How To Decorate Your Home Post-Hurricane


My motto (or part of it) as an interior designer, is “its your home, not mine.” So, each and every job is unique and befitting that client. My goal is to give them the best home that is right for them. One of my dearest and bestest clients moved a few years ago and as they got older their tastes veered over to the cool and contemporary. I found it such a refreshing change to work on this project. I had already helped them with their previous home which was more to the trad, but not thoroughly.  So, we used some of the furnishings from that home, but most were new and since their budget allowed, we chose some very high end products, like this wonderful sofa from Vladimir Kagan and three custom rugs from Odegard. That sorta thing.

The home was published a few years ago in Westchester Home and Garden magazine and here are the links (keep clicking next underneath the magazine cover) to the photos in the article. (the colors are far too red. What looks very violet, is really only barely violet with a LOT of gray in it.)

After I leave a home, it is no longer in any way shape or form mine and of course, sometimes the clients add or take away things or even move them around. I love that. I believe that a home should be a dwelling of warmth, safety, function and beauty. Now, my client, N, is a superb housekeeper but recently she decided to be a part of the relief effort for Hurricane Sandy. I wish I could say that I was a part of that effort, but I have cheered her along, on the side lines via facebook. I don’t think, however, that she was even remotely prepared for the storm surge of goods that came pouring forth from our most generous community into her 9,000 sq. foot home!

With her permission, I am posting some photos of how her home looked the other day before she (and seven helpers) took an entire truckload of supplies, (donated by local businesses and neighbors) down to Staten Island to help those poor folks who were completely wiped out. I really admire her (and always have!) Don’t you absolutely LOVE what she’s done with the place?

Henceforth, Post Hurricane decorating!

the living/dining room

My beautiful client standing in her basement with more stuff!

oh yeah, it was two days after the nor’easter that dumped some 8 inches of snow here in EARLY November!

loading the truck

cramming it into the truck

storm ravaged Staten Island

back to normal! How dey do dat and so fast!!!

Oh, and the team went back today to deliver the rest that could not be fit in the truck!

I never imagined that this striking home would be used as a warehouse. But it is the most beautiful warehouse I’ve ever seen and in many more ways than one.

Love to All,

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  • Loi Thai - November 15, 2012 - 5:51 PM

    Hi, Laurel – What a wonderful and generous person she is! And what a beautiful home she has…..contemporary and warm. Thanks for sharing this post. Nice to get away from the pretty decorating stories once a while. Hope you are well ~ xoxo, LoiReplyCancel

    • Laurel - November 16, 2012 - 12:33 AM

      Hi Loi,

      she absolutely is! It was a lot of fun working on this project because it was so different than the usual with lots of unusual but cool colors!ReplyCancel