Here’s How You Can Create Beautiful Rooms – Effortlessly

Hey Guys,

Some of you may recall that at the end of August, I announced the release date of the second part of the Laurel Home Essential Paint Color Collection.

The LH Paint Palette Collection.

It’s November 2nd.

Three weeks.

I’ve been working, working, working on it and remember the mood boards that I showed you? That was just the warm-up.


A lot of you have asked what I use to make the boards. I use And no, they aren’t paying me to say that. It’s a lot of fun and easy to use. The only drawback is that you cannot save your work and come back to it and if you have a dip in power, it will be deleted.


But, here’s what I’ve discovered about creating beautiful rooms.


Through using this tool, I am able to see what looks good together. Yes, I’ve been doing this for a while, but it really helps to see things together. It doesn’t help a lot with proportion, unless you have experience with that. But it does help in terms of color and style.

Here, let me show you what I mean.

In picmonkey you go open up a board to create and then everything on that board is an overlay. Here’s the beginning of the background for a board.



I began with the background color, Benjamin Moore, Mediterranean Spice, one of the Laurel Home Essential Paint Color Collection’s colors.

By the way, if you don’t know this color, it is truly magical. It’s not quite fuschia, but not a pure red either. It glows in the most beautiful way when the lights are on and very lovely during the day. I used it in a north facing teen girl’s bedroom and just gorgeous.

Each element is hand-applied. I found images of the wainscoting, windows and fireplace and if necessary removed the backgrounds.

Then, when I realized that I was using hundreds of images, I found a darling woman in who is removing them for 50 cents an image. WHAT? I feel like I’m taking advantage. Her name is Saarika on Fiverr if you have a need for this service and other photo-shopping techniques. She does an amazing job and can turn around 60 images in 3 days.

I won’t bore you with the obsessive way I play around with the images. haha. I already knew that I wanted the Chiang Mai Dragon fabric for the drapes, but I ended up ditching the fireplace for a cool ming table from Red Egg (a wonderful and favorite source) and remember the controversial post about affordable classical art?


Thar, she is… front and center!

mediterranean-spice-living-room-beautiful rooms

There are forty of these boards. Yes, FORTY! And each one comes with a palette which also goes with your Universal Palette in the back of the collection. (but I will be explaining more about that in the guide)

Each of the palettes goes into a grouping of palette families. Each palette begins with a lead color. Above, the lead color is Mediterranean Spice. This is definitely one of the jazziest schemes.

There is something for everyone. Feminine rooms. Masculine rooms. Cool, warm, young and fun or more stately (but never dull!) And it’s okay if you’re a girl to like the masculine rooms. I do! I love all of them! I need 6 homes! lol

Here, I can’t contain myself. I just have to show you two more finished boards!

niveous-living-room-final-beautiful rooms

For instance, this is niveous. Well, duhhh. It’s right there.

And below is the palette I created from the Laurel Home Paint Collection.


Niveous is the lead color which is always the first color in the upper left corner. And another room in this paint palette family of earthy tones is Cleveland Green. It belongs to the board below.


cleveland-green-living-room-2-final- beautiful rooms

hehe… can you find the watermark?

I put the two palettes together so that you could see. Now instead of only nine colors, you’ll have 16 colors. But that’s not all that’s in this family. There are at least 10 other boards that go with this color family! There are a large number of colors in this paint palette family. And they include some of the lavenders, warm reds and corals.

BTW, the number one color in the palettes is Cleveland Green!

Why? Well, it is the universal color of all universal colors! It’s this beautiful mossy, bronzey mossy color that gives some depth to pastels (so we don’t have an Easter basket looking room) and richness to deeper toned rooms. No, it’s not in every palette, but it is in a lot of them.

Something else. Represented in the boards are living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices and libraries, but just because I use a color in say a bedroom, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be used in a living room or a dining room.


Along with the colors and palettes, there is tons of other decorating advice and info.


  • I’ll also be pointing out which schemes look great with wood tones if your mouldings are wood.
  • Alternative colors and possible adjoining room colors.
  • And of course, there will be discussion about ceiling colors as well as painted trim colors. Of course, you can also consult your paint collection, to see which are the recommended trim colors for each palette.
  • I will also point out which schemes that will work in lower light rooms
  • In addition there will be some basic advice about lighting. Without beautiful lighting, your colors and room will not be so beautiful.


A gorgeously decorated room with bad lighting is like Jennifer Aniston showing up at the Academy Awards with frizzy hair.

(you can tweet that) ;]

I worked very hard to use every color in the collection, but alas there are a handful that didn’t make it in, this time.* (more about that in a sec) But I did not shy away from some of those bossy colors. And ya know what? Those are some of my favorite boards!


But there’s more!


In addition, I will be putting in links to where much of the furniture comes from. Some of it is vintage like those way cool chairs in the Mediterranean spice room from Chairloom.


Cool vintage club chair reupholstered in red from Chairloom_red maxwell armchair

Do you know Chairloom? (not to be confused with Chairish)


Chairloom is one of about 35 new sources in a completely updated, revised, refreshed Laurel’s Rolodex!

That is also coming out on November 2nd.


But here’s the deal… and please read on because I don’t want you to miss out…

Or, if you want to miss out, don’t read on. :]



The Rolodex is going up in price at 12:00 AM on November 14th. Instead of $149.00, it will be $179.00 (link to Laurel’s Rolodex)


So, if you want to get a rolodex at $149.00, you will need to get that order in before the 14th of November.  This is update number 2, by the way.


For people who’ve already purchased, please do not unsubscribe from Rolodex and/or paint collection updates or you will not get the special offers! If you did because you spazzed out or didn’t understand. Okay. I will get it to you, if you contact me, but please try not to unsubscribe unless you really do not want to hear another word from me.

Right now, you are on the blog subscription list, but if you get a note that mentions either Rolodex and/or Paint Collection owners, that will be from those lists.

This is a good time to mention because some don’t realize that these are digital products. They get downloaded to your device(s). It is possible to get them printed in book form, but that is not something I’m able to do. I can give you information about getting that done, if interested.

But, the rolodex has all of the links to over 500 vendor/manufacturers right there and you can scroll through product lines, incredibly quickly that way. It is a far, far better tool used on desktop, tablet or phone. And you can take it with you!


Super Duper important!


Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of complaints that people haven’t been receiving their download link(s.)


The reason? They are in your SPAM FOLDER! 100% of the time.


grrrrrrrr… so annoying. So, please, if you do not receive your download link within an hour, please check your spam folder.

Another thing… if for any reason, you forgot you ordered, you think you didn’t receive the product, you see a bill for something on your credit card statement that you don’t recognize…

Please, please, please. Do not contact Paypal. Do not contact them. They suck. They suck giant buggers. And it creates a lot of trouble for me if folks contact them to complain.

Instead, please contact me. (there is contact info in the main menu) I work 18 hours a day… I am here to help you and will help make it right, whatever it takes.

Why do I use Paypal if they’re so horrible? Good question. When things calm down, I’m going to look into Stripe. In the meantime, Paypal is great for everything straightforward; its secure. My site is also secure.


Sorry… a bit more business… But, it’s important info for anyone wanting to save some money.


For the new product, the Ultimate Paint Palette Collection, you will already have to own the color collection because they are meant to be used together and after November 2nd will be sold together.

It is really only one product, but I had to break it down, because it was too daunting to do it all at once.


However, during the promo period, the new paint palette product will be only $54.00. That is, for those who already own a paint collection. You will be given a discount code in order to buy the collection at a discount.

If you are just coming on board, and wish to purchase the complete paint color/paint palette collection, you’ll be able to do so for a price of $128.00.  (the current price of $74.00 + $54.00)

But come November 14th, the price for the entire paint color, paint palette collection will be jumping up to $179.00.

Sorry if this confusing. Hopefully, this will make it a little more clear.

Current price of Rolodex = $149

Rolodex after November 14th = $179


Current Price of Paint Color Collection = $74.00

New Paint Palette Collection for current Color Collection owners from November 2nd – November 13th = $54.00  (you will receive a promo code)


New Owners of the full paint color/paint palette collection from November 2nd – 13th = $128.00

Paint Color/Paint Palette Collection after November 13th = $179.00

Originally, I said that there would be a part III of the paint color collection, but no, this is it. If there are any updates, you will get those for free too.


Oh wait! I almost forgot!!!


If you order the new paint palette product either as an add-on or as a complete product, you will be receiving every month for the next 12 months a brand new palette and mood board. Every month. FREE.

*Each new board will feature an additional Laurel Home Paint Color Collection Color not previously used. So, if there’s a lead color you would like me to feature, and/or a room/situation you’d like to have help with, please send it in. That will start in December. I may go longer than one year, but for now am committing to 12 months.

The last piece of news is that I am going to suspend the Wednesday post for the next two Wednesdays because I need that time to make sure everything is as perfect as possible for November 2nd.

However, I have a very beautiful post planned for this Sunday!

Thank you so much for your support! It means more to me than I can possibly say. I am overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of so many of you!

Blessings to All,






PS: Please feel free to pin any images publicly published on the blog.




56 Responses

  1. Hi Laurel..I just purchased the Rolodex and LH Essential Paint Guide. So that I’m clear, will I be sent a code for the new color palette at the $54.00 price? Thanks I think I’ve been online too long 🙂

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thank you so much for your orders! Yes, you will get the code in one week. What will happen is that you’ll receive another paint collection as well as the new palette and home furnishings collection.

      And, you’ll automatically receive an updated rolodex as well.

  2. Hi Laurel! I’m not sure if I’m on the Rolodex and Paint Pallet update list because I’ve never gotten an email about them and I am known to spaz out so maybe I accidentally unsubscribed? Is that possible? Ha! Ha! I can’t wait for November 2nd! You have done SO MUCH to help me feel confident in my choices for my home and my whole family is benefitting! I will buy whatever you’re selling, Laurel. You’re amazing!

    1. Hi Mary,

      I just checked and no you didn’t spazz out as you’re on all three lists, in good standing. I have not sent out an update on the rolodex since December so, no worries.

      And thank you so much for the kind words. It means a lot to me!

  3. Laurel!!!(yes, I know, I’m too exalted lol) the only thing that saddens me is I never seem to get notifications about your Wednesday posts. The rest is breathtaking, and makes me so excited and happy..even on the gloomy days. It’s like a bit of sunshine every time, and I’m not exaggerating at all, believe me.

    I’ll wait for that promo code, and I’ll check my spam folder..just too gorgeous, to pass on these boards. I won’t be able to:)

    And the new house is painted and I truly love how it turned out..yet still..these are too dreamy..makes one to want to get a second house lol.
    (And I’m saying this as somebody who’s sick of paying mortgages on two houses as the remodel goes on and on and on.)

    A dream is an extremely powerful thing..:)

    1. Hi Jenny,

      I did check and you’re on the blog email list, so I’m wondering why you’re not getting the Wednesday post but you are getting the Sunday post. But then… email is so weird sometimes! I get so much stuff in my spam folder that is NOT spam and I imagine that my email ends up in spam too sometimes. :[

  4. Your designs ALWAYS take my breath away. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. I cannot wait for the November release.

  5. There you go again, Laurel….you truly are a treasure of information. I would love to read what you have to say about using only one color….white… a small, open floor plan, and why that works. Would a color like Niveous be light enough?
    Thank you so much for your blog….I’ll miss you for the couple of Wednesdays, but look forward to this new product,

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Thanks so much!

      I am currently writing the introduction and just addressed the open floor plan issue. There are so many variations. Like are we talking kitchen, dining, family room? Is it a rectangle or are there little stubby branches of open rooms?

      People because scared of white walls thanks to the horrid 1970’s. And then they deemed them to be a cop-out. It is if a wall is painted white without knowing how to furnish a white room. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful COLOR!

      And also, every palette has a white or whites in it which means that all of the other colors are colors that could be in the room aside from the wall color.

  6. I am soooo getting this……. My house is in the process of a makeover ….. I have, ahem been my own interior designers thus far and I am happy with what I have done to this point. I am however now at the cross roads as to what to do to finish…. …i.e a great office is fine, but the effect is somewhat diminished when it butts up against a tired tawdry hallway. I have been a loss as to how to tie it all together……. Not anymore!!!!!!! Thanks to you, and your paint collection, I am off to the races….. Can’t wait to get it so I can get started!! Promise I will send photos so, you can see how you have helped finish my new house!!!!

    PS ….. The God awful pink beige problem…… I recall this room published in Elle Decor years ago by Jamie Drake……. The walls, furniture…… Everything was that colour…… With his trade mark elan, he popped everything a couple of fuscia pillows, added matching lampshades and drapes and voila….. Drab to fab……. One of my all time favourite rooms!!!! Just like you said…… If you can’t beat em join em!!!!

  7. I so love your blog Laurel and your mood boards are amazing! Also, I followed the ‘chairloom’ link and who would ever thought that a saucer chair could look so fantastic after being dressed in velvet(een?). Looking forward to November 2nd and wishing you the best of success in your new and revised Rolodex launch etc.

  8. Hands down, your blog is my favorite. I’ve unsubscribed to other blogs because it seems to be monotonous. Your blog is always so informative and supplies great information – and I love your sense of humor. Keep up the great work.

  9. I spy a coffetable like yours but in a different finish in the Niveous board. So pretty! The boards and sources are an ingenious addition to your Paint Palette. Beautiful, useful and approachable. Applause, applause!

    1. Hi Libby,

      Are you thinking of the coffee table with Peaches on it from my old home? It’s not the same table but thank you anyway. That one is very pretty! I don’t have that table any longer. I didn’t have a place for it in my 800 sq foot apartment.

      1. Oh Laurel, maybe I dreamed the whole thing. I searched your blog and several furniture makers for an image. I thought the cocktail table pictured in the Niveous board was the same or similar to a 3 part table that you blogged about. You used it to extend a dining table in your home. Very pretty.

  10. I will definitely order when I get my promo code! I recently bought a home that has a lot of wood trim throughout….. Beautiful knotty alder and my husband would strangle me if I painted the trim. I just painted the powder room Henderson Buff….. Amazing. This bathroom doesn’t have a window so the green really comes out. I am using your list of BM colors that look great with wood. So very thankful to have found this awesome designer with the best blog ever!!!

  11. Love the Cleveland Green. Your mood board seems to be a separate room. Would the Cleveland Green work in a floor plan in which the kitchen, kitchenette and living room are an open floor plan?

    1. Hi M B,

      It would need to be a small open floorplan. A color like that painted in an expansive space is not going to look good. It’s a great color for a den, library or home office. Open plans call for lighter colors and from my standpoint, should be painted one color – white. But I will probably get flack for saying that. Maybe I’ll do a post one day about that.

      1. Oh, Laurel, please, please, PLEASE write a post about that (open floor plans painted white – or a version of white). I’ve been toying with the idea of painting most of our being-built home’s walls white but keep bouncing back and forth between white and some other light color. Our foyer, mudroom, kitchen/dining room, and hall all flow and need to be the same color. I read somewhere (maybe multiple places?) that one has to be a good designer (NOT a word that describes me) with a well curated space and mostly white furniture to have white walls. Is that true or a myth? Would love to read your thoughts in a post!

        1. Hi Kara,

          I have written about this in some posts. If you put in *white* in the search box, that should bring them up. Or color of the year. (not pantone.) But yes, it’s true. There are some rules to follow.

  12. Laurel,
    You are constantly amazing!! I really don’t know HOW you think of these ideas, but each one is better than the one before!

    These new boards a SO beautiful…I can’t wait for the launch!!


  13. You are truly a World’s Wonder.

    Owing to my being in the throes of finishing a house updo and it being late and my not having many brain cells to start with. I’m going to do nothing about Rolodex and hope I’ll be able to add anything I need to add later. Right now, I can’t imagine repainting. But I love the sources. I know you will tell us again because you understand some probably dotty are like me.


  14. I love the boards. So pretty, dream rooms. You talked a little about some warnings. Do you happen to warn against pairing certain boards with pinky beige tiles? I have a real talent for picking very wrong colors for these tiles.

    I think Niveous would work, but I got a bad record Laurel, really bad. My decorating rap sheet is long!

    1. Hi Teresa,

      I hereby decree that all pinky-beige tile is removed from the land. Anyone who doesn’t adhere to this ruling, will be exiled from the kingdom.

      Okay? ;]

      Niveous might work and it might not. There’s a very pretty white in the collection that should look good with the tile too. (well as good as anything can look with pinky-beige tile.) Of course, always test first.

        1. Hi Beth,

          That’s interesting, because I always say “if the tile is a yucky color, paint the entire room that color and it won’t be nearly as yucky.” People often will paint a wall white thinking it’ll neutralize the yucky color, but I think it only makes it look more.. well… yucky!

    2. Dear Laurel. Wow……I’m speechless, excited & scarred at the same time reading your post. There is so much potential to design a room I’m giddy at the thought of taking it all in. Thank you for opening this door to us. You are a real inspiration.
      I live in the UK, is there any possibility that we can purchase your paints? I don’t know if I should buy your paint colour collection?
      I just can’t wait to read your blogs each week, I’d love to meet you one day – do come to England….xxx

      1. Hi Liz,

        I would love to come to England! I don’t know if Benjamin Moore is sold in England. For it to be useful, it would be helpful if you could at least acquire the fan decks. That way, you could match up the colors or choose something similar. The collection is not meant to be the end-all, in any case because a color in the collection might not be quite the right one, but it’s a great starting point.

      1. It’s one of the colors in the bed skirt and accent pillows. I was thinking of a creamy white but that seemed boring. I think Cleveland Green would add some class to the room and drive some other choices. Thank you, Laurel.

  15. Hi Laurel – I already have the Paint Color Collection. I want to make sure I understand…
    YOU WILL SEND ME AN EMAIL WITH A PROMO CODE for the new paint update? I sure hope so, otherwise I may forget. I am so excited for the next edition. The first one is awesome and will be very helpful for our new build. Just dug the hole this week. I can’t say enough about how wonderful you and your blog is. Creative, sensible, helpful and an absolute riot. If you ever come to Colorado, I want to take you to lunch, or dinner, or drinks and dessert, or all of them.

    1. Hi Patti,

      Congratulations on your ground breaking. How exciting! And yes, you will definitely, definitely (unless you unsubscribed which a few have done) the promo code for the new product. But always, check your spam folder.

      I don’t want to hound people because I find that annoying, but there will be a reminder the day before, on the second and then a couple more before the 14th.

  16. What a wonderful surprise. Quick question: I have your Rolodex and now want to purchase your Paint Collection , and Palette too when it debuts. Does it make any difference if I buy the paint collection now, and add on the Palette later before Nov 14,or wait and buy those two together between Nov 2 and 14? Sorry if you made that clear and I am too dense to understand it ! And oh how delicious is the Niveous paint color with those gorgeous greens! I adore that green sofa and green lamps you placed with Niveous, that’s a spectacular room Lauren. You really are a marvelous teacher for someone like me whose talents are most definitely not in design or decorating but who appreciates beautiful rooms.

    1. Hi Maggie,

      No, not dense at all! You have it exactly right. You do not need to buy anything right now. If you choose to wait, you’ll be able to purchase the paint collection/palette for the reduced rate. If one already owns the paint collection, they will be getting a promo code in order to get the discount. They will get the download link again, most likely for the paint collection.

      I didn’t say this, but if someone who already owns the paint collection doesn’t get to it in time, they’ll always be able to purchase the add-on paint palettes for $74.00, instead of $54.00 during the promotion. Hope I’m not making things more confusing.

  17. Check out Minutes Matter Studio. Can do all of this and a whole lot more.. create your own story boards with your client in 5 minutes or less. I’ve been using it for about 8 years and it paid for itself with the first 3 calls. It’s my most valued design tool.

    1. Hi Linda,

      That may be useful for people who are taking on clients. My boards are made from dozens of images,that would not be found on minutes matter. They are not computer generated and each one takes several hours from conception to completion.

  18. Interested in your photographs of boards. Do they come with the Paint Color/Paint Palette Collection?
    I may be interested in the rolodex as well.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ann,

      Yes! There are 40 beautiful boards! FORTY of them which will come with Paint Color/Paint Palette Collection! All beautifully furnished rooms. Well, haha, I think so. Some are casual, some more formal, some light, some dark, some bright and fun.

  19. Laurel, is the Rolodex helpful for those of us who live in Canada? Especially those of us who live far from the border and would have to do most of our shopping online / mail order? Thank you!

    1. Hi Joanna,

      I’ve been asked that before. I understand that having stuff shipped from the US is insanely expensive. I can imagine because it’s already very expensive right here. So, if that’s not a problem, then yes, I think that you’ll get a lot of benefit from it.

      Most of the sources are either available online through the manufacturer or through a retail online source. I have listed several of the better online resources as well.

      1. Re your Rolodex and as a Canadian, this is something that I have wondered as well so am happy to learn that “most of the sources are available online”. That said; as a tip for those who might live close to the Border (like myself) they may wish to consider a U.S.A. Address through a ‘Broker’ who will receive shipments on their behalf and charge a small fee for handling to enable clients to clear items through customs themselves plus avoid outrageous delivery fees that sometimes can exceed the cost of the purchase.
        P.S.: As an example; the Broker I use is located about five minutes from the border crossing, charges no fee to sign up, upon client pickup charges $5.00 for a handling fee (of each item or box) and will store orders for a total 365 days free of charge without penalty.

  20. Those boards are unbelievably gorgeous Laurel. Your sense of color and sophistication in interior design never disappoints! It is so refreshing to see real and creative interior design and not generic boards of overdone trends. Not to mention having the absolute only and best design blog I regularly read! Thank you for sharing your vision and talent!

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