Bathroom Art Ideas You’re Gonna Love

First of all, I want to give a special shout-out to my friend on face book, Pea who has gobs of the coolest friends and have had some really wicked [aka: fun] convos about  my last post about bathrooms that sometimes look more like living rooms, or in one case, a dining room. haha!

Well… I’m not through. Today, I’m going to discuss some bathroom art ideas you’re gonna love and not just because they’re great ideas, but just because… ;]

Before I get started with the art, here are some valuable tips to get you on your way.

  • Walls in bathrooms are usually small, however it doesn’t mean the art has to be small
  • On the other hand, groupings of small prints are especially pleasing
  • Art is a great way to introduce color in an all-white bathroom, or else blend in with a monochromatic color scheme
  • If you choose to paint your walls a very dark color, choosing light-colored pieces is a great way to lighten up the room
  • bear in mind that a humid bathroom is probably not the place to hang a precious oil painting. [duh]

[All uncredited photos are from unknown sources]



Bates Cokern

Love the use of this fabulous painting as a type of privacy. Otherwise, this bathroom is not my favorite.


Darryl Carter

Don’t recommend laying your art and mirrors on the bathroom counter like this unless you don’t mind having to re-frame them every six months or so. Nice look, however, just not on the bathroom counter.


This is Darryl’s bathtub. Yes… I know…   I do love Darryl, however.

bathroom-art-ideassource unknown

I love this mural.


Source unknown- Busy, but I kinda like it



The toilet is said to be made by Thomas Crapper. Did you know that there was such a person? Now, I know where sitting on the crapper came from. haha! Seriously, you can’t make this shit up. ;]



Tobi Fairley

And old map makes for a lovely backdrop here.

poppy_delevingne2Poppy Delevingne

Another, who likes to eat in the loo. [although it looks like they wheeled it in, in a hospital gurney] Oh well, she’s gorgeous, young, blond and skinny.  I’m jealous of the fact that she can wear such beautiful shoes.

sroka-designSroka Design

This one’s got it all and really lovely colors. I like the painting as a cover for the TV. But really. Why bother? I know that I would be clunking myself in the head all the time. Love the mural on the right.


Hillary Thomas

small and charming


Steven Gambrel

He’s so frigging talented.


I wish that this photo were of better quality. But I couldn’t resist because the colors are beautiful


Gorgeous bathroom. Hideous painting. I mean… I want to like it and a part of me does. I like the idea of it.

Interior Design by Gil Schaefer. Photograph by Carter Berg.

Gil Shafer

Where’s the art here, Laurel?

On the floor! In fact, notice how many of these bathrooms have not only hardwood floors, but also fine rugs. I have had one or two clients put in a hardwood floor in an old home they were renovating. Lots and lots of poly and just be careful. It really warms up the room.

BTW: An aside on polyurethane.

This is important

I’m starting to hyperventilate.


And now, I can’t stand oil based either. Why? THEY took all of our lovely VOC out of it [don’t get me started, because the entire sitch is just beyond the beyond of ludicrousness] and NOW, the oil-based poly looks like water-based poly which ALWAYS looks like plastic. There, I said it.


HOWEVER.  Did you know… you CAN still get the good stuff, just in small quantities. Fine. The contractor bought 25 little jars of FABULON OIL SEMI-GLOSS POLY.

This is what we’ve been reduced to. I am only talking about it here, because you do not have to live with plastic yuck poly on your floors!

We had the good oil-based Fabulon in our home in Goldens Bridge for 17 years. It went through millions of monster trucks, transformers, black shit being tracked in after it snowed. Yes, black shit. And a helluva lot more. And it held up beautifully. It has a rich, lustrous sheen that only gets better over time.

K. nuff said.


Carrier and Co.

Quite frankly, I’m not a fan of these types of free-standing tubs. I think that they are a fad. And I’m not crazy about the way this room was styled. The window treatments are lame. However, the art is very nice and unusual that it’s hung on the stiles instead of in between them.

Interior Design by Matthew White. Photography by Miguel Flores-ViannaMatthew White



Really pretty.

via georgiana design on tumblr6

Georgiana Design

I’d like to throw out most of these accessories which most of them look they are from Home Goods [or granny’s attic like that hideous lamp shade] and keep the floors, tub, chest and the gorgeous Grisaille Art.



02Herve Pierre

He’s French and that’s all I have to say about that. :]

john-jacob-art-bathJohn Jacob

I adore this designer.

06-Julia-Reed-house-ELLE-DECOR-09-12-xlnJulia Reed

Handsome. Really well-done.



Zoe Johns

Don’t know what’s going on with this image, but cool ideas. Could even be a sophisticated kid’s bathroom

jean louis deniot

Jean Louis Deniot


Harvey Wise Above and Below


mish-tworkowskitMish Tworkowski

I think this would make a great kid’s bath.


Vanessa Francis

From my post about the best Benjamin Moore no fail gray paint colors for bathrooms.


Nuevo Estilo

From a very old post. This might possibly my absolute favorite bathroom–ever.

emily jenkins followillEmily Jenkins Followill

And ending with another shot of this magnificent bathroom with beautiful staged shelves which mimic the window shape.

Which bathroom did you like best? Which did you like the least?



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