Interior Design Rules – Preview and questions

Hi Everyone,

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a post tonight. That’s because I’m busy working on the interior design rules guide. It’s coming out this Friday, November 22nd. This link explains more about it.


And, the other reason is… I’m trying to have more balance in my life.


After working like a demon the last six years, I need to ease up a little.

However, when I say a little; I mean maybe 10-15%

This is because my life has largely been anything but balanced.

Right now, I’m back in the area where you saw me on the ATV about five weeks ago.

Yes, what is going on is what you think is going on. ;]


And, what do you think we think, Laurel?


I’m going to ignore that cheeky comment. But, since you asked, I think you think that Laurel is super happy. And, you’re right.


Adirondack park - Lake George, NY - interior design rules - bring the outside inside
This was a partial view outside the window this morning. I am in the southern Adirondack mountains, close to Lake George. Yes, it’s been snowing on and off for well over week already!


Rascal - golden retriever in the snow

The house even comes with a delightful 11 yr-old golden retriever.

I shared one of my favorite posts about the snirt epidemic that plagues us northerners every winter. The owner of the ATV loved it!


However, I decided to write about the interior design rules preview, for three other compelling reasons.


One reason has nothing to do with the decorating rules guide. It has to do with the fact that 100s, if not thousands of subscribers have not been receiving emails from me for the last 10 days or so. And, some of you are long-time and most faithful readers.

So, one reason I am writing is to find out if that is still going on. Of course, if you didn’t get the email, you might not see this post. But, if you are one who wrote me that you weren’t getting the last few emails, and you did receive this one, please leave a quick comment in that regard. Believe me, I’m more than miffed that MailChimp is sending your emails to spam!

Note: If you’ve been getting the emails with no interruption, no need to let me know.


The two other reason for writing is to ask a question about the interior design rules guide, and give a little preview.


Below is the preview by way of the table of contents of Part I which are the Living Room Rules. Please remember that Parts II and III, Dining Room Rules and Bedroom Rules will be coming out on December 15, 2019.


Table of Contents Living Room Interior Design Rules


Some of  you will be happy to see the piano rules. However, if you have any questions about that or any other area, that you would like answered, please let me know in the comments. While I feel that I’ve covered many areas, this is for you. So, I want this guide to answer as many issues as you have with your decorating.


Please remember that if you purchase anything between now and December 30, you will get this guide, all three parts for FREE.


And, if you have purchased anything in the last year, you will also get it for free. But, only through December 30, 2019.

For everyone else, the guide will only cost $49.00. And, it should really be a lot more, than that. Part I, alone is already going to be over 100 pages. But, I’m happy to offer it at this super low price. It’ll also make a great gift for any design enthusiasts on your Christmas list. Gifting is available through my shopping cart, Sendowl.

In addition, to all Rolodex owners, the updated version (Edition 6) is also coming out this Friday. You will automatically be sent out your download link. But, please remember that any download link you have will give you the new version, once I’ve announced that it has come out.

And, for anyone ordering the rolodex now, you will automatically get the new version. My promise to everyone who owns the rolodex is free lifetime updates!

See y’all on Friday!


PS: Please check out the newly updated hot sales and holiday shop for 2019


124 Responses

  1. Hi Laurel,
    Three of your emails ended up in my spam folder a couple of weeks ago. I added your address to my contacts and they have been coming to my inbox ever since.

  2. Hi Laurel! I have received all your emails. I may be a bit late to comment on the rules/guide, but I would love more guidelines for selecting trim, window/door casing, etc. And rules on paint sheens. For example, if you have paneling on the wall, but are painting it all one color do you do the same sheen of paint on all of it, or does the wood detailing need to be a different finish, etc. I am very excited about the guide! You’re blog is the most informative source of design information out there!!!

    1. Nobody can give a reason why these things happen. Here are a few ideas, however, which may or may not apply.

      Please be sure to not just delete a post without marking it as read. I understand that sometimes we don’t have time to read, but deleting a post without reading it can trip the spam filter. If you mark it is as read before deleting it, that solves that problem. That’s only one reason why. Also, if it’s in the spam folder, mark it as “not spam.” And, if you know how either, “white list” it or put the address in your address book.

      Occasionally mailchimp will unsubscribe if they aren’t able to to deliver the email after a number of tries.

  3. Another question!

    I know you don’t do sheers plus drapes often, but if you do, how do you handle the pleating of the sheers. Can you do a different style pleat or should you keep the same one?

    For example, if you’re doing a non-closing patterned drape and a sheer to cover a sliding door or other very large window for evening privacy or light control for tv watching.

  4. I love every single one of your posts and I am buying that guide! I need it. Please never stop blogging. Some of us will never be able to hire a decorator and buy new furniture but it doesn’t hurt to dream and enjoy the photos. If you ever come to California, I want to meet you.

    Your number one fan!

  5. So I’m telling my husband about your joyful news- Laurel, you know my friend the designer. 🙂 Many blessings to you!
    All mail received in good order.
    So looking forward to the design guide with the guidance in one place because I’ve tried the search engine a few times with mixed results.
    Thanks again for sharing your expertise, the help will be returned 10 fold. Xoxo

  6. Please address an entertainment/tv question that I haven’t seen anywhere…. HOW do you style a tv that must go in a corner on an angle? Preferably mounted. I don’t know what to do under it or on either side and the whole area feels like a black hole. But the room layout dictates that this is where the tv must be. Help!

  7. I second Lisa’s sentiment! The sea of other bloggers just give tidbits of styling tips, craft projects, widgets of tasteful stuff to buy buy, or pics of pretty stuff they’ve seen/done; but not much actionable professional design advice. You’re stuff is meaty. And, for those who have not purchased Laurel’s guides – BUY THEM. They are fabulous. The blog is the tip of the iceberg.

  8. Laurel, your blog has been a godsend. Guided by your blog posts, paint guide and rolodex, I refurbished our entire 1989 four bedroom 2973 sq. ft. house. Due to the repairs needed, a designer just wasn’t in our budget so I picked paints from your paint guide, consulted your blog posts to solve the problems of this house and studied the Rolodex for ideas. Your advice to do some research, make a plan and consider architectural elements saved us as I had to provide direction, design and material specs for everything our contractor did. Your blog/guide/Rolodex made an impossible job possible. It’s nearly finished.
    I love reading your blog. You’re funny, amazingly informative and a good writer too.
    Unfortunately your last two emails ended up in my spam filter.
    I think your new book (which I want) might benefit from adding one thing:
    A section on things to do with exteriors for those of us who, like me, live in mini-mcmansions and do not have the funds for a six-figure renovation. There are MILLIONS of us out there living in mash-up houses. We need wise and talented eyes to bring out whatever potential is there.
    Oh, I hope you know you are the only design blogger out there who actually gives people useful information?
    Thank you for doing a fantastic job!

  9. Seriously. And THIS is only re: comments to ONE of your blog posts! Girlfriend, I feel your pain! I cannot believe that you make the time to personally answer comments and still (sort of) have a life – Aye, there’s the rub. Go forth and k’noodle.

  10. I did not receive the past two are three emails. I so love reading the one on a Sunday as I have usually just come back from a neighborhood walk. I understand about passion vs. Overwork. Go for passion and cut back on overwork. Once a week is better than “burned out ” Laurel.

  11. Is there any way to set the comments preference so that you only get notified of follow-up comments to YOUR comment, not every comment on this topic? Your blog is so popular that my in-box is completely blowing up! And, now I can’t figure out how to turn the notification back off!! LoL

    1. Oh, sorry about that. Welcome to my world! But, at this time, I’m not sure of the answer to that. I’ll have to ask my developer. He’s on vacation now, so that could take some time.

      I looked to see if there’s anything I can do and don’t see any way to over-ride that for you, but a clue might be to clear your cookies for the last 24 hours. If you try that and it works, please let me know.

  12. I’ve rec’d last 2 months’ blog posts, but went through months-long period in which they were nowhere to be found, including in my spam folder. I always went to www to locate them, for I now am addicted to them, dear Miz Laurel. Enjoy the snow, the dog, the air, and your wonderful achievements in the face of what might have been failure had you been a lesser person. I send you a message from Rosalind Russell’s “Auntie Mame”: LIVE!

  13. Hi Laurel,
    I did receive this email in my inbox, but for the last little while they have been going straight to my junk folder… which I retrieved of course.
    I am delighted to hear of your happiness. Enjoy!

  14. Work/life balance is one of the hardest things to achieve as an adult. Jordan Peterson says that once you have enough money to keep the wolves from the door, more money doesn’t make you happier or improve your life that much.

    I’d recommend taking a piece of paper and a pen and just start writing down all the different parts of your life and your business. Figure out where you’re spending more time than you would like and begin thinking about what avenues are possible to reduce that amount of time. It may be ordering groceries in, signing on for a meal kit, hiring some techie help with the parts of the job you don’t like or it may be taking on a young designer and teaching him or her the blog biz in exchange for that person doing some of the work.

    Even if it is requires reducing the number of posts per week, you deserve to enjoy your life and have adventures. Those adventures put you in a position to continue to grow and change and become–things we’re all supposed to do. You can’t do that if you’re working all the time.

  15. I can’t wait to buy this guide! I’m sure it will be amazing. I hope it covers when its appropriate to use square vs rectangle ottomans/coffee tables. I always get stuck on this. I feel like I need something deeper than the standard rectangle ottomans but not sure square is right either. I don’t see a lot on this topic.

  16. Hi Laurel, isn’t it weird that sometimes you don’t actually notice something’s missing until it pointed out! And you’re right I’m not getting your emails at all – they’re not in my spam either. I normally read the blog on Feedly, so I don’t think I’ve missed anything big, but your emails do always have that little extra something.
    Enjoy the rebalance of your life.

  17. Today was the first time I didn’t receive your post in my e-mail; no problem ever before.

    Love your blog…so happy that you are happy!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Hi Laurel,

    So emails form you have been getting sent to my “promotions” folder, not spam, but still not my primary inbox. I use Gmail.

    Also, regarding your guide, it would be so great to see a section about rules for decorating an open concept floor plan (living room, eat-in kitchen, entryway, how to make things flow).

  19. I think I’m getting all your posts. Enjoy the snow! I live in Vermont and I’m already thinking how I’ll still be seeing it in April!

  20. I live in Florida, and would love to have suppliers names for pool tiles. We are updating pool and spa, and outdoor kitchen. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Thanks for all you do!

  21. Hi Laurel—any advice on choosing the color of curtains, shades etc. ie, better to match wall color or couch? Contrast or compliment? Thanks!

  22. My burning question for the Living Room Rules is, how many different leg styles are ok. I would love to replace my sofa with a skirtless roll arm sofa, but don’t know how many exposed legs are permissible.
    So happy that you are happy…I’m glad my initial thought was right on.

  23. Laurel: I only had one post go to spam a couple of weeks ago. I marked it “not spam” and it hasn’t happened again. Would never have thought about that again unless it continued. I would absolutely notice and go looking if those posts didn’t arrive; I LOVE getting posts from you. Laurel, you grab that happiness with both hands. We humans are meant for connection with others. The internet is a wonderful thing and it’s obvious how much this blog means to you to be able to connect with us. But, we need in-person contact to truly be satisfied in our hearts. Work less, connect more. I like your balance!! Happy for you!

  24. I found today’s post in my feed reader, it hasn’t hit either my inbox or spam folder so far. At least one previous post did go to spam, but I can’t recall which one it was. I think it isn’t Mailchimp, but rather that your “from” email begins with “Admin”. I’ve had to change that for my own business, as some email providers are bouncing emails that begin with “admin”, “info” and I think a couple others.

    1. You know, that was changed, back to “laurel” quite a while back for the reason you say. I had wanted admin to separate out blog email from personal email, but alas. However, the fact that you’re still receiving it from “admin” could be a clue as to the problem. Maybe something switched back?

  25. I found this latest post in my spam folder! Love all your lovely, informative, funny and helpful posts. Sorry you are ending up in spam. I will check that file more often.

  26. Love all of your posts and look forward to the “Rules” book! Just wondering if it should include something on window treatments?

    Enjoy your time in the Adirondacks! A little snow is always gorgeous as it usually melts before it turns to snirt.

  27. Hey Laurel!
    So happy that you’re HAPPY! (And jealous of your view + the Golden Retriever)
    I need that guide in my life ASAP. I have three chairs dying to be recovered & so much more – Was just thinking of you today & thought how fabulous it would be if Laurel did a home makeover show (starting with my house, of course:)

  28. I just checked my junk box and found your last three posts there! I did get today’s post, though. Hope you can figure out what went wrong, because i don’t want to miss any more😊. So nice to hear you are so happy, by the way🥰.

  29. Like so many others, the two posts on 11/15 & 11/16 were in my spam mail. I moved them right away! Thank you very much for your funny and informative posts. I am a relatively new subscriber and look forward to seeing you in my mail! Have great holidays!

  30. I did not receive your emails last week, but was glad to find this one in my inbox today. So thrilled that you are happy and having fun!

  31. Hi Laurel,
    I did find your emails from 11/15 and 11/16 in my Junk mailbox, but received the one for today in my inbox. I so enjoy your sense of humor and all the expert information you so willingly share with us readers. The best to you going forward and I hope you can find the balance that works for you. Bless you!

  32. I am like many others. Got your post today, 11/19/19, but found Friday and Sunday in my spam mail. Thank you for the tip. I love your posts. They are so helpful, informative and funny. And REALLY glad you have a special person in your life right now. You deserve it.

  33. Hi. Have read you every week for years. Did not get Sunday’s post and thought you had run away with someone handsome—so was happy for you but bummed for my reading time.

  34. Hi Laurel— got this one in my in box and checked trash… Sunday’s and Friday’s sales post were in spam folder. Hope you get it worked out!

  35. Hi Laurel. I log onto your website every Wednesday and Sunday to look for your posts. I look forward to it. I also use the search bar on your blog whenever I have a design problem. I always find a relevant post. I don’t need the emails to remind me to look! I love reading your blog.

    Cotton Balls rules!

  36. Good news, this post came to my inbox as it should have and not spam like the last two did. Good preview on the guide, like it!

  37. I so get the need for balance . Take care , do what you need. I will be here when you return. And maybe congratulations are due? Hugs

  38. Laurel, I received today’s email but hadn’t received the last few. I was SO happy when you showed up in my inbox this evening(I had checked my spam folder and you were not there either.)! Your posts and guides have been invaluable in decorating our first house and now my dream home, but don’t tell my husband he thinks all the great ideas are mine!

  39. I was not receiving your emails but wasn’t smart enough to look in my junk file. I went to your website and found to my pleasure you were still posting. Hope you got it all fixed as I miss your posts.

  40. I found Friday and Saturday night posts in spam just now. I remember specifically looking for your hot sale post on Friday night and not seeing it in my inbox.
    This Tuesday post IS in my inbox.

    1. Oh, good to know. Traffic was down about 20% the last two posts from where it is on average in terms of subscriber opens and clicks. That’s according to mailchimp analytics.

  41. Found last week’s post in spam after seeing it on fb first.

    Life is short, glad to see you enjoy yourself a little more! Bonus: it’s good for the creative juices!

  42. I found this in my junk mail and was planning to leave a message asking what I should do to fix it! I am very glad to read that you are so happy- you deserve it!

    1. Hi Karen,

      You can add the address to your address book if you have one. Or, you can “white list” it. Although, I’m not sure how to do that. One thing you can do is whatever your email program is; I see you have AOL, just google. “how to white list an email address in AOL”

      Also, if you find an email of mine in junk, mark it as “not junk,” and tell it to go back where it belongs, in your in box.

      Oh, one other thing that’s very important. Don’t delete one of my emails without first opening it. Even if you just want to delete it without reading it, mark it first as “read” before deleting it. I’m sorry that we all have to go through these machinations, but the email programs have gotten so that the slightest thing will make them think the email is spam.

  43. Hi Laurel, I’ve been getting your posts, but I’m launching a book myself (tomorrow!) and haven’t had as much time to read. I’ll browse them over the weekend. Good luck with your book!

  44. Hi Yep last week you landed in junk mail. I didn’t realize how much I look forward to Sunday morning blog with my first cup of coffee. I actually checked the website first to make sure nothing bad had happened to you – then checked the spam after seeing the posts there. I assumed it was on my end hope you get it resolved.

  45. Oooh yes! Would love rules on layering rugs, or how to put two rugs in a weirdly shaped room so they are cohesive.

  46. Hi Laurel!
    Soooo happy for you!
    l don’t read your emails, I eat them!!! Ha ha
    Will love to read the piano rules, and would love to know how to place an upright piano… A total nightmare!
    As always love your blog and learn lots !!! Thanks!

  47. Hi Laurel. I missed your email on Sunday but figured you were just taking a much needed – and much deserved – break. But I checked my spam folder and it was there. So am looking forward to catching up on your blog tonight!

  48. Laurel,

    This one arrived in my email!! Thank you for looking into this. So glad that you’ve found some well deserved contentment and happiness.

    Best wishes,

  49. Hi, Laurel!
    I’m so glad to see/hear you are happy!
    I’m wondering if the guide will cover rugs (in the rug section) for irregular shaped rooms or rooms that are too large for standard size area rugs (a tad too long for one rug – is it okay to use two, or must you go custom if the space isn’t divided into separate areas?)
    Unrelated: Are you planning a Part IV: Ancillary Spaces (or Bonus Spaces) to cover such things as offices, laundry rooms, craft rooms, garages, and other task spaces?
    As always, lovin’ what you do! Sue

  50. Hi Laurel. Your happiness is inspiring me to get out more!

    Have you considered a section, either in this chapter or elsewhere, on decorating for pets? (In my house, it definitely is “for”, rather than “with” or “around”.) You’ve made various suggestions in a lot of your posts concerning pet friendly upholstery fabrics, carpets, etc, but I would love to hear more of your ideas and tips.

    Stay warm!

  51. Hi Laurel,
    I didn’t receive the last two emails. Checked spam and junk– emails not there.
    It warms my heart that you have found happiness. I wish you the best and have a wonderful Christmas!

  52. Okay Laurel, first off I love your blog, but secondly I am a dork and can’t figure out how to purchase your complete blog, or purhcase anything else from you. Please help this challenged gal..:)


    1. Well, in my haste, I may have forgotten to link to the sales page which is the top left link in the main menu bar. At least it is on a laptop or tablet. I forget that at least half of the readers are looking on their cell phone. There, if I haven’t linked to something, just click on the “burger” (the three horizontal lines at the top). That will access the entire menu and you’ll see “Do you need more help for your home?” (I think), but you’ll also see a page for the rolodex. I should look into that, to make sure it’s clear on mobile.

  53. Yes!
    I have a set of builtins that act as an entertainment center that are centered on one wall and a fireplace centered on the opposite wall, but the builtin wall is shorter by one wheelchair-accessible bedroom door.

    Also, there’s a step, so I have to have a much smaller rug than I’d prefer. Silly room shapes are silly. I’m building my next house.

  54. I’m really interested in the putting it all together section. Because I do a lot of thrifting and sale shopping, I don’t always have a lot of time to plan purchases and have to know what I can do a bit flexibly. That is: I can use a piece that has one of these 3 shapes in this spot.

    Also, are there any strange rules that apply to particular styles of furniture pieces? That is, are there different rules for pairing end tables with chesterfields? This is relevant to my life struggles.

    Oh! And mantel rules!

  55. Hi Laurel, Want you to know I love your posts, and yes I’ve had three recently go to my spam folder. Today’s post came to my inbox though.

  56. I think U are a HOOT! – and would LUV the opportunity to have a HAPPY HOUR with you !

    I seem to maybe have missed the recent posts? NOt sure:)

  57. Love your writing style and quick wit, Laurel! Your advice is indispensable and your design expertise is extensive and impressive. Thank you for having the desire to share your insight with so many of us, struggling to make our homes a place of beauty and rest. You’re the best!

  58. Hi laurel

    Sorry do not have time to read the whole blog at this moment but I can tell you the only one I did not receive was this past sunday (nov 17) 😔

  59. Laurel–
    Thank you so much for your delightful blog; it is both informative and amusing. I have learned so much from you. I still struggle with picking fabrics and tend to default to all beige to avoid a mistake. Hopefully, the rules will help with this!
    That beautiful golden looks so much like my last golden. Enjoy your downtime!

  60. Dearest Laurel
    Just to reiterate from my last note
    WOOHOO Laurel!
    I’m so happy for you🥰
    Do what you need to do
    Be happy
    Lots of love

  61. I agree with Celeste. Please don’t burn yourself out. As much as I LOVE getting your blog twice a week, I’d rather get one a week instead of none a week. Even take a week off now and then. You could even do repeat posts.

  62. Laurel-thank you for all you give–we get to take away from your knowledge and expertise–we are the winners here!

  63. So happy for you, Laurel! I’m fortunate to have received my emails from you without any problems. Wishing you a well deserved time to yourself with your special person. Happy Thanksgiving!

  64. Laurel, welcome to “up-state.” I am so excited about the design guide! I really wish I had this before I made all my design and decorating errors. The good news is I still have the master suite to do ( at some undefined point in the future.) I have not been getting your posts and realized it just earlier today. Thank you for fixing it. I get sad when I don’t have my Laurel fix.
    Enjoy our lovely weather, and don’t forget your snow boots.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Actually, I didn’t do anything to fix it. It is possible that one of my emails inadvertently tripped a spam filter simply because of my wording. Or, it might be something else. I need to investigate that further.

  65. Hi Laurel,

    Congrats on being happy!

    I get your emails. Actually I wait for them 🙂

    Seconding Nicole’s suggestion for guides to room layouts – there must be a kitchen-triangle rule you can invent for layouts.

    I’d love to see a pattern plan – we have a lot of Oriental rugs, and I am wary of adding pattern via fabric. Is there a rule, e.g. 80/20?



  66. I receive your emails but some go my junk file on Yahoo…fortunately, I check that folder daily …but I wonder why?

  67. I just got your email today but did not receive ones in the last few days, so no issues here! And I’m all about work/life balance so you do whatever you need!

  68. One of my most favorite things I have learned from you is to create necessary tension in a designed space.
    That concept has helped me to create a home that we love. I believe it helped sell our previous house this past summer. The wife of the buying family was brought to tears to find a home that they all loved immediately.
    Thank you Laurel!
    I am happy for your happiness! Kudos for aiming to find balance in life! Enjoy!

  69. Probably a stupid question, but once we’ve downloaded from a prior purchase, and then you update the link, should we download it again? And if so, won’t that eat into our stash of limited downloads, if you know what I mean? Also, I would love to get your decorator guide! Will it be attached to one of the links we already have, or will it be a separate link and separate download if we purchased in the last year, which I did.
    Thanks for the clarification!

    1. Hi Louise,

      Every year, your downloads are automatically updated to seven again. Since your download link doesn’t know if it’s last year or this year, you should be good.

  70. I never write, but have been reading your blog faithfully for years and love it, of course! No problems receiving it, thankfully.

  71. Will you add a section on room layout? I’m especially interested in odd room configurations that don’t lend themselves to an obvious focal point. For instance, my living room has a truly wonderful ~8X8 5 window tower…but it’s kind of stuck on one “corner” of the living room and it’s too big to be a window seat area. Basically every room of my house has a (wonderful) “problem” like this 🙂
    Can’t wait for this guide, it’s exactly what I need!

    1. There is a section on room layout. Sometimes I find when there’s something odd like a fireplace in the corner, (and not angled into the room) rather than trying to make the seating “centered” on it, which of course, is impossible, is to not try to make it a focal point. But, rather to balance out the wall, if there is one.

  72. Laurel,
    I have had no issues receiving your emails (happily!).
    It certainly looks like you have covered all areas and I am very much looking forward to receiving.
    Enjoy your well deserved time off!

  73. I don’t know why, but many times I get your post, but not the photos. Actually I get some photos, but not all of them. I think you should really slow down for two months and during that time reflect on where you are at this point in time and if it is a good place for you. I only subscribe to two blogs and one of them is yours. You are a clearly a spirited individual, but I wonder if you are happy. I also lost a parent this year. Depending on who you are and your relationship with that person, the loss could be huge or it could have almost no impact in your life. This is very personal and maybe not what you were looking for. Forgive me if I have overstepped my bounds.

    1. Hi Marie,

      No, you have not over-stepped your bounds. The loss of my mom has been gradual for the last 15 years. But, I really lost her five years ago after she broke her hip. That was when it was impossible for her to give any of her own input into a conversation. So, the sadness I’ve felt in regard to that loss happened a long time ago. When she passed, it was pure relief that she was finally at peace.

      However, the feeling I get is that her spirit which is no longer fighting to stay alive is able to give me what she could not in life. Well, that’s how it feels. I feel her love all around me and it gives me comfort.

  74. You need balance. 💕❤️ Or you’ll burn out. When I was a pastry chef my hobby became my job, leaving me with no defined life outside work nor an identity outside of it.

    Be smarter than me,


    1. Wise, wise words Celeste. I fully realized this at the beginning of the year when my son came to visit, early January. He left after yet a wonderful few days spent together. But, this time was different. I realized if I didn’t do something significant to change my situation, that one day, I was going to wake up and realize how foolish I had been.

  75. Hi Laurel,
    Aren’t you a tease! I have feeling I know what you’re up to but I’m not talking. I’m just happy you’re taking some time to enjoy yourself. And I hope you realize we all think you work too much. Life’s too short.

  76. I”m not starting over or planning to repaint, but I would like to have your rules book. I don’t think I would benefit from the Rolodex as I’m not doing any major projects Will this be possible? Rules without the rest?

    1. Hi Nancy,

      The Rolodex covers the best furnishing sources, hundreds of ’em. The paint and palette guide is only paint colors, color schemes and putting that together with furniture. This new guide is focused on placement, space planning, size, proportion, etc. and things to avoid when furnishing a room. Hope that answers your question.

  77. Hi Laurel!
    Enjoy your time in the winter wonderland with that beautiful dog and “J”. Happy that can take some time for yourself.
    Kisses, Hugs, and Love!

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