Furlow Gatewood, A Creative Genius For The Ages

Hi Everyone,

What a year! First, we lost our queen, and now we’ve lost our king. No, not King Charles.

Our king, not in title, but in deed; the king of all things beautiful and treasured.

As many of you probably already know, this past weekend, we lost our incredible centenarian, antiquarian, and interior designer, Furlow Gatewood.

Of course, we knew it was coming. Furlow was 101, and photos of him online showed him in declining health the past couple of years.


Furlow Gatewood home Americus Georgia


I’ve spent most of the day channeling Furlow Gatewood’s unique vision.


Of course, I’m only imitating what I see. Many of you will also recall a post I did about Furlow Gatewood back in 2015. You can read The Exceptional Interior Designer You’ve Never Heard Of.


While I’m very happy to do this post today, I wasn’t planning on it. Yes, I was going to do the coordinating rugs post. However, my fantastic assistant, Melissa, alerted me to yet another limited-time sale at Chairish.


Some of you witnessed this poor chap who met a tragic end in Beacon Hill.


Apparently, just before Halloween, he realized he had missed WayDay and his limited-time sale at Chairish.


Halloween Beacon Hill


Well, it was more than the poor guy could handle.

Not to make light of the situation, but surely he realized there would be another sale?

Of course, there is! And, it’s going on right now, but ending on the 3rd, I believe, but not 100% sure about that. You can find out about it here.


Therefore, in honor of our dear Furlow Gatewood, I want to share some of my favorites from this sale.


Coming up there are two beautiful widgets to honor Furlow Gatewood. Most of the items are on sale, but not everything is. Of the items that are not on sale, they are in there because I couldn’t find anything on sale as spectacular and that represented Furlow’s style so incredibly well.

Or, I just really liked it, is what it is. :]


Furlow Gatewood neoclassical design living room

So what IS Furlow Gatewood’s style?


Furlow Gatewood home entry living room


I see it as falling under the umbrella of what most people call “traditional.” But, you may have heard that I’m not too fond of the word “traditional” because what many folks call traditional is anything but. I think the word, classical is a far better way to express Furlow Gatewood’s style.


His style is also the epitome of timeless.


Furlow is not the least bit interested in the latest trends at the High Point Furniture market. Why bother when there’s already perfection at home?


Furlow Gatewood entry home

Furlow’s style gravitates heavily toward the neoclassical. It’s that period from the mid-1700s through the mid-1800s. That is where you’ll hear the words Georgian, Regency, Chippendale, Sheraton, Hepplewhite, and Louis XVI. However, in Furlow’s designs, you’ll find some rococo and baroque pieces and styles that enter the 19th century, such as the empire and Greek revival.


Furlow Gatewood relaxed elegance living room

As an antique dealer for most of his life, Furlow’s homes are filled with decades of collecting.


Furlow Gatewood architectural gem

My collecting had to happen in only a few hours.

Furlow Gatewood spectacular home - art furniture

Blessedly, there is not a lot of yacking today.


Furlow Gatewood exquisite dining room


There’s much more information in the previous post. This one is primarily visual.

By the way, I purchased these and the images on the other post off SmugMug. I wish other photographers would do that. I would gladly pay a couple hundred for an album of images they aren’t using for anything else.

Edit: 11.11.2022 – I got the most lovely email from the photographer, Rodney Collins.


But, just realized, I forgot to give him the photo credit. Most if not all of the photos you see of Furlow’s homes, were taken by Rod. One great talent deserves another, and I can’t imagine images any more perfect than these are. So, thank you, Rodney for giving thousands of people this rare gift.

Furlow Gatewood neoclassical dining room
That’s a win for all!

First up is the Furlow Gatewood dining room widget. No captions today, either.

And, next is the living room, and entry widget

While I love being steeped in all of this beauty, I feel so much of Furlow’s love in every inch of his spectacular homes. And, it made me a little sad that he’s no longer able to enjoy them. I wonder what’s to become of his estate? Maybe it will be a museum? That would be pretty cool.

Then, many of us could visit and see everything up close.

Oh, I almost forgot. A while back, I did another post where I created a palette of Furlow Gatewood’s colors. (near the end of the post.) Are they the actual colors he used? I have no way of knowing and probably not, but it’s a start. The palette is not only paint, but the colors, in general; you can see it here.



PS: There’s much more to see in the HOT SALES widgets. And, please get ready; I believe the holiday shop is opening this weekend.

Also, if you don’t have Furlow’s beautiful book, I highly recommend it. You can find it in the decorating and garden book list, by clicking this link.

17 Responses

  1. Laurel,
    Thank you for posting on Furlow Gatewood. I am a long time fan.
    I recently saw his much used Duncan sconces in a Matthew Carter Interiors project on Harbour Island. It is pictured on his website. Stunning!

  2. Furlow Gatewood’s taste emanated from what I think is a quintessential Southern mindset. He loved light and comfort and people. He wanted people to feel comfortable and to enjoy being in his homes. He wanted to create spaces that encouraged conversation and laughter and stories. Like many Southern men of a certain era (James Beard comes to mind), he went to NYC and thrived there, but came home to create homes. He was a giant of a man—absolutely filled with vitality and joy. The world is lesser without him.

  3. Mr. Gatewood’s ability to create beauty and warmth in tandem is unequalled. Of course he is the master of symmetry so his interiors have always delighted me and been instructional. Each object and furniture piece seems to be just the perfect choice. Thank you for honoring his life in your blog – as many others have expressed, it would be wonderful to preserve one of his properties as a lasting tribute to the joy he has spread upon the design world.

  4. I’ve enjoyed seeing your post filled with different views of Furlow’s rooms. His book is one I pick up routinely, seeing his mastering of the collected look. Living outside of Atlanta, I’ll make the trip to Americus in a heartbeat if his homes are ever open. Thanks for a great post.

  5. His book is the decorating book I never put away; it’s been in my living room for years now and I look at it often. His style is timeless and will last forever.

  6. I read Saturday of his passing. My first thought was I hope John Roselli and Bunny Williams were designated in his will as custodians of his property. It really needs to be preserved as a museum. I have read his book countless times, Saturday I picked it up to refresh my memory. He’s a role model of class graciousness that unfortunately is fading away.

  7. I got his book a few Christmases ago. I think Furlow’s compound should be on the register of historic places. Towards the end of the book is a photo of Furlow with two of his dogs, so precious. God speed, Furlow!!

  8. Unfortunately I didn’t know his work, but it is beautiful. I just went to the Palace of Versailles in France today, & his style is definitely classical. May he Rest In Peace.

  9. HI Laurel,

    I was so terribly sad to hear about Furlow, one of my all time favorite designers. I have enjoyed his book over and over given to me by Melissa! His style is all his. Your widgets are magnificent. You really captured his essence. XO

  10. So glad that I met him and saw his beautiful home, while I resided in Americus, GA. He was a real southern gentleman. RIP, Furlow.

  11. Thank you for remembering him and his enormous talent. His house is breathtakingly beautiful. I do hope it is preserved as a museum of fine art!
    Be well.

  12. Dear Laurel,
    Thank you for this meaningful memorial to Furlow. I had the pleasure to meet and chat with him one evening and he was as gracious and charming as his designs. The ultimate southern gentleman, he gifted me a signed copy of his book with a white peacock feather tucked inside! As you know, he kept peacocks roaming around his estate. I will treasure it and him. For those who don’t know him, I highly recommend his book.
    Thank you for acknowledging him. He was a humble and quiet person but brilliant!
    Rose in Atlanta

  13. My sincere condolences. Well I am not familiar with Mr. Gatewood, I certainly can appreciate his artistic flair and expertise. Loved the images you provided. Thank you for another wonderful, albeit sad, post!

  14. While never having had the pleasure of meeting Furlow, my dear friends Jonathan and Stiles spoke of him so frequently, and lovingly ,that I feel as if I knew him. Jonathan is overseeing the estate.

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