5 More Fabulous Interior Designers I Would Hire {part II}

Here is part II of my list of 20 fabulous interior designers I would hire. [the first ten are here.] For some reason, these posts are taking me a really long time, so I am going to only list the next 5 and then finish off with a third post. The names are alphabetized by first name, so the order is not based on any personal preference. The problem is… I lurv them all!

There are some fabulous designers not on the list that I’ve already hi-lighted with their own individual posts, namely, Vicente Wolf, Barbara Barry Bobby McAlpine and Michael S. Smith 

I could’ve made it 100 designers I would hire— easily! BTW, many of these designers have other images throughout this blog, so if you want to see more, an easy way to do that is to put their name in the search box and the posts with their images should pop up. You can find the search box in the side bar if you scroll down.

Therefore without further preamble, here are the next five fabulous interior designers I would hire.


Mary McDonald

Was there anyone on the planet who didn’t absolutely fall in love with Mary McDonald after this spread in Domino Mag came out in 2006? I know that I did. With her fabulous style and killer office, she just has to be the coolest chick on the planet.

Since then, her career went through the roof with the Million Dollar Decorators Show and deals with             F.Schumacher and Chaddock Home.  Love Mary!

I’ve never seen this photo before. Love the layered rugs and the little white slip cover on the chair. Mary is wonderful with color and ranges from subdued to POW! I’m sure that she would be a blast to work with!

Meredith Heron

I “met” Meredith Heron after she had been a style spotter at the High Point Furniture Market last Spring 2014. Since then, we follow each other on social media. She’s a designer who really puts herself out there and her passion and love for her art form is both exhilarating and contagious! Dripping with talent, she jet sets all over the world creating fabulous designs like this insanely gorgeous kitchen.

Alright. Just shut the door right now! I’m kinda obsessed with this space [kitchen seems too mundane a word] that belongs to Christine Dovey, a stylist/decorator/blogger and bloody talented in her own right. She enlisted Meredith’s help and the result… well… I don’t know where to begin, but the light fixtures– Griffin and Wong Chinoiserie panels, the touches of gold; and get this. Meredith actually HAND-PAINTED the drapery fabric. Talk about your labor of loves!

Quite frankly, however, not sure if I could actually cook here; not that it’s not functional because it certainly is. It’s just so damned pretty! I could see myself sitting here gingerly eating a creme Anglaise or possibly sipping a rich hot chocolate. But it would have to be in a toddler sippy cup. ;] I’m such a slob!

I think that it was Meredith who coined the term “neo-traditional.” And her work is a true embodiment of  the term with classic tailoring rooted in tradition with a modern twist. Love the built-in book shelves in the library. This home has great flow!

Miles Redd

If I have a lot of Bunny Williams on this blog, then I have even more of Miles Redd’s prolific work! And it’s no wonder, he was a protogee of hers and it shows. Although, Miles is no copycat. Nosireee! In fact, sometimes, I am surprised to see a room credited to him because his style varies greatly. The one constant is a keen attention to the most minute detail.

The exuberant use of color, shaped valances, Chinoiserie elements are all hallmarks of Miles work— sometimes.


He’s also capable at producing this fabulous semi-rustic monochromatic kitchen. Gee, I hope he had that gorgeous chintz laminated!

But then… he’s equally at home with this:

A fabulously elegant lacquered wall library tempered by the really cool contemporary Quadrille fabric [exquisitely upholstered too!], juxtaposed against a beautiful floral brocade. Brilliant, inventive designer; he can do anything and better than anyone else. That is why I would hire him. Besides, he’s always smiling so sweetly in all of his photos.

Sheila Bridges

When I think of Sheila Bridges, I think— HEAVEN! Her designs are phenomenally elegant with a classical mix, so rich in gorgeous detail; innovative and yet, truly timeless!

Stephen Sills


Due to copyright trolls, I have removed the images of Stephen’s beautiful work.

I first fell in love with Stephen Sill’s work back in the late 80’s when I was a design student. His work is so incredibly elegant and sumptuous! The Neo-classical details like in this crown in the above photo make my heart skip a beat or three! I think that his interiors are like a trip to a five-star hotel with the most delectable meal you could imagine. For years, he was teamed up with James Huniford, but it appears that they have parted ways.

I used to live just a few miles away from his amazing estate in Bedford, NY. It was featured in Architectural Digest and I would stare at it for hours and hours! That was many years ago and I’m not sure if he still owns the property or not. Wait! Hold on! It appears that he does, but it’s been redecorated. It’s still lovely, but I preferred what he did to it 20 years ago.




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  1. just getting around to catching up on your posts; thank you so much, laurel! these roundups are absolutely divine and i’ve drooled over every photo.

  2. Fun roundup! I am a big fan of several of these designers already, and am happy to learn about the rest. Especially excited about those Griffin & Wong panels in Meredith Heron’s kitchen design. 🙂

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