The Best of Laurel Home 2014 and What’s Next?

This has been such an extraordinary year for the laurel home blog. I’ve learned so, so much and am only just getting warmed up here. I’m incredibly appreciative of all of the kind words and support I’ve received.

As a means of saying thank you, I am doing a little round up of the top posts that y’all are reading the most. These aren’t necessarily my favorite posts, just the ones that got read the most. At the bottom, in the related posts, I’ll add links for some of my favorites, not on this list.


The Best of Laurel Home 2014


1) 20 Great Shades of White Paint {and some to avoid}

Hands down and by a WIDE margin is the post about the 20 best shades of white paint. Who knew that white could be such a difficult color?

2) 20 Great Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas


3) Freshen Your Home for the New Year | Wall Paint

McAlpine | Booth | Ferrier

Great list of no fail paint colors.

4)The Best Benjamin Moore No Fail Gray Bathroom Paint Colors

So many of you love the soft gray colors. 99% of the time however, “gray” is really blue, green, lavender or something in between all of those.

5) Freshening Your Home for the New Year | Wall Art Ideas

Tons of ideas here and also on this post.

6) The Best Sofa To Buy | Laurel’s #1 Pick

The most difficult piece of furniture to decide on— the sofa. There are so many beautiful styles, but this one is an enduring classic. However, if you don’t like it, here are nine more beautiful styles.

7) Benjamin Moore No Fail Paint Colors

9 no fail paint colors palette


Great post with a whole house paint-palette.

8) How Much Does it Cost to Furnish a Room?

Here’s where I break it all down.

9) My North Facing Room Paint Color is Depressing Me


North facing rooms are such a bitch to get right a lot of the time. Find out some good rules of thumb and some great paint colors that will make your north facing room rich and welcoming, not cold and depressing.  BTW, the room above is one that I did ten years ago!

10) 12 Ways HGTV is Misleading Us

One of my favorite satirical rants on the TV station we both love and hate. BTW, as hackneyed as their shows often are,  their website is fabulous! Maybe they should get married?

11) What is the Best Palette for No Fail Bedroom Paint Colors?

Frank Babb Randolph

More striking colors for bedrooms from pale, pale to deep and rich.

12) Home Staging Ideas You Won’t Hear About on HGTV

Susan Greenleaf

One of my favorite posts explaining my philosophy on home staging for resale.


What’s Next? Obviously, a lot of you love to hear about paint colors, so I’m going to be expanding on all the color ranges and also creating more ready-made paint palettes. I also want to explore the individual rooms, decorating styles and how to discover your personal style?

I’m also planning on attending many trade shows including the High Point Furniture Market this coming spring. So, stay tuned for some fab posts showing hi-lights of all of the gorgeous home furnishings.

I am going to continue to showcase my favorite interior designers.

I will continue to share with you some of my favorite projects and will share more portfolio images. [as soon as I take them!]

And finally… more Dear Laurel letters to explain how to handle difficult decorating problems.

Well… that’s the plan. I have some surprises up my sleeve too!

Again, thank you all for reading my blog! I’ll look forward to hearing from you and wish you and yours all of the best for the New Year 2015!




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  1. You’re the best! Thanks for all you do…and write on the blog! It’s helpful to me as a designer in the boonies.

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