30 Astonishingly Beautiful and Best Front Door Colors

Happy Mother’s Day!


Mommy and me summer 1958 - Trockman's swimming pool

My mommy and me the summer of 1958, Evansville, Indiana.

This is a special post I think you’ll enjoy about the best front door paint colors. I decided to write about the rest of my trip next week because not everyone is interested in that. But, I’ll have more pictures and stories to share with you soon.


In the meantime, I have some fantastic news.


This afternoon, I took an at-home rapid Covid test which came back NEGATIVE! Thank you all for the darling messages and comments you sent me. I am feeling pretty much back to my old self and am very grateful.


Okay, let’s move on to the best front door paint colors.


Since living in Boston, one of the best cities for gorgeous front doors, several posts feature some beautiful front door paint colors.

One, a favorite, where I share some of my favorite doors in Beacon Hill.

There is also a Christmas post featuring front doors in Beacon Hill.

Another favorite and helpful post is about 20 exterior paint colors, including trim and doors.

Plus, the best paint colors to go with red brick.

And, finally this post about exterior home makeovers.


In this post focusing solely on the best front door colors, we’ll review some old favorites and some that are more unusual.


So, let’s jump in to look at the best exterior and front door colors, or at least some of my favorites.

Let’s begin with a less common color for a front door. However, there are times when this is a stunning choice.




Highland Homes, Scheffy Construction - SW pure white, shutters SW sea salt-classic home with tall windows shutters and white front door-best front door paint colors


Above is a relatively new home in New Orleans built by Scheffy Construction. I found them on Instagram. The developer is Highland Homes. On their website, you can see numerous gorgeous images of their homes in suburban New Orleans.


I read that the house and door color are painted in Sherwin Williams Pure White.


And, the shutters are Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

If I had a free-standing dream house, something like this would be what it would look like. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Above, another gorgeous home by Scheffy Construction. It looks like there are three front doors. Love the pale colors and the transoms over the doors.


Image from Jefferson Door on Instagram. A pale whisper of a cool pale color on the front door. It looks great with the brick. I am not going to list a color for every door. The reason is, that I don’t always know what it is, and paint colors can look quite different outdoors. However, it could possibly be a color like.


Benjamin Moore Paper White.


Or Benjamin Moore Shoreline.

These are both paint colors in the  Laurel Home Paint and Palette Collection.


Above isn’t a door, but, I adore this porch and windows by Jefferson Door on Instagram.

Please check out their lovely page for more great ideas, front door colors, and beautiful architecture.


The photo by Vintage Owl Photography on Instagram. I adore this fabulous old home in the UK with a chalky white front door paint color.


Bill Ingram Home - gray shingle with gray door - photo by Simon Watson - Best Front Door Colors

Bill Ingram’s fabulous cottage was originally seen in House Beautiful. They say that the door color is Copley Gray, and I suppose it’s possible since the sun is so bright. However, Copley Gray is much darker than this. (see below). Anyway, this tone on tone is so lovely.


Benjamin Moore Copley Gray HC-104


A pale whisper of color also looks terrific on this back door in a home we visited in the fall of 2017 in England. Ben Pentreath designed this one.


A Black door is an enduring classic and definitely one of the best front door paint colors.


Architect Tim Barber’s wonderful home was painted in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. That is one of the Laurel Home Paint Collection 12 shades of white paint.


Via Kelleyanne03 on Instagram (However, the page is no longer available.)

A classic beauty with a shiny traditional black door in Charleston, SC.

Fine Paints of Europe makes a rich, black, glossy paint that’s gorgeous on exterior doors.


beautiful black door taken by rjacksonbonn on instagram. Love the leaded glass sidelights - best front door paint colors

Another beautiful black door was taken by rjacksonbonn on Instagram. (The page is missing)

I love the leaded glass sidelights.

Typically, the sidelights (narrow windows flanking the door) are not painted the same color as the door.
But, if the door is mostly glass, it makes sense to paint them the same color.



That’s another very popular color and for a good reason. It just wakes everything up!


Lover of Light 78 on Instagram

The classic red door on a white house with black shutters. This one could very well be an excellent red by Benjamin Moore, Heritage Red. This is another beauty in Charleston, SC.


Exquisite red doors of Beacon Hill - street light - mailbox


One of my Beacon Hill Red Doors I took within the last year.


PJHavel on Instagram (a fabulous account I recommend following)

Another classic center hall colonial in Maine, however, this time with dark green shutters that look to be Benjamin Moore Essex Green, a very dark, almost black-green. Outside, it’s green. Unique colors with the orange trees!


Dominic West Home via Lonny Photo by James Merrell

I love this red-orange door that looks a lot like Racing Orange red. That is another fabulous color in the Laurel Home Curated Collection of 144 beautiful Benjamin Moore colors.


Another PJ Havel image. Love his photos!


Jackie Greaney on Instagram, who was featured in this Christmas post. This incredible image was taken in Newport, Rhode Island. Actually, Jackie is PJ Havel’s darling wife.


Via PJ Havel on instagram. Great image of a charming home and wonderful colors!

One last PJ Havel image. Fabulous colors, once again! And this time, an orange-y stained wood door!


Doors of Beacon Hill Robins Egg blue door springtime

One of my favorite homes on West Cedar Street in Beacon Hill.


heidiclarkvasquez on instagram - beautiful front door color Farrow & Ball Pigeon

heidiclarkvasquez on Instagram – beautiful front door color Farrow & Ball Pigeon


Farrow & Ball Pigeon

Above is Farrow & Ball Pigeon

Incidentally, did you know that you can purchase all Farrow & Ball paints and wallpapers online?


thebirch_boys London - orange door amid old dirty bricks - best front door paint colors.jpg

The Birch Boys

This bright Marigold orange-yellow is quite interesting with the old soot-laden brick.


via House with the Yellow Door on instagram. Best Front Door Paint Colors

House with the Yellow Door on Instagram

Wonder how she came up with that name. haha.

I did have a yellow living room, and we also discussed yellow here. It’s an awesome color!


Above, another yellow stunner taken by Loi Thai formerly of Tone on Tone, who’s become HUGE on instagram too.


And, if you want a color that goes with everything, then some shade of green should work for most house colors.


Green Front Door Via Southern Living Best Exterior Paint Colors - Green Front Door

Southern Living


via Chezballiet on instagram-photograph-Ana Lui Photography-green-best front-door-color-

via Chezballiet on Instagram-photograph-Ana Lui Photography

Beautiful family home in Cali with a green door as cool as the succulents outside it.


Jillian Attaway on instagram - beautiful turquoise door Charleston - best front door colors

Jillian Attaway on Instagram – beautiful turquoise door and again in Charleston. I love this pale house with pale shutters.


CharlestonGoodLife on Instagram - best front door color

CharlestonGoodLife on Instagram This is definitely one of the best front door colors.


Benjamin Moore wilmington spruce-754

This door color is reminding me of another Laurel Home Collection color, Wilmington Spruce.


Farrow and Ball

Here they painted everything that’s wood, one color which is Farrow and Ball Green Smoke.


Charleston Historic District via designedforgrace on instagram - dark charcoal gray best front door colors

Another beauty from the Charleston, SC historic district – via EmilyGraceCarroll on Instagram


Alexandrab13 on instagram - beautiful rich blue front door paint color in London

Alexandrab13 on Instagram – beautiful rich blue front door paint color in London


Erin Kestenbaum on instagram Siffkey Blue front door best front door colors

Erin Kestenbaum on Instagram

I’m often asked about the interior side of the front door. Can you bring the outside color in? Yes! You can, however, you don’t have to. It depends on what else is going on.


But, the important thing which I probably should’ve said about 28 images ago is that the exterior color should relate to the inside color(s).


Another Loi Thai beauty while he was on holiday. Love the vivid blue door. It reminds me of Farrow and Ball’s St. Giles Blue.


Kelly In the City

This has to be the most photographed door and house in all of Charleston. Maybe anywhere! And for good reason, it’s an unbeatable combo of classic Georgian styling and proportions and the most lovely warm pink verging on coral in some images.

It reminds me of Salmon Peach, one of the Benjamin Moore colors in my curated collection I’ve been mentioning ad nauseam a lot.


Thomas Mach Interiors on Instagram

This is pretty pink, and that means it must be London.


I hope you enjoyed some of the best front door colors.




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20 Responses

  1. The front door of my house has been used for a long time, it is broken, I think I will replace the house with a new door. I’m quite confused about what color to choose to match my house. I’m confused between 2 options, I like blue and my wife likes yellow, next week I’ll call a mechanic to change the door, I still haven’t decided which color to choose.

  2. Orange is my favorite color, by making it the color of the front door I find it softer and more subtle. Orange can be a fun and stylish door color when paired with the right companions.

  3. I think you wrote a really fantastic article about best front door colors for anyone looking to get the front door of their dreams. I especially love the photo of the two little girls. It’s a perfect representation of how people feel about the front door of their home and how they want it to represent them.

  4. Wow, I loved your post about front door colors. I’m always looking for creative ways to decorate my home and this is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I also loved reading about your mom and you as a little girl and the memories that brought back.

  5. I just read Dan’s comment. For what its worth, when we ordered our new doors custom-painted in a BM colour, the default was to paint it the same colour on both sides. Caliente is red. Fortunately, it worked well in our foyer, but it is a good idea to specify one’s preferred exterior and interior door colours if going the custom-painted route.

  6. Lovely. Would be interested to read an entire post devoted to the interior side of front doors. I assume the default is to paint it the same color as the foyer trim, but if the exterior of the door is white, maybe there are other possibilities inside other than the interior trim color. I know you showed one case in this post and that piqued my interest!

  7. I live in Maine and have a traditional white clapboard house with black shutters. Painted the oceanside door and the back door Benjamin Moore Downpour blue. Gorgeous. Get so many compliments on this color. Painted the front door and rich, high gloss black.

  8. Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a little Mother’s Day gift to me to hear that you’ve recovered!!!! The door colors are inspirational, and so welcoming to those entering.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Happy Mother’s Day, Laurel! I’m so glad you’re feeling better, and that you’ve recovered enough to share a delightful post on exterior door colours. New openings, new inspirations. Thank you!

  10. I’ll chime in — mint green! It’s unusual, but so fresh and pretty in all seasons. There’s a white house in Concord that has a pale green door and it stops me in my tracks every time I see it.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Laurel! Happy Mother’s Day!

  11. Happy Mother’s Day, Laurel! So glad you are feeling better. Such wonderful news! I hope you are enjoying your day. I wish you my day…bright, sunny, and cool in Mid- Alabama…now there’s a treat!

  12. Happy Mother’s Day. Very glad to hear you’ve turned the corner on the unwelcome virus. These doors are lovely eye candy. A door like any of these makes you wonder if things “inside” are as spectacular as what is on the outside!

  13. Happy Mother’s Day Laurel. You are a mighty mom!

    Your post about front door colors is so timely for me. I will be putting my Boston suburb house on the market later this month. I need to repaint the front door and have been debating whether to continue with the B Moore Essex Green or go with a different green or a blue. The house siding is a very pale cream with white trim, circa 1910 four square. Any suggestions?

  14. Another adoorable post! Also, Laurel, you are so seldom negative, but it was good to hear you were this time. So many carefully chosen examples of beautiful entrances here. Last year we were forced to replace our elaborate glass front doors when an errant missile from a weed whacker took one of them out. Lesson -n – don’t use power lawn equipment near gravel paths. Our new arts and craft-style doors with 1/4 lites at the top are BM’s Caliente and are our first non-white doors. The color really adds some zest to our entry-way and guests seem to approve, judging from their comments. It was fun picking a color and we later heard that any color but white actually can add thousands to the value of one’s home.

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