Heads are going to roll, because mine almost did!

Sorry guys. No real post.

I had a beautiful afternoon at the ballet at the Met in Manhattan this afternoon.

It’s very convenient to go into the city because I can walk easily to and from the commuter railroad.

About 100 feet from my building is a new traffic light.

with a large steel box protruding deeply into the sidewalk. WTF? What idiot does that? They won’t even let you turn right on a red light around here!

It was about 6:15 and I was almost home. See the sun? It was in my eyes and so my head was naturally down. I walked straight into this box. Didn’t see a thing, except stars. The pole itself, is way too far in, but then the box is hanging in the MIDDLE of the sidewalk! They put this up very recently.

At least I had the presence of mind to take the pics with my phone.

See, where the green grass starts? That’s my building and the sidewalk narrows there. I was where I was supposed to be.


Shame on you City of Yonkers Department of Transportion!


The top of the box is the same height as me with shoes on! It’s held on with straps and should’ve been hung at least two feet higher.

I went inside my apartment and stuck an ice pack on the wound.

But, after a few minutes and feeling nauseous, I took a look and saw already that it was swollen and purple-ish.

I googled it and it said if you hit your head and feel nauseous to go to the ER, so I did and they said that I needed to have a CT scan.

World’s worst photo of me. Cell phone distortion, but you can see the bump. Fortunately, everything checked out okay, but I kept thinking about poor Natasha Richardson and how she didn’t get medical help and then died.

Otherwise, I’m fine, but tired. So I apologize; no blog post tonight.

I just didn’t want anyone to worry. And please don’t!

I’ll try to have it out tomorrow evening.

much love,






Thank you so much for all of your kind wishes. I always learn from you guys too and I did take your advice and have been resting.

Here’s what else I’ve done.

I did call the city department of traffic engineering and the dude was quite defensive.


“Well, M’am. [my name is Laurel, thank you.] I can’t promise that we’ll be able to move it… [you can’t be serious] and it meets the four foot clearance minimum.”

What clearance? It’s hanging out in the middle of the sidewalk. If the box went down to the ground, I would have SEEN IT! I would’ve seen it, if it had even been even two feet lower, but since the box is my height, and my head was bent down a little and there was intense sun glare, I did not see it.



But I also filed a police report and the officer was sympathetic and also wondered why things had been done as they had been.

And I’ve contacted a lawyer. Just heard back and he said that it’s probably not worth anyone’s while because it isn’t “bad enough.”

How am I feeling?

Well, I’m not in pain, except for my neck, which was already a little out of whack. But maybe a little fuzzier than my usual fuzzy. However, I haven’t had any exercise, and yes, I’ve been taking it easy.


Update September 15th 2019

Below is the permanent solution.

Yep. Those babies are riveted into the concrete. Could this monstrosity be any uglier?


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  1. Wow Laurel did you read all these messages? well I’m glad your doing better, I hadn’t seen your update till now.
    Hope you are better. xoxox

  2. It’s regrettable that someone has to die or be horribly maimed before it’s “bad enough”. Same thing in Texas. Someone has to literally die in a collision at an intersection before they put up traffic lights. Glad you’re feeling better, but be vigilant. Head injuries can take a while to heal properly.

    1. Hi Michele,

      I’ve talked to a couple of my neighbors. I am blessed because the people in my building are so nice! But anyway, they all agree that the location of the light itself is horrendous.

      Oh, and I finally went out with my tape measure. The base of the pole is 62″ away from the edge of the curb. Crazy!

  3. I just read this post and haven’t read all of the comments. So sorry this happened to you. Poor judgement for this installation.

    The metal box object jutting into the sidewalk can protrude up to 12″ (from the pole horizontally to the edge) per ADA to protect the vision impaired. Yonkers has a department called Code Enforcement Bureau. They may help when you say “possible ADA violation.” Of course that is work for you so I don’t blame you for not following up. Groups that support disabled people make legal claims re: ADA violations regularly when sensible requests don’t do the trick to fix public & private spaces that are not adhering to ADA design requirements.

    1. I looked at the pole today when I was out and this is the problem. It is already four full feet from the curb BECAUSE of a pipe. In addition, there is a restaurant directly across from the box and then there’s a bench a few feet beyond, but just a few. And on Sundays there can be quite a gathering outside the restaurant.

      The sidewalk narrows both behind and in front of the box and so one cannot walk in a straight line as the box lines up with the narrow part of the sidewalk.

      Anyway. It happened. I was not impaired by alcohol or drugs or distracted with a cell phone. The solution is phenomenally simple. Just raise the freaking thing above everyone’s head and then no one can possibly get hurt. It does not HAVE to be where it is. And it only needs to be accessible for servicing.

  4. Re the update, I’d get a different lawyer, and go back to the doc whenever you have symptoms.

    Nb I have a medical background.

      1. Normally with a whack on the head, you get bruising on the other side of the brain. That’s because the brain bounces. At the back of the brain are the functions that maintain basic life and mobility. Because you have a sore neck too, I’d persue medical attendance.

        At the front where you hit it are the higher functions of the brain, so the advice another commenter have you on resting those functions was a good one.

  5. Get better soon! And just a thought, what would this box do to a blind or partially sighted person?! Maybe pointing out that this is very disabled unfriendly (as well as being generally pedestrian-unfriendly).

    1. My exact thoughts, Kirsten. What if your vision is impaired or you have no vision at all?

      A person with a cane would think the coast was clear on the ground, only to get hit in the head!

  6. Now I have visions of someone on a bike banging into that thing.
    That can actually kill somebody. Please update if/when they move that thing.

  7. NO!!! I’m so sorry and hope to goodness you’re feeling better. So you can knock some heads together a la Moe.

  8. So happy to read you are OK.Please contact the city.That setup is a public menace. Take care & be well,sweet Laurel!

  9. Yikes! The ER trip was a good idea. Hope you feel better soon. The DOT probably put it there because they got complaints from other people. They wont remove the traffic signal now that its there, but you might get them to move the electrical box to the side, out of the way of pedestrians. I would enclose proof you had to make an ER trip. Good luck.

  10. Hi Laurel, I just read this email about your head injury!! You were wise to go to the ER.
    Wishing you a good outcome as you rest up.
    Regards, Leslie

  11. Dear Laurel,
    Just want to add my name to the list of those who love your blog and send you their good wishes. Please rest, recuperate and then give the city of Yonkers a heated message about their negligence.

  12. Hope you feel better soon Laurel! Concussions are no joke and you were wise to go to the ER. Take care of yourself. We will look forward to your next post once you feel up to it.

  13. Good grief, how very scary and disorienting for you Laurel!

    Please, give yourself WAY more time to recover than you expect. You might find that turning the brightness on your computers, etc, way down will ease some discomfort for a while.

    And next time, don’t leave home without your crash helmet on. 😉

    Dumb as a post, whoever put that head-bashing thing on that post. 🙁

  14. Laurel, I hope that you can see from the number of comments you’ve received that you are very much loved! I am sure that I’m not the only one who makes your blog a part of their life. I’m the first one up on Sunday mornings. I go downstairs, make myself a latte and grab a square of chocolate. Then I open my laptop and read your post. Most of my week is extremely busy and often chaotic, but early Sunday morning is just for me, a time that I can relax. Your posts are always a good read. I learn from them, I’m inspired by the beautiful photos, and I enjoy your crazy sense of humour! As Barb commented earlier, there are plenty of older posts to read until you’re back with us. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. Time for self care. I hope that you feel better soon!

  15. Ouch !! I am glad you got that bump checked out !! Bless your heart,what a way to end what sounded like a perfect day. So sorry, and for sure that “box” is way too low for safety reasons!! On a brighter note…. I like your lipstick color ! I hope you feel better tomorrow and I always look forward to your posts !

  16. So glad you’re okay Laurel! It was wise for you to get it checked out as you did.

    Wishing you a peaceful night of rest!

  17. Can just imagine it all the way you describe. Very sorry for your pain and the bother you had, but very glad you are ok. Smart to get it checked out. I kind of think of you as a sort of friend because you share so much of yourself with your readers. What kind of readers would we be if we didn’t understand? I love your blog and have shared it with my three daughters. Hoping you feel better soon.

  18. I’m sad you were hurt. I really hope you feel better soon and prayers being sent your way right now!!! XOXOXO arnica helps with bruising.

  19. Laurel:

    Hope you are OK and definitely do get it checked out…and it was so thoughtful of you to get a post out ANYWAY to let people know…

    Really enjoy your site…

  20. I’m so sorry this happened to you Laurel. Thank God you weren’t knocked unconscious, and you were very smart to go to the ER. It seems as though the city should have been smarter about this. I would definitely notify them that this happened to you. This is a law suit waiting to happen. I wonder if they followed their building/construction codes properly.

  21. I’m hesitant to reply as I’m hoping you are resting and not reading, but I sincerely hope you feel better soon. ❤️

  22. What doofus designed/installed that lunacy?! In a pedestrian city?!

    So sorry to see that you were one of its victims. If it looked that bad right after, imagine tomorrow’s version…

    Feel better soon!

  23. You did the right thing including no blog post. I’d rather u be safe and healthy than churn out a post when u feel like crap. Take care sweet, funny lady! Don’t blog til u feel like it. We’ll survive. Lol.

  24. Just seen what happened to you, Laurel, very nasty. Hope you can rest and look after yourself, the shock will take time to wear off. I agree with all the commenters who say you should contact the authorities with photos and bills. They deserve to be made to offer you substantial compensation for a horrendous experience.

  25. Joining the chorus of well-wishers – sorry this happened to you, and wish those City engineers had their thinking caps on when they installed the damned thing!!

  26. I do hope you plan to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with your city officials over this! So sorry, and I hope you have no problems with the “knot on your noggin” as my late mother used to call it when we kids bumped our heads.

  27. Send the ER bills to the City of Yonkers and do keep watch over that possibly concussion you may have suffered. The other post was 100% correct – symptoms can take weeks or months to manifest. TBI’s are nothing to dismiss. Too many women go undiagnosed and everyone is different. One person’s bump on the head is another’s serious brain injury. Lots of rest and quiet and send those bills to the City with a demand that they move that stupid box.!

  28. That is quite a lump. Laurel, please be kind to yourself and get lots of rest until you feel all better. It is a good time to re-read some favorite blogs.

  29. Laurel: I read you religiously. Fellow Designer in Omaha. I can commiserate with you. Friday on my day off I was merrily bouncing down my steps to head out the front door. Took a header into said door. Worst pain I’ve ever encountered. Smashed my face, wrenched my back and ribs, jammed my right thumb, and a sundry of huge bumps and bruises. Trip to ER, CT scan, X-ray of back, & thumb all is good. Oh and I had to get my eyelid glued. A lovely sight. I’m taking the weekend off!

  30. Yoooouch! So sorry this happened to you.

    I have often thought of how many lives have been saved in the wake of poor Natasha Richardson death. Until she died I had no idea how important it was to get yourself checked out when you hit your head and NOT give into the urge to lay down and rest.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  31. Bless your heart! I know that hurt really badly. (I once turned around from talking with someone and walked right into a stop sign, so I feel your pain.) You’ve got to wonder where the city engineers got their education! Praying you heal quickly.

  32. I’m so sorry you got hurt Laurel, but so glad you sought help at the ER. Keep records of how you feel in the next few weeks. Sometimes things do not show up for months ex. Cerebral spinal leaks caused by Whiplash. They create extreme headaches. I know because my husband had this happen as well in the same spot. It took almost 3 months to show up. I so hope you feel better soon…your blog is such a delight to see in my email. Prayers for quick healing and warm hugs.

  33. Hi Laurel
    I’m so sorry you had this accident, but glad you had the presence of mind (no pun intended) to get a CT scan , and glad your o.k.
    Being from N.Y. myself I’m not surprised as construction in the city never stops and sometimes the city is remiss in the planning stage.
    Just a word of caution, I had a similar experience at work and was also checked out, the scan was good but after the 6 months of possible headaches the headaches didn’t subside. I was diagnosed with Post Trauma Concussive Syndrome, and after a year the headaches subsided.
    Just a FYI, take good care.

  34. Very serious!
    What’s in the box? Big Brother?

    That’s just terrible.

    Feel better – and thank you for the wonderful blog, your integrity and fabulous sense of humor.

  35. Of course, you should have gone to the ER. I hit my head on my own cabinet in my own kitchen and was actually found to have a concussion. I learned that painful but seemingly manageable licks to the head are insidious things. So, you exercised good judgment.Take good care!

  36. Bless your heart – as we say in the South! I’m terribly sorry & hope you mend quickly. BUT – I do hope the “City” takes note – as I feel this will happen again, and again:(

  37. Dear Laurel,
    I just read this and am so sorry for this happening to you. Just take all the time you need to feel better. Your loyal fans will be waiting!

  38. Dear Laurel,

    Good for you for the immediate follow-up with the CAT scan. Do not go lightly with this episode. Brain injuries can be subtle in their progression. If you go to brainline.org you will fine information explained about brain injury, variations and the effects for the individual, caregiver, with special sections for professionals, children, and military and veterans.

    I fall in the latter category which is why I know so much about it. However, when you read the information in the general category, you may find information helpful to your particular situation.

    Although confined to home, I do enjoy your your perspectives so take care of yourself. You are a wise woman to set boundaries and give your self time to recover from this episode. The city should should at least put reflectors/blinkers on this box until it is moved out the way of harming pedestrians. I am surprised there was not a risk assessment in locating the box at that height.

    May you blessed with healing and recovery.


  39. Good grief no doubt you had a terrible headache So sorry you had to go through that. We will be hanging in there with you till you are back . In the mean time write a really nasty letter to the dept. responsible for that hideous thing , enclose a picture and a bill.

  40. Oh Laurel, I am so sorry to learn about your accident and am glad you sought medical attention as a precaution. That said; I can indirectly relate to your questioning re the location of the pole and positioning of the box however in my case it was about the planting of trees by our city. Long story short; it was my mother’s street(consisting of five blocks) in the central core of our city where homes date back eighty years plus where a decision was made to widen the street to accommodate a two way traffic pattern with pedestrian sidewalkS that resulted in home frontage being utilized and the planting of identical trees chosen by the city *for beautification*. Fast forward; the trees grew rapidly whose leaves apparently were a delicacy for aphids that secreted a honeydew-like sap that in return during cycles was like a magnet that attracted thousandS of wasps. (Similar to a scene you might see in a science fiction movie. I kid you not! On the sidewalk, roofs, porches, cars parked on the street etc.) It was an absolute *nightmare* for the residents during such periods but they quickly learned ‘you can’t fight City Hall’ as their voices were totally ignored so they persevered until …. in my Mother’s case the roots of the tree on her lawn eventually caused damage to the home’s foundation and drainage/sewage system that of which ‘she’ was responsible for the majority of the cost. Like your astonishment of the pole and box; HUH … WTF? Needless to say it was the last straw and she finally agreed with my brother it was time to ‘discreetly kill’ the tree that of which for years we jokingly accused her of being an accomplice to an act of murder …. ☺. To conclude; now I am not suggesting that incognito during the dead of night you remove the box as wouldn’t want our dear Laurel to be posting her blog from jail if you should get caught but instead extend wishes that you have a speedy recovery and that your complaint will be seriously heard.
    P.S.: Hopefully I didn’t bore you with my story. Also FTR, the death of tree was painless as my brother did consult a friend of a friend who was an Arborist whereas if my father had still been alive he would have cut the da*n thing down and challenged his right to do so. City Hall or not!

    1. ooops.. even though I am sure you gathered what I meant, that should have read: ‘she was responsible for the majority of the REPAIR cost. -Brenda-

  41. I hope you feel better soon. If I were you, I’d send those two pictures to the city’s dept of transportation, plus copies of the medical bills. Chances are that that box will produce other victims… If it makes you feel better, now “you own” that light pole! It has your name in it, 🙂 Take care.

  42. I am so sorry Laurel about your accident. Did the CT scan show a slight concussion? So dangerous, hope the city Will change that…. Hope you heal quickly…..so sad. Please take it easy until you heal. Sincerely, Jeanne

  43. thankfully you are fine, laurel. that box is an accident waiting to happen–and it did, to you unfortunately.
    imagine if this were your sidewalk and you left a box or a stool outside. if someone tripped over it, you would be cited for obstructing the sidewalk and held liable for any injuries that resulted from it. this is no different just because your local government did it.
    give ’em hell!

  44. Oh I’m so sorry. That is such an attractive nuisance. You can’t be the only one with all the phone/walkers. Heal quickly!

  45. I think you may be able to do something about this monstrosity, at least the box part. You can either talk to the city council or the mayor’s office. That definitely looks like it will clock someone else fairly soon! I hope you feel better, Laurel.

  46. Laurel, I’m so sorry! Please rest and build time into your schedule to follow up on this injury – whatever that looks like. Paperwork, doctor, rest, phone calls, no deadlines. Please consider rerunning a column for Tuesday – of course you can have a very able guest blogger but you need the least stress including not looking at screens.
    My unsolicited advice is not intended to annoy and like all free advice can be freely dismissed!

    Another reason the fixture is improperly installed: low or no vision persons can’t see it nor a service dog. Hazard for wheelchair bound and of course, everyone!
    At my former workplace, a hazard like this has a fence of big piping installed all around the post several feet high and painted with high viz color plus signage that says keep away. The installations are codified.
    I’m sure readers who are med professionals, lawyers,paralegals, contractors and building enforcement pros will weigh in with very pertinent commentary.

    Best wishes for a quick uncomplicated recovery.

  47. OUCH!! Take care and take time to heal. Most definitely bad planning and they need to hear about it.

  48. A great example of how having a good designer involved in the construction would avoid a disaster! My husband is tall and runs into poorly thought out protrusions, as well. Umbrellas for sidewalk cafes are his albatross. I hope you call the city first thing Monday. Glad you’re ok.

  49. Yikes, Laurel! Please rest and don’t worry about missing a blog. It’ll be hard, but we will survive missing one. 🙂 Hugs

  50. Sooooo sorry Laurel! How stupid of them to put the box there! They are crusin for a brusin now! Send the bill to Yonkers!
    Feel better soon.

  51. I’m so glad that you are ok…and so mad at that dangerous contraption just waiting to cause an accident! Best wishes for your full recovery. Please take all the time to heal that you need.

  52. Heal quickly and get those crazy traffic people to move that box. Sorry you had to go through that!

  53. I’m so sorry. That is the craziest thing. I’ve not seen anything like that. Please take it easy-these injuries sometime take some time. Sending hugs and prayers.

  54. Please don’t even think about posting. Please don’t put any pressure on yourself. Just relax. I am very accident prone and am sort of an authority on the subject. Your body and mind just need to get back in equilibrium. TV, look at your beautiful picture books, sit outside…that’s my recommendation. (I know you didn’t ask for a recommendation and that you are very devoted to your work).

  55. What a nightmare! I hope you feel better soon — and I hope you get the city to move that box before that happens to someone else!

    While you recover, I’d love your advice, but ONLY IF you’re bored while icing your bump and you feel like thinking about chairs:

    We’re replacing our 25-yr-old worn, scarred (and now hole-y) leather armchair, which I always disliked, as it somehow persuaded me to declaw two cats, worst thing I ever did. (Cats recovered fine, I never got over my guilt.) I love Pottery Barn’s Brooklyn armchair. It is graceful and “Edwardian,” and comes in lovely, thick “Toffee” leather and a dark brown leather I like less, although it seems tougher when I pretend I’m a cat with the store samples.

    Any thoughts? I know it will look like hell in no time, but I can’t stand the “Everyday Suede” they recommend. Touching it creeps me out and it looks cheap and ugly next to real leather. I’d like to have ONE chair that never collects fur, for guest and for my husband wearing his work clothes in the morning.

    With five (clawed) cats, I’ve had decent success with smooth cottons and tough velvets, but PB doesn’t make anything in colors that work for us. So I’ll go with leather (and buy a quart of “Leather Honey” on Amazon) unless you say different. Thank you!

  56. Omg that is a horrible spot for that!! I’m sorry this happened to you. Honestly I told my hubby your story and showed him the pic and he said yea but this is something you’d totally do. Ha ok he is right but that box needs to be moved. I’d call the city. Hope you heal fast. Hugs

  57. Wow! So sorry, but glad you’re OK!! Get some good quality lavender essential oil, that will help with the bruising!! And rest up!

  58. So sorry to hear. Hope you feel better. When you do feel better, I would definitely send photos and e-mail to someone in the City’s PR or Safety or legal department. Even if they “caged” your box down to the ground it would be better so people with their head down would see it. A child could have hurt their eye on the corner of a box like that.

  59. Oh dear! I am so glad you were checked over and are ok. I still get teary thinking about Natasha Richardson. Head injuries are complicated. What a STUPID place to put that box!!! Please take it easy… you have just suffered a shock to your body. A bit of TLC time for you.

  60. So glad that you are ok and that you were wise enough to get checked out.

    Wouldn’t you think that the bottom of that box and pipes, etc would need to meed the same code requirements as interior lights, fans, doorways?

    Looking forward to your post when you feel up to it.

    Heal well 1st,

  61. Glad you’re okay! Agree with Sandy Hopper. File a complaint! The odd thing about bureaucrats is they never know how stupid they are until someone points it out, and then they need documentation.

  62. Laurel, I am so relieved that you are okay. I was so nervous when I received my email from your blog and saw the title. The placement of the box is just crazy. There will certainly be more injuries forthcoming if they don’t move it. I hope you’re feeling today and I am so jealous that you were at the ballet and not me!!! Feel better, rest and drink lots of water. Hugs.


  63. File a complaint and send a bill for your hospital visit. And a strong suggestion that the box be raised to a safer height. The other commenters are right that damage can show at a much later time.
    On the bright side, even with lens distortion, headache, and not-so-happy moment you look darned good! Smile lines may not even count as a flaw!

  64. Despite suffering a head injury, going to the ER, and being in pain, you’ve kept your incredible sense of humor.
    “ Heads are going to roll…”!
    No wonder your blog wins awards!
    I hope you heal quickly!

  65. There’s one of those on a very small corner, in front of an apartment/condo building in East Rockaway. I have to admit I walked into it too, not long after it was put in. I was so mad and thought the same as you. Thankfully, I moved and no longer face the issue. Glad you’re OK. Feel better soon !

  66. Sending good vibes for a quick and complete healing. After empathy, my second reaction was what kind of stupid does it take to install a box at that height and place in the first place??? As you say, the pole is already set into the walkway, so to install a steel box at head height additionally blocking the right of way is practically *asking* for an accident. A public sidewalk should never be designed to be an obstacle course. Raise it or turn it, but don’t design it to be dangerous! That;s my two cents. If the city won’t move it, perhaps a reflective lemon yellow safety stripe? Visually hideous, but more effective that what was done…

  67. Goodness gracious! That’s just terrible. So glad you had it checked out. Hope you heal quickly and the city fixes that box height today! Praying you are feeling better.

  68. Wow Laurel, why don’t people use their noggin when placing items in the path of pedestrians. I hope your noggin feels better soon but don’t even attempt a blog until you are 100%. Most likely you had a concussion so stay off your computer for awhile.

  69. So glad you went to the E.R.! May your wound heal quickly and the “box” people move the dumb thing.

  70. You must definitely put the city on notice. Write them a registered letter explaining what happened and request that it be fixed immediately. If it is not, and it happens again, the next person has grounds for legal action against the city.

  71. Wow! Hope you’re feeling better this morning! That’s quite a lump! And ditto on don’t worry about a blog post. We can wait! Feel better!

  72. Dear Laurel,
    Sorry to learn about your accident. It is a hazard to the public and I hope that the city rectifies the problem befor any other person gets hurt.
    I am pleased that the CT scan results were normal. Keep an eye on things just the same and have yourself checked again if you feel that something is bothering you.
    Take care, stay healthy, steer clear of that pole.

    Lorraine La France

  73. Oh no! (I would have thought of Natasha Richardson too, have not forgotten that) SO GLAD you had it checked out. Rest up and feel better soon. And keep the evidence photos. I don’t know what kind of health insurance you have as a business owner but Yonkers should be paying for an expensive ER visit and CAT scan! grrrr…

  74. Oh wow–ouch! Just take care of yourself with lots of R & R. Your blog space will always be there, and there is always room for it in my inbox! Hugs!

  75. Watch out, concussion can strike any time in the following year. That happened to my first husband. Keep all your documentation. I’d put a complaint through, and see a lawyer.

    Get well soon.

  76. I’m so sorry to read that this happened to you, especially after what sounds like a perfectly lovely afternoon. Take good care! You deserve it and your health and well-being always comes first. So that means do or do not your work, according to how you really feel!!! Also, when you feel up to it, maybe contact your local government representative as Sandy mentioned. You might be able to save someone else the same headache (literally)! Now get off the screens and have some peppermint tea! 🙂

  77. Poor you! I hope you feel 100% quickly and please take a day off! We can wait a week for your fabulousness. I bet this will happen to others—when you feel better, would you complain to the city? That seems like a dangerous location,not to mention a literal eyesore!

  78. Oh woe Laurel. Take a few days break, we will all be here when you have recovered. Forget tomorrow, that bump is a pearler!! Likely concussed too, poor kid!!! Just rest.

  79. Glad you’re looking after yourself Laurel – don’t worry about us until you’re all better! (And yes, you did exactly the right thing)

  80. I am so sorry that happened! Let’s hope the city moves the box soon. Heal quickly and rest up. Love your posts.

  81. Wow! So sorry to hear about your accident. Laurel, your instincts to go to Emerg to check things out was the right decision. Health comes first! Take good care.

  82. Document EVERYTHING and sue the city. Not jocking.. That is outrageous building a metal box reaching into the sidewalk like that! Wishing you a speedy recovery Laurel.

  83. Good grief–someone really screwed up on that one, didn’t they. Don’t know if you were told that you have a concussion or not, but it’s really important after having one to not tax your brain a lot (or so I’ve heard and it makes perfect sense to me as an RN that you should be kind to your neurons after they get “challenged”). You don’t need a lot of stimulus, reading, TV, bright lights, busy schedule for a bit just to let yourself do some healing. Wish I knew more details but I’m sure that as much time as you can rest is good. So get some rest and take it easy a few days!!

    1. Bambi – I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! I had a car accident in 2013 w/a SEVERE concussion & NO ONE ever said to do you advise above!!!!!
      Fast forward to 2016, I started having unknown vestibular issues, balances issues, headaches, & brain fatigue. I could not use the computer or my cell phone or even read a magazine. WTH!!!! Nobody (neurologist, vestibular PT, ENT, internal med doc) could figure it out, except my sister, who is a Pediatric NP, who sees kids with sports concussions all the time! She gave me the EXACT same advice as you did to Laurel!!!! It made a world of difference & you can’t CHEAT and think, “oh, what is 5 minutes on my phone, computer, tv, EVEN magazines is going to hurt??” Well, IT DID. I learned to REST eyes & brain. THEN go kill someone for their stupidity.
      Bambi, so thanks for this AWESOME PIECE OF ADVICE for our dear friend Laurel (or anyone who reads her sweet blog!). Thank you for being an advocate for are dear friend!

  84. Laura, you did the right thing by going to the hospital. A concussion can be a tricky thing — one never really knows for sure unless checked by a medical professional. Glad you are going to be AOK!

  85. Feel better, that sounds incredibly stupid and dangerous to put the box there! I hope they move it!

  86. Ouch!!! Obviously those who installed it have never used that sidewalk themselves. Hope you are ok and heal soon!


  87. GOOD GRIEF! I would file a compliant with the city and provide your ER record. You might be fine today but without documentation if anything develops . . . just saying’. Well wishes for you dear one.

  88. What an idiotic place to hang a box! So sorry you hurt yourself (or rather, it hurt you!). Glad you did the smart thing and got it checked out. Hope you heal super fast, Laurel. PS I love how you are so brave to post a real photo. I know you normally look much prettier.

  89. I’m glad that you’re ok and that you had your head checked out! That set-up on the sidewalk is pretty crazy. Hope you feel better soon. Nancy

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