How To Create The Mark D Sikes Look For Your Patio Furniture

So glad that you enjoyed the Mark D Sikes inspired post from Sunday. There were several requests after that and before to discuss outdoor furniture.

Now, I realize that some of you don’t even have an outdoor space. I don’t. And even when I did, it was the size of a small bedroom. But still, I always had some planters and a little barbecue grill. (charcoal) I miss that.


Let’s begin.

vintage 1960s chaise lounge - outdoor furniture
Oh, not what you were thinking?

Who here had these on their patio/deck/grass once upon a time? Hands?

And bonus points if you ever:

  • Got your hand caught in the webbing
  • Fell on your arse because you didn’t realize that the bloody thing wasn’t locked into place
  • Fractured your coccyx bone after you fell on your arse

Well, I know that I did the first two of these and probably the third one too.

For the masochistic amongst us, they actually sell these on Etsy!

While there is some cool vintage outdoor furniture out there, it’s not right for the way most of us live.

And apparently, the way we live (according to the furniture catalogs) is to have a second, third, fourth… living room outside.

For outdoor living rooms, there is none finer than that of Mark D. Sikes. His patio is beyond sublime. As you may recall from Sunday, this is where I want to be when I die. That wish has not changed.

And that outdoor furniture!!!


Now, being this is an OCD fool me, I spent an insane number of hours some time searching for the identical pieces.

Did I find them?

No, of course not.

But I came close.

Ya wanna see?

Oh, just shut up Laurel! Of course we want to see!!!

Fine, I’m going to show you. One thing though. Most of this is not in the stratosphere price-wise, but most of it is not the bargain basement stuff I found for you last Sunday. However, there will be some great deals too and lots of great sources.

First, let’s revisit paradise

House Beautiful

This is the original iteration of Mark’s glorious patio from about 5 years ago.

The rest of the photos are from Mark’s portfolio. It’s not to be believed.

He’s been one busy boy and each job is gorgeous!

And how it looks today. Notice how much the ivy has grown!


Zooming in on the Chinoiserie porcelain pieces and spectacular antique patio furniture.

There are two beautifully weathered teak Lutyens benches flanking a grand staircase that goes to__________? That’s fine. I’ll stay there. Even if it’s the garden shed. If so, I bet it’s the most exquisite garden shed on earth!

Here’s Mark pretending to look relaxed on the stairs to my place. I say “trying” because there is no way that this lovely man has one second to stand still!


A shot showing the lovely terraces that Mark created. Genius!

A view from the living room to get a glimpse of the back of the magnificent chaises. If Mark would find someone to copy these and sell them for a tidy profit for under $1,500 each, he could safely retire and then he could relax on his terrace. BTW, he did a real number on this house AND the property.

I learned that on Cote de Texas. Joni did an extensive post on the history of this home including a lot of scary before pics. Click here to see that. (and then come back or read later) It’s a wonderful post!

A shot from the kitchen looking out to the patio. Is it just me? I can feel my heart beating wildly right now! But also notice how deftly Mark integrates the outside with the inside.


So how can we get the look?

Money. Gobs and gobs of money.

Sorry, I guess that’s not very helpful.

But all is not lost. We can get the Mark D. Sikes outdoor patio furniture look – pretty darned close.


FrancesMetal_ one kings lane outdoor furniture - patio furniture

The beautiful Frances Collection from One King’s Lane

And take a look around, because they have a lot of gorgeous outdoor furniture!

The Avery Collection from Horchow

More pieces from the Avery collection from Horchow

Another great looking chaise is the  Sunset West Provence Chaise

It too has coordinating pieces.

The Bridgehampton Outdoor chaise is from Williams Sonoma Home and has coordinating other pieces.



A beautifully weathered teak Lutyens Bench from Chic Teak. It will not look like this when new but over time will turn this lovely ashen color like Mark’s benches.


The Alexandra table is on sale at Horchow for only $697 which I think is very reasonable for this pretty table. There’s a double pedestal version too. It’s not real concrete but it looks pretty smashing to me.


While I think it’s great for the main seating pieces to match, as Mark did, I don’t like to match tables and chairs– ever.

There are many possibilities. We could do iron, a slipcover chair in outdoor fabric or even faux wicker like below.


The Capella Island outdoor synthetic wicker chair from Pier 1 Imports is boss. Did I really just say that? Guess so. But you won’t have to tell anyone it’s from Pier 1. It certainly looks a lot more expensive than it is! Please be sure to check out their other outdoor offerings. They have a lot of great pieces– very affordable, too.

And I adore a little rust in the garden. Old, corroded. Me like. These beauties are from Chairish and could be extra chairs or a little seating area for two with a small table. Or, they would be perfect for postage sized yards/balconies/decks like we had.


Then, we need lots and lots of blue and white Chinoiserie jars, planters, etc.

I found these from Vase and Plate and think that they are pretty smashing.

Couldn’t resist including this shot from Mark’s home, because well… it’s absolutely perfect in every way.

Serena and Lily Chppendale Dining Chairs are new this season. I would definitely use these indoors too! Mark doesn’t have these but I think that he would approve. :]


I love this Moroccan tray table from Pottery Barn and it is quite affordable too.

And below I put most of what’s above and a few other things on a board for you to save to pinterest.

outdoor furniture inspired by Mark D Sikes

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15

Well, that’s it for now. I have enough furniture for at least one more post. But I’m pleased with how this version of Mark’s patio furniture worked out. Hope that you enjoyed it too!

And if you’d like to see more beautiful outdoor decorating and furnishing ideas, click here.

Of the chaise furniture collections. Do you have a favorite? I can’t decide which one I like best.


PS: If you’re stumped for a mother’s day gift, there are some great ideas here and here. It’s not too late for most things.

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