romualdez

Darryl Carter

Frank Babb Randolph

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Mariette Himes Gomez

Mark D. Sikes

Well, that’s the first ten! Stay tuned for the second ten… coming soon!




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  1. I am speechless- you hit it out of the ballpark for me! Now on to the second set of ten..
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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