21 Interesting Bathroom Ideas {for ‘bathroom people’}

Jim Joseph and Scott Frankel's Historic Livingston, New York, House


These days, do you ever notice that it seems that there is a blending of rooms? Sometimes I chuckle to myself [or out loud] that “all I need is…” And I could LIVE in that one room and sometimes that room is the bathroom! For the purposes of this post about interesting bathroom ideas, I’m also going to include powder rooms.

What are some interesting bathroom ideas that make it feel more like a living room, etc?


  • hardwood floors
  • real furniture, not just built-in pieces
  • cabinets for sinks made from real furniture
  • comfortable chairs, chaises and even sofas
  • big, gorgeous windows
  • fireplaces
  • drapes
  • beautiful mirrors with antique frames
  • beautiful non-bathroom-type lighting
  • storage in containers not typically used in bathrooms
  • antiques
  • tapestries
  • real rugs instead of bath mats
  • non-bath-type accessories
  • art [which needs its own post]

[Some of these I could not find the original source and therefore, they are uncredited.]



Jill Kantelberg

Love the antiques and rusticity

Exotisme-et-carreaux-de-faience-FrenchyFancy-5Big window with luscious drapes

BathroomLRWilliam and Mary High Boy and leaded glass window. The hell with privacy when you have a window as gorgeous as that!

2149570_originalA bathtub in the middle of the living room? Hey, why not?



David Easton and James Steinmeyer

David Easton


Charles Faudree

tres French


Barry Dixon

Ya know… if I had a bathroom that looked like this… I would invite all of my friends in for tea too! :]

Monica Bach.

photo attributed to Monica Bach

If only there was a way to hide the plumbing, but otherwise, love, love this!

exotic-bathroom-muriel-brandolini-new-york-city-201103_1000-watermarkedMuriel Brandolini


toile wallpaper

photo-patrick-cline-lonny-magphoto: Patrick Cline for Domino

So happy that our fave mag, Domino is back. Antique Oriental in the bathroom? Love it! Antlers? They look nice here, but just don’t think it’s me.


I found this on Robert Couturier’s pinterest board. hahaha! [love him!] What a pisser! [sorry, I couldn’t resist] It def gives a whole new meaning to reading in the john, now doesn’t it? ;]




The lamp makes this bathroom feel like an English Apothecary


 Fabulous, exotic bath!

Next, we will explore how to use art in the bathroom.




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