Interior Designers Who Inspire Me | Vicente Wolf

I’ve decided that once a month or so, I’m going to feature an interior designer who’s influenced meView full post »

Neo-Traditional Interior Design

For years I have often struggled with what to call the style of interior design that I do. I’m sure thatView full post »

Oh My! I’m Black and Blue! Black and Blue Decor

That is… black and blue [color scheme] and brown and white too. That was the color scheme I was referringView full post »

What are the Best Interior Color Schemes?

Hi Everyone. I’ve been super busy with client-work and my new (but temporary) occupation of pinningView full post »

Creating a Neo-Traditional Media Room

Remember the Hollywood Regency Family-Media Room? Well, we had to change the entire concept which I will explainView full post »

You have Got to see this! | from Velvet and Linen Blog

Quick mid-day post. I have spoken on here frequently about the fabuloso team of Brooke and Steven Giannetti. They areView full post »

The Trick to Choosing Color Schemes|Analogous Colors

Next in the series on choosing color schemes is about analogous colors. And I am also going to give you a greatView full post »

Interior Color Schemes {part I} Monochromatic

This is going to be part of an ongoing series on interior color schemes. If there’s one thing that causesView full post »

Interior Design Larchmont NY | New Portfolio Photos!

Shameless. I know. Interior Design Larchmont NY. But a girl has to do vut a girl has to do. And if you have noView full post »

The Most Important Thing You Need When Buying Furniture

Thinking of buying furniture soon and terrified of making a big mistake? Well, that’s perfectlyView full post »

Making a Grand Entrance | Hallway Decor

Most of us don’t have this problem. We’re lucky if we can fit a console table in the entry to ourView full post »

Interior Decorating with Plants

Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of this day of green, here is a post about interior decorating withView full post »

Happy Easter | Spring Fever!

Although, I don’t celebrate Easter, I think that any excuse to celebrate life and perhaps a metaphor for rebirthView full post »

New Portfolio Photos!

Hi Everyone, Yesterday, I was finalizing the new media room in Bronxville with client S. Remember when I said thatView full post »

20 Home Interior Painting Tips You Need to Know

It’s finally spring. (well sorta. It actually snowed here a bit last night!) And many of you are thinking and/orView full post »

The Best of the 2014 Spring High Point Market | #hpmkt

Okay. No. I did not go to the Spring High Point Market 2014. I’d like to and I hope to either this fall orView full post »

Shopping at the D&D Building in NYC

As a designer who lives in the New York City area I sometimes shop at the D&D Building in NYC. If youView full post »

Blue and White Hollywood Regency Bash

Hi Everyone, I’m completely honored to be posting for the first time on this cool blue and white bash hosted byView full post »

Blue and White Bash at the Pink Pagoda Blog

I’m super-duper excited to be participating in Jennifer’s Blue and White Bash over at the PinkView full post »

Creating a Hollywood Regency Family Room

I’ve been working hard on the new media room which is really a Hollywood Regency family room. (or livingView full post »

A Hollywood Regency Style Inspired Media Room

I’m very excited about this new project in the Bronxville home. My client, S has been wanting to work on herView full post »

Custom Kitchen Table {quick update}

My rep just sent me the new custom kitchen table which is now ready to be shipped out. I just had to dropView full post »

One Smashing Piece of {Art, Furniture, Lighting, Rug}

Sometimes all one needs to get their home up to the next level is to start with one (or two) smashing piece(s).View full post »

20 Great Shades of White Paint {and some to avoid}

Second on our list of ways to make our homes look good is PAINT. But it’s so difficult to know whichView full post »

10 Easy Ways to Make Your House Look Good | blooming branches

Well… it’s SPRING! It really is. It was about 60 degrees here in Westchester County yesterday and soView full post »

Family Friendly Family Rooms

Right now, I seem to be working on a lot of family rooms, which are really living rooms, as I see it. My definition ofView full post »

Decorating a Home

Hi, Just a fairly quick post to give an update on the Bronxville job. The kitchen is still finishing up. The backView full post »

How Much does it Cost to Furnish a Room?

How much does it cost to furnish a room? I’m going to tell it to you straight. Despite what you may see on HGTV,View full post »

It’s Easy Being Green | Green Decorating

Sorry Kermit, but green is the “it” color and green decor is everywhere. (and yes, of course, thisView full post »

You’re Going to Hit the Ceiling When you See This!

With your paint brush! :] Oh, the lowly, lowly ceiling. It’s the poor oft-forgotten step-sibling to thatView full post »

Grisaille Murals-Wallpapers-Art-Screens {part II}

Alright, I’m back to finish the post on GRISAILLE MURALS, wallpapers, art, screens and even some furniture! IView full post »

The Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta {#dbc2014}

I’m back from the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta or how the twitter fiends refer to it as #dbc2014.View full post »

Greetings from the Design Bloggers Conference Atlanta {#dbc2014}

Greetings from the Design Bloggers Conference Atlanta!  {#dbc2014} I’m writing from my newish Ipad mini which  isView full post »

Creating Custom Business Cards Online

Hi Everyone. I’m taking a break from Grisaille, but stay tuned because I have another 30 +/- images toView full post »

Grisaille-Art-Wallpaper-Murals-Screens…{part I}

What is GRISAILLE? The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition is: :  decoration in tones of a single color andView full post »

A Week’s Worth of Wallpaper Ideas | Chinoiserie

As promised, many, many wallpaper ideas coming up. [aka: the pretty pictures] I’m breaking down the wallpaperView full post »