Masculine Interiors that She Will Like Too Featuring Brown

As an interior designer, there are so many colors and looks that I love. Maybe that’s why I am drawn to this type of work in the first place. I only have one living room, but over the years, I’ve helped dozens of people create their own unique spaces. Therefore, I get to do lots of different styles which is a lot of fun.

This week in honor of father’s day, I am going to feature masculine interiors.

What IS a masculine interior?

Masculine interiors are:

  • handsome
  • strong
  • brave
  • daring
  • comforting
  • warm
  • sophisticated [well, the good ones are]
  • often have strong architectural themes
  • often have furnishings with deep, rich wooden tones


Alright, a masculine room can be cold, but my favorite masculine rooms even if they are black and white have a strong element of warmth– somewhere.


Today, however, the rooms and spaces will largely emphasize the color BROWN.

For brown walls, I favor the colors that are on the cooler side of brown.

Here are two great choices

Benjamin Moore HC-68 Middlebury Brown

Benjamin Moore HC-69 Whitall Brown

Here is a room that looks like Whitall Brown and they took the color and used it everywhere! I want to do a post about this because it proves that you do not have to paint a ceiling white if you use a dark color.



The home of Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch

I’ve had many a client tell me how much they hate brown. And yes, if brown is done wrong, it sucks.

Brown needs

  • white or cream or maybe another pale shade
  • more brown [and analogous tones]
  • bits of black
  • gold [or silver]
  • glass
  • mirrors
  • sometimes pops of color

What to avoid when decorating with brown.

  • really big brown furniture
  • big brown furniture with white or light walls. This will never look good
  • too much brown leather.
  • cheap looking furniture in brown looks even cheaper

Masculine interiors

can be traditional or modern. Rustic, casual or formal; old, new, decayed or pristine. Here, I’ve tried to put in something for everyone, but find that I’m always drawn to a brown room which has some aspect of age and patina.

As always, I do try to locate the original source, but sometimes, it’s just not possible.


Mark D Sikes Southern Living Idea House 2016

Mark D Sikes Southern Living Idea House 2016.





 Bunny Williams



 Jeannine Williams

alexa hampton bedroom

Alexa Hampton


 Aman Canale Grande Hotel, Venice, Italy

Love the Chinoiserie painting juxtaposed with the Italian Terrazzo floor and masculine leather furnishings

john jacob dining room with warm gray colors

John Jacob

What a talented designer. Love his work!



Aman Canale Grande Hotel





Bunny Williams

Not sure what this room is? Mudroom, Entrance to a sauna, Pool house? Whatever, I love the tapestry and aged look of the space.



Aman Canal Grand Hotel



Axel Vervoordt



 John Jacob


I hope that you enjoyed these masculine interiors, even if you’re not a “brown person.” The next post will feature masculine interiors with more black and white; very classic and crisp. I think there will also be some blue.

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Happy Father’s Day!




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  1. Those are all really handsome and sophisticated – even beautiful!! One day I’d like a brown library with rich paneling….an unexpected room amongst the Swedish lighter rooms. Thanks for all your research, ideas and inspirations!! Cheers, Loi

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