I (virtually) Furnished TWO AB Kasha Parisian Interiors!

Hi Everyone,

This is part 1 and part 2 of AB Kasha’s blank canvas series, or challenge, I’m calling it. You’ll know the deal if you’ve read part 1, but yes, I created a second room. So, if you’ve read part 1, please click the link below, but if not, keep reading.


Part 2 Begins Here


You did what, Laurel? What up wit dat?


Thank you, I’m fine. How are y’all doing?

Okay, yes, I furnished an AB Kasha Parisian room, and it wasn’t one of their gorgeous white rooms, either. No, it was one of their gorgeous brown rooms. Well, en francais, it’s called boiseries.

bwah zair ee.  (The last s is silent)

En anglais, we would say woodwork or millwork. Specifically, these are stained wood panels, or en francais, panneaux de bois teintés.

Now, I didn’t just go to their Instagram and decide to rip off their images to do this. That would be obnoxiously presumptuous, n’est-ce pas?

Here’s what happened. Last Thursday, I happened on one of the Kasha’s posts, thinking it was a recent post.


Laurel, stop a sec, please; you lost me at Boiseries, and who are the Kashas?


Oh, sorry, you must be fairly new to the blog. Please forgive me. The Kashas are the dynamite husband and wife team, Alon and Betsy Kasha. Both are East Coast Americans, although Alon spent much of his youth in France. 2004, they decided to purchase and renovate a pied a terre in Paris.

I don’t know any of the details, but they realized there was a need for turnkey renovations in the heart of Paris. Just plunk down the money and bring yourself and some clothes. Most of their work is in or around the 6th arrondissement, known as Saint-Germain-des-Prés.


To help them, they have amassed a dedicated team of artisans, designers, and realtors.


Since their first renovation, they have fully renovated nearly 100 apartments. One of the best parts you can see on AB Kasha’s website is the hideous before-shots and the amazing transformations.

It is not unusual for rooms to get switched or a bathroom created from a small bedroom.

If you’re not already following ABKasha on Instagram, they are a must-page to follow!

Also, if you’d like to read other blog posts featuring their beautiful work, please check out this link.

May I continue my story now?

Sure, Laurel, it’s your blog.

Ummm… I will ignore that remark. ;]

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Thank you so much. Now, the post. Please enjoy!


So, like I started to say, the other day, I happened on one of AB Kasha’s posts.


ABKasha blank canvas series wood paneled room


When I read this, all I saw was this (below)


What I didn’t see was this:


ABKasha blank canvas series detail from February


So, thinking this was a recent post, I wrote this comment:


Followed by the other two comments. Silly me.

But, they are so kind. They did write me and shared the links to two of their properties that I’m sure have sold by now.


The one with the challenge is called:


A pearl on Pré-aux-Clercs


And, true, it is no longer for sale.


So, I thought maybe some would enjoy seeing how I might furnish a Parisian wood-paneled room.


However, while looking through their feed, I realized I’d missed many recent posts, as Instagram shows me many other things. And then, I saw several posts that had the hashtag #BlankCanvasSeries.

Okay! I’ll do all of them! haha!


I’ve often stressed that when decorating, it’s part of the color scheme if there’s a wood stain anywhere in a space.


In the case of AB Kasha, they used their signature yummy honey-colored Versailles pattern Oak floors. I’m not sure if these are reclaimed or if they do something to give the boards some age. Occasionally, a property will have a floor that can be salvaged. However, most of them do not.

If I had the means, I’d yank out my living room hardwood and put in this Versailles parquet pattern. However, that’s not feasible. Thank you so much for your terrific comments regarding my hardwood floor stain and finish.


A friend of mine who reads the blog pointed out that I didn’t actually say which floor stain I’m doing.


She’s right. lol However, I’m leaning towards a warm, medium tone, not too far from what it currently is, and maybe a little darker.

Oh, this is a good one. I found this blog post on Remodelholic about a woman who made a faux bois “wood” floor using paper bags (or brown paper) over plywood. She claims it didn’t take long. But, you do need a large space like a garage to do the faux bois painting.

Faux wood floor by Freckle Face Girl for Remodelholic


Faux wood floor by Freckle Face Girl for Remodelholic

I have to say I’m rather impressed by this!




Okay, I got to work today, not knowing what I would do, but I thought I’d look at Jayson Home because all of their fantastic upholstered furniture is currently on sale!

And then I saw this stunning chair and knew I had to use it! (It’s in the HOT SALES widget, too!)
Jayson Home Holmes chair side view
Jayson Home - Holmes chair green velvet


Jayson Home Holmes Chair


Then, I had to figure out how to do the room. I had this image. ( Below)


AB Kasha wood paneled room

Then, I created the base image, below.

boiserie room AB Kasha
This is how I did it.

I went into Picmonkey, used the image on the left half, then duplicated it and flipped it around for the right side. I found another image from the same room and repeated it three times to fill in the center section between the French doors, knowing most of it would be covered and look okay.

Same for the floor.


No, this isn’t the exact room, but it’s close enough.


At first, I thought I would do a living room area on the right and a dining area on the left, but I don’t have the strength. So, I just made the room a dining room, using those fantastic chairs as host chairs.

I didn’t add a ton of furniture or accessories. Parisians typically don’t like to overstuff their rooms with furniture.

Okay, you might be wondering before I show you what I did. Did I emulate the Kasha’s contemporary style furnishings that they do in most of their gorgeous room vignettes?


No, I didn’t because if I went and repeated what they do, what’s the point? I’m presuming they’d like to see something else.


The room is inherently traditional. So, it’s a terrific look to juxtapose that with relatively simple contemporary and mid-century style furnishings.

However, Laurel, being “the classical girl,” I stuck with what lives inside my heart.

The chairs are Napoleon III-style chairs. They became very popular about 15-20 years ago. I adore the lines and the English roll arm in this version.


Okay, time for the big virtual reveal!!!


ABKasha Blank Canvas Series - Parisian Boiserie copy 2


You will notice some familiar items and a few new things.

The dining table is from OKA. It’s a contemporary take on Louis XVI. I love the cerused black finish.

The pillows on the chair are my Laura Kirar (discontinued fabric– boohoo) treasured pillows. I brought them to my rental. I only have seven more weeks here!

The rug I found in a folder when I did this post about Sherwin Williams’ gagawful COTY Redend Point.


The chandelier and the Louis XVI-style console* were in the Furlow Gatewood tribute from last year.
*Yes, I changed the color and made it an antique blue-gray.

The fabulous Suzanne Kasler for Visual Comfort Josephine buffet lamps are in hand-rubbed antique brass.


Oh, that’s funny. Napoleon III chairs with Josephine lamps.


This beautiful, tall lamp comes in a lovely blue and gold, which would’ve looked great here, too. That finish is $310 less than the hand-rubbed antique brass!

The contemporary console table on the left is from OKA, and the Anglo-Indian sconces are from wherever you can find them!

The drapes I took from another AB Kasha room. I love the trim, but I darkened it a bit for this room.


Let’s bring the furnished dining room down again so you don’t have to keep scrolling back and forth.


ABKasha Blank Canvas Series - Parisian Boiserie copy 2

And, finally, yes, there’s my antique Zuber screen again. I must say, it gets around. Incidentally, I tried two other paintings I love but ultimately went with the Zuber.


I have to say, I love how this turned out! I hope the Kashas like it, too!


They certainly gave me some fantastic bones to work with! I also like that, despite the dark walls, the room still feels fresh and airy.  I can almost feel the breeze wafting in through those magnificent French doors. No, wait. That’s my ceiling fan. ;]

Another thing I think would look great would be to slipcover the dining chairs in off-white cotton duck.


So, would you guys like to see me do something else with this space for Monday evening?


I could do a living room or even a bedroom. I’m also open to using different colors. However, I never get tired of my analogous greens.


Part 2 Begins Here

Hi Everyone,

It’s Monday! Happy Indigenous Day, Formerly Known As Prince Columbus! Or, something like that.

Okay, it looks like my doing a bedroom slightly edged out doing a living room. So, I did a bedroom featuring shades of blue and creamy white.

And, here it is!

boiseries blue bedroom AB Kasha

The only thing I left from the dining room board were the drapes.


There will be a shopping widget at the end if you are interested. So, I won’t be linking to all the sources in the post.


Behind the bed is a new Etsy source for inexpensive tapestries and other cool items.

The bed is from Frontgate. However, I had the headboard reupholstered. What’s freaky is they’re calling it the BASTILLE Bed! I didn’t realize that until after I had selected it.

The loveseat is one of my favorites from Serena & Lily. They’re having a HUGE sale right now. One of the best ever! The Fortuny pillows I also found on Etsy. Yes, Etsy, and while not inexpensive, they are about half the price of most Fortuny pillows I see online.

The rug is an over-dyed rug from Noori. However, there are many on 1st Dibs, and they aren’t hellishly expensive, either.


Why such a saturated color on the rug? That doesn’t look very bedroomy, Laurel.


I like the way it balances the tapestry and stained wood. We layered it over a larger jute rug. It is fine to do deep colors in a bedroom. After all, when the lights are out, everything is dark.

The night tables are from one of my favorite vendors in Laurel’s Rolodex, Phillip’s Scott. While this is a to-the-trade source, you can now purchase the Phillip’s Scott line online at Mintwood Home!

The lamps are from Wildwood.

The white chair is not available in the widget but is from George Smith.

And, the cool chinoiserie cabinet is from Fea Home, located only a couple of miles from my old New York home.

Below, are two mini widgets. I can’t add captions to these, but it’s easier when there aren’t many. Please click on any image for more information.



I hope you enjoyed these rooms. AB Kasha has made my job easy. Well, easier! Please be sure to follow their beautiful account on Instagram!

This has been fun. Maybe I should make this a monthly series.



Please check out the recently updated HOT SALES!


***Tomorrow, October 10th and 11th, is AMAZON PRIME DAY!


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Thank you so much!

I very much appreciate your help and support.

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