Greetings From The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2018 (KBIS)

Hey Guys,

This is going to be a super quick blog post. I’m still at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando Florida.

I was intending to get this out last night but am too busy having a great time with my friends and colleagues and enjoying the balmy weather.

Last night there was a big shindig thrown by Thermador. This is how the room looked when we went in.

Can’t explain how exquisite this was! It was a little like the inside of one of their beautiful dishwashers (images from last year’s show) only about a million times more intense!


I’m having issues downloading photos for some reason. The party was exquisite.

And we were treated to the fabulous music of One Republic – LIVE! Plus the food was extraordinary.

If you’d like to see our entire itinerary please check out fellow Design Hounds‘ Blog Tour member Sheri Bruneau’s gorgeous schedule that she laid out. Gosh, I wish I could be that organized!


This morning, I was supremely honored to be on a panel discussion with interior designer and color expert Maria Killam, social media and business coach, Leslie Carothers and moderated by interior designer, coach and video expert Claire Jefford.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Maria and she is just as delightful and down-to-earth as she is on her blog. I’ve looked up to her for so many years and can’t believe that I’m sitting next to her on a panel!

The discussion was about what it takes to have a successful blog; one that earns revenue, plus the different ways of making money.

photo of Claire Jefford and me earlier today. I didn’t really need my coat outside, but it actually is a little chilly for me inside the building.

Alas, I am going home tomorrow evening and just as I wrote that, got a push notification about my flight! How funny!!!

And now for your surprise.

Below is the final board for the Laurel Home Paint Color/Palette Collection Bonus Boards. This is the 12th and final bonus board.

The collection owners will get this again in a few days along with the usual three or four page companion info along with a bonus palette of 12 colors.

For the final board, I chose Benjamin Moore White Dove. I did it in honor of the recent post about white paint.

final bonus board Benjamin Moore White Dove
For those of you who don’t know about my products,  including the paint product and Laurel’s Rolodex, and would like to learn more please click here.

Well, I feel a little guilty for not writing more of a post, but not so guilty that I’m going to give up having a lovely dinner with my friends. I love these women! They are the kindest, most supportive, generous warmest people on earth.

Very blessed!

Of course, there will be more about the show coming shortly!




42 Responses

  1. So glad to see you enjoying the show and taking some “you time.” It’s so great to go to FL in the winter!

    1. Hi Gail,

      It really is! The funny thing is that the temps outside were almost always delightful, but it was often really chilly inside which annoys me. I have the opposite problem at home. My apartment is like a sauna! Even when it’s in the single digits! I have to open the windows, and I wear a tank top. Crazy, huh?

  2. Super! Just in time! White Dove was the “final answer” for my kitchen…cabinets, trim, and vaulted ceiling in the breakfast room! I just can’t wait for the board. Let’s see how close I came in choices for colors to go with, using your other boards for inspiration. I’ll be all over the show deets. Know you’re having fun!

    1. Thanks so much Merr. I’m not sure if I’ll ever catch up! And on my flight down got online which I love doing in the air, but found out immediately that something was up with my CC.

      At first i thought that my cc company was all in arms because I had bought a slice of pumpkin bread and a coffee at the airport. lol But no, it wasn’t that. It was the $2,000 someone tried to spend at Best Buy with my card. So much for those so-called “secure servers.” This happens to me at least three times a year!

  3. I just saw ilve came out with a new induction range. Big Heart. Hopefully you got some pictures of that. I’m so excited they are FINALLY coming out with good looking induction ranges. By good looking I mean something with brass knobs. haha. Those brass knobs just give me goose bumps.

  4. Wow! I can’t believe that my two favourite designers got to speak together! I’ve been reading both your and Maria’s blog diligently, I have learned so much from you guys. Very cool that you also know each other!

  5. Love the photo of the dishwashers in their own built out set, styled and lit like a Gala at the chicest most elegant venue.
    Looking forward to more. Good to hear you had a great time!

  6. Thanks for the quick update! So neat to see you and Maria together as I follow both of you. Cute coat. I am curious to your thoughts on the backsplashes (as that is an element I am not sure what to do with .. something to be said about the simplicity of the painted wall like many deVOL images).

    1. Hi MAM,

      I love the DeVOL look too! Otherwise, for me it’s white subway tile or a white marble tile or slab – preferably Calacatta Gold.

      But contemporary kitchens can have other things like mirrored tiles are cool. Oh, and i love antiqued mirror for a backsplash too.

  7. Laurel! You look beautiful! And may I please have your coat?


    It sounds like SO much fun to be there. It also sounds like you have a wonderful group of people to share the warm and fuzzies with! That makes my heart happy. xoxoxoxo

    Looking forward to your insights! I love, love when you go to these shows and break down how you interpret things. Picture me over here taking notes…

    Be safe! xo

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I am feeling so guilty because I haven’t been on instagram very much. For me, I wish I didn’t have to do it at all. Sometimes I have more time but that one is inconsistent in order to keep the home fires burning so to speak.

      I was telling someone that my social media IS my blog.

      I only got the coat last February. My birthday presie to myself. Found it at a boutique in my little town at 50% off!

      1. Oh, dear. I hope you’re up to braving that torture 😉 just remember: lift glass, sip, repeat. and should you find yourself in need of someone to carry things and wipe up spills, I’m well practiced 😄

  8. Well how fun is this. I was just at my jobsite trying to decide on color palettes. It was frustrating because all of my whites seemed to turn blue. Finally, I decided that White Dove was the “ONE”. As soon as I got home, I looked at my email, and your’s was at the top of the heap. And what did I find? Your final board with White Dove! I’m taking it as a sign. I chose correctly and I’m sticking with it! Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Laura, do you still do online consultations? Can you tell me how that works?
    I live in Williamsburg, Va. The Colonial Capitol! My husband and I married late in life. We have an interesting collection of furnishings – mostly traditional.
    We live in an updated 60s brick ranch.
    I’m trying to make a small dining alcove(which is our dining room! Since we turned our formal dr into my husband’s den!) – sitting area – kitchen work together.
    I’d love to send you photos and get your in put! It seems like it might be just your cup of tea!
    Love all that you do and love your sharing!
    Most sincerely,
    Pam Sherman

    1. Hi Pam,

      I’m sorry but no, I don’t do any consults any longer. The only way it could possibly work would be if I had an office manager and he/she would hire someone to do that job. It’s exceedingly time consuming and always took me three times longer than I thought it would when I did do consults.

  10. How exciting to see you and Maria together! You are to two I go to on the internet whenever I have a question about my house. One of you so close to me and one so far.

  11. Have a lovely time! Thank you for taking time from the show and other fantastic events to contact us, your posts are always such a treat!

  12. Hi Laurel – I really enjoy your posts! Would you be able to tell me what program or service you use to create your lovely mood boards? I am not having much luck with the company I am using right now and mine are looking less than professional. Any information you can provide would be helpful.
    Thank you so much!
    And thank you for responding last fall about the Rolodex – my husband said if I can wait till June, I can have it for my birthday : )

    Thank you,
    Ellen Lindgren

  13. Hi Laurel,
    Enjoy the show and the warm Florida weather. It sure beats the weather up here in NYC!
    BTW: I love your coat!

    1. Hi Anna,

      Yes! It is so good to be able to escape the cold, snow, ice and snirt! I love this coat too. I found it a year ago for 50% off and knew that I had to have it! And it’s been perfect for here which has been quite mild, but actually a little chilly indoors!

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