Bobby McAlpine = A Badass Architect You Will Love!

McAlpine, Tankersley, Booth, Ferrier



No, it’s not a law firm. haha! It’s the architect interior design teams of either Bobby McAlpine and Tankersley (and a bunch of other dudes).


But, sometimes it’s McAlpine with Booth and Ferrier.  More about that in a sec.


Bobby McAlpine has long been one of my interior design idols. And, so for this month’s tribute to a great interior designer who’s inspired me, I’m going with the great Bobby McAlpine.

During my research for masculine interiors, I remembered that the KING of THE most handsome rooms in the world is Bobby McAlpine.

Each image I saved was more beautiful than the one before and I realized that I need to make a separate blog post for this fabulously talented architect, interior and furniture designer.


Geezzz… He almost looks like a Priest here. Father McAlpine? haha! Well, this post IS also in honor of Father’s Day week, so that all kind of works, doesn’t it? ;]

In any case, Bobby’s interiors are positively Divine; therefore, it’s a fitting appellation.


Bobby McAlpine is known for architecture that is dramatic, but never ostentatious.


His palette is always muted and exceedingly elegant. He favors earth tones of creams, beiges, soothing greens and calming blue-grays. He accents his interiors with bits of black, metals. Fabrics are usually linen, silk and velvet.


But the thing I love the most about Bobby’s work is that when he uses a patterned fabric it is almost always a damask.


It’s a refreshing, elegant note for his casual, but oh-so-chic interiors.


A little more information about Bobby McAlpine


His interiors range from a relatively minimalistic modern-trad  to English Jacobean in style; or an eclectic mix. Bobby McAlpine’s Montgomery, AL-based business spans some three decades. His architectural firm named McAlpine Tankersley Architecture includes the principles, Greg Tankersley, John Sease, Chris Tippett and David Baker.

In 1997 McAlpine opened an interior design firm  with Ray Booth and Susan Ferrier called McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors. They maintain offices in Nashville, Atlanta and New York.

In addition to being published in countless magazines, Bobby has penned a beautiful book: The Home Within Us .    In addition, he has created lines of upholstered furniture for Lee Industries and case goods for MacRae in Atlanta.

Well, let me shut-up and get to the pretty pictures! :]

Bobby McAlpine



I do believe that I could be quite happy spending the rest of my days in just this one room. I find this breathtakingly gorgeous!


16ab0df53fc9e907738a9bda54d64e26Interior Design by Hickman Design Associates

Hickman Design Associates (and the next two images below too)





Not sure if I would’ve had the courage to use such large lanterns, but they do work and augment the architectural drama inherent in the space.

The damask linen is a more feminine note to the strong forms. Many of these rooms were done years ago. But, no matter for they are timeless and classic. Another thing I love is Bobby McAlpine’s use of drapes to provide separation and an additional layer of texture and richness.


Another fabulous feature of Bobby’s interiors is that he often juxtaposes elements like weathered wood, steel, glass and  concrete, against velvets, silks and a fine Oushak rug.


That kind of design “tension” is what makes his rooms exceptional spaces.




The lighter, softer rooms are usually the McAlpine Booth and Ferrier rooms. I think that for the most part they are my favorite because they are more traditional, but never boring.






Ray Booth worked for a time with another interior design giant who I will be posting about soon, John Saladino.

As a matter of fact, this vignette could be by Saladino. The occasional table is his design and the colors and styles are very much in the manner of Saladino. However, it’s attributed to McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier






A more unusual Aubusson rug featuring shades of red. I think a good term for his style would be rustic, traditional minimalism.


 This is the exterior of the home of the two previous images. Pretty cool!

For more gorgeous, dark and/or handsome, rich rooms, please check out the following posts:




5 Responses

  1. Some years ago I had the privilege of doing a photo shoot in two of Bobby’s own homes in Montgomery, AL. What an amazing talent. Marcie gave a great description of the man I met. A great talent and person! Thank you for sharing on your blog.

    1. oh wow Bitsy! Lucky you! It was so funny, but right after the post came out, I heard from his partner Greg Tankersley. At first I thought, uh oh… but he said… “No one ever called us Badass before.”


      I said. “no, not to your face.”


  2. I have never met Bobby McAlpine, but he always brings to mind the character of Atticus Finch,a somewhat shy,thoughtful,always elegant intuitive being who goes about the world sharing his grace through his sacred gift.


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