Winter’s Little Known Myth + Exquisite Christmas Decorations

This morning when I went out, I was greeted with a light dusting of snow. The weather here in NY has been abysmal for days and most of us are wondering what’s in store for us in the coming months.

Whenever I think of Christmas during the warm months, it feels impossible. However as soon as the leaves disappear and the weather turns frigid, there’s no escaping that special feeling one gets in December here in the northeast.

rod-chase-City Lights 1472X1944

photo by Rod Chase

The Myth Of Winter

When it snows in New York, it is a magical winter wonderland and people who live in warm climates really miss the “four seasons.”

Truth. It looks like this for about 10 minutes [then it turns black] except we rarely notice because we’ve either skidded off the road into a ditch or the car can’t move because it’s plowed in by some idiot with a giant shovel attached to his truck. People in warm climates just say that to make us think that we’re in a better place. We’re not. The weather sucks. They say it because they don’t want us moving there! Tens of millions of us have fallen for that con!

Okay, well… alright. It’s not ALL bad. Christmas wouldn’t be the same if all we had to hang our lights on was a palm tree.

Twinkly Lights on the Palm Trees at Orlando's Peabody Hotel


I guess it depends what you’re used to.

I’m lucky in some ways. I’m Jewish but don’t practice the religion and have always disliked Chanukah. I decided a while back that I do not want any presents and I’d rather not give any either.  Of course I would bring something over if invited to a party. It’s not that I’m ba hum bug. Not at all!

Even so, I love Christmas. I love looking and walking around Bronxville and New York City–especially at this time of year. The lights and decorations ARE magical and I’ve always enjoyed them. Therefore, in the spirit of this magical time of year, here are some exquisite Christmas decorations for you to enjoy.


From my entry

dreamy-whites-christmasDreamy Whites

I love the simplicity of this vignette

christmas+christmas+florals+via+southern+accentsChristmas florals via Southern Accents Magazine.

carolyne-roehm-christmas-green-whiteCarolyne Roehm


carolyne-roehm-red-christmasCarolyne Roehm

This must be incredible to be in this rich red space

portavideki-christmasPorta Videki

How pretty is this hydrangea wreath


Southern Living

My absolute favorite.


Frank Babb Randolph with antiques by Tone on Tone

suzanne-kasler-christmasSuzanne Kasler


Bunny Williams

Autumn leaves for Christmas? Sure. Why not? This room is absolutely stunning!

carolyne-roehm-christmas-greenCarolyne Roehm

She really has it down! Exquisite taste!

I realize that a couple of these I posted last year, but I just love them so. The links are below for more Christmas ideas.

Stay warm and safe and hopefully not too stressed out over your shopping. Please remember, I don’t want anything— except please subscribe to the blog! The form is below. lol



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