I May Have Found “The One” in Boston!

Yes, I know! I move to Boston, and just like that, I’m in love?


Oh, Laurel, you can’t be falling in love so fast, you know. It’s just infatuation.


Well, it happens, ya know. Besides, he’s awfully easy on the eyes, cute as can be, sleek, sophisticated, super-organized, and whip-smart!

He even knows how to recharge his battery all on his own.

Laurel? Ummm… what on earth are you talking about?

I’m talking about Roberto (Robby), my brand new Roborock S6-Pure Robot vacuum cleaner!!!

OH! You thought I was talking about a real human BOYFRIEND?

Well, Robby is “the one.”


The one robot vacuum cleaner, I selected Dahlings.


And, so that y’all know. This is not a sponsored post. In other words, Roborock did not give me one of their vacuums to gush over; nor are they paying me. However, if you decide you’d like one of them for yourself, this link (and others on this page) will work to give me a little commish at no extra charge to you if you decide to get one.

So, how did I choose The Roborock S6 Pure.

Well, I consulted my friend Bethany who reads the blog and usually comments and writes me via Facebook. She is the queen of the vacuum cleaner and, well, cleaning in general. Well, she is to me. It was about four years ago that she clued me into my portable Hoover wind tunnel CORDLESS vacuum. That lovely changed my life. I’ll be forever grateful.


Therefore, I didn’t hesitate to take her up on her offer to give me more of her excerpt robot vacuum advice.


Many of you may recall a post from a few weeks ago where we discussed vacuums and air purifiers. I was surprised at how many of you had robot vacuums. My impression was that most of you were not so enamored with I-Robot Roomba but preferred other brands.

But, there are sooooo many! And, they have numerous features.


My wish list for a robotic vacuum included:


  • Powerful Suction
  • HEPA Filter
  • Good on both hardwood and tile floors and low to medium pile rugs
  • Mapping/Room Layout – The Roborock Robotic vacuum actually makes a map of your floors.
  • Organized vacuuming
  • A long-lasting battery
  • Recharge and resume. That’s where it goes back to its charging station on its own and then resumes cleaning when it’s done recharging! Crazy!
  • Mopping ability
  • And, as quiet as possible. Robot vacs are not nearly as loud as traditional vacuums. But, if I’m going to have this guy buzzing around me for an hour or two, I’d prefer it if he was on the quiet side.


I also wanted a white robot vac because the black ones remind me of those hideous water bugs that I was sometimes treated to before I got one of those ultrasonic thingies that freak them out, and they stay away.


So, what did Bethany recommend?


She recommended the RoboRock S4 or S5. Please don’t ask me the difference. Then, I  looked at all of the RoboRocks, and there are at least a dozen options; maybe more. But, the S6 seemed to come up quite high on a couple of reviews. And the S6 Pure, I believe, was the quietest (at only 50 decibels) and did well on medium pile rugs and had everything else on my wish-list. I was getting a headache after about an hour. I figured that whatever slight differences, this one was most likely going to be terrific.

And so, I ordered a Roborock s6 Pure on Amazon only four days ago. In fact, it wasn’t due to arrive until tomorrow.

UPS is doing something new. Well, new to me, and maybe it’s a Boston thing? Or, maybe because they have to leave the package outside?


UPS package outside my door RoboRock S6 Pure Vacuum

But, they email you when your package has arrived and take a photo of it which they send you. Brilliant.

Then, I went and fetched the box and brought it in.


roborock s6 pure in the box

I have to confess that setting up electronic equipment is not my cup of tea. And, fortunately, my wasband loved to do that. So, I never had to lift a pinky.


Roborock s6 Pure - floor cleaning robot

After all, I was a Luddite. I go into a bit more detail in my blogging guide. I created this website in 2012, with a template, and believe me when I tell you it was excruciatingly painful in the beginning.

This is just a little background for those who fear technology.


Roborock S6 Pure from China

I continued to unbox Robby. He’s not at all heavy.

And then I proceeded to set him up.

First, I had to download the RoboRock App on my phone. That’s easy. The only worrisome part was connecting Robby to my wifi. My main TV has not been getting a signal for the last couple of days. I have no idea why, and I tried rebooting the system. Everything else is working fine, so I have to call Verizon on Monday. But, anyway, I got him hooked up. It’s not at all difficult.


new robotic vacuum from Roborock

Then, I let him loose, and this is when the magic happens.

roborock mapRobbie makes a map as he cleans the first time. Everything you see above is all Robby’s doing! That way, he remembers your space the next time he cleans. Above you can see the systematic path he took cleaning and mapping my entire living room, kitchen, entry and part of the den. I’m going to have to edit the map so that he gets the den and bathroom in. But, this is a great start.


I made three very short videos of Robby in action. Or, sometimes inaction. He’s quite amusing!


YouTube video

Above and below, Robby appears to be struggling with the floor saddles.


YouTube video

Okay. Before you begin to think that this thing is horrible. Later on, after a good dinner of sizzling Boston baked protons and electrons, he was rarin’ to go and went up those saddles like the bad boy he is. I just didn’t get that on video.


YouTube video

As I’m sitting here writing this and looking at my gleaming floors, I’m thinking, why on earth didn’t I get one of these before? This vacuum is awesome! Maybe now you can see why I’m falling hard for him!


What are some other features of the Roborock S6 Pure?


  • Well, you can mop and vacuum at the same time. I don’t know how that works, but I’ll try it soon.
  • You can map multiple floors. I’ll do the lower level tomorrow.
  • The vacuum spot cleans.
  • One can also create “no clean zones.” Or “no mop zones.” That way, Robby won’t mop the rugs. Or, you can just have your Roborock only clean certain rooms.


And, Robby didn’t even come close to falling off the ledge of the stairwell.


However, I was squealing with anxiety the first few times that he would off himself ten plus feet down.


Now, for the acid test. I need to check to see what he picked up.


Hang on. I’ll be right back.  Mind you. I’ve been vacuuming each level on alternate days since I’ve been here, so the floors were already pretty dust-free.


Or so I thought.

However, the bin produced a large piece of charcoal gray, fairly dense fluff that measured about 2″ x 6″ x .5″ thick, as well as a few loose pieces of detritus, but not much. However, that was much more than I was expecting considering that the place was professionally cleaned right before I moved in. Plus, the upper level, which got vacuumed today, has been vacuumed at least six times in 12 days.


There he is, under the table. Don’t you like the way I have things set up? haha


robot vacuum s-6 pure docked

After about an hour, Robby had run out of battery power because I didn’t charge him up. Then, he took himself to his docking station for the aforementioned “meal.”

All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with my new Roborock S6 Pure.

Now, all I need is a robot that dusts, washes windows, makes the bed, loads and empties the dishwasher, and cooks.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that this is a year full of blessings, good health, and a super-clean home without breaking your back!



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