Interior Design Portfolio Update 2014!

Phew! It’s that time of year. It’s pretty quiet because everyone is still recovering from Christmas and gearing up for one final blast of good fun before winter strikes us between the eyes.

For weeks, I’ve had this nagging bitch in my head telling me– “Laurrrrrellll??? When are you going to redo your portfolio??? hmmmmmm???”

I really hate her. I hate her because I know that she’s right except the task is insanely tedious. Not to bore you with my technical details, but somewhere within the last six months, something happened and I lost some of the photos and the usual stuff that us website owners go through periodically. So, first, I had to figure out what went wrong and how I was going to fix it.

That took at least two hours. Then, came the arduous job of compiling the new images. I wanted to watermark everything, but something had to give. Some people say not to do it anyway and some say that you must do it! So, some of the images don’t have Laurel Bern Interiors on them.

The page looks a little different from it did before. The images are all laid out so that you don’t have to search too hard.

For those that are interested, I take my own photos. There’s been this big discussion on LinkedIn about this. Many of my colleagues scoff at the very idea that someone who designs rooms could possibly take a half-way decent photo. Quite frankly. No, wait; not quite frankly because my thoughts are well… kinda like my inner-bitch and as I said, I don’t really like her even when she’s right.

And for the new year, I’m practicing being nice. Oh gosh, it’s so difficult sometimes! ;]

Please enjoy my updated interior design portfolio.

You can find it here or in its usual place in the menu up top.

I might squeeze in one more post before the end of the year, but if I don’t, here’s a farewell to a most interesting year. And best wishes to all for the new year to come!



8 Responses

  1. I too love those two green rooms. What paint color was used used in the painted room?

    Lured in by today’s post, I have spent the last hour looking through past posts. What a fine piece you did on sofas. That’s the kind of thing I send to young friends who are just starting out in creating their homes.

    But it took a while for me to realize that Restoration Hardware sitting thing was a real, “finished” piece! Fred Sanford had better! One of those there-oughta-be-a-law-against things.


      1. Thanks, Laurel, for the paint color. Those two rooms–wallpapered & painted—are stunning. Classic. I have a small but light-filled breakfast room that has always been sort of a large “hall” in the old architectural sense. I’ve been wanting to paint the walls green, just to give it an integrity of its own w/o diminishing the flow with hall and adjacent rooms. I think this is it. Going to start working up my nerve.

        1. Hi Gaye,

          Thank you so much! I always say even though I might have used something to test your colors. If you have subscribed, then you should’ve received the free guide that gives the best way to do this.

  2. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love the updates…

    Wishing you all the best in 2015!

    Looking forward to more of the same… continue to be you!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanfrances and wishing you all the best in 2015! I have to laugh about the continue to be you statement. This post is spawning a post about interior design photography and have to say that it’s cracking me up!

  3. Hi…congrats on updating. Very nice work. I love your use of green (the wall color and that lovely Chinoiserie wallpaper!)

    I have to add a lot to mine as well…but a lot of my work was taken with the first two digital cameras I had ( so, great rooms…crappy images!). These pics passed for getting me new work (when clients saw the pics in my portfolio book), but pale in comparison to the gorgeous images online today.

    I am taking a private class in January on how to properly use my DSLR camera – so hopefully I can update my portfolio soon!

    Thanks for all your inspiration!


    1. Hi Linda, Thank you so much! It’s been bothering me for so long! And I have more shots to add as soon as I take them. But here’s the thing. At least 15 of these shots were taken with my CELL PHONE! and that includes all of the Bronxville kitchen photos!

      Three were taken about 10 years ago with obviously a camera with less res but okay here. Two are repros that were published. Several were with a pocket nikon. That one was pretty good for closeups.

      So, what is the secret? I guess that’s another post! Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by! xo, Laurel

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