20 Timeless Kitchens You’re Going To Love Forever

20 Timeless Kitchens – eh?

Nothing like going out on a long limb to say that a room that could very well cost you 10s of thousands, if not 100s of thousands of dollars, will be to your liking for the rest of your life.

After all, tastes change.


Well, they might, but I think that it depends on where one’s taste started.

For instance, a reader, we’ll call her “Marie,” might have a kitchen that looks like this.



Marie’s kitchen looks like this because that’s how her mother’s kitchen looks.

And, Marie’s mother-in-law’s kitchen, her four aunt’s kitchens, 11 cousins, two sisters, 18 BFFs, and Marie’s husband’s three ex-wives’ kitchens.


All of them have THIS kitchen. However, this is not one of the timeless kitchens. I would call it the generic late 20th-century kitchen.


And, since Mary’s been busy taking care of her quintuplets for nearly 18 years, spending most of her free-time purchasing sucking-up gifts for 438 teachers for 13 years of five concurrent teachers’ conferences, etc.

Well, she certainly hasn’t had a moment to keep up with what’s going on in the outside world of classic kitchen design.


Frankly, the last thought on her mind is decorating– anything.


But, one evening balmy evening while the quints, now in their final year of high school, are out on a five-hour drunken prom night joy-ride, Marie took the opportunity to sit down and wait up for them. Surfing the Internet, Marie stumbles upon, gets sucked into Laurel Bern’s decorating blog.

Before she knows it, she’s so immersed that she fails to notice three of the quints sneaking in the back door because they lost their shoes (and one, her dress) at some point.

Then, Mary happens upon an interesting word she’s never heard before.




What the hell is an unkitchen, she wonders?

And then Mary sees something that speaks to her like nothing ever has before, except when she nearly choked on a ring in her mashed potatoes, while her then-boyfriend proposed marriage was swearing his undying love to her.


Mary swooned and sighed over the timeless kitchens of her dreams, as they appeared one after another, after another on Laurel’s blog.


Unfortunately, Marie’s husband passed away suddenly one evening the following summer. Eighteen years of working three jobs caught up with the poor guy. However, Mary soon met a handsome, well-off man who genuinely adores her, and as soon as the quints graduated college, they got married and were very happy.


Fast forward, 15 years later…


Marie’s second husband bought her the house of her dreams for an anniversary present. But, it has a kitchen that looks like the one above, which won’t do. Thus, Marie reads all the Unkitchen posts on Laurel’s blog she had bookmarked for the last 15 years.


And, guess what? She loves each of those timeless kitchens the SAME as she did 15 years ago.


Only now, she has 22 grandchildren, including six sets of twins. So, she’s going to need to build an extra-large pantry. Click here to see 25 beautiful pantries.


Okay, haha! I hope you enjoyed that little story. Tastes CAN and do change. However, the moral of the story is: it depends where someone is starting from. Perhaps like Marie, they just didn’t know what they didn’t know. But, over time, they developed their sense of timelessness.


But, if you look at the masters of interior design who specialize in a timeless look and timeless kitchens, I think you’ll find that what they did 30 years ago is pretty much what they’re doing now.



A 128-year-old Furlow Gatewood will be doing the same thing in 30 years.


Furlow Gatewood's kitchen with blue and white chinoiserie and transferware - photo Rod Collins

Furlow Gatewood’s timeless kitchen (unkitchen) with blue and white Chinoiserie transferware.

It’s not a fancy kitchen, but it’s unpretentiously dramatic and beautiful. That, to me, is one way a kitchen can be timeless.


Before we look at the rest of the timeless kitchens, we must first discuss what goes into a timeless kitchen.


It’s not enough to just look at a bunch of pretty pics and say, here it is.

But, please know that no bible states, “THIS is the only way to do a timeless kitchen.”


That’s because, above all ELSE, a timeless kitchen is personal. So, if you LOVE oak cabinets lining threes sides of your kitchen, that is YOUR timeless kitchen.


Therefore, please know, this is only my opinion which you don’t have to agree with. In addition, because of time constraints, this is not the definitive list of timeless kitchens. Frankly, I strive with most kitchens I post to put up those that I feel are timeless. That is unless I’m trying to show what I think you shouldn’t do, like in another favorite post about so-called French kitchens.

However, suppose you have a kitchen designer who presents a design she’s done 500 times before, and it’s the same kitchen that your closest 600 friends have. In that case, there’s a very good possibility that it will not be a classic, timeless kitchen.

Now, for those who are groaning that you can’t afford new cabinets or update your dated kitchen, here’s a good post that gives some good ideas about making it more timeless without spending a fortune.


Oh, and this post too about painting stained wooden cabinetry.


I also feel that if you have an ancient kitchen, you’re in luck.


For a kitchen to be truly timeless, I feel that there needs to be some element(s) of history.

Does that mean that it has to be an old kitchen?

No, it doesn’t.

But, if it’s built in a traditional way and there are old things IN the kitchen, that’s all needed.

nancy-keyes-kitchen-range-accessories - timeless kitchens
Above and below is a perfect example in Nancy Keyes’ kitchen. I think her vintage accents add so much. Although, it would be spectacular, in any case. For more of this kitchen and Nancy’s lovely home, click here.


Nancy Keyes fabulous timeless kitchen with white chandelier they created themselves


A Timeless kitchen does not scream out KITCHEN!!!


What does that mean?

Nancy says that when guests come over, they frequently don’t realize that they are standing in the kitchen. But, timeless kitchens, if large enough, are places for gathering. And, sometimes that can include comfortable chairs or even a sofa as we saw in Ben Pentreath’s charming kitchen that I was lucky enough to spend an hour in a year and a half ago.

Click here for more of Ben’s home from my trip to England.


Ben Pentreath - Charlie McCormick - old parsonage timeless kitchen yellow walls - cabinet

photo of Ben Pentreath’s kitchen: Laurel Bern


And, there is often beautiful free-standing furniture, like this dresser, above, on the right. That is, along with the art and accessories that make this room feel warm and homey.

Ben Pentreath - Charlie McCormick - old parsonage kitchen yellow walls range
The image above is another one I took during my visit to this incredibly charming home in Dorset, UK.


As discussed on this blog, there is often a lack of upper cabinets in an “unkitchen.” That is upper cabinets that go over counters.


However, if there are upper cabinets, in some timeless kitchens, corbels are used to give furniture feel to the cabinetry.


In addition, the separation of the uppers gives a more furniture feel to this wonderful kitchen.


However, every time I write about “no uppers,” there’s always at least one reader who interprets “no uppers” as nothing above waist height. But, it depends upon the size of the kitchen the availability of other storage, like a pantry. And always, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, I believe, are timeless.


In a timeless kitchen, the cabinetry is usually painted.


Is it always painted?


No. But if it’s wood, it’s usually old wood, or the entire home is wood. In other words, the wood cabinetry makes sense for the house it’s in. If the woodwork (trim) is painted, it makes no sense for the kitchen cabinets to be stained.

Here’s a good post that features kitchens with stained wood that look great and are appropriate for the homes they’re a part of.


What else goes on in timeless kitchens?


Brass is actually timeless. Unlacquered, natural brass. We discussed it here in terms of bathrooms. But, nickel, chrome, and bronze are fine too.

Timeless kitchens mix metals, as we can see here.


Timeless kitchens also have gorgeous high-end appliances. But either the fridge is out of sight or is built-in sleekly. Or, if a retro style, it might be separate. But the most outstanding timeless kitchens have stunning ranges.


Although, if that’s not in the budget, the sleekest stainless steel range you can afford is a good alternative.


My favorites are the Lacanche ranges. But, the stainless Smegs are cool, and of course, I’m not poopooing a La Cornue or an Aga in the right kitchen.


Bertazzoni 30 Induction Professional range

As for me, I want a Bertazzoni induction range for my new kitchen.


And, now for Mimi Thorisson.


Gorgeous Mimi Thorisson - timeless kitchens


Do y’all know who she is? I’m sure that a good many of you do. She’s made quite a name for herself as a chef, blogger, restaurateur, and author (I understand her cookbooks are terrific). And as if that’s not enough right there, she’s a wife and mother to EIGHT children and 14 dogs.




And she dares to look like that? haha, I found an article where she shares her beauty and other secrets for dealing with her extraordinary life.


Mimi and her photographer-husband bought this 15-room antique beauty in the French countryside and then did a number on it. But, in the most authentic way possible. Extraordinary!


lacanche-range-at-mimi-thorisson-photo-Matt Hranek

And, actually uncovered some gems like this amazing tile floor. Now, THAT is the unkitchen of all unkitchens! And yeah, there’s her stunning Lacanche range. Does she need one that large?

Yes, she does.


Oddur Thorisson, « Mimi Apples » (2012) Photo tirée du blogue de Mimi Thorisson, Manger, 2012- Image numérique | ©Oddur Thorisson - timeless kitchens


Photo by Mimi’s husband, Oddur Thorisson, shows part of the family hard at work at their stations. I’m amazed at how well they’ve hidden the chains. haha.

Those with less docile children than these appear to be will understand 100%.

-Mimi Thorisson_house-15jul16-Greg-Funnell_b

A fabulous dresser in Mimi Thorisson’s kitchen, beautifully styled.


Please follow Mimi Thorisson’s exquisite Instagram feed if you aren’t already.


Timeless kitchens have natural stone and especially marble.


one kings lane_kim bachmann_KITCHEN Lighting - chinoiserie brass chandelier

via one king’s Lane – Adore this kitchen by Kim Bachmann

Now, remember this post where we discussed marble and faux marble countertops?


It’s one of my favorites.


But, there’s something I’ve been dying to share with you about marble countertops.


I had heard about two years ago that “they,” but I didn’t know who was working on developing a way so that marble would not etch or stain.

And, I recently discovered that “they” did it.

Now, here’s the cool thing. In 2016, on the trip to Italy, I got to go to Antolini, one of the major natural stone sources. You can read about it here.


Well, Antolini is the “they” who created something called Azerocare.


And, actually, it has been around for about two years, but I didn’t know that. With all of the crap people send me, why they didn’t send me anything about that, I can’t say.

Antolini’s website has a film that you are obliged to watch, so I’m sending you here for a good explanation of what it does.

Very important. You cannot apply azerocare to an already installed stone. And, it’s only through Antolini and its sellers. I imagine that it’s costly, but it might be just the thing for those who wish their marble to remain pristine.

Does anyone have any experience with it and can vouch for one way or the other?

(Note: March 28, 2019) – a total coincidence; I just read a fabulous review of Azerocare by kitchen designer Heather Hungeling. You can access her terrific blog post here, including ways to avoid getting ripped off!


Timeless kitchens frequently have a beautiful old table in place of the standard built-in island.


Studio Peregalli - Timeless Kitchen - encaustic cement floor - antique table #unkitchen


Oh, man! Yes, please! I’ll take two of these. One for now and one for later, just in case. Studio Peregalli – Yes, that’s an encaustic cement floor


Timeless kitchen - Parisian apartment- encaustic cement floor @abkasha on instagram - Betsy kasha

Above and below Parisian apartment- encaustic cement floor @abkasha on Instagram – Betsy kasha, A Paris realtor. Heaven! Remember Laurel’s dream Parisian apartment?

Also, please check out this post featuring more beautiful interiors by AB Kasha.


And yes, another Lacanche!


Timeless kitchen - Natasha Habermann - Smeg range - Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone paint color

Above and below the beautiful and timeless kitchen belonging to Natasha Habermann.

Her range is a smeg. And the color on the cabinetry is Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone.


Natasha Habermann - timeless kitchen - North Salem - Gustavian cabinet - fireplace

Love the Gustavian cabinet!


Natasha is definitely “another one to follow” on Instagram. Her photos are fabulous. So, please check her out and follow if you’re not already.


Now, I see some of you looking very nervous, and I don’t think it’s about following Natasha Habermann.


Are you saying we have to rip out our kitchen islands, Laurel?


Oh, sorry. Gosh, no worries!

I see many tables, but I think that islands or counter-height work tables like Nancy Keyes are wonderful and still very much a part of timeless kitchen design.


Mark Maresca Kitchen - antique work table
I love this antique work table. (and all the rest too!) I think it adds much warmth and charm to this timeless kitchen. For instance, this beauty by Mark Maresca has set Instagram (follow Mark here) and Pinterest on fire with shares and repins.


kitchen renovation - charming old home

Above is the dream kitchen I got to help out with for my friend, Mary, in Bronxville, NY. You can see much more of this lovely, here.


Timeless Kitchen by Giannetti Home - black absolute granite
Another beauty by Brooke and Steve Giannetti.


What about door styles, Laurel?


Oh yes! Thank you for reminding me!

Well, there can be a mix of styles.


southern living antique kitchen cabinets cremone bolts- photo Laurey W Glenn

southern living antique kitchen cabinets cremone bolts- photo Laurey W Glenn


For instance, I’ve long admired these antique glass doors for this built-in china cabinet.

Mainly for the regular doors, I prefer either a shaker style or one with a reasonably simple bead.


deVOL-kitchens no backsplash-WilmingtonSquare-055

Is the dark paint timeless on another DeVOL favorite? Sure. Why not? It’s a look that’s been around since the 1700s. I would say it qualifies.




And my preference is for an inset cabinet as shown above, if possible.

Above is a similar 24″ Ilve gas range.

It comes in numerous colors as well as metal finishes.


devol kitchens forest green cabinets marble and a shelf with art

DeVOL says that they have been making this door style for 35 years.


Clerkenwell - Shaker Kitchen - DeVOL Kitchens - Small Kitchens

Above is another one of the charming, small DeVOL timeless kitchens.


Classic Homes Adam Architecture Bighton Grange -George Saumarez Smith kitchen design trend

Above is a pic I took of my favorite home on the England trip in the fall of 2017. This beauty was designed by George Saumarez Smith of Adam Architecture.



I think the kitchen of Lindsey and Kristen Buckingham hits all of the right notes. Via Elle Decor.


Donald Lococo - Darryl Carter classic white kitchen

Above and the following two images is one of my all-time classic, timeless kitchens, which was a collaboration by Architect Donald Lococo and Interior designer Darryl Carter.




Rob Kelly beautiful white vintage style kitchen

Rob Kelly beautiful white vintage style timeless kitchen


Dan Carithers via Cote De Texas - charming beautifully styled white kitchen with transferware

And, finishing off with this small charming kitchen by Dan Carithers.


You might also enjoy these posts featuring many classic and timeless kitchens.


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33 Responses

  1. Is the fictional reader Marie or Mary? I am so confused reading and rereading thefirst few paragraphs that I was unable to appreciate to kitchen photos

  2. Dear Laurel, my 92 year old mother passed away a couple weeks ago and I am going through her emails to unsubscribe to several blogs. She has been a fan of your for years loving your style and especially your sense of humor. Thank you for being a part of my mother’s life giving her many chuckles especially after she had to move to a retirement home and just had a tiny apartment to decorate. Her heart was failing her but not her sense of humor. She loved reading your blogs and appreciated the classy lady you are. Sincerely, Vickie

  3. I was going to leave a similar comment as Jennifer Thomson. I almost bought a Bertazzoni, but after reading about all the problems with the Bertazzoni and various similar looking ranges that all come out of the same factory in China, I decided to go with a Bosch. The Bosch induction range, while less spectacular looking than the Bertazzoni etc, is much better for both my sanity and the planet — and it’s still quite attractive. (PS: Even Viking is selling one of those cheap ranges from the aforementioned Chinese factory. Some dealers won’t even offer an extended warranty on them.)

  4. Yes Laurel, I have Azerocare marble in my kitchen. We have had it about a year. There is a dealer in Atlanta. It cost about double what marble would have. We love it. It is not available in a honed finish, which I had my heart set on, but is beautiful anyway. And we don’t worry at all about spills. I was cleaning my coffee pot and spilled 50% vinegar on it, and even that did not damage it. I could only afford an Aga, but I love it, too! Thanks for all of the inspiration, Laurel! Michelle

  5. Love! All these kitchens are beautiful in their own way. One thing I really enjoyed was we don’t have to have everything white and everything matching perfectly. Perfect imperfection! Thank you for another great informative post!

  6. Laurel, would you do a blog on cabinet hardware sometime? Not all of us have or can have white kitchens. I assume hardware for white or cream cabinets is easier to choose. I was looking for advice on what finish looks best with certain wood cabinets especially maple. Thanks.

  7. Oh Laurel, yet again you have given us huge smiles! Thank you always for your kind support! I love the other kitchens you featured and they are almost all on my Pinterest board. Thank you again!!! XOXO

  8. I hope it is okay to make a second comment, I keep forgetting to mention this. I am not young, love the look of no upper cabinets or open shelves. however that means everything is in the lower cabinets, something not always easy as you age. one needs draws in those lower cabinets, more expensive of course, but much easier to access what is there and easier to organize. either that or a large pantry if space allows, does not in my kitchen. again, loved loved loved this post, love your imaginary “clients”, thanks for starting off my day.

  9. loved this post, for me these kitchens are the equivalent of reading fairy tales or a romantic novel, but far more interesting and fun. I have an old house and a rustic kitchen. I love it but it is tired and could use a major upgrade, which it probably won’t get. enter the fairy tale kitchens in this blog and I am happy that upgrade or not, I still have all the elements of these classic kitchens and happy in the knowledge that my kitchen has finally come of age. it is unique with fitted and unfitted pieces, appliances gradually being replaced, a center island comprised of an antique butcher block and antique reproduction counter. thanks to an 1830s house, the ceiling has the original beams to top it all off. I keep going back and forth with a chandelier but the ceilings are low and I think it would be too much. thanks again for another lovely fairy tale to start my day.

  10. Ellen thanks! I was just at the SW store and didn’t notice that one – I’ll take another look!

  11. SW has a new white called Cheviot, which had the barest hint of cream, and is made with their brightest white base. It seems to bring it’s own sunlight, and may be worth a look….

  12. Your kitchen blogs are my favorites… such beautiful photos and ideas. Many of your observations, and especially your knowledge, strike just the right note. My kitchen is laid out exactly like the one in the Gil Schafer photo (the first one), and has many of the features I’d like to incorporate. Thank you so much for providing inspiration, as well as practical advice! Best Regards, Candace

  13. I loved the Bertazzoni range I had in my last house, but unfortunately would never buy one again. It was a beauty! Check out the issues people have had on houzz. The customer service is horrible;-(. The only issue I had with the range was in changing the oven light. However, I bought the microwave/oven also, and that is what I had issues with. The installation manual said nothing about venting when installing in a cabinet. I had the cabinet built to the specifications. When the microwave/oven kept failing, Bertazzoni tried to tell me it was because of not having proper ventilation. It took a lot of arguments and showing proof of the installation manual to get my microwave repaired, it seems the Italian version was different from the English version;-(. The other problem is that not many appliance repair companies will work with Bertazzoni, so make sure there is one you can count on close by, if you do decide to purchase one, and by all means, get the extra warranty if available, you most likely will need it.

  14. Yeah LaCanche, the most beautiful of them all! And yeah marble! Nothing like it, worth the trouble (which isn’t much, mostly developing habits). I wanted my new kitchen to be timeless, and it is, by most of your standards. I’ve been living with it now for nearly nine years and love it just as much as I did when it was brand new. There are a few small signs of wear on some of the white cabs, and the marble has some spots and etchings, but after heavy use it all still looks gorgeous.

    I hope people read your posts and go for it. I’ve seen kitchens turned timeless on a shoestring. The biggest thing is tearing out some of the uppers, putting in open shelving, and painting the cabs. Lots of people do it themselves. My sister has transformed rental kitchens with contact paper, and you can, I read, paint floor tile. A big budget is wonderful, but there are plenty of ideas in these kitchens that could be accomplished more inexpensively.

    Great post!

  15. Love these images! My kitchen renovation is being finished up as we speak and I’ve been searching for a counter height kitchen table/island that has some style and doesn’t cost the earth; those things seem to be mutually exclusive! That table/island by Mark Maresca is just what I want! I think I’m going to have to make do with nothing for awhile and save up to get something like that.

  16. Laurel, I looked at the link you included on the recent “French Kitchens” installed in many very nice homes over the past few decades. This is exactly what I have, don’t like, but can’t completely renovate. Could you consider doing a blog on making the most of this very passe type of kitchen? I look at many blogs and decor magazines and see zero ideas on this subject.

  17. Congratulations on your son’s safe return!
    I’m one of your regular readers. I have to let you know how appreciate I am. I’m a Chinese American. English is my second language. I have to check dictionary sometimes when read your post.But it doesn’t prevent me from laughing out loud all the way . People are on Instegrames nowadays which is quick, fun like having eye candies. Compare to that your blog is like a Michelin-star meal which is delicious, beautiful, and full of nutritions at same time. The quality of the content is phenomenal. I think I’m learning more here with you than in a collage interior design class. Thank you Laurel!

  18. Love love love your blog! It is one of the very few interior design blogs written by a professionally trained designer…and that makes all the difference.
    I love these kitchens. So over the all white, minimalist look! The personality just oozes in every one of these. Thanks so very much Laurel, you are the best!

  19. Your blog is the first thing I read when I check my emails! I’m a huge fan!
    I love your “unkitchens”. I am building a home, it is a 1370 sg ft downsize for me, so every inch counts. This will be the first time I do not have a separate dining room, you will flow from the living room through the dining area and into the kitchen. I am following a lot of ‘unkitchen ideas” since it is always visable from the living area. The island in the kitchen is the hardest decision I’m having to make.
    It is important from the storage standpoint and the prep counterspace standpoint, but I am undecided about if it needs to have
    its own seating. I love nothing better than having a friend drinking wine while I am cooking, and I think if it ever had to be marketed, a young mother might love to have a child doing his homework at the island while she was cooking dinner.
    But the dining table is right there, as well.
    I think I’ve gone a long way around to ask you how important do you think it is to have seating at an Island.
    I love your sentiment in this blog that you do what suits yourself, always!, but I like to have a thought towards resale if necessary.

  20. another kitchen worth checking out is featured in the latest edition of the “Magnolia” magazine. I have a small U-shaped condo kitchen. I have put in a new countertop, undermounted sink and only have the tile backsplash remaining to be done. I’m also considering one of those “retro” refrigerators with the rounded top…

  21. Oh Laurel – this information is so inspiring! It must have taken so much thought to prepare and perfect it. I’m in awe of you and have been following for years. Currently I’m in the process of building a new home and my first appointment is to meet with the cabinet maker so this post is another answer to my prayers from you! The biggest problem I have is they absolutely only use SW paint – And for years the only paint I’ve formed a love for is BM. I so wanted White Dove but it’s OUT! And I’ve read that is cannot be duplicated with perfection by SW. So from the git go I’m running into an obstacle. Any suggestion – from anyone? Thanks so much for your input and sharing your life with us.

  22. So so beautiful – and lots of variety too. Thanks but Laurel, we want to know about YOUR kitchen…please!

  23. Laurel: I relied heavily on your “unkitchen” advice and on Jean Stauffer’s and the DeVol website when designing my own kitchen reno (dark, smokey blue floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, open shelving with dishes, art and antiques, unlaquered brass) and my mother is using your design for Mary’s Bronxville kitchen as her current inspiration – the green butler’s pantry is just fabulous and the contractor keeps saying how great the green looks!
    To the folks who invariably get the vapors over the thought of removing uppers – it’s the best thing I ever did. If you have appropriate ventilation, you do not have to worry unduly about grease and dust on open shelving. As for storage, I have more usable space now than I did in my old kitchen. Pull out drawers and shelves are a godsend, as is my wall of cabinetry, and I am someone who regularly bakes, cooks, and throws big parties where I am cooking for dozens of people at once, so I have a ton of kitchen stuff. I am so grateful for the inspiration!

  24. Laurel – SPECTACULAR Post! You have a ‘purist’ soul yet always provocative – in a good way! Love your blog – so informative and your funny! I’ve been following you for the last few years and share your love of the ‘unkitchen’. As I pull together the final plans for my new kitchen later this year, this post further inspires me to achieve a timeless and inviting ‘unkitchen’ aesthetic. You are a treasure! Good luck with your Boston Reno.

  25. Ditto to all the other lovely comments. You must spend an inordinate amount of time on each wonderful post.

    I just wanted to say, if you install unlacquered brass, make sure your electricians wear gloves. My 6 month old sconces are a mess. I know how to take them down and then reinstall them, but first I have to learn how to get all the smeary stuff off the brass.

  26. This kitchen edition was just gorgeous Laurel thank you!

    I have brand new installed marble countertops in my condo kitchen, not even cooked on ever yet. Too bad I didn’t read about the marble treatment earlier. But oh well.

    I’m working on another kitchen for our country house And have decided on a honed granite for that.

    Both of my kitchens have wood floors and painted cabinets, both influenced by you.

    Thank you for the lovely kitchen edition it is truly spectacular and inspiring.

  27. Jolly good blog Lauren. You put a lot of thought and time in it for us. And the links. Wow! I will have great fun following up on them. Well done! Thank you. Ps only fly in the ointment for those contemplating kitchen changes and/or upgrades is the inordinate time it takes to get delivery of especially refrigerators. Here it’s 4 months!

  28. Hi Laurel – I must agree with the above comment. The hours you take to put out a truly wonderful, thoughtful and truthful blog. Laurel, these unkitchens make me think of my grandmother’s kitchen. No running water, a big cast iron stove and just so darn charming.
    I am in love with each and every one of these beautiful, workable unkitchens. I really think you can pull this off without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (without the big expensive stove).
    It’s called thrift store shopping and if I were to ever build again, my first contact would be you.
    Thank you for your kindness even when you aren’t feeling well, you step us to the plate for all of us.
    My love to you and your son. How blessed you are to have him visit with you. You raised him right.

  29. We are currently looking at doing marble counters and a large center island in our kitchen. Our fabricator has STRONGLY advised using AZEROCARE if we go with marble. However, if you leave an acid on your counters and do not wipe it off, lets say overnight, it will eat through the protective coating. So you still need to be careful with your marble but this product helps as a shield.

  30. I’m a long-time indulger in and first-time poster to your blog. I just wanted to let you know how I much I really, really enjoy your work. I imagine it takes a tremendous amount of time to produce your endlessly useful and superior content and wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. (I hope you get a lot of similar feedback from others and find it gratifying.) As someone who loves interior design (and likes to think she has good taste), I know your aesthetic is exceptional and your advice, comments and ideas, always welcome. My dream? To win the lottery, build or buy my beautifully-boned dream house and decorate it perfectly— with your impeccable input, of course! 🙂

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