An Insider’s View into Stunning Custom Kitchen Details

This is the third post for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. (KBIS) #kbis2019.

There’s a lot to cover today and oh boy, do I have stunning custom kitchen details for you to see, plus sources.

The designs and trends are not ALL masculine as we saw hi-lighted in this post.

Today, we’re going to see a beautiful balance of yin and yang.

And, if you missed part I where I fill you in on what you missed out on (FOMO), click here.


First up, today is Designhounds wonderful sponsor, Thompson Traders.


Thompson Traders, I daresay, is the darling of every designer on the design hounds tour. hashtag #designhoundsKBIS. You know, because their eyes light up and smiles broaden when they say, “Can’t wait to go and visit Thompson Traders!” Their enthusiasm is infectious.

And, there’s a good reason why they can’t wait. Not only does Thompson Traders make a spectacular product; well, they are just so gosh darned nice. It’s a family business and they aim to please.


Yes, I see some confused faces. What is it?


Laurel, are you going to tell us what their products are?


No, sorry; not today. We need to move on.


After we visited Thompson Traders, we hit Lamps Plus.


Can you guess what they sell?

I’ll give you three guesses.

No idea? Anyone?


What’s wrong now?


Oh, for Tommy’s sake, please stop looking at me like I just got in the shower fully clothed.


I mean you do know why we’re here. Right? ;]  Please be patient, and pleeeease lighten up. And that goes for your coffee mugs too. (some of you.)


Although I will still love you if you’re feeling grumpy and need to complain.


You’ve a right to be grumpy for two reasons.


  • One, now that March has arrived, the weather has decided that we need to have a good wallop from the polar vortex. Thanks but no, thanks.
  • And, two.  I fully realize that coffee is an essential nutrient and if we are sitting somewhere, we need to be able to put the damned mug down. Referring to Sunday’s coffee table styling post:]


But, yes, Of COURSE I’m going to show and tell you all about Thompson Traders.


Thompson Traders manufactures the most gorgeous, copper, nickel and stainless steel sinks, range hoods, as well as vanities, tubs and accessories.


And, while they do carry many stock items, much of their work is custom to your exact specifications.

That’s the custom part of the stunning custom kitchen details. A fabulous range hood, sink and other accents can totally make a kitchen. Don’t believe me, just yet?


Well, then, let’s check out these exquisite kitchens, each with the most amazing custom kitchen details and all equipped with Thompson Traders Range hood covers– and more.


Okay, this is a little unusual. But for the first one, I’m not going to go into it, and, it’s not the designer who said this, but I can’t post one photo. However, it’s a gorgeous kitchen and I know that you will enjoy it, so instead, I will only link to this one.

It is the beautiful work of interior designer, Brooke Cole. You can see it here, on her instagram.

Very beautiful, inventive work. Me like.

She also has a very cool backsplash which you can see here, she explains how she did it. She actually had a gorgeous Gracie Wallpaper put behind tempered glass. The effect with the copper hood hand-crafted by Thompson Traders is extraordinary.


Now, for the images of some other exceptional custom kitchen details featuring the stunning designs of Thompson Traders.


Maria Adams Designs - Julian Price Showhouse - Thompson traders burnished nickel hood - photo @BillLuskStudio - custom kitchen details

Above is an amazing kitchen by Maria Adams Designs that she did recently for the Julian Price Showhouse – if you click on the link, you’ll also see the before images. Whoa!

(and please don’t forget to follow Maria’s gorgeous instagram account) @mariaadamsdesigns

The stunning nickel hood in burnished nickel is by Thompson Tradersphoto @BillLuskStudio


Maria Adams designs sources - Julian Price House - custom kitchen details
I know that you guys love to have the sources. And if you click on the instagram link, you’ll get to this image where you can see them for real.


Maria Adams Designs - image - the old house life blog - Julian Price showhouseThe Old House Life Blog

I’m including this other image because you can see some things in this one that you can’t see as well in the other photograph. (like that gorgeous Rohl Bridge faucet which we’ll get to in a sec)


via @mariaadamsdesigns on instagram - @thompsontraders on instagram - gorgeous nickel hood - custom kitchen detailsAnd, just before the hood was shipped out, Thompson Traders snapped this pic.  Fabulous. Love that burnished nickel finish.

This is reminding so much of the nickel hood we did for the Bronxville kitchen. Remember that one?


We also did the same bridge faucet from Perrin and Rowe (Rohl). Love that one!


Rohl Bridge faucet cross metal handlesRohl Bridge Faucet with cross metal handles and side spray


Rohl Bridge faucet lever handles
Here it is with the lever handles.

They both come in a bunch of finishes. I adore the polished nickel, however.


And now for a very special treat full of the most amazing details by my friend and fellow Design Hound Lisa Mende.


Please check out Lisa’s beautiful website here.


Lisa is the queen of show houses and each one she does is more spectacular than the one before.


Interior Design Lisa Mende - kitchen - Traditional Home- Savannah Southern Style Showhouse - Thompson Traders Copper Range Hood Custom Kitchen Details

In this one from last year’s Southern Living Show House in Savannah, GA Lisa pulled out all of the stops for this stunner.  Above and below you can see the exquisite hand-crafted copper range hood by Thompson Traders.

AND, for an extra dash of WOW! who can ignore that amazing range by Thermador.


I love how deftly this room is balanced. Each wall is interesting on its own and yet, everyone is getting along so nicely. Oh, if only it were like that in the real world!


Lisa Menda showhouse-kitchen - Traditional Home- Savannah Southern Style Showhouse - Thermador Range- Thompson Traders Copper Range Hood Custom Kitchen Details
This shot above has a better view of the range hood by Thompson Traders.

Extraordinary. Love how the fridge is hidden. Oh, and the colors!


Yes, Laurel, what ARE the colors???


Man, will you guys stop kibitzing? In other words– hush now! We’ll be getting to that. ;]


Lisa Mende - kitchen sources Southern Living Showhouse - photo @kelliboydphotography

Above are the sources for Lisa’s kitchen, but you can also see them here on her beautiful instagram account. Please be sure to follow her, if you aren’t already.


And yes, I do have the cabinet color!


Benjamin Moore Bird's Egg Blue 2051-60

Benjamin Moore Bird’s Egg Blue 2051-60


This is actually quite similar to one of the Laurel Home Paint Collection colors, Dolphin’s Cove which was featured prominently in this interesting post. I love this color!

There is another Laurel Home paint collection color that is also very beautiful and just a tad deeper.

Benjamin Moore tranquil blue 2051-60

Benjamin Moore Tranquil Blue 2051-60 sq


If you’re thinking of a medium blue kitchen, I would get samples of all three of these colors to try out.


Lisa Mende - Southern Living Now Showhouse kitchen sourcesA few more details which you can see here on Lisa’s insta.


Home - kitchen - Savannah Southern Style Showhouse - Thompson Traders Copper Range Hood Custom Kitchen Details

And, I can’t resist sharing the other side of the kitchen because now that dark brown with a slight green undertone makes sense. Besides, I LOVE this cabinet.

And look, there’s the Thermador coffee maker.  Oh, how badly I want that.


I mean, I need it.


After all, coffee is such an important part of our diets as stated near the top of this post. ;]

But, I’m also looking at all of the gorgeous and interesting hardware. Are those bunny rabbit knobs? Oh, Lisa, if you’re out there… I love you!!!


1547 - Benjamin Moore dragon's breath

And, this color is Benjamin Moore Dragon’s Breath 1547.


Oh, I love colors like this. Is it brown? Gray? Or, is there some green?

Yes! There’s all of that– in one, very rich, very sophisticated color.


It’s reminding me of the color of Maura Endres’ petite library which you can see here.


For more of Lisa Mende’s beautiful designs, please click here. Everything she does is colorful and inventive. She takes what for most of us would be chances, but her rooms are always fun and full of delightful whimsy.


Below, from Thompson Trader’s website


Thompson Traders hand-hammered stainless steel sink - contemporary kitchen

As you can tell already, I adore their hoods, but Thompson Trader’s sinks are way cool too! Wonderful hammered stainless steel sink in this contemporary kitchen.


So, who are these Thompson Trader people?


The company was started a while back by Alejandra Thompson and joining her in the business, is her daughter Samantha.


Alejandra and Samantha Thompson - KBIS2019 - custom kitchen details - Thompson Traders - Designhounds tour
Here they are at the show. So elegant they are and actually, I thought they were sisters!

The company is stationed now in Greensboro North Carolina. However, the family is not from there originally.


Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico - Thompson Traders - Family - Coppersmiths - Custom Kitchen sinks - range hoods


They are from here, originally.



No, not seriously. They are inspired by the magnificent Positano, Italy. But, in an earlier iteration of this post, because they showed it in their short and beautiful video on their home page, I had made an erroneous assumption. Oops! Sorry about that.

I must go there!

The Thompsons are from Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico which is an area known for it’s copper-smithing. And, while they live here most of the time, their facility and artisans are located in Santa Clara del Cobre.


I’ll leave you with two more gorgeous range hoods from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show that I attended two weeks ago in Las Vegas.


Stunning stainless steel and brass custom hood - Thompson Traders KBIS 2019
Another stunning range hood and hammered metal sink. Facing us on the right is another family member, Alejandra’s son, who of course, is also in the business.

Please check out Thompson Trader’s beautiful website and all of their offerings.

And also be sure to follow them on instagram as well.

I hope that you enjoyed some of these custom kitchen details from the Thompson Traders, talented design colleagues and the kitchen and bath show!




PS: please check out the newly updated hot sales for the latest home furnishings on sale and some of my favorites.


39 Responses

  1. I have wasted about 20 minutes searching through every photo of this kitchen, looking for this alleged bunny the designer put on one of the kitchen cabinets…would you be so kind as to point me to the right cabinet, lol?

    1. Melissa,

      They are bunny knobs. It’s the image of the dark gray floor to ceiling cabinet and underneath, it starts out with “And, I can’t resist sharing the other side of the kitchen…”

  2. I love your posts, & I love that blue kitchen. I clicked on the link to Traditional Home, and then scrolled thru to that page, then clicked on the sources. It seems the ceiling is painted in “Birds Egg” by BM, but the cabinet color is actually Farrow & Ball Blue Ground #210. And the cabinet hardware is Emtek rather than Top Knobs. Here’s the link to sources:

    1. Hi Jeanne,

      I had answered this, but somehow it didn’t publish. The image with the tags and info about the paint color is straight from Lisa Mende’s (the designer of this kitchen) instagram. The magazine, for whatever reason, had the wrong info. It’s not uncommon. She did correct the paint color and said that the correct color is Bird’s Egg. So, that’s what I’m going with.

  3. Great view into KBIS and Thompson Traders family line To know them is to love them. Lot’s of great design highlights featuring thier products and the beauty of working with a designer. Thanks so much.

  4. Ya gotta love a woman who’s unafraid to put a bunny rabbit on a kitchen cabinet. That is just a lovely, small touch of whimsy in a room that’s elegant and sophisticated.

  5. HaHa! So many comments re: Positano/Mexico! The range hoods are nice, but the best part of this post is that carversguild mirror! Wow.

    1. Red faced, indeed over here. But in one quick gulp of the movie, it seemed that their inspiration was coming from their homeland and if I had looked up where their town actually is, I would’ve realize that would be impossible. The Carvers Guild mirror is indeed quite smashing and a great example of how Lisa isn’t afraid to push the envelope. As the title says, it’s all about the details.

  6. I loooooove those range hoods, especially the copper one. But I have to ask, especially since it’s right above the range… do manufacturers put some sort of finish on large copper pieces like that hood? Because I would love to have one of those someday, but honestly I cannot see myself polishing that much copper!

  7. As usual, a really informative article – thank you! So much to delight – particularly the colours and that hammered steel sink.

  8. I loooove the light fixtures in your first Thompson Traders photo. Rare for me, as I’m not big on most light fixtures. Should we assume Thompson Trader’s metal masters fabricated them? Great post, as always. Those kitchen accoutrements are simply fab, every last one.

    1. Hi Kristin,

      What I love about Lisa’s work and especially for a showhouse is that it’s accessible as well as innovative. So many are so over-the-top and make me cringe. But, not Lisa’s showhouse rooms. Another thing I forgot to mention is that she is also a brilliant stylist. I am wondering if she styled this kitchen, as well for the photo shoot? Not all interior designers have a talent for styling. They are two separate skills. It’s like not all architects are good interior designers.

  9. Beautiful beautiful Thompson Traders. I always look forward to your posts. My absolute favorite of the blogs. You might want to check that picture. It looks more like Positano than Mexico. Though I certainly could be wrong. Thank you for the work you put into your posts. I have learned so much.

    1. Hi KimberlyAnne,

      Please see earlier comments. You are indeed correct, but presently, I can’t make the change. I can answer comments, but my theme won’t let me change my blog posts. It looks normal from the front, but where I write the blog looks like a bomb hit it. It’s a technical thing due to a technical makeover happening on my server– tomorrow!

  10. Gorgeous post, Laurel. Love all the pics and ideas! Your blog is always like a mini vacation – me like 🙂

  11. I can’t handle the aqua/bird’s egg kitchen! It is my accent color all over the house. So gorgeous! I am officially one year out now from my kitchen re-model so this is timely. I painted the old cheap golden oak cabinets White Dove with your (indirect) advice but after 3 years I am ready for shaker cabinet heaven and quartz counter tops! Cabinets will be BM Simply White with unlacquered brass hardware and faucet. I am strongly tempted to do bottoms in Herb Garden even though I know it is not as classic. Backsplash will be a glossy subway tile similar to what your pictures above! Thank you for what you do. After several years of reading this blog, I feel ready to design my kitchen and I am not second-guessing myself constantly. I would have loved to have done it years ago but we didn’t have the money and I don’t think it would have been as fun a process as now when I am little more educated

    1. Hi Eleanor,

      You mean you can’t handle the color because it’s making you crazy in a good way? That’s what I’m assuming based on the rest of the comment.

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff! I LOVE those range hoods! And Lisa’s showhouse kitchen. You always share such wonderful inspiration! Here’s to spring…hopefully…after we get rid of the snirt! XO, J

  13. Laurel, great post as always. Love that you mention other design pros and their work. You must have cabin fever because i loved the pic of santa clara de cobre and looked it up! Then i realized its in the middle of Mexico and while its known for coppersmithing and a lovely town… water. Is that Cinque Terre? No matter. Lovely post. And here in Michigan we are really tired of snow and polar vortex too!

    1. Yes, normally, I look up stuff like that too. But time really got away from me and I just assumed that their inspiration was from where they lived. Please see comments below. In any case, it’s certainly a beautiful place. I will make the change as soon as possible. Yuck. Some days stuff just happens!

  14. Good morning, Laurel.
    They say “things” can’t make you happy. But I would be a LOT happier if I had a kitchen (or bath) made up of the things you highlighted this morning.
    How do you go home from the KBIS show without feeling a bit sad?

  15. Laurel,

    I am a bit confused…the picture that you posted is from Positano, Italy and not Mexico. Did you mean to say that they are from Italy or Mexico?

    1. Hi Peggy,

      Not my best day. Please see response to Watercat09. But, it’s worse. We are having backend SEVERE and urgent technical issues and right now, my theme has rendered it impossible to make any changes. My developer is working feverishly to fix it.

  16. Dear Laurel,
    As always, I loved your post but I do believe the town you have identified as Santa Clara del Cobre, México, in the photo is really Poistano, Italy. Unless I have lost my mind, which is always a possibility….
    Best regards,

    1. No, I probably have. I got that from the short film on their home page and on second inspection, now see that it’s a place that’s inspired them, not where they’re from, except maybe in spirit. I’ll make the change. Thank you for cluing me in.

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