Come See My Bronxville, NY Apartment. It’s for Sale!

Hi Everyone,

I get it.

I really get it now.


What do you get, Laurel?


I get why people stay in the same home for their entire life.

However, that’s not what I’m doing. No, and believe me, this is not easy. Two weeks ago, I bought an apartment in another state, and now I’ve been getting the Bronxville apartment ready to go on the market. It’s been quite a sense of accomplishment. After holding my super at gunpoint and chaining him inside my place, he finally finished everything.

Actually, he’s a very sweet man, and now that I’ve lived here for eight years, I realize that you have to stay on his radar, and he’ll come over and do the work.

And now, I want to show it to you.

This morning two young men with masks showed up. The first one is an architect who came to measure the space, and then he’s going to do a computer-created graphic of the floor plan.

After him, a photographer arrived to photograph the place.


Naturally, I’ve been running around cleaning and hiding.


Cleaning and hiding. I hid so well that it took me an hour to find my cell phone charger. But, of course, I had to stage the apartment, as well. I think I adhered well to my basic philosophy of staging, which you can read about here.

The official listing might be coming out on Monday.

Isn’t it funny? We get our places fixed up to sell them but don’t have a chance to enjoy them for very long afterward.

So, of course, after the photographer left, I took some more photos with my phone.


Therefore, without further wasting your time, let’s take a look, and I’ll share what was done.


Pondfield Rd Bronxville apartment for sale - entry - Benjamin Moore America's Heartland wall color


First up is the cabinet in my entry. You may recall first seeing it in this post from five years ago.


Pondfield Rd Bronxville apartment for sale -kitchen - Benjamin Moore Pale Avocado wall color

Across the entry from the cabinet is my galley kitchen. The wall color is a Laurel Home Paint and Palette Collection color – Benjamin Moore – Pale Avocado.

The range, microwave, and fridge are all brand new. And, no, nothing fancy, but all of the new appliances work great. The refrigerator is nice and quiet. And, the range is much, much better than the one I had.

Some of you may remember when I wrote this post back in June 2017 about my appliances dying.

Honestly, the dishwasher had died, and the microwave, soon after. I’ve been using a darling retro counter nuker, which does the job. The fridge has been on life-support ever since and has just hung in there because I’m sure it didn’t want me to starve.

If you would like to know what I got, you can check them out in the mini-widget below by clicking on each one.

It was slim pickin’s for the fridge because it had to be a 28″ refrigerator, and there aren’t too many that size.


new kitchen shelf - Kate and Laurel

The other new item in the kitchen is a long shelf over the sink. I found it on Amazon from a brand called Kate and Laurel. I was not too fond of the other two shelves and can’t believe I lived with them until a few weeks ago. But, that’s life. You can’t see very well, but I staged the shelf with some stuff I already had.

I should’ve taken a photo looking towards the cabinet in the hall, but I didn’t. The photographer did, and he said that he’d send me some of the images. So, if I get a good one, I’ll add it to this post later.


Next up in my Bronxville apartment is the spacious living room.


Pondfield Rd W - Bronxville apartment for sale - entry-living room - Benjamin Moore America's Heartland wall color


Or, on occasion, it’s a living/ dining room. You may recall how I turned my desk into a big dining table with the tackiest table cloth ever. My family loved it!

My living room faces south. I mean, SOUTH. At this time of year, without the shades, it is blindingly bright in mid-day. I know because I moved in December 2012, and there were no window treatments except for the Pottery Barn drapes; they only did so much. By the way, even though I washed them while they were down, I decided not to put them back up.


Not much has changed in this room since I furnished it in 2013. You might enjoy this post from November 2012, where I explore decorating with yellow walls. You’ll see my Bronxville apartment before I moved in.


But, I spent the first several months furnishing the living room.


Here are some early shots that were taken with my Canon, which I no longer use. The only new thing, I believe, is the little coffee table, and of course, Joe wasn’t here back then. Please, I know that I never changed his pot. And, the little guy is still growing! He has a real trunk now!

When my super first came over to look at the apartment six weeks ago and talked about the painting, he suggested that I paint everything gray.


Ummm, no. I told Jose that he’s been watching too much HGTV. He laughed.

However, I decided to tweak the Hawthorne yellow. However, while Hawthorne yellow is one of the Laurel Home Essential Paint and Palette Collection colors, its replacement. And, that is America’s Heartland.


America’s Heartland is very much like Hawthorne, only a shade lighter.


However, it’s lighter, without being in any way icy. It is a classic, pale butter-yellow. I went with another Laurel Home paint color for the trim and ceiling, which is Super White. (ceiling flat, trim semi-gloss) I have never used Super White. However, it’s Vicente Wolf’s favorite white. And, I have always admired how it is both warm and clean looking.

And, that is exactly what it is. I love it! It is definitely an excellent “universal white.”


31 Pondfield Rd Bronxville, NY apartment for sale - living room - Benjamin Moore America's Heartland wall color


Pondfield Rd Bronxville apartment for sale - living room - entry - Benjamin Moore America's Heartland wall color

Walking out of the living room, we’ll turn left, and shortly thereafter is the bathroom.


my bathroom - wall color - Benjamin Moore - Paper WhiteThis room was a big bloody mess for way too long. A pipe above me had burst, and for a while, I was living with a third of the ceiling covered with black plastic. But, it was okay as Jose did fix the leak. It’s remained dry ever since.

The previous color was Benjamin Moore Shoreline, and it is a soothing color. (please read about the best gray paint colors for bathrooms and other rooms, as well.) However, I thought I would try a different pale gray. So, this time, I went with Benjamin Moore Paper White. Both are part of the Laurel Home Paint and Palette Collection.


Well, I love this color, too. And to tell you the truth, I’m hard-pressed to tell you the difference.


I’m sure I could if the two colors were side-by-side, but it looks the same; it looks the same once up on the wall.

That’s my old Serena & Lily mirror that they don’t carry any longer.

And finally, my bedroom. Remember when I asked for your help with it?


my bedroom - apartment - Bronxville, NY for saleI finally got some new sheets last summer from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I know. I never completed the room with Serena & Lily. However, I’m hoping to collaborate with them in my new place.

Here, you can see my fairly new lamps from Bradburn Home.

It appears they might be phasing this one out. Either that, or it’s out of stock.

And, of course, there is the magnificent Mural Sources Chinoiserie wallpaper.


Pondfield Rd W - Bronxville apartment for sale - bedroom - Mural Sources - Chinoiserie Wallpaper - Benjamin Moore White Dove wall color - Harbour Cane bed - Serena & Lily

I purchased the rug from Overstock.


And yes, the wall color, trim, ceiling, and white cabinets are all Benjamin Moore White Dove.


Mural Sources Wallpaper - Bronxville, NY apartment for sale

You may recall a different version of this view taken with my old I-phone. These photos are so much better!


Pondfield Rd W - Bronxville apartment for sale - bedroom - Mural Sources - Chinoiserie Wallpaper - Benjamin Moore White Dove wall color


Ah, the leaves are almost all gone now.


I know—The cable wire. We did move the TV for the shot, and it was back. So, I just shoved it out of the way. lol, I know how much it bothers some of you. :]


I’m going to miss this room a lot.


It was this room that sold me on the Bronxville apartment even before I saw it in person. And, I bet it’ll be the same for the new owner.

I love lying in bed and looking out the window at night. When I’m lying down, my view is mostly the sky. Sometimes I can see a very bright planet and stars too. Planes fly overhead, coming in for a landing at one of the airports within 20 miles of my Bronxville apartment.


Well, they aren’t nearly as frequent, but I just heard one.


I hope you enjoyed seeing my Bronxville apartment. I’m quite attached to it, but I’m sure when I have my things in the new place, it will begin to feel like home.


Tomorrow, my son, Cale, is expected to give me a hand with getting rid of things. Then we’ll spend Thanksgiving together, watch some movies, listen to music, make each other laugh.


I know that they are recommending that we don’t have large gatherings this holiday.


And, I think that’s wise. Realistically, it means some of you may be alone and feeling sad about that. Or, even if you’re not alone, you might not be able to see your kids or parents and dear friends this year.

Maybe some of you are having a “Zoom” Thanksgiving, or some other way, you can see your loved ones virtually. I guess the important thing to remember is that we’re not really alone. And, I do believe that better times are on the horizon.

In the meantime, please check out the HOT SALES for some super sales that are really heating up. There are many early Black Friday sales and one that’s starting on Monday. Also, the Holiday Shop is full of great gift ideas and decorating ideas for your home.



PS: If you or someone you know might be interested in purchasing my apartment, please contact the listing agent, Dan D’amico, here.

While you never know with real estate, my next-door neighbors had a buyer the first day their apartment went on the market!


64 Responses

  1. Every room looks so beautiful! Stay safe! I especially love the calmer yellow.
    I have an open concept (!) house and have just painted all the open spaces Standish White. I know it is not technically yellow, but I am looking at your decorating with yellow post, too.

    1. I used Standish White one time about 12 years ago for a young couple who lived in a townhouse. They had either travertine or a beige marble on their hearth. Anyway, it looked terrific. I remember it just being a warm, mellow cream without any unexpected undertones. And it blended in beautifully with the stone.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful and cozy apartment!! I love every single thing you do, I am serious!! You style and taste are perfection!!
    Happy Turkey Day!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope the day with your son will be a wonderful and relaxing day!! Wishing you much luck and strength with the move, just think you will be in a new home before you know it!! <3

  4. Simply beautiful! I LOVE the galley kitchen. We had one in our house and I swear it was my favorite of all kitchens.
    Everything is so lovely, I’m certain you’ll have this sold before you know it.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and to Cale. What a nice memory of your 2020 Thanksgiving.

  5. I’d buy this place!
    But two lessons stand out here:
    1: Always have the appliances you want. No need for expensive but always beautiful and functional. You live in the USA, be thankful and happy the you have so much choice for such reasonable prices.
    2: Embrace roman blinds. That kitchen blind is UBER MAGNIFICENT!
    Laurel, your are an inspiration. So looking forward to seeing what you do in your new home.

  6. I thought your bedroom wallpaper was so very pretty; then I saw the birds and swooned!! Just gorgeous especially with the moulding!

  7. Your apartment is lovely and I especially like the bedroom rug from Overstock. Looking for something just like it…does your rug have a special name ..Oriental, vintage, overdyed or faded? LMK,


  8. Beautiful color combination. I think living room area has one sitting too many. I would try to place setee by the window in the bedroom if it fit.

  9. Hi Laurel,
    You did a wonderful job!
    I love the lamps in your bedroom. You had suggested them for my DR breakfront and they made all the difference in the room! I love them!
    Good luck, I’m sure it will be a quick sell!
    Best Always,

  10. Hi Laurel,
    Wow – just beautiful. So New York. If your bedroom rug does not fit in your new place, I want buy it! :>)

  11. Best wishes for an uncomplicated sale & move. Your Bronxville apartment looks terrific–very comfy and inviting. I’m sure it will move quickly. Happy Thanksgiving & Be well!!

  12. Hi Laurel,
    Everything looks great! I love the larger lamps in the bedroom. All so fresh! I will bet you have multiple offers. Wishing you and Cale a wonderful Thanksgiving. XO

  13. Hi Laurel, Your apartment is so pretty! Good luck with the sale and move. I have always wanted to know the name of the fabric in your living room windows. Would you mind telling me? Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. @christine with the comment problem, sometimes when my window is too narrow comments dont appear. Try making the window wider on the screen. Lovely house! & so looking forward to the new place

  15. Hi Laurel,
    Your place is adorable. It would be the perfect size for me if I was single. Do you hear a lot of noises from your neighbors?
    When you stated your super did a lot of projects for you, do you have to pay him? I’m unclear how that works when you live in an apartment like yours. The condo buildings in my area don’t have supers. Anything we would want done to the inside of our unit we would need to hire someone.
    I’m sure someone will snap your place up quickly. Then you can move forward to your next place. Have a great Thanksgiving with your son. And please stay safe. 😘

    1. Hi Mary,

      Great questions. I have wonderful neighbors! Although my next-door neighbors just moved. The young man above me is very quiet. I never hear anything from below and otherwise, share no walls, ceiling or floor with anyone else. In addition, the people in this building are all very kind and considerate. Since it’s a co-op, board approval is required. That might be one reason why.

  16. It’s so fun to tour your lovely place. Such an exciting time for you.

    We always say it would be nice to live in a place as if you were selling it…it seems that everything is perfect for someone else and there’s never enough time or $$ to make it that way for yourself. BUT…someone will be very lucky to find such a lovely apartment that comes with your vision at no extra charge. Happy thanksgiving to you and your sweet son!

  17. Just Devine and lovely
    Take all the good memories with you and plant them in ur new home
    I ask the Lord to keep u healthy and find joy, as u do, in the small things.
    U R an asset to so many people and u make our day a brighter one

  18. Dear Laurel,
    I enjoy your blog more than you can imagine and would love to read the responses/comments from other readers although for some reason I can’t. I see the heading “COMMENTS” and although I click on the arrow there is no change. The arrow moves either up or down but no comments appear. Nothing happens. I’ve checked my privacy settings and see nothing there that would help. I’m thinking of unsubscribing and then subscribing again to see if that might make a difference. If you have an idea please let me know.

    Happy moving. Your new home looks fabulous and you haven’t even’t started working your magic on it yet.

  19. Hi Laurel
    I agree with all the coments. It is beautful and will sell quickly.
    oh lol yes the cords, but i have the same problem in my bedroom….looking forward very much to see what you do with your new place.

  20. Just lovely!

    One little nit . . . I’d pull those lamp cords up and twist-tie them behind your entry cabinet so they hang back there without being visible.

    1. That would be great. I imagine there’s something out there that will hold them up, safely. In real life, I have never noticed the wires, except when I vacuum under there. I had to stand in the kitchen to take the image, but when one comes into the entry, the cabinet hides them because of perspective.

  21. Wow, what a sophisticated and elegant scheme of soft greens, yellows and creams! I find this color combo very unique and original, and the best part is that it makes the apartment look bright and happy in any weather. So many nice touches throughout that make this place so refined and pleasant. Beautiful Oushak rug, would be curious to know which vendor it came from, and the two upholstered armchairs in the LR are to die for!

  22. Hi Laurel! Your place looks so fresh and lovely! Make sure you put in the listing “home to award winning interior designer/blogger”!

  23. Hi Laurel, Wow! Your apartment looks wonderful! You have accomplished so much while educating us along the way.
    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving with your son!

  24. Good Morning Laurel.

    Beautiful apartment…It will be gone in a nano second..

    You have influenced me immensely and prevented my making costly mistakes.

    ” I’m not ready to add color to any of my walls

    In the meantime I’m so happy with the impact of Cotton Balls

    It looks good in the morn
    It looks good at night.

    And that’s because of Laurel’s
    that HAT paint is good and she’s always right.


  25. Hi Laurel, I am a regular follower of yours. Looking at your apartment photos and was amazed to see the set of (bronze!) dog bookends. I have the same ones! They originally belonged to my parents who lived in Philadelphia until we moved to North Carolina in the 50’s.
    Also can you tell me about the large wall cabinet in your living room that I assume contains your tv?
    Thx and good luck with the move to your new home, will look forward to seeing photos from there. Janet

    1. Those dogs were a gift from my sister to my late brother. He died in 1987 and they were given to me. The large wall cabinet, I’m hoping will stay with the apartment. But, I’ve been so happy to have it as it holds a lot, in addition to the TV.

  26. Laurel, As a home stager I can say your apartment looks fantastic -and it is staged perfectly!!
    That is because you know the 2 secrets of selling a home -1. “IT’S NOT YOUR HOME ANYMORE” and 2. “BUYERS WANT MOVE-IN READY!”
    The 3ed key is being willing to spend some money to make things fresh and updated!
    Not sure what your housing market is like there …but you will be getting the very best offers for your apartment!!

  27. Love your apartment. I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see what you do with the new apartment which is just beautiful. I adore the outdoor area off the bedroom. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Laurel. And thank you for sharing your time and life with us.

  28. It looks really beautiful, Laurel! The bedroom is divine. Best wishes for a fast and smooth sale. It wouldn’t surprise me if you had multiple offers. I cannot wait to see what you do with your gorgeous new place. You have accomplished so much, and are simply amazing. Much admiration here.

  29. Hi Laurel. Your apartment is beautiful. It will be a great in-town (I think you New Yorkers call them pied a terres) for a Covid refugee who escaped to the country but needs to come into the city once in a while. Oh, and I hope the Mural Sources people are going to shoot some photos of your bedroom for their website!

  30. Simply gorgeous! I know it will sell in a heartbeat, and maybe you will get multiple offers! The paint colors are (natch) fantastic. Fingers crossed for you!

  31. Laurel, thank you for showing us your lovely apartment one last time. I’m sure there are mixed feelings about leaving it but you will have so much fun getting your new apartment just the way you want it and making it home.
    The chinoiserie wallpaper is stunning. I am wondering if you will use it or similar in your new place?
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your son Cale.

  32. The apartment looks lovely, Laurel, and I’m sure it will sell quickly. Prewar in Bronxville is very sought-after and you’ve staged it beautifully.
    Happy Thanksgiving, and good luck to you!

  33. Holy moly!! How beautiful! I’m drooling over your bedroom! I don’t know what the market is like there, but I doubt it’ll be on the market long. We bought and sold back in Nov-March last year. With 3 kids, one of which was 2 months old, it was not the most fun I’ve ever had. Keeping a house showing-ready with 3 children and 2 elderly dogs was difficult, but it sounds like it might’ve been easier than the ordeal you’ve had with the mortgage paperwork. It was all so worth it though. I know it will be for you too! And I’m so excited to see the progress in your new home also!

  34. Hi Laurel! What stain color are your floors in this apartment? I know you are talking about doing white floors in the new apartment. Curious what these are here! They are pretty!

  35. I’ve been following your blog for years and your Bronxville apartment feels so familiar to me. It’s lovely and should sell quickly.

    I’ve been so curious to see your bedroom post-Serena & Lily. Even though the project wasn’t completed, it’s beautiful. I love the wallpaper!

    Best of luck with all your plans!

  36. Hello Laurel, Well, if we enjoyed our freshened homes, they wouldn’t be so fresh for long, and perhaps not for the customers.

    Good luck with a quick sale.

  37. Laurel,
    Your apartment looks lovely and very appealing. Yes, so true about how we fix and sell and don’t get to enjoy those last minute things! Good luck with the tossing, and enjoy your final Thanksgiving in this homey space. It looks primed to sell!

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