21 Best Hidden Storage Ideas, Stairs, Kitchens, Bathrooms

Hi Everyone,

Today, I’m tackling the subject of hidden storage ideas for your home. This is related to Wednesday’s post about secret doors you’ll want to have.

I say tackling, because it’s a BIG subject!

Originally, I thought I might just do hidden storage ideas for under stairs. However, many of you don’t have stairs. Or, if you do, you might not be interested, or able to, for some reason.

Of course, everyone has a kitchen and at least one bathroom. And, yes, each of those could be its own post and should be. That’s because each of these spaces has dozens if not 100s of innovative hidden storage solutions.


So then, why am I lumping all of these hidden storage ideas together?


The reason is because I’m a masochist. Ha!

Well, not really. The real reason is that I’d like to do some terrific hidden storage ideas for stairs, but not alone since it will exclude many readers. Later on, I can focus on hidden storage ideas for kitchens and then another one for bathrooms.

As it is, there exist two old posts on those subjects already: Clever storage ideas for the new unkitchen

And, storage ideas for small, difficult bathrooms.


Another one of my favorite and more recent posts is this one about how to hide your TV


Oh, and if you’d like to have a good laugh, please check out two very old and very clear examples of how NOT to do a blog post.


clever storage solutions for your TV.

It is a lame attempt at sharing storage solutions if you have sucky closets.


Okay, it’s time to dive into 21 of the Best Hidden Storage Ideas for Stairs, Kitchens, and Bathrooms


Let’s begin with some incredibly clever hidden storage ideas for under the stairs.

One of my favorite examples of hidden storage under the stairs is the hidden powder room.

In fact, that could also be a separate post.

How many of you have an older home that has only one bathroom? Or, it has two bathrooms, but they are both upstairs. It’s not ideal, of course.

I guess 100 years ago; folks were happy just to be able not to have to do their business outside when it was 20 below. Yes, I know. They used chamber pots.





Well, like we saw the other day, you can put a small powder room in the space under the stairs.


Julie Mifsud Design - powder room under-the-stairs - hidden storage

Julie Mifsud Design

A beautiful powder room under-the-stairs


Collins Interiors under stairs powder room

Collins Interiors did a most elegant powder room under stairs


Remember when I was considering buying the house in Northampton?


I was fantasizing about a powder room in the entry, adjacent to the staircase.


Can you put in a toilet if there are no waste pipes nearby? Yes, you can!

There is a toilet that’s called an upflush toilet.

This is an article that explains how they work.


What about a sink without plumbing? Yes, you can get a portable sink. They aren’t super tiny. You will need to be able to have a depth of at least 18″ for the sink.


Foyer-with-closet-and-hidden-door-via in my own style - best hidden storage

 in my own style


This links to a terrific blog post, which goes into great detail on how they made this closet under the stairs.


So many times, entryways are made without a coat closet. Or, there’s no broom closet. In our old townhouse, we had neither. But, one day, my wasband ripped out a couple of shelves in a vertical closet. So, then at least, we had a broom closet.


via @mikrobertshomes - hidden storage under stairs - kitchen pantry

via @mikrobertshomes – hidden storage under stairs – kitchen pantry.


I adore clever pantry storage.


And these days, there are so many wonderful ideas. Please revisit this post which hi-lights some beautiful pantry ideas.


pocket office - under stairs - Cabinetry - Kith Kitchens Photo - David Weekley Homes

Cabinetry – Kith Kitchens Photo – David Weekley Homes

I love this compact office under the stairs. And, it’s complete with a window, too. But, maybe it’s a faux window? You could also put up some doors if you wanted to hide the office when the workday is over.


original source unknown - hidden playroom under stairs hidden storage

original source unknown

And, what child wouldn’t adore this charming hidden playroom under stairs!


Brickhouse Kitchens & Baths - Under Stairs - hidden storage - laundry - washer - dryer

Brickhouse Kitchens & Baths

Terrific use for the space under the stairs for this compact laundry.


Kristin Jackson - Hunted Interior - caned doors - Laundry-Closet-Doors-Half-Open

Kristin Jackson – Hunted Interior

This laundry isn’t under the stairs, of course. But, I love how chic it looks with the caned doors.


Kaili-movbed_Canadian House & Home - hideaway trundle bed

Whoa! This hidden storage contains a bed? But, where does the bed slide into? It appeared in 2009 in Canadian House & Home. The only thing I can think of is there might be a closet on the other side and the bed is housed inside the closet. Or else, it’s boxed into the room. But, it sure is a great idea.


Can you guess what’s inside the cabinet below?


fearnley-grand_lower hidden kitchenette

Wait until you see…


Fearnley-grand_lower hidden kitchenette


Yes, it’s a complete KITCHEN!


It’s from a company in the UK called Culshaw


Culshaw also makes a smaller version of their kitchen beautifully stored in a cabinet. Now that is hidden storage!


Fearley petite kitchentte - hidden storage

This is an older version of the Fearnley petite kitchenette. I am not sure if they are still making this piece with the small legs, or not.


slide-a-shelf-pull-out-cabinet-drawers-sas-fe-l-b-4f_1000These pull-out shelves are not new. However, I don’t know why it took so long for folks to figure out how much better they are than stationary shelves.


Home Depot pull out shelves

You can find these shelves at Home Depot



This is another photo of the slide-a-shelf-pull-out-cabinet-drawers from Home Depot.


via @builtcustomhomes on instagram - toe kick drawers - hidden storage

via @builtcustomhomes on Instagram

Another favorite idea is a toe kick drawer. I’ve even seen where folks have put their dog dishes in there. But, usually, those dishes need to be left out, so I’m not sure why they would put them in a cabinet that would need to be kept open all of the time.


Gwyneth Paltrow Pantry - Clever storage solutions

Gwyneth Paltrow Pantry

What gorgeous hidden storage!



kitchen_drawer_organization – photo istock


Cabidor Deluxe | Mirrored | Behind The Door | Adjustable | Medicine, Bathroom, & Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Cabidor Deluxe | Mirrored | Behind The Door | Adjustable | Medicine, Bathroom, & Kitchen Storage Cabinet.

I could definitely use something like this in my bathroom. I would prefer to have it recessed between the studs, however. Well, if that’s possible. There’s a beautiful between the studs cabinet in this post.


sink-vanity-storage-drawers-Pottery Barn

Vanity storage drawers from Pottery Barn


And, do check out this short video above to see this amazing craft room in a cabinet. Well, it’s two cabinets.


Below is a mini widget with some of the items in this post that you can purchase. For more information, you can click on any of the images.



Please stay tuned.


One of these days, I’m going to surprise you with a little organizing of my own. That is if I can get organized to make my own organizing purchases. haha.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed these many hidden storage ideas.

Very important. Today, Sunday, the 30th of August is the last day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Monday, the 31st, the prices are going back up! Please check out the “ground zero” post, which has some of my favorites from the sale. Some of them may be sold out. But, there are other items, as well.

And, please check out the newly updated HOT SALES page.




10 Responses

  1. Hello Laurel, Your blog is a joy to read! Are you interested in hiring a part-time assistant? I’d love the opportunity to email you my resume. Thank you!

  2. Brilliant post! The kitchen in a cabinet would be fabulous for a tiny apartment over a garage for a mother-in-law or adult kid. I shared the idea with one of my contractors who specializes in custom cabinetry.

    Do you mind if I post this idea and credit you and your blog?

  3. Loved looking at these ideas! MacKenzie -Child’s had a kitchen in a wardrobe that was adorable. Not sure if they still do. Small but functional for a studio apartment.

  4. Where did u get that lovely art work? Boucher. Always wondered what they did with all the drapery fabric they wore way back when. Maybe we cd do that today in awful public rest rooms🤪

  5. Thanks for the fun post! My very first apartment back in the mid 70’s was a studio. The photo with the hutch/pull out bed could have been taken of that apartment. It’s exactly the same. Kitchen to the right, bathroom on the left side of hutch. In the bathroom there was a doorway, two steps up and you had a good size closet. The ceilings must have be quite high, I don’t remember it being low. What I remember is having to unplug things in the kitchen in order to use my hair dryer. Otherwise it I would have to make a trip to the basement of the building to flip the breaker switch back on.

  6. One storage idea I have seen, especially in tiny house photos, are drawers that you pull out from the staircase from under each step. So the staircase turns into a set of drawers, basically. I just know that if I had to live with that, it would kill me- literally! I would forget to close a drawer and the get up in the night and wreck myself going down the stairs in the dark!

  7. Hi There, Installed in the baseboard of the cupboard under my kitchen sink, is an invisible vaccuum which sucks up the kiitchen sweepings into a paper bag, at the touch of my foot. It is manufactured by Hefele. It rarely needs emptying, but I love it because I do not have to bend to collect the sweepings. It was the best storage idea in my recent kitchen reno.

    1. Hi Carole,

      I very nearly included one of those in the post! But, then I thought because it wasn’t storage, I’d leave it out. However, on second thought, it IS storage. Well, temporary storage for detritus. haha!

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