25 Ways To Hide The TV – The Ultimate Guide

Hi Everyone,

In years past, there were three posts about how to hide the TV and one that focused more on the TV technology. So, the three posts are now two posts. Please enjoy the technology post here, which is very funny, especially if you watch the video near the top of the post.

Since television became widespread in the 1950s, hiding the TV has been a common decorating issue.


RCA 630-TS Television First mass produced TV set, sold 1946-1947



Before I go on, there is a related post that covers much of the history of TV and its innovations – through 2022. And it also has some ideas about how to hide the TV. It’s a sister post.


However, this post focuses on how to hide the TV and sometimes decorate around the TV.

Often the best and easiest way to hide the TV is to hide it in plain sight.


My mother said it so well…

It’s like a marshmallow in the snow.

Or, in this case, a piece of licorice in a tar pit. ;]


In other words, the wall gets painted a dark color to make the TV less obtrusive.


The idea is to make the TV blend into the surroundings. So, let’s begin with that idea.


Family Room Benjamin Moore Gentlemans Gray TV Disappear

From a job I did in Chappaqua, NY, in 2008! The Wall color is Benjamin Moore – Gentleman’s Gray, one of the Laurel Home Paint Collection colors.


@VanessaDeighton - Instagram - hidden TV in plain view

@VanessaDeighton – Instagram – hidden TV in plain view


artfully walls with chairish sideboard and sconces


It wasn’t that long ago that decorating around the TV was not only a problem but sometimes a huge problem. The TV was big and boxy, and the only solution was to stick it in an armoire or have it sitting out on something. Remember?



I remember in the early days of my career (the mid-90s), I found myself in many a home that seemed to be made entirely out of windows.



And where there weren’t windows, there were doors or stairs– or it was open. No walls.


One time, during an initial meeting in such a home, I suggested to the prospective client that she consider covering up the windows and flanking the fireplace. After all, there were about 30 other windows. We could then install two matching cabinets, and one could house the TV.

She looked at me like I had three heads, and then I never heard from her again. Haha. I believe I mentioned another prospective client around the same time, who looked at me with just as many heads.

However, in other projects, occasionally, we covered up a window to put in a built-in. Nobody missed the window, but the payoff was huge!


Now, of course, we have our beautiful sleek flat screens.


There’s even a new TV that rolls up. Again, please go to the post (The living room TV as we know it is over) to check out the rolling TV and read what I think about it.

We no longer need the bulky equipment; if we do, it can go to another room. Still, we’re not completely satisfied because now we have the option of putting the big black thing on top of the fireplace.

Focal point?

Maybe. Maybe not.


Let’s get to the good stuff and look at various ways to hide the TV.



Giannetti Home

Fabulous living room with a built-in TV over the fireplace. They could do a Samsung Frame TV in the niche. They could also’ve done bi-fold or sliding doors. But, this is fine too.

See what the Giannettis did in their own home. It’s astonishing!

Below is another TV that is hidden in plain sight.



Mark D. Sikes

I love how unobtrusive the TV is in this traditional library.


Let’s explore other options for hiding or decorating around the TV.


20 awesome ideas decorating around tv


Here are some of my favorite ideas for hiding the TV over the fireplace


TV enclosure with prints - hide the TV - via Blue Egg Brown Nest


Blue Egg Brown Nest


I love these folding panels using the art prints. When closed, it looks like pretty prints over the fireplace.




Another screen with art prints


how to hide the TV - piano hinge art - Suzanne Kasler

And one more with the same idea.

McKinley Residence, designer, Suzanne Kasler, Atlanta, GA – via Southern Living


McKinley Residence, designer, Suzanne Kasler, September 2013, Atlanta, GA, Before and After

And another view when the screen is shut.


I have long admired the work of Raymond (RL) Goins.



 Raymond [RL] Goins These are hand-painted scenes that he turns into a flat-screen TV cover.




@NivenBreen on instagram hide the TV @RLgoins

@NivenBreen on instagram hide the TV @RLgoins


Another view of the same gorgeous room.


Raymond Goins Design - via Facebook - gorgeous TV screen

Raymond Goins Design – via Facebook – gorgeous TV screen

This screen is like the one above with two additional panels.

RL Goins Red Coromandel Screen - hide the TV

RL Goins Red Coromandel Chinoiserie Screen


And the last one, I adore more than I can say.


RL Goins - exquisite eglomise mirror - hide the TV

RL Goins – exquisite Verre eglomise mirror

Interior @landygardnerinteriors


Let’s look at some other ways to hide the TV.



Amy Howard

This is a more unusual treatment but perfect for this rustic home.


platt-builders - how to hide the TV

Platt Builders

Traditional pocket doors in a built-in fireplace surround house a flat-screen TV. One word of caution regarding pocket doors. Sometimes they break or get stuck or are just hard to work. So, what happens is that they are always in their pocket.

Hence, what is the point? It is much better to use either a bi-fold or sliding door. Or if a small TV, just two doors might be fine.

maitland-smith-tv-cabinet_1_xLooks like a William and Mary-style highboy, right?

Nope. Not really.

By Maitland Smith (but discontinued, I believe)


maitland-smith-tv-cabinet-how to hide the TVPretty cool, huh?



Phoebe Howard

An antique Swedish or French Secretary could be used to house a TV.


A free-standing cabinet perfect to house a wide-screen TV. And it can even be a bookcase because we no longer have to deal with the big box. That’s a big help! Of course, you can use any cabinet you wish.


hide the TV via Attic Mag

via Attic Mag

One of the best-known ways to hide the TV is in a case where it comes up when summoned. For another image of this cool room, please check out this post about radiators and hiding them.


via Dwell.com - James Wagman - Architect - how to hide the TV - behind sliding panel

via Dwell.com – James Wagman – Architect – hide the TV – behind a sliding panel


This is beautiful for a contemporary setting, but it could be adapted for a traditional room, as you’ll see in a bit.


via Dwell.com - James Wagman - Architect - Panel over fireplace - conceals TV

via Dwell.com – James Wagman – Architect – Panel over fireplace – conceals the TV


However, it looks kind of plain. You could do some large-scale art on the flat panel.


urbanartcn on Etsy - large scale art

UrbanartCN on Etsy – large scale art


hide the TV - design - Tom Stringer - Via Traditional Home

Clever design by  Tom Stringer – Via Traditional Home

This is reminding of the post about hidden doors.


photo - Gordon Beall - Traditional Home - how to hide the TV over fireplace - Meredith Vieira home

Photo – Gordon Beall – Traditional Home – Meredith Vieira home.


I’d love to see this closed. I bet that the panels are very pretty. Lovely fireplace mantel. It looks very similar to some of these we were looking at.


Studio-McGee - hide the TV - large art over fireplace

Studio McGee

If the TV were integrated into the wall, one could lean a lightweight piece of art over it. Or, anchor it down like we were discussing if it’s heavier art. OR, create a sliding system with the art, as we saw in the other post.



Dee Dee Taylor Eustace

This has to be one of the nicest TV installs in a kitchen I have ever seen. I don’t mind it being open.


Trefurn - beautiful cabinetry how to hide the TV

Trefurn in the UK


I’m totally in love with this integrated panel with storage behind it.


And one more which is very cool.


Veranda-pennoyer-diningroom-hidden storage - photo - Christopher Mason

Veranda- Design Peter Pennoyer  photo – Christopher Mason


No TV, but there could be. Fabulous millwork!


Let’s go back to hiding a TV in plain sight.


black-white-gallery-wall-via Rainonatinroof.com - hide the TV in plain site - gallery wall

Via Rainonatinroof.com – Definitely check out Jenna’s post. She gives a detailed tutorial on how to do this. And there are several more photos.

One of the best ways to hide a TV in plain sight is to paint the wall a dark color.


Decorating Around the TV with Art


The rest of the images will incorporate the TV into a wall of art.




Little Green Notebook

Check out her tutorial on how she refinishes that Parson’s console!



Erika Powell

Coastal style. The table in the foreground is a ping pong table!



Hunted Interior

This one’s fun; if you can’t afford art, draw boxes on the wall!

Please also check out this post where I did a little gallery wall and incorporated it with a TV.

And there are also some tips for making the wires disappear.



My old living room


25 beautiful solutions decorating around the TV Hiding

please pin to Pinterest for reference


I hope that gave you some great ideas for hiding the TV or integrating it beautifully into your decor.

What do you do with your TV? Is it out in the open or behind closed doors?

And, for the latest innovations in TV, please check out the sister post, here about how the living room TV has changed – completely.



Please check out the newly updated Hot Sales page!


7 Responses

  1. Your ideas are so well thought out and you make the rationale accessible. However, your expertise shines through words and images.

  2. These are great ideas for people who must have a TV….have to say though, no better way to “hide” the TV than to discard the TV altogether. I like the idea of using the living and family room to actually interact with the people around me. Or read a book.
    Or a blog. 😉 Just my two cents.

  3. All interesting BUT after months of research I still cannot find a solution to the TV in the main living area in an open concept home. We are building a home and it only has 1 wall- 19 feet- to house the TV and a propane fireplace. I just cannot make it work. If I put the TV above the F/P, you have to worry about the damage the heat could do to your TV not to mention the viewing height. Nothing like a stiff neck after watching a movie and let’s face it , most of us watch the TV nightly.Put it off to the side and it looks like 2 big black boxes, horrible and even the Frame TV looked odd because of it’s size.[55 or 65”]. I’m feeling I have no choice but to forgo the F/P. Also you can’t decorate the mantel, seasonally, I mean who would take down your work every night?It seems to me, none of these ?s get answered, perhaps that is the answer. Would love any ideas.

    1. Evelyn,

      Would you be able to do built-ins on either side of the fireplace? With cabinet doors that close over the TV so the side-by-side effect of the FP and the TV only show when you’re watching it? Might have to use a smaller TV though.

      1. Thought of that and have pinterested to death. I find it makes the wall closed in and the doors are a pain even when you use piano hinges. Also the TV is at an odd angle for watching, almost like 2 focal points.

    2. Hi Evelyn,

      Oh dear I accidentally closed my long comment and I have to do something else. There are zillions of solutions for all of that. Special mounting, heat deflectors Some are here. https://www.efireplacestore.com/fireplaces-tv-coexist.html

      But, please google your objections. I guarantee that each of them has a solution.

      The TV should be about 6″ above the mantel so you’ll have room for your decorations. Maybe recess the TV. The mantel and stone surround will provide some protection and there are heat deflectors. All TVs can take at least 90 degrees and some up to 120. Keep your fire on the small side.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Laurel, I enjoy your blog very much. Coffee and my apple makes 1st thing Sunday morning a real treat! I am using many of your suggestions in our new home, can’t wait to be in it. A slow process at this time.
        I am familiar with the above web page and have found it very helpful but in NS there are a number of different codes that we must abide by. With that in mind the TV above the mantel would at best be at 66 inches from the bottom of the screen. Makes for awkward neck positions. I’ve looked at recessing and the same would apply. I also don’t like the 2 big black boxes look. I know, very fussy!
        I have been experimenting with some sort of bookcase, tv in the middle and another bookcase but don’t want it to look messy.
        We were at the house today and what a view we have in the backyard, a river and the sound is devine!
        Any ideas!!!

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