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Well… it’s SPRING! It really is. It was about 60 degrees here in Westchester County yesterday and so it’s time to freshen your home for SPRING.  I’m going to give you 10 Easy ways to make your house look good, richer, and some of them don’t cost very much, either.


There. I said it. I didn’t say “declutter.” I actually despise that word. I have a confession. I am NOT a neat freak. And if you are… I envy you, because it does not come easily to me. Oh, I do love it when it’s all tidy, but it never seems to stay that way for very long. Filing papers makes me break out into a sweat.  This is not to be confused with a dirty home. I am cleaning it all the time. Cleaning, I don’t mind so much. So, we can do this together. Okay? A crapfree home is the objective. Or hiding the crap, in a more or less organized way. I’m an interior designer, or a decorator, but I get about a B- for organization. In my defense, my biz IS a messy business! Sometimes, however, people want me to organize their stuff. That is not really what I do. It’s like asking a podiatrist for a pedicure. So, get out them garbage bags or shovel it out with a backhoe, if need be. I do not judge. I am here for you. Just clear it out. (and I am going to do the same)

Here are my ideas to make your house look good and most of them don’t cost a lot either. I’m only going to focus on one (or two or three) at a time, however, so I’ll keep bringing you back to the list. (at the bottom of the page)

  1. Once it’s cleared out, add fresh flowers, or I love blossoming branches.

easy ways to make your house look good




the gardenista (the photo above this one is by Virginia MacDonald. I am still having puter issues.)


pottery barn

Okay. I know what you’re thinking. Yesterday it was polyester and today it’s fake flowers. Sure. why not when they are as pretty as this and only $69.00? I love silk flowers. They don’t need much water haha, and they’ll never turn brown.

Unless you leave them out for a very long time. :]

Here’s a preview of the rest. (below)

more ideas coming soon!




  1. (sorry the numbering is off) Paint. For some ideas about painting, please look here. But, paint is the great equalizer. Have you ever gone past an ugly building and considered how much better it would look if it was painted white?
  2. Change the lampshades and maybe even add a couple of gorgeous lamps.
  3. Splurge on ONE smashing thing, like a new rug, large mirror (or a pair of mirrors), or some art
  4. Change the pillows. Here’s where you can purchase maybe a couple of yards of the really expensive stuff which will give your room an instant shot of pizzazz. (we don’t like to admit it, but throw pillows actually DO very often make the room!)
  5. Clean the windows! This is the time, right now. (as soon as you’re done reading this) to book the window cleaner. Repair the screens. I guarantee that you are going to feel all shiny and new with clean windows!
  6. Tear down the tacky drapes. Yes, you can do it. Better nothing at all, than the ugly, shiny, cheap things that came with the house when you bought it ten years ago.
  7. start and/or add to a collection and display it artfully
  8. Tired furniture but can’t afford to replace it? Have some professionally sewn slip covers made of inexpensive cotton duck or sunbrella.
  9. Hate your rug but can’t afford to shell out thousands on a new one? Get a sea grass rug. They are inexpensive and wear quite well. They are also naturally stain resistant. They never go out of style and they add instant style.
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  • Tone on Tone - Loi Thai - March 23, 2014 - 10:25 AM

    Happy Sunday, Laurel! What a great series!! And just in time for spring spruce up. At the shop, I have a bunch of saucer magnolia branches blooming. My neighbor was whacking his magnolia tree back, so I gathered the branches and stuck them in a big cylinder vase with water. A week later and they are blooming happily.

  • Carla Aston - March 23, 2014 - 10:10 AM

    Great tips, Laurel. It is the perfect time for spring branches. The cleaning is the hard part!ReplyCancel